Balance to Life Knowledge & Wisdom

The Balance of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Matter!

The A. C. T. Balance to Life An ultimate guide to governing yourself.

Written By: Ken F. Riley Jr.

Illustrations By: Ritzi Ray Riley

Money doesn't make you as rich as being rich in mind, body, soul, and material. This means having an Absolute, Complete, and Total Balance of Life that will make you free and wealthy.
The Balance of life is not a self-motivation, stress relief, breathe, and relax philosophy. Plus it goes beyond learning how to deal with your job, relationship or family theories. There's no quick fix and shortcuts to life's great test of survival, growth, human connection, and life's greatest achievements. What we'll be dealing with is the total outlook on life and what it all means. We will learn to balance all that is life. We'll be working towards completing the balance in ourselves but having a formula or structure which will be the blueprint to your Absolute, Complete and Total Balance to Life. This knowledge will help you find the path to joy in your life, plus help you gain the ability to clear away the negativity and stress of life. This will happen for you, only when you are seeking plans and challenges to accomplish your highest goals in life.
I'm not soliciting for your soul. I don't have a secret or any religious sales pitch. I feel that this information will seem so simple that it'll either catch on quick and challenge the way we think, or it will be a secret, not because information is hidden from you by your enemies, but because people are not listening. Will this information change your life for the better? You bet it will, but I can't guarantee that you will have an open mind and explore the possibilities of these philosophies. Most of us are negative when we are even asked to think of a change or seek advancement.
The balance of life is a person seeking positive perfection. An end which is reserved for God, but by seeking positive perfection you grow closer to God. No one is perfect, no one will be perfect, but you can have a closer relationship with life, love, and God by connecting to the laws of nature with balance for yourself. This collection of works is practical. You are not called on to believe in anything other than what you already believe in when it comes to God and religion. You don't have to switch your religion or believe in any religion or deity at all. This work is a practical look at being righteous by way of governing one's self in a system designed for every human.


Table of content:
1. The balance of life
2. The mental realm
3. The physical realm
4. The spiritual realm
5. The material realm
6. Substance
7. Special contemplation and consideration
8. Good people take action now
9. An extra note on money


Thank you Allah (Don't be close minded and divide yourself over differences, because I have no religious preferences), God deserves all praise. From here I would like to acknowledge life which has kicked my butt far worse than any human being can do. Therefore, life has been my greatest teacher. All that I've been through makes me believe in God even more because without turning to Allah in my times of need I would have met defeat a long time ago.

My family is my foundation and without the influential people in my family, I would not have found these keys to life. My Mother and Father have cared for me like a baby when I was lost, foolish, arrogant, down and out. I can't thank them enough; there's no amount of money I can give to repay their love. My brother, Ritzi, is my right-hand man and the person that does my illustrations and graphic design. A friend named Ashley has been my brother from another mother on the left-hand side. From here I have other top-level associates who will have my loyalty for life, as well as I have theirs. I don't have many friends because 90% of our friends are people that we waste time with to have fun. Since I don't have much time to spend, I don't have many friends now, but learning to have fun with my associates who share my interest in making a significant income. I have other associates I have fun with, but it's not based on making money, but it's the business of having fun which is having a good time seriously while creating the business of who we are meant to be in life.
My children are my Heaven on Earth, and I will always look out for all of my children. Angel, Ishmael, Asia, Tony, and Donald, plus the children you bring into the World will always be my life. This book is for you to have a guide to knowing the best in life and live right. Not just in the sense of being too good, but in its "all good". Have it all and be righteous doing it all.
I have almost no enemies, but it only takes one. I have a lot of peaceful associates who help me with debate and study. I don't have any friends that I just hang around with for fun, anymore. Which is a good thing, because I had too much fun when I was young. I love being in connection with my business partners that will make this and all of our future ventures successful. Peace to everyone and to everyone who reads this book, peace will come to those who practice the ways of good. I live this, it's not just a book to me, so join us in living this balance of life at

Chapter 1. The Balance To Life
Life is a sum of four aspects of our existence and that's for all humans, plus the substance that flows in between them, feeding these four realms their energy to grow the perfect you. The four aspects are the spiritual, mental, physical, and material realms of life. There's nothing else. Knowing this is the foundation of finding one's self, and it's the fundamental root of understanding one's self. Other than yourself, which is the body, mind, and soul, everything else that you can see and touch is only material/mass. That's it, aside from plants, animals, and anythings that can be considered other life, which has its balance of life. That means we are all entities with a spark of light I call a soul that's sharing this grid called life.

When it comes to these four aspects of a human being's life, you are born with a soul and a body. Born with a physical body, the vessel that houses your spark of life which is the soul. It's at this point that you know nothing, but at this stage, you start to learn everything you need to know to survive in this form of life. It's also at this point your soul is good by way of being pure. As you begin living life, you develop the other two realms of life which are the mind and material that you need to survive. Here's where the temptations, choices, and desires to become good or evil people come into play. So, the spectrums of human life are the realms of the spiritual, mental, physical, and material World.
You are born with your soul and body and as you live you develop the thinking necessary to understand how to survive, and part of this understanding has been and will always be the material we need for protection. Only by living life do we gain balance, but when we pass away the only two aspects of life that we take with us is one that people came with, which is the spiritual realm, and the one that we developed while living here, which is your mind. Again, it's one you came with and one you can grow by living and growing in life. You leave with the mind you developed while you were here and the soul that became stronger or weaker, depending on if a person was good or evil while being alive. So, when they say, "you can't take it with you when you pass away," they mean all of the material a person gained to protect themselves while you were here (including any money) and your body that can no longer house your soul. The balance of life, to develop and grow your soul and body that you were born with, plus gain knowledge and wealth for your mind and protection. At the end of the book, I will tell you the meaning of life, but I don't think most people will fully grasp the idea until you read the whole book.
The meaning of life for all of us is all the more reason to have balance, so a person can develop a full life. Without understanding, the balance to life and having a grasp on life itself, life is left up to interpretation. So, I've found that most people will find the simplicity of the answer to the meaning of life too simple to be true. Most people know all of these complicated things to life, in life, and about life, yet and still, their life is not together because of the lack of balance. That statement holds true for those with or without money. If you dabble in this knowledge, only hearing what you want to hear and taking things out of context, then you'll lose the essence of what needs understanding

from this information. That's the reason for this knowledge because most of us are already off-balance in this manner and other combinations. For instance, a person will have the hardest time achieving balance with an obese or weak body, nor will it happen with a poor or rat race lifestyle. If you still say, "all I need to do is work on my mind and my soul," your life might be cut short without the development of good health or a decent income.
Without building your material, you don't gain the wealth of things you need to protect yourself on the path of surviving life. It's not about becoming so rich or wealthy that you become without worry, living carefree, and thinking there's no longer a need to lift a finger to do anything is false thinking. That's a fantasy and maybe a curse that doesn't happen to many of us at all, especially without abnormal consequences. It's about having the things you need to protect yourself enough to live a long, fruitful, and prosperous life. Like having the nutrition you need to grow the body you need to carry out life's greatest achievement of long life. You don't want a body that's too heavy or sickly which will eat away at your most precious asset in life and that's "time".
Time is the main key to the balance of life because you need time more than anything to grow your body and mind. You can make up a bit of time when it comes to mending a soul or gaining riches, but every day spent neglecting your body, and your mind has a way of doing damage that might not be able to be undone. It's easier to find work and save your money at almost any age than it is to pick up mathematical equations and try to study them like at the age of 40 or above. It's easier to find faith, belief, and prayer than it is to drop 100 pounds at any age, but especially at age 40 & above. Time spent on actions done and not done will either eat away at the ticks on your clock or help you, but lost time is something that's almost impossible to make up no matter what you do. So, to have proper balance, you must manage your time very well. When you gain control over your time then you can grow your balance to create the life you want. The moment you decide to be what you came here to be, your control over your time with the balance of life and with the proper substance that feeds your balance, you are just like the "I AM," creator of all and the all-knowing. When you cut your time here short, you decreased the time needed to create a sharp mind and soul for the afterlife, depending on who you are.
Without proper protection, your life can be cut short. If your body has significant problems, your life can be short. Most of us know that mischievous people get into all kinds of things that could cut their lives short, but this could be due to being either evil or unintelligent. Being bad comes from the soul, and that can lead to conflicts that cause a person's early demise, even though that person is smart. That's why time is needed to ensure a person gains a balanced life before you die and balanced life means your time here is spent seeking perfection in a positive way.
Life and death are the thin lines that are crossed more on our decisions that govern

our actions more than animal attacks and natural disasters. That means our mind is critical to our survival. Our mind is one-fourth of the pie, and a good soul, healthy body and wealthy protection are crucial, but it's our mind that learns how to master bringing the puzzle together. It's our thinking that controls our body and wealth based on the goodness of our soul. For most of us, we wouldn't need protection against stuff that happens to us, if we didn't put ourselves in that situation in the first place. Well, not all of us, all of the time, but most of us, most of the time in a free society. So, as bad as it is to have your time cut short, it's the rot and decay that can set in and slowly eat away at your lifespan and everything that you are, in my opinion, that's worst than death. That's why I am fortunate enough to have overcome ignorant youthful ideology, and as long as you have a life, you or anyone can turn things around for themselves. You don't have to continue letting evil people or your weaknesses eat away at your soul, body, mind and wealth. That's the balance to life.
The most significant thing to remember is that a human's life is as simple as mind, body, soul and everything else around us is just the mass that is ours to master for our survival in life. With this in mind, you must divide your time to make sure that these four aspects of a balanced life are equally well rounded to bring you a fantastic life. The balance will bring you longevity, plus respectful life. It was God who said, "I don't need you to be a great man, but I do need you to be a man."
It's wonderful to be recognized for our accomplishments as well we should be, but we shouldn't want vainly the accolades of glory to hold over others when every person is important. For us, the human being, that means a respectful life of good deeds, love for ourselves and other people. Like the old saying goes, "Live and let live". The most important thing you might do with your time is raise a family the right way. Your only reward for that maybe the graces of God, but ask yourself, will it be that important that others know what you did or will it be enough for your soul to know only a few people know the greatness of what you do or did?
Spiritually speaking, the sins of life corrupt your balance, but the opposite of sins nurture your balance to life. This is a key to being good and creating the balance that will bring you happiness. It all sounds so simple because you are reading familiar words that are simple to understand individually, but it's the line of thinking when you string these words together in this manner and direction that needs the most consideration. That's easier said than done because of the other two elements of the equation; substance and other life. Your balance is your own little world of mind, body, soul and your protection. What you do you are responsible for, this is the balancing act you dance with other life. And, this dance is mostly over the substance of life that connects us all in some common way that feeds the main aspects of our balance. This means that you control your balance. You can maintain this control even in prison or in the wilderness

despite the fact that other life affects your balance greatly. As long as you're allowed to keep your mind in reality, be healthy and you are not forced to be spiritually corrupted, you can maintain a balanced life.
The main thing that you cannot control is other people and other life from animals to germs, because of that you can't always control the substance that you need, that feeds your balance. Other life affects your substance so significantly that there are other people that will not be able to follow these philosophies, even if they wanted to, because of a lack of freedom. Maybe this person is in prison, held captive or oppressed by other means of control. But, if all forms of learning from schools were removed from your life, then you still would learn in great detail everything about your surroundings, using your five senses to learn your balance to life. It should be that only an injury, disability or a sickness would cause you to miss working out, but even then working out has a cure in it for most of these things. It takes great effort to corrupt a soul, but not much temptation to keep it there. Others may reach to bring you down, but it always comes down to your decisions. These crossroads reoccur in your life to test our ability to bring about one's own salvation, and the directions that we take are the reasons we turn out bad or good. The thin-line between our decisions is often based on the substance we share. We also fight others to control and own the material of life.
The substance, chart 1, shows the substance flows between the four major realms that make up the balance and the substance that feeds the four basic things what we need for life. This is the mental, physical, material and spiritual realms in life. As in the basic function of feeding the body its nutrition to be healthy, you feed the mind knowledge (like you are doing right now), you feed the soul positivity and income feeds your protection in life. The reason your body needs its substance is to be healthy. Your mind needs its substance to be wise, and your soul needs to be good, so you feed your soul things like passion, prayer, and good relationships. Too often I've seen and been through life without the understanding of the substance revolved around the material. We need it to be wealthy! Being wealthy is not bad, it will not make you evil, and it's a responsibility that you should not fear. To be wealthy simply means that you can maintain your good health, protect yourself, your family and maybe others with your income and other things at your disposal.
The highest point of achievement comes from these points in the balance. Healthy, wise, good and rich are the truest pursuits of happiness and the highest form of the balance of life. This is the point that atheists must understand that the balance we need can be achieved whether you believe in any God, religion, spirituality or not. That's why this knowledge is also for you and everyone in the world because this wisdom benefits all who practice the balance. Evil people will keep this away from good people, so be careful.

