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King Sauce Brick

BK - Paystyle Records Inc. time
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Right now, you can only find the dopeness of this song, King Sauce Brick, on Musicoin. With this Detroit Hip Hop song, we are down to make history by keeping this song on crypto platforms for right now. Soon, it will be everywhere in the World, but for now, we wanted to bring the World to a new level. Here's one of the rare places to get that referral to Musicoin! And, that's because unlike most referral programs, we have a limited amount to give out, so we really give it out sparingly. So, only sign up if you are a serious music artist.

Cipher 7000 worked with KilSkillz Sauce to create the track and then BK put some rhyme blessings on us with some Paystyle flows for KING SAUCE BRICK. This song is super boom bat lyrical slaps. The best thing about Musicoin is that you come here to hear everyone's whole songs. They accomplish this by leveraging the blockchain to remove intermediaries an implementing a model called Universal Basic Income (UBI) that supports both listeners and musicians. You get to listen for free and the musician still gets paid. So, feel free to listen to KilSkillz Sauce and BK over this Chipher 7000 track right here or go to Musicoin to hear it all.

(If you have technical difficulties remember cryptos & blockchains are new, so sites like these are still in beta. The 2nd thing with this site is that it may work better with the Chrome browser. Other than that, please enjoy the music)



The lyrics


KIlSkillz Sauce part:

I search myself for these creative ways to wealth, with the stealth plan

To run the land my hands exchange these products on.

Born to live the ways of the days of last, trying to see these sun rays last.

But ya see, those who hate the player and rhyme sayer, dis us with no flavor.

So now I be Sauce, flowing on top, off rocks, and scenes like movie lots, where n****s plot.

handling that beef with heat, we see n****s with bigger triggers and then the feet

But slow the heartbeat, I ain’t about to meet my defeat

with no p*****s, pushing me to be

The death-defying, lying and scheming like I’m a demon

When we all frying in this hell where Angels fell from Africa,

to tell the tale of the worst injustice barbaric, slavery in today’s World got a hit

On the Blackman, I try to stand with calluses on working black hands

But man, the exchange of product, got me f****d up

In a routine of staring out the window over green,

while my dogs' triple beam, man I got a scheme

And ain't nobody stopping this lyrical coppin pounds, I’m down for all of us, trust all around us

Busting clowns, so step down from the throne of week bones, seek home

I’m KilSkillz silent assassin style

Realis, making you feel this, if I die will you miss?

Only if I owe you that doo doo s**t stank.

Now do you believe, you lose like a weave, after a fight now what does that achieve

Nothing but the Po outside my place a beast released on the black community

With no opportunities

Except for rap, and now that's trapped with cracks sales,

Rolling through some hoods you gotta wait to exhale

But that ain't 8-Wood, that's where I grew never stood never stayed standing

Too outstanding and demanding while I was hanging

Now my training in the 2g is everything I do is for family.

Ut, Popo on the block stay low, by the toilet bowl, man I’m Mutha f***ing blowed.


BK's part:

I'm a natural disaster for bad rappers and Backpackers get smack backward for bad rapping!

I'm back at it. An addict addicted to making incisions, in addition, I cause them to crash like head-on collisions.

Envision me like a centipede running with music breaking emcees because it's so therapeutic.

Just watch How I do it, I go there like a Benz or a Buick, driving the work while you n***** is truant!

I'm the boss type. And if the cost right, you can log on all night to the Sauce Site

like eBay him and BK, they call him Paystyle because we pay, so f*** what she say or he say.

Everywhere is a hustle & every day is a mission for me to build my Palace like a Detroit Piston.

Continue flipping then I give it & go, Crossover, reaching my goal.

Hitting six in a row! Ayo Cypher, it's BK! That's All he Wrote



Contact us if you want High Volume music by Cipher 7000. We will also talk to you about shows, tours, and interviews. The best contact is BK from PayStyle Records Inc. at any time through these links. Find our music on most major outlets. Artwork by Smoki Skills Ra.