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Blockchain Music

Hip Hop in Today's World

Get down.!. Don't let anyone stop you.!.  In these terms, you are free... They can't stop us.!.

Be you, and publish who you are, with no limitation.  Love yourself, and know....f-them, they can't stop you.  100.!.

We are at the level where you don't have to be signed anymore, you don't have to look for someone to put you on, or believe in you.  Publish yourself, market yoself, and get investor to back yo project, 100%.  Let'd go.!.

For example, here's my art work and the business partners I'm with, to rep Hip Hop and other dope NFT art work.


They offer a way to put your music out through blockchain tech.

Ujo Music

This place reminds me to warm you to do your own study and research before you just give yo info way.  This is some blog.

Open Music Initiative

Real new, but sweet looking.


Mycelia for music.  They say thier connecting the dots for music maker around the World.


It's ok.  You have to use a desktop.  Music analytics for professionals.


Sauce on Crypto

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