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You can now learn and play chess on the Sauce Sight

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Playing and learning the game of Chess on the Sauce Sight

Crypto chess games?  Yes, you will play for real value, meaning real winnings.  The company is called Lichess and it's a non-profit, dig that.  They want to be your new one-stop-show for the game of chess.  They want to teach you to play, give you a community to with and pay you in various ways like tournaments.   Did I mention it's free? Plus, an open-source chess server powered by volunteers and donations.

It was 2010 when Thibault Duplessis began Lichess as a hobby website.  It was so new it didn't even check to see if moves were legal. At the same time, it's open-source which means anyone is free to read the source code and make contributions. Gradually, the site improved and collected users as volunteer staff assembled to help build and maintain the site.

Now, users play more than a million games a day, making it one of the most popular chess sites in the world.  Did I mention it's 100% free?  No selling ads or selling user data. It doesn't put all the good stuff behind paywalls.  Players wishing to improve can hire a coach and use real-time collaboration to share games, positions, annotated variations and chat.

Lichess would not exist without the thousands of hours of time from volunteers who create new features and handle bugs. Plus, the administrative team, who police the site and help with long-term vision.  Donors provide a steady stream of income to run servers and handle expenses.

This also allows website owners like myself to create a connection with them to give you everything you need from Lichess right here on the Sauce Sight.  You can play chess and learn it right here, right now.  To learn how to play chess for beginners and advanced or to watch pro games: CHESS KNOWLEDGE

If you think you are ready to play the masterful game of chess: Play a Chess Game!


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