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KilSkillz Sauce is on the Lower Level!

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Oh yeah, killing it on the Lower Level Live Show is KilSkillz Sauce!

Doing the Lower Level Live show with Cortez Epps and Jah Zara was a work of art.  They are such great host with in-depth insight on whatever topic they're presented with to discuss. The quality of the questions they hit me with allowed me to be honest and transparent about all of my business acquisitions.  It's a new thang for me to show up as KilSkillz Sauce and tie everything into the business of Hip Hop and cryptocurrencies.  Both Cortez and Jah Zara asked me deep questions about and how you can make money.  Because signing up for the referral programs will support my websites and channels.  But, when joining these businesses allows you to make money with your social media and videos too. This also means we talked about the business of Hip Hop and how to self-publish music and books.

It's the Lower Level Live show!

With two very good interviewers, I got a chance to talk about crypto, my Hip Hop music, my book ( The A.C.T. Balance to Life) and how you can find it all here. Yes, find everything about Sauce on the Sauce Sight!  The bad thing is that as much as I love Hip Hop music, I can talk about crypto all night now.  I didn't dig deep into the meat of my book and the music part was tasty, but I didn't hit all of bitcoin.  It's so much to know on all of these topics that I'm going to have to come back for each subject individually.  

It wasn't just me, I was the second guess.  The first young lady will teach you hair and make-up.  Plus, what I mean by it wasn't just me is that we all hit ya with the top level knowledge.  So, please watch this video from The Lower Level Live show and please come back for the live show that will pop off around 7 pm every Sunday. If you would like to be our next guess please contact KilSkillz Sauce, Cortez Epps or Jah Zara.  Thank you & Peace.

KilSkillz's video: N. U. T.

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