If you were to achieve and maintain this balance from an early age, you would develop a core inside of you that will allow you to be great and attract greatness to you. A lot of us are healthy when we are young. It makes being young so fun, but imagine being young with the ability to be wise, good and wealthy; assuming that you are already healthy. From there having a righteous family and longevity will bring you peace on Earth. Your solid core, where all the balance comes together, will be the reason you'll have the ability to fight off sickness and have the roots to a remarkable physical life with lots of stories to tell your grandchildren about the fantastic things you've done in life. Your core will be why you work hard and play hard as well as working smarter more than harder in life. When people work hard, and they see someone that doesn't, but still getting more than them, it can be hard to swallow for those who will never move past working hard as opposed to working smarter. Sorry, but we have to raise our thinking.
Take the point of experience in all things leading to the mind and developing wisdom because it brings insight, discernment and the ability to make a sound judgment. I did not say, "good judgment" because there are many evil people that make a sound judgment for their evilness. What I mean is that when you make decisions from being and doing well most of the time good comes from it, but if you're making judgments for evil, then it's not righteousness that you seek. But, your judgment can be sound whether your purpose is good or evil. And, this means that just because a person is bad, doesn't mean they're stupid. That's one of the biggest fights the masses need to take up, everyone having a good soul working for the goodness for all of us and the planet. Having righteousness in everyone's heart will lead to the highest realm of spiritual goodness in the World and the highest esteem of every person is to have love.
I personally believe Allah is love and peace with Heaven on Earth, but you don't have to believe in God or any spirituality to achieve balance. At the same time, you must substitute that spiritual side of yourself with a practical side of the unseen. I believe if you know war and hate as the most devilish and evilest things in the World then you can meditate on what's good. You don't have to be religious or believe in God to know and work to do away with these evil things. That's very relevant to the balance, because of our feelings about wealth. People feel that rich people are bad and behind the evilness in the World; That's false. True, with great wealth you can do a lot of evil, but you can also do the same with a gun, idea or a lie. This always brings up the subject of money being the root of all evil, when it wasn't the money, it was the idea, motive or the lie behind the money that made the money look bad. The point of vast income has too many myths. The reason to creatively produce income is to find a way to become rich with a solid core of wisdom, love, health and wealth. This is the reason to seek out the balance. These are only a few substances, but they are the highest forms and ways the substance flow to feed your balance.

I will present a complete breakdown of the balance to you in this book, but first the extra note on other people, life and things that affect your balance and your effect on others. Especially when you are talking about not being able to control untimely death. Other life can either affect you positively or negatively or not at all, but the key is control. Money, power, and respect are why people try to control you, and when people are aware of this, people in power fear this and try to control you. With this being said, fear is their biggest weapon, used mostly by bad people, because it's cheap and easy to come by for anyone. Evilness disrupts the balance of other people's desire to be good. Evil needs to control people for its swinish ways.
We share life with other things that can unwittingly break our balance. Like, a virus has life, but if I'm infected with a virus I would have to kill it, or it would kill me. Life has a right to live, but life has a right to fight to live. Life has a right to defend itself from other life even when that other life is only truly trying to live, but so are we. We have a system where our animals are killed for food and other stuff we need to survive so it might be easy for you to say I will never kill, but you will have no problem eating a hamburger or wearing a leather jacket. Not to mention, the millions of germs you have to kill to get your hands clean enough to touch the burger you're going to eat. The bottom line is there is life all around us, and we affect it, and it effects us. Some consciously, but most of it unconsciously. Meaning that a virus is not trying to kill you, it's only trying to survive, and we don't wash our hands for the sake of murder, but in the interests of protecting our lives so that we can survive.
Now let us look at the balance to life in full detail. Let us break down "the balance" to its very last compound, so we can understand what it is, to live it and know it for the best of life that there is to live. The balance of life will show you weight loss, stress relief, longevity, spiritual upliftment, moral fiber, discipline and overall success for a great life. So, in the summary of chapter 1, the balance of life is mind, body, soul, and protection. In other words, our entire existence is made up of our mental, physical, spiritual and material realms to life. You are born with your body and your soul. You live to develop your mind and material to complete the four aspects to the balance of life. If you can achieve this, then your life will be prosperous. When you pass away, I believe, a person only leaves with one of the aspects you came with, which is the soul and one you've developed while being here and that's the mind. The body you were born with dies, for it can't last forever and when it does there's no indication that you can take even an ounce or a nuance of any material with you when you pass away. Especially money, which it seems so many people try to do. While we are alive, our balance to life is feed by the unseen substances of life. The balance of life will improve your life. If you don't know how to achieve balance, this is where to learn it. If you already have it, this is where you learn to break it down, so that you can teach it to your family, friends and whoever you

want. I would especially like to see coaches, teachers, mentors, guardians and peers making sure that we live the balance of life. With this in mind, you should see, I am not claiming to have medicine that I'm trying to sell you over and over again. I am saying this knowledge and wisdom will bring you into a higher consciousness of life without any scare tactics, "do this or else... If you don't, you'll miss out... Don't die before I save you; you don't want to go to hell... Or, you might go tomorrow then it'd be too late, hurry up and buy, lol."
No that's not me. I want you to have clarity in life. This is the knowledge and wisdom of everyone, for everyone, everywhere and this is everything. Take action on this now to improve your life or don't. Your life will be the same until you do something else with something else. With a complete balance, you can better defend yourself from all of the attacks of the World. It's all about the balance making your life absolute, complete, and totally worth living.

Everyone is born with a brain, whether it's fully functional or not is a different story, but you need a brain to live, because it controls the primary functions of your body's instincts and reflexes. I'm not getting into consciousness just yet because other living things have a brain which controls the functions of its body by reflexes and instincts as well. That's not what we're talking about here, what we're going to be talking about is the conscious mind and thinking that sets us apart from the animals. For the human being, our mind separates us from the animals, because of our abilities to remember and think about the calculations which lead to a result that we imagine will happen. Then we have the ability to communicate these ideas and more things that we imagine to others. A brain can simply hold the bare essentials and instincts needed to stay alive, but when you start to develop thinking based on reasoning, calculations, emotions, curiosity, examination, adaptation, communication and other things of higher cognitive thought, it makes us conscious thinking human being. Making us the most advanced creature on this planet.
Now, let's look at the mental side of the balance to life. Your consciousness needs constant development because it's the one thing that you build while you live that you take with you when you pass. It holds the keys to controlling our lives and being who we become. Your mind tells your body to become great. Your mind wants to be feed knowledge. Your mind creates the work you need to accomplish for your protection, to gain mass, and wealth. Again, your mind is the foundation for your control in life. Your soul guides the mind into good and bad/right and wrong moral issues, but it's what you feed your mind that can either strengthen your soul or corrupt it. Your mind must be developed for deep thinking which leads to greater understanding of what your life

means. It's our number one tool of survival as humans, because of problem-solving, communication, imagination, and the examination of higher thoughts which leads to our great ability to build, grow and invent.
Before humans lived in great societies, we learned to create tools for farming and hunting, but some animals do the same. What separates us from the animals is that we learn from everything we see, our other senses, plus communicate and invent things as a result. We examine things, including study of all animals, and comprehend what they're doing as well as mimic them very well. Then we stepped beyond just simple tools to complex machinery. All of the things that we have invented we will create better or different versions. Most importantly, our ingenuity to invent things that were never thought of before is our greatest power so far.
Not all of us are great inventors like Benjamin Franklin or George Washington Carver, but we might invent something out of the need to make our everyday life better. We may not be aware that if we share this with other people you can improve life for all of us. That's why communication is a critical part of our advancement as a people. Our inventions and art communicate ideas we manifest and make it possible to share those thoughts and dreams with other people. That's the main way we help each other improve the quality of the overall human experience.
Thought takes place inside of you to affect or react to the things around you in the World. I believe God is pure thought and soul. Creator of all, beginning and end, Alpha and Omega, master of the life and death. But, our belief is not necessary for this discussion of the powers of the mind.
We must use our mind in everyday situations, in every moment and for every task you come across, there's always a reason you need your brain working. What you choose to do with your time makes all the difference in the World. When you are doing nothing you are learning to do nothing and to be nothing. That's why you must develop your mind for yourself as well as for building a greater good for all humans, now and forever into the future. Almost everyone has the capabilities to better their minds and to be able to add things together to invent things or acquire inventions that improve our lives, like a washing machine. You need to solve, for yourself, the biggest problem of life and that is survival. Being responsible for the care of your life and the life you create. Through these things comes understanding, but understanding what you must do for yourself is essential to the growth of your life and family. With more experience comes a deeper understanding and deeper thinking for greater advancement. Your mind is 1/4 of the pie that brings complete balance to life. Your mind is key to control. We need to control our desires, emotions and things we need to increase our life to make it better. The way to

do this is by way of study and controlling your thoughts.
Our thinking is our ability to process, examine, calculate, imagine and create complex answers. To have pure thought is to be consciously aware of everything in your environment, plus internally and externally of yourself. You can start by knowing everything about yourself inside and out for the purpose of self-improvement. It will show that thoughts control all decisions, so if a person is not in control of their ideas, then they will always fire off miscalculations in the decision-making department.
For example, if all a person knows is foolishness from entertainment then that's all they will act like and try to be like. If a person is in control of their thoughts, then they can make better decisions, have more control in their life and harness the significant cognitive powers of awareness and consciousness. For example, a person that always reads things of study will do society a great service, if they decide to go into business with a product or service that helps the community. So, mind your thoughts, because life is full of traps that are designed to control the direction you take your thinking. Controlling your thinking is the way to the highest levels of thought.
The substances that feed the mind its mental powers are study, knowledge, meditation, experience, creation, and wisdom. There are other subcategories which lead into these main topics. These things are the main keys that all other things of the mind stem from indeed. These things cross, interact and affect the other parts of the four aspects of the balance to life, but this makes up the basis of development for your mental.
Your positive thinking will come from your righteous soul, so don't worry about any negative thinking that you have at this time because we just got started. You should know that you will not advance in life without an educated mind. I didn't say education because people think of a degree from the school, but that's not what I mean. Yes, we do go to school, but you can also educate yourself and seize opportunities others do not see which can make you very wealthy. You don't want to be the athlete that does without study, becomes what they want, and because of the money, finds themselves young, famous and unaware what to do with it. Especially, if unforeseen circumstances force an early exit out of that high paying job of being the professional athlete.
Wikipedia states that a mind is the cognitive faculties that enables consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment and memory.
People have a brain; again that is the physical part of the body, but it's only the plate that needs to be filled with a variety and a wide array of things that will come together to enhance your thinking. This mind of yours grows everyday, wanting higher cognitive thinking to have an awareness that when it's at attention, holds massive memory, capable of producing and over-standing which takes command when called into action.

