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The False of Pride

The False of Pride

Nothing wrong with taking Pride

I’ld be dead wrong to say it was

but cuz, look

Don’t judge by cover of book or cover of crook

There’s nothing wrong with being proud

you know, “say it Loud”

I’ll give you a pound.

It’s when the falsehoods come in

that’s when the sins begin.

Ya gonna have to opin yo eyes

So, do you have false pride?

And What makes it false?

Do you run it all acting like a boss?

Now you’re as lost

as anyone making a wish

Especially when you wish everyone was on yo dick.

Treating everyone like a kid

cause you apon yo dick.


vrs 2


When you have this high pretentious

opinion of yourself & yo circumstances

but it’s all false wishes, things you wish you did

false pride makes angels into devils

You know how it will drop you levels.

Mostly because a person doesn’t see

the grace of us & our abilities

& all the thangs we can be.

They don’t give that almight thanks

they thank they they own bankz

Like I know I anit the all of it

I don’t make wishes, I go after everything I get

& Thank Allah for all of it

Especially when she blesses me to go get it.