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Famous The Movie

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Famous The Movie is not your typical Hood movie,  especially because of the comedy element. It has a lot of the elements of a good movie with its great storyline, the intelligent flow of the movie, smooth continuity, and all of the main actors were damn good too. This is not a paid post, so this is my honest opinion. Even though we are cool with MSV, plus my brother Smoki Skills and I was in the movie, our small part doesn't matter, this movie is worth the big screen and more. 

Famous The Movie premiered at The Bel Air on May 18th, 2019, to an all most soldout audience. The audience was into every moment of it from the laughter of the comedy to the suspense of the final drama. It's a classic in my book and I'm lucky to have seen it on a big screen. But, you won't miss out, because here's the YouTube link to it to Famous The Movie! TOO LATE! Oops, it's gone already. So, if you want to see it or hire MSV for your next movie, check out MSV fb business page.