Most people want the capability to consciously make sense of things, apply logic to produce answers and find the proper reasoning for our problems of survival. When you work these things in with perception, you find organization, identification, awareness and creation gives you a better level of interpretation of sensory information. So beware, your perception can be so low that you'll believe anything people tell you or stable enough you can see through most lies. If you perceive the World as bad, then it probably will be for you because your thoughts control your actions. Your thinking controls who you are and through the substances, life is what you make it. Yes, life is very hard, it's unfair, and you don't always get what you deserve, want or receiving it isn't what you thought it was going to be. Sometimes being what you want to be doesn't bring you the things that you thought it would have.
The lack of attention, stubbornness, sins and being unaware are signs of a weak mind. This person will frequently make up excuses and lies. These things rob that person of the opportunity to learn. Egypt was born out of chaos to create the World's first civilization and greatest monuments of human
achievement, so you can lift yourself out of 99% of the unsatisfactory condition you are in with the powers of your mind. That's, if it's not too late because you are in deep trouble, your mind is too far gone, or you face an irreversible punishment like life in prison or the death penalty. Other than that, your mind is more resilient than you think and your mental capabilities can be raised to help you out of any bad condition. Don't just read novels and works of fiction thinking you are increasing your intellect. You might be exercising your brain's capacity to hold information, but if all you know is trivia, this will not improve your thinking abilities. Reading things that you have to study and problem-solving thinking will enhance your mental capabilities. Chess is also an excellent way to expand your thinking capabilities, so come here to play me at and hit the little, Come To Play, tab in the corner and let's push one. I love playing on this app with a community that has 4000 people playing from all around the World at any given time. When you read things like novels you may learn the moral of the story and gain some rights from wrongs, but to truly learn you must study. You must keep gaining sound
knowledge to facilitate your wisdom.
Study / Learning
The human mind always considers things to learn whether you're trying to learn things or not, so with a healthy mind, we learn things everyday. We even learn to do nothing and to be nothing. It's why our study gives us the power of choice. Everyday we choose to be who we are and where we
are as long as we live in a free society. If not, then the choice is always, fight for freedom. Some criminals have not completed high school and build empires by learning the

streets. There are also criminals that have master degrees, so the power of good is your choice, and it's not based on book
smarts or the environment, but how you view yourself and treat other life. We should learn to increase our cognitive capacity to gain higher perception that creates deeper thinking and memory for greater consciousness which leads to significant judgment.

Prayer and meditation go hand and hand here, and I can't talk about one without the other. Prayer for the mind brings stability and so does meditation. To go deep into prayer connects your being and existence with nature and God. Meditation aligns your life alone those same lines, even if you are not seeking anything spiritual. If you don't believe in prayer, that's cool for this discussion, because prayer can be as deep as meditation and it's almost as deep as prayer. They are not one in the same but produce similar results. It's all about clearing your mind and coming into that state of being where your mind is free, unemotional, focused and rational. It's all about seeking answers from deep within.
If you don't believe, simply use meditation to gain peaceful results. But, you have to start using the power of at least one of these two things on a steady basis. People all around the World have the common grounds of meditation being a sleep likes state of deep concentration. Some people like to focus on the nothingness and other people stay focus on what you want or need in life. Some people focus on things that I would consider crazy so I won't mention any of them, but some people have something to concentrate on like a chant. For our purposes, I will show you a few meditational poses and give advice on staying focus, so that you may clear your mind. Visit
When you study and learn stuff, hopefully you will gain, retain and collect knowledge. You want knowledge that contains facts, information, and data. You want to acquire skills gained through experience, education and understanding which leads to mastery over things we know and will come to know. Knowledge is about getting information and collecting data.
Therefore, you acquire knowledge as a result of studying and experience, so time leads to a greater understanding, overstanding, comprehension, realization of grasping the moment, all sensory data, the moment to moment and calculations, plus awareness of time. Aforementioned means that other life on Earth doesn't have the capability to possess as much information, communication, and make conscious decisions as we can process in our mind in a minute, let alone an hour. Knowledge is one of the most valuable assets we can possess. The more information and data you have the more

power you have, because the knowledge that you have of a thing gives you power over that thing or person. For example, your Social Security number, if someone has this knowledge they can access a large amount of information about you and can gain power over your life. For those of you who have children think of the times your child might tell you they didn't do something you know they did, but they're without understanding that you have a great deal the information like their motive, evidence and knowing what guilty looks like in people.
Time is the major factor behind what we call experience. To gain experience you learn through first-hand, hands-on, going through what's happening or has happened. It's the knowledge that you gain by going through what has just happened to you or whatever you have just experienced. Therefore, reading or hearing about someone else's experience is learning by way of a study, but learning by way of what's happening and what has just happened to you is the accumulation of new knowledge that is your unique experience. In other words, you were there to see first hand what happened. It's way better than talking to someone who heard from someone else what happened because there's a great amount of detail that stays with the person that is the origin of the knowledge and wisdom of the experience. Later they may recall details that they may have forgotten, misinterpreted or a person may have been unaware of it's significance like the smell, taste or something you heard.
That's why a job that's seeking an employee with experience will not hire you if you don't have it because some things can't be learned by studying books and other people in a class. You have to use your senses to examine what you need to know for that job. That's like trying to become a doctor by only studying books. Would you want this doctor to operate on you? I also wouldn't trust a mechanic that says to me, "This is the first car I've ever tried to fix, what do you need again, breaks?"
You must grow to gain and accumulate the experiences of your life to have your individual outlook on life. We aren't the only animals that care about its past, but we put deeper thought into it with lots of time and effort to record the details of the moments that we go through. That's why you need to become aware of what is happening because everyone gains experiences at all times, but only your cognitive capacity and awareness will allow you to learn more from the same experiences that someone right next to you is going through too. I knew the Detroit Hip-Hop artists Dogmatic before he became a legend. Perhaps I could've become a legend with him, but when we were younger and at a crossroads together, I didn't see the value of the opportunity on the path, he was taking, even though we were looking at the same hard road. Here's the case of two people looking at the same thing, but one has more knowledge than the other one while the other one is filled with doubt and uncertainty. He also had more experience than I

did, so he had the vision of light at the end of the path more than I could see it because Dogmatic had already walked similar roads as the rapper K-Stone. That's also another reason why experience is so valuable because it eliminates fear and doubt. It's human nature to fear the unknown and the only way to know something, previously unknown, is to get to know it. If you are doing nothing, you still gain experience at doing nothing. And, I know a lot of experts at just that, nothing. So this means the more you do, the wiser you get.
Wisdom is having the quality of taking your experiences, knowledge, awareness and all of the substances of the mind and use that intelligence to create good judgment. This time, we say good judgment and not sound judgment, because wisdom is used when a person is seeking righteousness in a ruling, thinking or actions to be performed based on that decision. Wisdom implies that it's virtuous in nature. Therefore, a person that understands and stands on righteous principles with right judgment is considered to be wise which also implies that a person that is conveying wisdom is virtuous with righteous self-control of their own. Be careful, because it's not always the case. Some people are iniquitous at being evil which would be equal to having an evil wisdom, but it's called iniquity.
Time is also a key ingredient in the development of wisdom. Just like experience, it takes the time to acquire the necessary mental components to become wise.
If you looked at your mental side like it has steps that you needed to climb to get to the top which would be the apex of your mental side with wisdom being that top level, then your first step in life is learning and study. That gives you wisdom by way of gaining, building, growing and accumulation of knowledge, and your next step is gaining experience. You can consider the next step to be meditating and contemplation on the intelligence that you do have. The next step would be the experiences of gaining this knowledge to contemplate and meditate on which makes you experienced overall. That leads to becoming wiser over time. In other words, the minute you become alive life is about experiencing what you need to learn and study for the knowledge of contemplation, which draws on the intelligence and expertise to formulate wisdom with what you know. Meaning you will not be too wise about things you don't have knowledge of or any experience. Not that it's impossible, but it's easier when you know a thing or you have worked with a thing for a long time. So remember, wisdom is the apex of the mental realm.

To complete the thoughts on the mental realm, you must know that your thoughts are precious items to be guarded because this controls your positive development in life.

Your self-esteem, whether it's positive or negative, is what you think of yourself. But, the World affects your outcome on life. So, more than positive thinking is required. You need actions behind your thoughts and the thoughts that you have that motivates other people to action. That's why you need balance to life to bring your actions and your thoughts full circle, plus having the awareness to why and how. That's why you can think as positively as you want to, but very little happens without action. It's like trying to think a muscle big; it's not going to happen without working out which is the action. With this comes the understanding that your mind creates thoughts and through your thinking process, thoughts cause you to either take action, see action that needs to be taken (like having an idea) and motivates others to take action when you communicate your thoughts or ideas.
In the mental realm, to ultimately create a top notch mind you must set goals and make plans to accomplish them. Here is the primary purpose of your mind. The better you are about the substances of the mind, the wiser your goals, plans and accomplishments are. Meaning that our perception finds a reason for organization, identification, awareness and creation that gives us a better level of interpretation of sensory information. So beware, your perception can be so low that you'll believe anything people tell you or stable enough you can see through most lies. If you perceive the World as bad, then it probably will be for you because your thoughts control your actions. Your thinking controls who you are and through the substances, life is what you make it. Yes, life is very hard, it's unfair, and you don't always get what you deserve, want or receiving what you want isn't what you thought it was going to be. Sometimes being what you want doesn't bring you the things that you thought it would have.
The lack of attention, stubbornness, sins and being unaware are signs of a weak mind. This person often makes up excuses and lies. These things rob that person of the opportunity to learn. Egypt was born out of chaos to create the World's first civilization and greatest monuments of human achievement, so you can lift yourself out of 99% of the bad condition you are in with the powers of your mind. That's if it's not too late because you are in deep trouble, your mind is too far gone, or you face an irreversible punishment like life in prison or capital punishment. Other than that, your mind is more resilient than you think and your mental capabilities can be raised to help you out of any bad condition.
Don't just read novels and works of fiction with the thought that you are increasing your intellect. You might be exercising your brain's capacity to hold information, but if all you know is trivia, this will not increase your thinking abilities. Reading things that you have to study and problem-solving thinking will enhance your mental capabilities. Chess is also a great way to expand your thinking capabilities, so come play me at and hit the little, 'Come To Play', tab in the corner and let's push

