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The Finest Radio Show: Lakes The Great, LGB Lil D, and Gabe Gonzalez the drummer.

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The Finest Radio Show: Lakes The Great and LGB Entertainment with LGB Lil D.

Lakes The Great is a cold MC from Detroit.  He's been putting it down for a minute, so see some of his work here on his Lakes The Great YouTube. Soulful rap music from the hood. Hard but with the lessons, learn about the business side and live. Link with his Lakes The Great on fb. Now, he uses his expertise to help his new artist LGB Lil D.

Watch the full interview of Lakes The Great and LGB Lil D on The Finest Radio Show!



LGB Lil D, a new upcoming reality rapper with banging beats. This is bump in the ride music right here. LGB Lil D will be one to watch out for because the business and styling is all in place. You can really tell from these cool videos. Watch and share all of this.

Lakes the Great, 1st to put a studio in the Hip Hop shop. Great Family Records brand.

The next guess is Gabe Gonzalez the drummer on The Finest Radio Show.


Gabe Gonzalez the drummer. Remixing music. Playing instruments like drums. An innovator of getting the youth into real musicianship like P-Funk. Like a lot of the greats, music was an escape from going into the hood life. He has worked with MoJo and Def Jam bought the name Onyx from him so they could use it for their group. He knows a lot of the great underground artist in Detroit like Awesome Dre and The Frog MC. Gabe Gonzalez, making original music in the World.