Building Crypto

Some of the best Crypto shows to watch to make yo money grow!

I watch these shows Daily!

Straight up and down, these some of the best crypto shows to watch if you speak English.  I watch these shows on a daily basis for the best information on the entire space of blockchain, Bitcoin, and other altcoins.  Believe me, you are nowhere near late to the game, there are a lot of winners just getting started and a lot of investments that are still very solid investments to get into to secure your value for the future.  Plus, the thought of getting stupid paid right now in your life.





Is This Not The Best?

There is so much to learn about it all, but it's very understandable.  It's about getting free and freeing ourselves from the evil systems that control us from centralized businesses and banking systems that feed off us like vampires.  Like, when you think of the organizations that are in between the artist and the fans and if you only knew about all of the good music, film, and other creatives you could be exposed to and own without cheating the artist, it's wild.

Truthfully, as an artist myself, I'm doper than high fructose corn syrup.  So, you should hear my music and read my creative stuff, because I've always been about independent stuff myself.  It's about time we and the us of us as artists gain control of our creativity and get what we deserve from our hard and divine work.  As an Artist, I know the work that I create can save lives and destroy them as well.  I personally want to uplift the life of everyone.

The people doing these shows started out as people doing it for a hobby or just dedicated to kicking knowledge to people, but now their shows are big enough to be a business for them.  My favorite show gets about 3 or 4 thousand views a day, but one of my top 3 only gets about 100 a day, yet his analysis is just as important as anyone else's.  Plus, if you're intelligent and smart, you're going to have to leave that racist $h!+ at home, there's no room for that crap here. The advancement of the human being is on. And, I do mean humans being Human to each other from the full understanding of what it means to be a Human. Peace.