one. I love playing on this app with a community that has 4000 people playing from all around the World at any given time. When you read things like novels you may learn the moral of the story and learn some rights from wrongs, but to truly learn you must study. You must keep gaining good knowledge to facilitate your wisdom.
Creation is one of the core powers that we all possess as human beings, and that is the ability to imagine something that doesn't existence and then makes it a reality. With this power, we dominate the animals by way of inventions like traps, chains, and cages. Even the mightiest of sea creatures stay hidden in the dark depths of the sea because of us.
We learn to use things that are created by other people or other things. We also get to create or improve on things created by someone or something else. Plus, we invent new ways of using something somebody else thought of, but couldn't imagine their invention being used in such a different manner. Our ability to create is like a superpower, especially compared to the animals. Our power to create can even make us seem significant to other people. Creation is way more than art, and it's the key ingredient to an invention.
We have to be careful with nature, because the temptation to play God, when it comes to playing with such power is dangerous to everyone. Especially when it comes to life and death or creating new life. But, humans are the ones that create things that are new, unique or improvements with are abilities of thinking. We have to be careful of developing things that haven't come by way of ordinary processing or else we may create something unholy or unnatural. On the other hand, it's fun being the first to build, invent or witness a unique creation first. To be a part of history, it's a personal treasure for any individual.
You want to be a success in your life, the earlier you can set intelligent goals for yourself with an excellent plan to accomplish your goals, the greater your chances of achieving the success of that goal. But, it takes actions behind smart plans to accomplish any goal in life. Here is where I failed many times but learned to overcome mistakes, missed opportunities and failures so that I may find ways to succeed. That's the positive side of the mind. Never think you are better than people because you are smarter, more talented, in more physical shape, etc. In this sense, everything is graded on a curve. Yes, the smart person can out think you, but the stronger person has more power. The spiritual person brings faith to the equation and the rich person just might buy you all, just to get their butt beat by a bigger person that doesn't care about the money. So, life is an equal playing field for everyone.
The negative mind is an ignorant, foolish and sometimes evil mind. The person that does not want to learn meets with little to no success in life, most of the time. A lot of

these people find ways to live and some can find ways to live good in terms of money, but most don't very well. Some people feel that pursuits of the intellect are a waste of time in the light of getting money, or they fear losing dignity if they fail to grasp what they are trying to learn right away. They fear to ask questions, because they fear to ask for help, but mostly of what people will think of them. Some feel helpless when someone is helping them, so they put on an act to divert attention away from their fears and ignorance. Some people act like they know everything and will always have an answer for you even when they don't know what they are talking about and this person usually never admits to being wrong.
Foolish people are not so arrogant, but they're more of the type of people that enjoys mockery, ignorance, and personal sin. They either don't see what's wrong with it, don't believe in retribution, careless with their life or don't understand that they are foolish. In these cases, fun is the main topic of life for most of them. Consider how the con-man operates in life. This person chooses to pull dirty tricks on people to cheat them out of money or other valuables. Very few might get rich sometimes, but it's still a waste of time of a proper life. Like most criminals and people that do wrong, most of them will end up in prison, or they will cause themselves to meet an early death. Also, like a woman that uses her body to get what she wants, but doesn't study knowledge is trapped and may spiritually live an empty, foolish life. A foolish person might not believe in anything, or they might believe in a lot of things that lead them down the wrong path, but you don't have to be stupid to be foolish. Foolish people just do stupid stuff in the long run or retrospect of more intelligent decisions. I know, because I am overcoming foolishness in my life and as long as you live, just about anyone can learn to overcome anything as long as you're trying to improve.
Learn to have balance in life through seeking the substances that feed the balance and you will not be ignorant, plus overcome foolishness. Evil people are a different story. To overcome evilness you need to stop being bad and start being good. I know it's not that simple to do, but hopefully, I can help with the information in this work of study and on our websites, Balance To Life. Then you can accomplish the goal of having the complete balance to life, but it's always easier said than done. Here's where positive thinking is needed the most because it puts faith behind actions. Some people are beyond repair and need to be dealt with accordingly, but we the people must do this in a civilized and just manner. If you feel you have evilness within you, then understand that this may be your personal choice that you make. I know the World is not so black and white, but most of us choose to be good or bad people. Almost everyone can change if they want to and if they are not being forced to do wrong because that is a legitimate excuse for most people. So chose righteousness and hold steadfast to that path, that's the power of the mental that helps you with your spiritual side.

If a person is unable to learn, obviously this is different than unwilling to learn. If someone is impaired then achieving the higher levels of the mind may not be possible, but it doesn't mean that balance for that person is not possible. It means you'll go as high as you can go with what you have and do not allow doubt and fear to stop you from achieving what you can. That will make that person healthier than a person who makes excuses and does not help themselves.
A person that is unwilling to learn, for whatever reason, might be sick with philosophy or belief that holds them back. With this type of person one or more of these things usually happens with them;
They become lost, waddling in fear and ignorance repeating the same unsuccessful acts over and over again.
They do something to get themselves in trouble or cause their early death.
They put themselves in a position of being controlled by other people like always getting into relationships where they are totally submissive.
They find themselves in prison or other forms of captivity that causes them to give up their freedom. When they are giving up their freedoms and liberties they often expect nothing good of themselves and others, therefore this is exactly what they get out of life, nothing good from themselves and others.
As I stated before, the substances flow between the balance and share elements with all four realms of the balance, even though they have pacific dominance in their main category. Some substances are in the category of the mind that are good things for the soul and vice versa. Some substances share the responsibility of enhancing the mind, body, soul and protection. We will explore how this works a little further up the road, but the final point on your advancing mind in this summary of the mind is doing what is necessary to study, learn, get experience and make goals that lead to a great mind for yourself. That will give you the power of creating, being wise and the ability to plan out how to accomplish your goals. None of the power that I'm talking about is meant to give you power over others, but helping create a society where everyone is seeking the advancement of the balance to life and the progress of all humans.
The power of the mind is tremendous beyond most people's attempt to consider. Beyond just becoming more intelligent and wise, the power you can generate with your mind is unimaginable. You can do things like controlling pain, extreme memory or the ability to manipulate. The powers of psychokinesis, paranormal and psychic phenomenon can come from the unlocked capabilities of our inner mind. For most people it seems like 90% of our brain is dormant and we don't have the understanding of how to connect with this part of our mind and how to calculate its operations.
That's another great reason to reach for the furthest regions of the mind. Be open-

minded about the possibilities of doing things that are beyond people's wildest imaginations. As humans, the possibility of what we are compatible of doing presents endless possibilities of what we can become. We are only held back by the time it takes to develop our ideas, conquer our fears and doubts.
On the other hand, your mind is not everything, some things are physically impossible and should be respected as such, so you don't damage yourself beyond repair. If you want to fly, get on an airplane, don't jump off a building talking about, "mind over matter!" Let's be realistic and respect life and nature. When you see monks with what seems to be impenetrable skin, it took a lifetime of practice and deadly techniques to get to that point. It used to be fashionable to think that you can practice a few of these techniques, call it mind over matter, and someone would sell you on the idea that they have just made you tough. The truth is that the mind is unyielding, and you can do impossible things, but they have to be sensible things. So, if you don't want a sword to pierce your skin, then be prepared to practice hard and maybe give up your life to accomplishing that one technique. If not, concentrate on making your mind knowledgeable and wise. That will bring you the power of mind over what matters which is a long balanced life. Hopefully, you'll have big fun with lots of love in a lifetime of peace.

The physical realm of the balance to life consist of the internal and external body. It's growing and building a healthy body that will give you more of what you need most of all in life such as more time to live. Please don't neglect your body for any reason especially for the pursuit of money. Your body is the most important thing you need that will allow you to conquer great distances of travel and time.
Action and reaction feeds the body while inaction leads to stagnation then decay. As I stated in the mind over matter part, you can not think your way into health without using your thoughts to create a course of action you must take physically to gain any results. When I was young I was fat due to overeating, too many sweets and lazy activity. The lazy activity means that I would go outside and play, but I didn't do a lot of physical activity. I also used to get into fights when I was teased about being fat, but as churchgoing people I learned to turn the other cheek. Still, I asked if I could take karate classes, because I wanted to learn how to fight. Truly, when I was asked, "why?" I responded with, “I wanted to learn to fight”, but defending myself should have been the goal. Either way my Mother said no. This led to my Saturday mornings where I'd never missed a martial arts movie. Now this was back in the day, where they taught real training techniques and philosophies in the movie. You know how they say, "don't try this at home"? I didn't listen. But, as I said before I was fat and kind of lazy, so

somewhere down the line I got it into my head that I can use mind over matter to train myself to be a better fighter than if I physically trained all the time.
How wrong I was! I constantly thought about fighting, techniques and even the training, but I didn't fight or train to physically execute the techniques. So, when real fights came up, there I was with millions of things in my mind telling me to do this and that, but my body was weak, uncoordinated, slow and unskilled. I was scared, because my body and I never tried any of this stuff I was thinking about in real life.
This section is for the fat, slothful, weak and unhealthy people of the World. The reason I wanted to discuss the mind first is because my little short story is more about choice than physical limitations. A person that is lazy is that way because of mental blocks and choices that cross a person's path on a daily basis. So, you must understand that it's very important to be intelligent and healthy on top of making the decision to be physically fit.
Your inner body consist of organs, blood, bone and God's magnificent work. We are a well conceived organic machine. The muscle that we build with hard work and training has strength and skill that's used to carry us far in life. To succeed physically you must make your body strong, fast and durable for the long-lasting effects of life. You also need to bring yourself into good health and bring yourself long-lasting life. Internally, we fight off sickness and old age. Externally, we fight off animals and other foe that wants to do us harm. We protect ourselves, family and a lot of times other people with our physical attributes. We use what we have to build ourselves internally and externally to survive the World around us, plus use the abilities and skills to climb, run, jump and many more physical things that make us the great stewards of our planet.
To build health in the body we build energy inside of us to use when we act and react to the challenges and the survival of life. We naturally start this stage of developing ourselves and growing when we crawled into our first steps. At birth our development, nourishment and growth of our skills depend on other people which is normally our parents. Not too soon after that, it's our responsibility to be diligent or lazy. Will you built for yourself or slowly destroy yourself. There are a lot of people in life that blame others for the conditions that they live in, but in most cases in a free society, at some point, you are the solo commander in control of your destiny. I have shied away from the path of my goals in life, but I've also seize moments too. So, it feels much better to take control, try to do something and fail, than it is to not try and then wonder what would've happened.
To build your body you need nourishment to advance and we will advance way beyond our current limitations. Look at our track and field sports events where no record goes unbroken. We are always getting faster, stronger and more skillful. It's in our genes to create children that will come out stronger, faster and smarter than we were. To continue doing this we must gain strength by committing ourselves to the great substances that

feed the body it's greatest power and that's to be healthy. The reason to do this is to become strong enough to do more in life and last a very long time doing so. To be faster, to become quicker and you'll get places early in life. Which is nice for people who want to be rich enough to retire early in life, but a greater reason for all of us to be healthy is that a great body equals more all around life. To have a healthy body to fight off sickness and old-age. To have a healthy body to fight off threats, danger and build protection for ourselves. I really do mean, a healthy body equals more all around life, because it's also about having the energy to be actively pursuing what life has to offer and what you can contribute to life for yourself and others like running a marathon.
With greater health comes more fun and pleasure in life. The family that goes to the park, beach and flies kites to stay active in life, lives the best part of a healthy lifestyle. I saw a mother tell her children she was too fat to play with them. A person that can go horseback riding, skateboarding, skydiving, skiing, play basketball, laser tag and other things like this are people that usually live an active healthy lifestyle, even if it was a short life they may have lived more than someone that lived long, but did nothing with their life. You don't have to do all of that, but to do one or two physical activities a lot is greatly needed. Even long romantic walks with your spouse or someone significant can do wonders, especially if it's something you do all the time. Would you like to do or be in almost every position in the book? Having a great sex life leads to a happier, more successful person.
We all should strive to be healthy, because of our basic need to protect ourselves, family and others when there is a physical threat. You might not worry about another person attacking you in our civilized society, but you might have to fight off an animal that attacks your loved ones. Even more likely, there are always acts of God and accidents that we have to deal with where you might have to run for your life, carry someone to safety or lift something off of someone that is trapped. So, being healthy is being prepared to succeed when met with physical challenges.
I have no intention of helping or encouraging people to build up physical might to use over other people. Conquering people and manipulation by physical force is wrong. It's unnecessary for personal success and not only can it bring you to an early demise, it's a waste of your time when thinking of your soul. I don't want people to use the balance to harm other people. There are people that put more into building their body than other parts of the balance, but we all know the result of all muscle and no brains putting a person off-balance. People like this are the cause of a lot of the violence in the World. But, you might also know someone who is physically strong and intelligent that suffers from having no money or they're spiritually off. I've seen restaurant owners who are smart, healthy and make a lot of money, but treat their employees horribly. Most business people like this are not bad people, they are just a little spiritually off balance

