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I Love Musicoin!

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Spread the love is out to change the music game for the better.

My full disclosure is that I am an MC with music out on Spotify, but now there's Musicoin and on own this cryptocurrency from both buying and earning it. This article isn't that objective because I want to see this project succeed on all levels.  So, before I get into all that, who is behind and what is a musicoin (MC)?

The first thing you need to know is what a cryptocurrency is, so you have to study that first because the musicoin (MC) is a crypto that can be bought and sold on a few exchanges like Cryptoia.  This is good to tip music artist on this site because you get to listen for free.  That's right, most of the music is free.  You only pay one MC per play when you are listening to the new unverified artist.  It's a music streaming platform built on the blockchain that supports the creation, distribution, and listening to music. Listeners stream songs from indie musicians, right now, on this platform absolutely free and without ads!  This is while musicians are compensated more fairly than major music streaming platforms in the industry and plays are backed by a non-profit out to feed people. Check out one of my songs New Underground Truth streaming there for free or listen while you read on with the widget that's below.

To me, it's what most artists have been waiting for, but it's got a lot of problems to get over too.  Yes, I'm down with the truth, so I must tell you that the site is too basic for the streaming platform they're trying to achieve.  I'm only a designer, they need developers to work on any open source they have to make must need improvements.  The user experience is lacking and more speed needed like yesterday.  So do I truthfully go here to listen to music?  Hecky yeah!  I'm honestly listening to it while I'm writing this and I tipped and talked to the artist that I'm listening to right now, Azeero.  I don't like that I'm verified with least 5 songs on the site and my name doesn't come up in the search.  Nor, do I come up under the Hip Hop search and that's a real problem.  That means that as much as I love it, I can't seriously promote music there yet.

They only give you 5 referral links which means you have to be serious about who you refer.  They will not get flooded fake or wack people and you won't miss your opportunity to make money for finding someone the World needs to hear.  This is why I didn't put my link in this article because I want to find that real deal when the time comes.  Plus, the smart contract provides you with easy to understand licenses and the flexibility to control your revenues in a solo or multi-person contractual agreement. This gives you the ability to pay everyone involved in the song's creation, distribution, and marketing in a fair, transparent, trackable, and tamper-proof way.  All in all, I give this place a strong 8 out of 10 because I have good reasons to want this project to succeed.  I've always wanted my songs to help people and projects like this one helps everyone with no losses to anyone. Win-win-win with no losses can't be beaten.  The only thing is the value going up and down, so let's make it super valuable because this is music and the fan with hardly any middle-men.  You can't find that anywhere else in the World accept here and performing on the street somewhere.

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