Top Shows To Watch To Learn Crypto

The Best Shows To Watch To Learn Crypto!

Crypto Blood is 1 of the top for sure.  Informative, insightful, fair unbiased analysis reports on the crypto space.  You want this type of intelligence from these crypto people so that you can make a decision based on information and markets instead of just gut feelings.  These feelings can lead people to get wrecked because you are gambling instead of investing wisely.  Crypto Blood is also playing my song with Cipher 7000 and PayStyle Records called King Sauce Brick.


This show has the funniest intros and clever outros in the business.  I Love watching this show and can't wait to see it every day kicking it about cryptos.  This is not a boring show at all.  It is probably the best well-put-together show on cryptos.







This is my dog, E. T., getting down and doing his thang.  The study is one of the biggest things that I respect the most in this field of knowledge.  So, this man gets down when it comes to that and more.  No funny crap with this guy, but it's the type of cool vibe and wisdom like getting info from yo youngest sibling.

This guy is more like a news reporter with deep news to get into.  Watch this Crypto Lark daily to get insight on this space with news from around the World.  I like his fair outlook on things.  He also reminds me that I can only tell you about people who are speaking English.  The greatest shows of all time may not even be English which means I can only tell about shows that I know of and can understand.  I say this because I listen to a lot of people in the crypto space, but they don't all stay in America by far.


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