with poor people skills. I had a bad habit of hanging with good people who were concerned with their health and we are always trying to improve our intelligence, but due to our misconceptions of money, we never devised intelligent goals to create income for ourselves. Now let's examine the substances that feed the body what it needs to bring about its ultimate health.
As we develop in the womb we are nurtured with the vitamins and minerals we need. When we are born, our mothers continue to supply us with what we need to live. Mostly breastfeeding for the all natural, traditional way or formula for today's fast-paced people. Then we start to grow and can take care of ourselves. When we are hungry we eat food which supply us are vitamins and minerals for our complete nutrition, but we have created food that is bad for us that we call junk food. So, we have to be careful, because the junk food does not have the proper balance of vitamins and minerals for our nutrients. If you only eat junk food then you will not get the nutrition you need to live right or at all. Plus, the vitamins and minerals in our food is converted into energy that fuels our body, so that we can grow when we are young and do what our mind tells our body to do.
If you only eat junk or food without vitamins and minerals than these empty calories turn into fat that doesn't burn off. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables have life still in them that supplies you with the best of energy. Your meats have protein, vitamins and minerals in them, but it is dead. Meat is delicious to most people, even though, the catch 22 is that you can live without meat, but you can't live long and healthy without fruits and vegetables. Most people who eat meat more than fruits and vegetables have far more health problems than people who eat the opposite way. These health problems can range from being too frail to obesity. So, it's key to your health to eat right and to be discerning about what you put in your body.
In all, we need good fresh food for the vitamins and minerals we need to live healthy long lives. Good food shows how much you care about yourself and good life, because it's common for good people to want to share good food with other people. This also means that water is the essence to our survival, because it's the key ingredient to all living things. The right amount of water, everyday, for each person is essential and so easy to forget about, because water seems like nothing to someone unaware of it's importance. You want to improve your life in any way, start with changing the way you eat. Learn about your food and only eat fresh good food with a lot of water and you'll see how a happier, healthier and more energetic your life will be. Your healthy body will lead to a better you in whatever improvements your being, you will want to make personal.
Eating healthy is not enough! You will not reach your full potential if you only eat right,

but you don't have exercise or work to physically do. The same goes for people who believe they can eat anything, because they do work out. Working out does cleanse your system of junk and sickness, but not everything can be cleansed from your system. The best idea is self-prevention and intelligent choices like don't eat junk and it will not need to be purged from your system. I know, in our fast-paced society, this is a lot easier said than done, plus it seems like everything that tastes good is bad for you. Self-control is the key in your eating right, but self-motivation is your key to exercise.
Exercise takes fuel from what we eat and turns it into energy we use to grow our bodies and build us up. We are human machines that have a mathematical system design to take advantage of the abilities of getting stronger, faster and more skillful. As we built and work on our bodies, remember our purpose is not to be some Adonis, but to be healthy enough to live life to the fullest. Everyone in the World should develop an exercise routine, unless the work you do in life builds your arms, legs and stomach like a workout routine. It's not about being skinny either, let's get that straight, because not all skinny people is healthy. Not all big people are unhealthy. It does you no good to be so skinny and frail to the point of being weak. Not every person that you think is too big is fat. There are people that are considered big that are healthy, because it's natural for that person to carry a lot of weight. It's a person with very big and strong muscles, but it only looks like fat to the untrained eye. Now, of course there will be a lot of obese people who will lie to themselves, pretending that their fat is all muscle, but I hope more people will tell the truth to themselves and used this to motivate yourself to become healthy. Losing weight will come, but being healthy and naturally fitting into your body is more important.
Many people have a lot of physical work to do in life and it's true that you can be physically fit from just your work, but I suggest that most of these people should still have an exercise program to cover all areas of the body. Why not be great? Even if you still believe your work is work out enough, a stretch routine like yoga should be done first. This is best if you do have a hard job, extraneous work or anytime you are about to work out you need a total body stretch routine. This is also because an extreme yoga or Tai Chi stretch routine is like a workout and is good enough for the average person to maintain health, if you are a busy person, elderly, have a special need or you have a disability. The stretch routine loosens the body up and it alleviates pressure from parts of the body so the blood can flow fluently throughout the body. When this stress is relieved from the stiff parts of the body then junk and sickness are released and a clear path can opened up, so that a person can be cleansed better. Think of your joints operating like a crazy straw that has ridges too thick and the only way the fluid can flow is if you straighten the ridges out. Once the ridges are straightened out the joints are more flexible, but until then, it's stiff with limited movement and flow. When you are

flexible and your fluid is flowing properly it cuts down on injuries. Because, you can also think of your joints as being brittle like old dry gum when you are too stiff. Old brittle gum chips and breaks as well as being too stiff to bend and have fluid movement, because it's dry instead of a fresh piece of gum that is moist with fluid flowing through it. You can bend and stretch the moist piece of gum, but the dry gum will suffer injury without allowing moisture to flow through it. This means that stretching makes you more durable for working out, hard work, sports and play while exercise gives you more strength, speed and skill for working out, hard work, sports and play. And both stretching and exercise increases long life. This is all working on yourself to be the best you you can be.
"A body in motion stays in motion." By Newton's law of inertia.
Energy is alive and energy in living things become a two-way street. You build up energy inside and then it generates power for you to use externally. Low energy inside of a person leads to depression, slothfulness, fear, obesity and a whole host of other things that are bad for you. People with a lot of energy and desire, usually accomplish what they want most in life. These people are happier and more successful most of the time.
To generate energy inside of you to use however you like you must submit yourself to all of these substances, because they all create different energies. Physical, mental and spiritual energies are all different from each other, but connected. When you bring these energies into harmony and balance using them to keep yourself peaceful while you build income for yourself, you will be reaching your own personal utopia. To be more specific, it's not the food that gives you energy, it's the vitamins and minerals inside the food. Exercise, sports and play give you a different type of energy then that energy from finding out something new through studying and a person's experience is different from the energy you get from a spiritual revelation. For example, love that you give and love that you receive is one of the most powerful sources of energy in the entire World. It's one thing to give love and take care of life that needs it, but it's something else when you receive love and care.
Energy is part of your core being and is measured in levels. This means how much energy you have is based on your decisions and how you build, generate and store energy. Think of energy as something you can put in your personal battery for your body. Like a battery for a machine, your energy battery can be low or high and our performance in any task is based off of how much energy is in the battery. The human body in this instance will perform like a machine in terms of the more energy in the battery we have the better the performance and we may not want to perform at all if our battery is too low. So, with this in mind you have to think of our food as the main way to put energy in the

battery and exercise as the main way to increase the capacity of the battery so that it may hold more energy.
To physically have fortitude means having a body, mind & soul with inner strength. This is part of your core being where everything meets and everything works together to give you fortitude. For the body, it's the ability to hang on for dear life. If you were hanging from a tree, 40 feet in the air and you had the desire to hang on for your life, would you be able too? Did you put in what it takes to do this if you physically had to? Of course, this is about a matter of size for most people, whether you're so small that you can pull yourself right up or this example means nothing to you because you're too big to think about holding on for even a moment, it's a matter of size. But, that's logic talking, when it comes to having a physical fortitude. We will be talking about willpower soon enough, because willpower is about asking yourself, “do I have the guts to dig deep when I need it”? It seems most of us wouldn't last no more than a few moments while others would hang there all day fighting for life.
Some people have an impressive outer appearance, but improper training techniques will leave kinks in their armor. Such as too much muscle with no flexibility leaving a person too bulky and slow. If a person has a lot of speed, but not a lot of strength they might avoid and dodge attacks, but still be too weak to take a hit. Not to mention that person's counterattacks may be too weak to do any real damage. So, you want to balance your physical inner strength as well as develop your outer muscles, not just for appearances, but to know you are strong and fast internally and externally. It's all about being prepared to meet challenges that you know and can't possibly know will happen.
Your physical blood needs to be free from being diluted by things like toxins. The more pure your blood, the cleaner your system can be. This allows your system to run at peak performance, especially the brain which is greatly needed for thinking. When you are running at peak performance then you are less likely to be afraid of ordinary physical challenges. Ask any martial artist that trains hard and they'll tell you that when you are prepared there is no need to be scared. This is why people who say, "you have heart", are describing fearlessness and people who handle fear well. And when I say, pure-blood, I am not talking about something ignorant, because the first thing people will say is that I'm against interracial relationships. When interracial relationships has nothing to do with what we're talking about. If you feel that any interracial mixing makes your blood or anyone's blood diluted, polluted or weak in any way then it's your own bias and bigotry. I am talking about something physical that can get into your bloodstream that you can scientifically see and most likely purge from a person's system.
This is the reason passion and desire are associated with the symbol of the heart,

because you have to overcome your fears to go after your passion and desires. To be ambitious enough to complete plans to achieve goals. A good coach tells his new players that the coaching staff can give you the training, teach you the skills and help you build your body to be at its physical best, but they can't give you heart. That is your ambition, desire, passion and love that is said to metaphorically flow through your heart into veins of steel. It's true, the coaching staff can train you and help you make it to the position of winning the championships, but they can only motivate you to want it more than the other team that is as good as you are, but they cannot win the fight for you. It's the player that has to have the fight, self-motivation and desire to take the championship away from the other team. This means, only you can push yourself harder and dig deeper within yourself to want it more than the other person or team.
Muhammad Ali is one of the most famous boxers to beat his opponents before they even got into the ring, because he intimidated his opponent by mentally getting under his opponent's skin. He would speak with such confidence, conviction and passion that most of his opponents question themselves and second-guess themselves before they got in the ring. When Mike Tyson first came on the boxing scene, his crushing blows and first round knockouts created a reputation that preceded him to the point that most boxers were scared to get hit by him before they stepped into the ring with him. Once your opponent sees that fear in your eyes, the flinching, the backpedaling and your heart beating through your chest then they know that they have put fear in your heart. Bruce Lee was nowhere near an intimidating physical sight to see, like most martial artists are not. If you just see them walking up the street they look normal, but if you get into a fight with a martial artist, some very intimidating things can happen. First a martial artists squares off in their proper stands showing his opponent that they have a strong base and training that the other person might not have. From there, if a display of speed, proper evasion and footwork do not intimidate you then the loud yell or noise that a martial artist makes, especially when they throw powerful strikes, does scare most people. Bruce Lee was famous for the noises he made when he threw his fast and powerful blows, to the point that those same noises are associated with combination of speed and power, even to this day.
Your passion in life is what drives you more than anything else. What do you want to be, have or do with your life more than anything else in the World. All of these things can fall under your desire and definition of love. Love is all of the above and much more. Love is also way more than these things and truly undefinable. What consist of love for you is not the same for others and it has a lot of common ground for most people, but there is something that's a little different for everyone. Love is the strongest form of connection and it can be the most dangerous or the most wonderful thing in the World when it comes to how much we want that bond.

To speak of your blood, heart, passion and love all under one roof is all essential to the importance of the well-being of your body in connection with your mind, soul and the wealth you gain. The reason is that these things are more affected through your body's desires. True love is a spiritual connection, but your outer appearance determines the actions you take and others take towards you. Even when people talk about inner beauty, it's still more affected by your health, because if you are not fit for action it's hard to have the self-esteem for a shining inner beauty. Therefore, a person will be less likely to be attractive even when people are looking for what's inside of a person if you are not taking care yourself. Not to mention a person's hygiene and all around general care for themselves needs to be maintained for attracting other people as well as self-confidence, especially when people are looking for what's inside of a person.
People who are healthier tend to have more passions to accomplish what they want in life, plus the more fit you are the faster you can accomplish your passions. You can be a passionate loving person with a lot of heart pumping pure blood through your veins, yet you are considered to be overweight. Well, God made you to be the way you are as long as you are healthy, then you are made in God's image and very powerful. The same goes for a very skinny person, a very small person, a very tall person, dark skin, light skin or any other stereotype that you allow to hold yourself back with. Be confident in yourself to be the person that you are meant to be as long as you can do the things that fit people can do, you are life's greatest creation, in the form of the person you are meant to be.
Being healthy is the ultimate goal of the body like being wise is the great achievement of the mind. If you have grasped everything that I've written so far about the other substances then you have a good idea of what being healthy is. To sum it up, to be healthy is to have a body and brain that is physically fit for your height, weight and body frame. To have a body ready to go beyond the simple day to day challenges. Being healthy is being clean inside and out, but this is measured in levels, not absolutes. This means you don't have to give up everything that pleases you just because it's a little unhealthy. People would go crazy if they couldn't have fun, you just have to watch the levels. Cutting out the things that is killing you and minimizing your bad habits go a long way on the path of being healthy.
To be healthy also means to have a body and mind free from sickness and pollution, but it doesn't mean you are not healthy because you have physical and mental challenges and limitations. In fact, people with these challenges and limitations can be healthier than people without them. One of my favorite South Park cartoon episodes is about that subject. In this show the little fat kid thought he could join the Special Olympics and beat all the people who have the special needs, challenges and limitations. Little did he

know that his obesity was more of a handicap than any of the special children that trained for the Special Olympics. They trained to be good while he didn't train, because he assumed that he would just automatically be better than these people just because he wasn't labeled as a person with special needs. Needless to say, they kicked his butt as he came in dead last in every event. Life is like that for many of us who have everything we need to succeed physically, but we make excuses, doubt ourselves and underachieve because we have so much while the person who knows their limitations and challenges excel where we are not as determined to succeed.
One of the main things that people need to know about health is that it's not just a state of mind, but a state of being. In other words, your body needs physical activity to be healthy, but it's your mind that holds the key to your willpower which determines your levels of physical activity. When you know you need to work out it's your willpower that sets the body in motion. Just like when your body knows you need to eat, right? It's your willpower that affects your decision. In most human beings it's not the body that controls the mind, it's the mind that controls the body. The balance to life is the all around health of the body, mind, soul and material. Yet, you are not considered healthy if you have mental, spiritual and wealth problems too, so your physical body is like a computer with viruses or a crashed motherboard when unhealthy. So you must "do" in life, so you can "be" in life. You can't think your way into good health without physical action no more then you can hit yourself in the head with a book to make yourself smart. Simple and plain, it takes eating right and exercise to be healthy just like it takes study and experience to become wise.

To conclude the thoughts on the physical realm, negative thinking can affect the body in many ways, but it mostly comes down to the question of, are you lazy or active? If you are lazy then you need to, "get up, get out and get something", like the Outkast song suggests you do and be active. Most of the poverty comes from people who do not see their opportunities to do for self and they are inactive in building their physical, mental and work for themselves. Are you a glutton or tempered? This means, are you unclean and abuse yourself or do you practice cleanliness and self-control? The biggest cause of being unhealthy comes from seeking out our lowest desires of sex, food, drugs and other physical forms of pleasure that can be abusive. You see, even though these are things that destroy us physically they are also things that we bring on ourselves by way of negative thinking or the lose of self-control. It also happens by way of spiritual degradation or being poor.
If you are spiritually dead then you will not care about your health more than you care about your low desires like drugs, sex, money or some type of prideful representation. If

you are poor it doesn't mean you can't have good health, it's just the ability to maintain that good health is hindered, if you can't afford to eat healthy food or you're addicted to all kinds of junk. If you can't exercise, because you work too many hours and receive pennies, then what? At the same time, being in poverty doesn't mean that you cannot be healthy, but the more poverty that a person lives in does make it harder to maintain good health.
When you are grown it's nothing wrong with having adult fun, but it's when you overindulge and neglect your responsibilities that major problems arise. That's when you lose in life. This is something that I've learned the hard way, but now I have overcome most of the challenges that stopped me from winning in life. When you are ill or you have any physical limitations and obstacles that the average person doesn't have, it can make life more challenging, especially when you were not born that way, but something happened to you in life. These things can be devastating to a person's psychological outlook on life and a person's self-esteem, but it doesn't mean people can't be healthy despite these conditions. If you have a sickness then you want to fight to get your good health back or be as healthy as you can be, because if you have to live with the sickness then focus on not giving up on life and live as much as you can beyond what people expect of you. This will generate incredible power in your soul that will be with you forever.
If you have a physical limitation, it's not the end of the World. Think positively about being able to experience life and give thanks for what you do have. Realize that you still have a purpose as long as you have consciousness and show others that you are winning over people that place limitations on themselves, even though, they appear to physically have more than you. Think about the fact that there are lawyers and other professionals that live a good life and they have physical challenges while there are people whose lives are a wreck because they are alcoholics or drug addicts, but other than that, their minds and bodies are perfectly fine. There are other addictions that are not substance abuse such as gambling and sex additions that people suffer from which make it more difficult to succeed in accomplishing a person's goals in life.
The most positive thing about the physical realm is that our body's are like machines, only a lot better. Once you start building muscle it gains momentum and continues to grow stronger, faster and more skillful in its performance. The day you stop, you begin to lose that moment. Now, if you have built up a lot of momentum, you may need days where you rest, but it's when it's too many days off that will hurt you. You can also kill that momentum with laziness, overeating and other abuses to your body.
Our body's are like organic machines, but we are better than machines, because we feel, love and play. We have fun using our senses which allow us to enjoy living, so the more days off the harder it is to get that momentum back. So, too much playing, inactivity or

being lost in fantasy will not help you grow and build in life. You must remember that work builds; laziness kills.
This is either negative for people or positive. It all depends on a person's circumstances. Are you an older person and this is new knowledge to you? Are you so sick that you can't do much to improve your health? Are you faced with physical limitations or challenges that leave you incapable of improving your physical state? If this is you then you can choose to be as healthy as you can with what you have. If this is not you, but your problem is you are holding yourself back. I feel for you if you feel you are too... Whatever excuse you make up. You might be too old for much exercise, but you can stay fit and don't give up on life. But, if you are not too old, which there's no such thing, then start being more physically fit now. It's all about your mind, body and soul working together as it is your willpower that commands the mighty vessel, your body, which is your temple.
If a person has a mental challenge that prevents them from learning then growing wiser may be impossible or achieved on a smaller scale which takes more time to do. On another end, it doesn't matter if a person believes in God or not, If we are not seeking to be good people then the consequences of our decisions, actions, sins, motives and much more will bring ill will, misfortune or other adversity with evil. So, if you had to change your ways to be good then it may take a lot of time to heal, change and grow into a better person that can consistently be considered righteous. And, if you're poor then it may definitely take all of your time to get the income you need to take control of yourself and even longer to make your dreams happen, let alone become wealthy.
When you learn this knowledge about the balance to life, time will either be on your side or it won't. Time is not necessarily controlled by us, in the fact that anything can happen to us at any time. An accident can be the end of one's career, but now, it's the beginning of a new life for that person, unless they allow it to make them dead inside. It's a chance for a person to accept the challenge of being strong and overcoming tragedy. It does not matter what age a person is, everyone needs to start the balance of life right now! Right now and where you are right now in life.
If you are extremely young and you understand all of this, over-stand it and jump on it now. From here, for yourself, it's about building great momentum and a rock solid foundation to build on. Be the best for yourself. Don't waste time, because time is on your side for building and growing. Forgive me for saying that if you are too old or terminally ill then you are pushing it, because time is running out, but the youth can look at life as having all the time in the World. If you are a parent, then be that positive influence for your child, so that they can see that exercise, study, work and being good are fun things that must be done for a long, happy and productive life. Most of us let

things distract us, when people doubt us we begin to doubt ourselves and then we don't do for ourselves. That can become too many days off and when you look back on all of those days off and time wasted, not building, all you can do is wonder what would have been. If anything, temper your wants and desires and build your foundation of making plans to accomplish goals by an up-and-coming set date. Don't push the date of your goals back, meet your deadline and make it happen!
You must exercise, eat right and don't abuse substances to build and grow your body right. Build a solid core to your body through prayer and meditation. Not only do these things help the spirit they built that inner strength in the body. Especially meditation in the physical realm, because it puts physical demands on the body due to the fact that it's practiced for a much longer time in one sitting than prayer. This physical demand builds strength at the inner core and it builds you up from inside out, where exercise builds muscle on the outside of your frame. Meditation generates power that is packed inside of your frame at your core being.
Be a human Time Machine! My mom was telling me about the luxuries of her new car with TVs, GPS navigation and hands-free phone, etc. then it dawned on me that it was just the week before when she was describing how it was when she was a little girl with free TV, but color was just becoming the big thing. There wasn't a bunch of candy bars, chips and other junk food around. You can buy a $.25 milkshake.
Then I realized, God willing, I'm going to be the same way with my children, in fact, one of my children has already made me a grandfather. What will I feel like being the human Time Machine, if I get a chance to talk to my grandchildren 20 years from now? I hope I get a chance to inform them that when I was a child just like them and I played the first home video game systems, Atari and Colecovision. There was no cell phones, Internet and I remember when cable TV was only two channels, On and It, right before HBO became a channel. I witnessed the very beginnings of the Hip-Hop culture that goes way beyond music. Knowing my children they will probably ask me if there was dirt roads with horses and buggies? What I'm saying is that the main reason to be healthy is so that you can have a long life and do more in life, plus being fit enough to do a lot in your old age.
If you have to ask yourself, "Do or be what?" The answer is, do and be you until you are no more. Everyone wants to be themselves right up to the moment they are gone, but it takes the balance to life to do so. I saw an 80-year-old man attempt to complete the Ironman contests. At the time I believe it was a 2 mile swim, a 10 mile run, and a 25 mile bike ride to be done within 24 hours day. He made it halfway through the bike part before they told him it was 12 o'clock midnight and the race is now over. I couldn't do half of that stuff in a week, let alone a day and I'm half his age. He would’ve completed the race if he had more time. This doesn't mean that I can't get to that point and the

same goes for most people, because it's a mental thing to motivate yourself to have enough willpower to become more fit. This is why time is so important, because the younger you decide to be fit the healthier you will be in the long run. The more free time you have to contemplate on the things that advance you as a person, but if you have no free time for yourself or you waste your time then you can't live up to your full potential in what you want to be. You have to decide, is your time at play more important than the work you put in? You can decide right now what your life is going to be like for you 20 years from now and whether that means you are going to be a better person, the same as you are now or less than what you are now.
I can't imagine the wonders that we're going to see when we're 60, 80 or 100 years old. Especially if you're rich, we can't imagine all the adult toys we will have to play with in terms of cars, TVs and how sophisticated our communication will devices be? You know, the things we call cell phones for now. We might even have flying cars, talking houses and there's no telling the wonders the Internet will bring in a positive progressing World. Choose to be healthy and choose to be your own human time machine by striving to have longevity and record what you see in life. Write about your day in your social media forums, take a picture with as many people as you can and record as many events as you can, so you can put a lot into the precious time that we have. My advice, always plan for the future, while living for the here & now, plus aware of the pass. In today's World, let everyone have a voice. Hey, sounds like a person needs to have the balance to life with a lot of energy to have such an eventful and prosperous lifestyle.

Chapter 4. SPIRITUAL

Here comes the big guns; the Spiritual realm of life! Is there a God? Why would God allow this? Why have you forsaken me? Is God a man or only a spiritual entity? Is there an afterlife and if so, is there a heaven or a hell? Is God a female? Is there a God, but no Devil? We may never answer these questions, or we may satisfy these answers tomorrow and if we do get answers, will that create more questions? I can only speak for myself, and I believe it's the same with most people. We have elders, I draw on their wisdom whether I agree with them or not, I respect their opinions and beliefs. There are people that I consider spiritual leaders, and I do follow what they say, but never to the point where I lose myself and blindly follow men when I should be studying God, nature, and life. So, speaking for myself as a believer in one God, I give thanks to one God and to all the messengers and prophets sent to us by Allah. I choose to believe in one God and seek the ways of good, even though, I lie, cheat, steal and will kill people to protect myself and family.
Wow, that's a lot to think about, and that's not half of it, yet. Well, first things first, I was talking figuratively, I personally have not killed anyone, and I don't want to. Now let's talk about Allah (God). Does God exist? Is God a he, she or neither? Is there a devil and if there is a devil, is it equal to Allah? Why does this author refer to God as Allah, is he Muslim? Is Allah, Buddha, Yahweh, Jehovah or some other name the true and proper name for God or is God the name of God and that's it? Is God the devil and the devil God all in one? Again, WOW, even if I think I know the answer to all of these questions I can't answer all of these questions for you. The only thing that I will be doing is giving you different angles to look at these questions from. I will show you a new perspective and shed new light on interesting new ways of thinking. I feel that I think differently than most people, and I want to share my unique perspective with the World as I believe we all should do. I think we should all have an open mind to listen, think about what has been said and then make a decision. And, if you're still thinking about things, you should not be forced into believing or joining anything you still have doubts about.
For this book, in this chapter, I don't care about the answer to any of these questions more than I care about the common characteristics of our spiritual connection to life. I care more about our collective spiritual characteristics that make us the same, not our differences. What this chapter will answer is questions on good versus evil. You don't have to believe in God to know that you have to be good over evil. You don't have to believe in a devil to know evil exist in the World. You don't have to believe in God to know the way of this existence is good. There is a part of all of us that is more than our bodies and our mind that contemplates the questions of, "Who am I?" And, "What is my purpose in life?"

I will also answer the question on the meaning of life later in this book. That's no joke. The belief in God doesn't matter for these teachings, but if you believe, this chapter will be more than you ever expected. One of the reasons is because most people that do believe will get mad about talking about life as if there was no God. And a lot of those people tend to be hypocrites because they get mad about something they don't practice anyway. They also let this anger keep them from having an open mind. Why is that? Is it that most people are afraid of their inner-selves? Some people are afraid to hear things that are different from what they believe, for many different reasons like acceptance. You've been accepted by a group of people for so long that you are afraid to lose that group of people if they knew you had differences of opinion. There's the fear that your God or religion will punish you if you start thinking about anything other than what they have taught you. There are other reasons people have a closed mind, and my mind may not be as open as I think it is, but I'm not afraid to listen. I'm not afraid to read differences of opinion, because I'm not wishy-washy, nor am I as stubborn as a mule. In my past, I have believed things that I don't believe now, or I think differently about those things and to me that just means I'm not afraid of change, make mistakes or grow from my decisions and what I believe. If you believe then this chapter will be more than you ever expected.
A spirit, to me, is the same as your soul. So, I will speak as if the soul and spirit are the same things. It's the light that is the life, and that's you. I believe your soul is inside of your physical being flowing through you like an electric spark of life. No two souls are the same. Your spirit is that spark of life that is you when you first wake up to this World and maybe before that. We might know a world of things before we come into this life and forget them all as we live this life because the place we might have come from is so different. It might all begin here, and our life is just the beginning. I believe that your soul and your mind are the only things that flow with you when you pass away in life. It could be that we have no soul, or it dies with you when you pass away. But, it's not what I believe in. I believe in the soul, the afterlife, and one God, so I am going to approach everything with this belief and still help those people who don't believe what I believe.
For those of us that do believe we will discuss how to strengthen the soul through the substances, but my intention is not to get you to believe in anything different as far as a religion goes. I don't want to turn people into believers or nonbelievers. I'm not trying to get you to switch religions, make you drop one, or pick up one if you don't have one. I intend to be objective, but encouraging anyone who needs help in the matters of spirituality to seek it through whatever religion or path that's going to lead you down the path of righteousness. I don't want you to believe as I do for the sake of getting followers to follow me. I just want people to listen to this with an open mind because helping others has been the best medicine for helping myself become more virtuous.

In the spiritual realm, the substance of blood, heart, passion and love share their powers mostly between the physical World and the spiritual one. What feeds a soul more than these things? Your ambition to aspire to be who you are, plus take control of your life to accomplish that goal. From these substances, love is the most connected to the spiritual realm, because of your passion that leads to your heart's desires will become a form of love. But, love can be undefinable because it's so different for so many people. What a person loves can be different from the love that couples find when they find each other or it can be almost the same to you. At the same time, love is about that connection you feel towards another person, it's also about how you feel when you're doing what you want to be doing to be who you want to be in life or think of the difference in the love you have for your children.
Love goes beyond the physical desires for sex, because the love for family, friends, and other things are just as strong, if not stronger. We fight for love, what we think of it, who we can love and why our love exists in the first place. With this in mind, use your passion and learn to love feeding your soul positive connections and you will grow positively in the spiritual realm. There are many connections to make when you're a loving, passionate, charitable, kind, humble or you have any other traits of righteousness like these. We humans are meant to build connections of love between ourselves, even when we want to believe there's no one to connect with.
This means love in the spiritual World goes way beyond physical pleasures and connections because love is way deeper than that. This also means that a good person's love is different from what evil people love like the love of money versus the love of spiritual connections with other people. True love is invaluable, and you can't put a price on a person's love, yet and still, your love can be the most valuable thing in your life. This reminds me of a love story that I witnessed in my life. When I was a young man, I was thinking about joining the Nation of Islam. A man about five or six years older than me kind of took me under his wing since I was so new to Islam and a lot of knowledge of self because he wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into. We were very good friends and he taught me a lot, but I'll never forget the day he asked me if he can ride back to Detroit with me. You see, I was going to school in Toledo, Ohio and my friend was from Detroit as well, but he was staying with family in Toledo to get away from the street life. This is a man who used to be into drugs, alcohol, and street violence until he found Islam and cleaned himself up.
One day he asked me if he could ride back with me to Detroit and drop him off at his family's house and pick him back up in a few days when I plan to return. Of course, it was no problem. One of the main reasons that this is such a prominent memory in my life is because this person was always upbeat. He is such a positive person that I've

never seen anything get him down. We worked out together doing push-ups on our knuckles, we've both had no food and no money, but I've never seen him as distraught as he was that day I came to pick him up to go back to Toledo.
He asked me to pick him up at a different house in a different neighborhood close to where I dropped him off. The neighborhood is on the eastside of Detroit where the many one-way streets are narrow, and the houses are close together. The houses were mostly big, two-story colonials, but they were old, rundown frame and brick houses. The poverty in this area is self-evident from the abandoned, burnt, and neglected property, but I could tell my friend is used to running in these streets. When I arrived, he asked me to come in this residence and wait a few moments. He walked into a back room, and I could hear him pleading with a woman, but I couldn't accurately listen to what it was they were saying. In less than five minutes he came out of the room and said, "I know we have to go. I know you can't wait on me all day." Suddenly, as we were leaving, this stunning sexy woman came from that back room and asked my friend not to leave yet.
This time, they finished their conversation in front of me, and it's one of the saddest romantic tragedies that I've ever seen in my life. From what they were saying at the time, I gathered that they've known each other for a very long time, and he is seriously in love with this woman, but he knew her from his street days before he cleaned himself up. This means that I'm looking at this man in a suit pleading to a gorgeous woman, but she's dressed more for street life than being a covered up Muslim lady that the people of the religion would want him to have relations with. She was a person who has her hair done up, but not in the natural style. She died most of her hair light brown and maybe some type of a perm in it. Her makeup was done up to make her look very sexy, and she had these big gaudy gold earrings on. Even though she had on a jacket, she had on jeans and a low-cut shirt that was very tight around her body designed to show off her sexy female parts. She was short like he was, but she was fit and very desirable looking. Now, my friend is a good-looking guy as well, but the problem is he wants to leave everything bad about his street life behind him except her. He loves her, and he wants her to clean up and leave that street life behind and come with him.
The bad part is she loves him too, I can tell. She believes that his change is good, and she seemed to like the fact that he always had on a suit now and not going wild in the streets anymore. She loved the fact that he treated her with respect, watched his language, was courteous and wouldn't let anybody disrespect her, but she also felt the guidelines of the Nation of Islam was too strict for her to follow. I'm serious when I say her decision to not go with him came down to her not wanting to give up eating pork, dressing sexy, drinking, cigarettes and some other small things that are immense things to her. I could also tell from the conversation that he had already asked her to marry him, and the unwillingness to compromise on both ends were keeping them apart. It was so

sad, to see the love in his eyes and a disappointment of his heartbreaking because he wants to save the one he loves. I could also see a woman who loved a man who became better than what they were, but she doesn't see anything wrong with her ways.
In a situation like this, what would you do? Do you compromise, do you give up on that person or do you give up on your beliefs to be with a person? Is it right to give up on a person and leave them because of bad habits or would you give up on a person who thinks they're too good for you? If it's a matter of the person knowing that they're not better than you they're just better than the situation that you're both in, can you see yourself elevating your levels? Is this a story about a person's passions outweighing their love?
When we finally left to back to Toledo, it was on the unfortunate conclusion that he was not going to give up his beliefs and moral upliftment to be another drinking, smoking, stagnant person in the hood. And, she was not going to be a person that couldn't smoke, have a drink, eat what she wanted, wear sexy clothes and socialize with people who do the same. Neither one of them said goodbye in the sense that they were saying bye forever. Neither one of them said, "then this is the last time I'll see you." They both walked away like they're going to have this conversation again next year and maybe the year after that and the year after that until someone breaks and joins the other person's lifestyle or give up hope. It makes you wonder, how long does something like that go on? The love of a person's street lifestyle keeping you from the one you love versus the love of your beliefs keeping you from the one you love? I have to respect the fact that their spiritual love is so strong they don't want to let each other go, but the love of who they are as people is not allowing them to be together either, tragic.
In this situation, I can't tell you what's right or wrong, because anyone in this situation has so many different factors to contemplate that no two situations like this will be exactly alike. In fact, I was going through a similar situation with my girl at the time. I'm afraid I don't have much advice for you when it comes to this matter because love and passion can be confused with lust and desires. People say you should follow your heart, but they also say love is blind, so love can be the worst thing that ever happened to you if you have a lot of love and passion for things that will be in the way of your connection with loving another person. With this said, blood is thicker than water which means family comes first and is more important than people that you haven't known all your life. It can also mean, family comes first, and they're more important than people that you haven't known all your life or even longer than family. These are all spiritual connections, controlled by the spiritual realm which has its greatest cause and effect on your soul. This is also why the spiritual World requires a lot of attention in a balanced manner because life is not so simple as good and evil or right and wrong. There's a lot of gray area and a lot of different interpretations of what's good and bad, right and wrong.

To increase these substances in the spiritual realm is to increase your spiritual love with other people and to be one with nature. Increase your connection with your bloodline, develop new relationships that lead to connecting with people that share your passion and following your heart to find love. You see, the substances have a physical side that needs a connection, but the unseen spiritual powers are the other half of the connection for the substances.
If you don't believe in God, you should still understand that the law of nature is good, and all things should be done for the growing good and for all of us. What goes around comes around by law of life and the cipher of nature. Meditation and prayer help align your inner being with the correct and right way of life. But, let's first deal with meditation, because meditation will put you in tune with nature and bring order to your life.
From what I've noticed this is very hard for most people in the Western World because this means quieting the mind, something that's very hard to do in today's fast-paced World of cellphones and Internet. This means getting past all the doubts, mockery, misconceptions and ignorance revolved around taking the time out in your life for focusing on internal power instead of your external and internal pleasures. If you're not going to let these things hold you back, then clear your mind, so that you may receive the true vibe of life that will put you on a positive path. Just because you don't believe in God doesn't mean you have the right to do anything bad, because the way of nature is good. The way of everything brings more blessings to the good in life, but everything relies on the work you are putting in. Any evil will only bring you down by eating away at your conscious. Despite seeing how evil people in this World get so much, in the terms of the material realm, they are empty in the spiritual realm.
All I'm saying about meditation and spiritually is that quieting your mind from all forms of madness and the junk that you take in from television, other people's opinions and anything else that is unnecessary garbage poured into your head. You can clear your mind of all this gunk, and if your mind is totally clear, it should align your energy with the positive ways of the good in life. So, believe or don't believe, it's all on you when it comes to the belief in the powers of meditation, but be advised, if you don't seek the powers of prayer then meditation will be a good replacement because you will use and allow meditation to make you one with the way of good.
Meditation works for believers and nonbelievers, but for the believers meditation can't compare to the power of prayer. Prayer seems to be the obvious choice to enhance your spiritual upliftment because you connect yourself directly to the creator of all things. The believer believes in harnessing this power of good through prayer and being connected to the greater good which is the positive way of all things. No matter what God you believe in, if you believe in a God at all, most people believe in praying to that God. And,

with so many different views of God(s) and so many religions, how many times in your life do you discuss with other people on how to pray right? We talk about praying, and there are a lot of written prayers we teach others to say, especially our children and people that are new to our religions, but after that, what do we really teach each other about the content of our prayers? Most people believe prayer is a very personal matter, plus the prayers we learn when we are young help guide and shape our thinking. How many people repeat these prayers all the time, but have not truly listened or contemplated the things that they say over and over again in our prayers? If you have only said prayers that you've learned, you should take the time now, to examine the words and the meanings behind the phrases that you are saying. Find out if your prayers have been what you thought they were.
Now ask yourself, "Are my prayers selfish, sinful, in vain, childish, keeping me in fear, full of greed or filled with a lot of wishful thinking?" Or, are your prayers truly righteous with positive thoughts that would help you help others? Will your prayers truly help you? If you only asked for selfish things, be careful, you will get what you asked for, and it will eat away at your soul or destroy you if you're not preparing to handle those things you keep asking for, even in a righteous manner. A common mistake in praying is constantly asking for things you desire, want and wish for. Most of the time this is done in a selfless manner without thinking about what's necessary to obtain these things or what it's going to cost to maintain these things if we do get them. And remember, the cost isn't always money. Showing off with your materialistic riches may cost you the loss of friends and family. It will often bring people in your life that will pretend to love you at the cost of losing real relationships with people who would love you if you don't alienate yourself away from them because of your attitudes. What's even worse, people who ask for things that are fantasy and unrealistic. It's the difference between a person knowing they have to build a machine so human beings can fly as opposed to a person jumping off a cliff and putting their faith in God to bend the laws of physics. Laws and rules that God has already put in place so that we may govern ourselves. My belief is, of course, God can do this for you, but God already put the laws in place a long time ago, as this balance to life, so that we can grow into these laws of physics, grow into the understanding of life, and all of the existence today. I don't presume to speak for God, but from what I've noticed about God, even in the Bible, Allah does not go out of the way to perform miracles, especially for our proof, satisfaction or selfish desires. Not to satisfy frivolous needs, not to save us from every little thing we get ourselves into and not because we think we need something so bad, but when miracles do happen, it's on a much larger scale to prove a much bigger point. Or, it's something so small you don't even notice, it's best for the greater good of the positive ways that will make itself evident in the long run.

I would suggest that you don't pray for things that are impossible, doesn't exist and a waste of time. I don't mean if you have a problem that is possible that you should not ask for help, especially from the spiritual realm. I don't mean that you shouldn't ask for help from God to help you bring something into existence that doesn't exist when you can and do have the means to invent it. I mean don't waste your time on things that God has not given you the means to bring into existence like things that are against the laws of physics. Again, if a man wants to fly there's nothing stopping a man from making tools to fly with, but we haven't come to the stage of development where a man can think his way into flying or call on spiritual powers that will allow us to fly without the aid of things that follows the laws of physics. Even when we learn the way to bend the laws of physics it will be based on a law or some type of structured thought of our overstanding the laws of physics that we are bending.
God can make anything happen, is my belief, but I also believe God made a life out of the rules that God does not break very often. Maybe because this is the system that was created to be life. So, it's intelligent to know these rules and become wise enough to follow the rules like, if you don't brush your teeth they'll go bad. That's life feeding off of us, but we feed off of life, and whether you think it's right or wrong, this is the system of life that we are in and must learn. The predator eating the prey is the way of life, and It's not up to us to break this cycle of life, or we may mess it all up and destroy the Earth's balanced life cycles. Prayer can't replace brushing your teeth, and it doesn't replace our teeth that we lose. But, if you know forgetting to brush your teeth is a problem for you, then pray for help remembering to brush your teeth and little things in your life will pop up that reminds you to brush your teeth as long as you don't ignore what God is showing.
I don't presume to tell you what your prayer should be, but my advice is to follow the great prophets and holy men of the World and make your prayers consists of asking for the strength of success and not selfish things of vanity. I met a person one time who believed, wholeheartedly, that God was going to one day answer her prayers of sending the luxury truck she wanted, riding down to her on a rainbow, with the trunk filled with the money that she needed to take care of her for the rest of her life, just because this is what she asked for in her prayers all the time. This is fantasy to most, but some people believe it can be a reality if you believe and pray hard enough. I'm the person that believes that this is fantasy, but not impossible, just impractical. We have only seen things like this in the fantasies of TV and movie, so why would the laws of reality be different for anyone else? If you turn these things of fantasy off, I believe that you will see that even the miracles that do happen have a practical answer and most of the time a logical answer to why and what happen.
I know it's a lot to pray about that can be done, and there're a lot more questions that can be asked, but we often want God to go beyond answers, and we want God's action!

We ask things like, "Can't God end this war?" Well, can't we do it? We started it amongst ourselves, so why are we asking God to smite our enemies, when it's all a battle to have more power over one another? We ask God to feed, clothes, and shelter the poor and homeless when it's us that setup governments and businesses that tax the land and people to death. Whereas we can't raise generations of families on the same land we grew up on, because with taxation you never really own, because you'll always seem to be renting the land from a government. We ask, "Why doesn't God stop all crime?" It's us that take from each other, lie to each other and kill each other over materialistic things. I believe that Allah could, but maybe God has set us straight many times that now we just have to learn how to do it for ourselves. So, what's to stop the next generations from starting these bad things all over again, if no one is learning the lessons that keep us from the actions that will cause us to act up again and again?
If I want a car, I don't pray for God to give me one out of thin air. I ask God for the intelligence to make the amount of money I need and the physical strength to get paid promptly, and then I would've earned the car I can purchase. I'm not saying all things have to be proven or that everything has to be scientifically and mathematically understood. I am saying that always asking God for things as if you would ask your parents for things all the time is a huge waste their time because God is not your servant at your beck and call. It's best to pray for wisdom and long life so that you may realistically obtain the things that you need most in life. Through longevity and focusing your prayers on your goals in life to get what you need most in life, God shows you the paths to take and opens the doors for you to go through as long as you are working your plans. So, I'm saying that it's great advice to pray for the things of balance like health, wealth, being wise and the strength to be a good person because these things will bring you the best of what you need to live in this World without the impractical thoughts of unrealistic fantasies.
Your prayers also cleanse your soul and being clean makes you feel fresh and good about yourself. So, it's best to be clean physically, spiritually and mentally which usually creates a person that keeps their things clean and in order. If the contents of your cup is important before you take a drink then the content of your prayers are even more important, because what you poor in can have a negative effect even though you are trying to do something positive. Take a serious look at the content of your prayers to ask for wisdom, forgiveness, strength, understanding, virtues and righteousness to be your foundation in getting wealth, health, wisdom and a true balance of life.
From your soul comes the core strength of willpower. It would seem that this strength would draw upon the mind's deepest abilities, and it's true, the stronger your mind, the more enhance this ability for you. Yet, I believe that it's greater than the mind, because

when you use your willpower to its full potential you have to intelligently know your limitations and push yourself pass them, but it's in this crucial time that a person relies on the soul to be the foundation of the belief in yourself to do more than what's believed to be possible. That belief in yourself comes from the soul. Telling yourself about the things you can't do comes from a low willpower, a lack of belief in yourself and most of the time low self-esteem. People who succeed beyond what others believe, actually believe in themselves more than others to the point of not caring what other people think, most of the time.
To gain more willpower, you must increase your self-discipline and self-control. Through any and all training that will improve you, this usually helps increase your willpower. For example, working out everyday takes a great deal of willpower, but to increase the number of push-ups you do or how far you run adopts a great deal more willpower because it'll seem like your body is fighting against you. It's that debate that you have with yourself when you have two more push-ups to go, and your body is telling you to rest, but to get stronger you know you need to keep going. When you're running, and you have a few more blocks to go, and your mind is telling you that you can't make it, but your willpower pushes you to ignore pain, laziness, and self-doubt. Mentally, it's when you have the power to do things like beat drug addiction or alcoholism. Once you get addicted, your body calls out for this stuff and you have to have the mental wherewithal to make the decision not to use. It's studying for something no one is making you do. And with that being said, willpower is more about overcoming fear. It's more than the fear of doing something or not doing something, but it's also overcoming the fear of personal change, advancement or understanding. Think how hard it is for a racist person to change when they have been taught hate all their life. What makes people scared to be neighbors with another person just because they're different?
To have control over one's self-calls on your willpower to help you be what and who you want to be. In the Science of Getting Rich, it said that you can never truly get rich unless you have control of yourself. That goes along with the reason why a person would hit the lottery, sign a huge sports contract or get a lot of money from a hit song / TV show / movie and still wind up in financial trouble (broke) in the long run. You have to have control of yourself to move money, take the risk, invest, build a business, save money, scrutinize your purchases and be practical along with not falling for getting rich quick schemes and every charity that comes along tugging on your heart.
Willpower is not easy, yet it has a lot of very easy elements. What I mean is, willpower is also measured in levels that are not so black and white. Small decisions lead to big things later in life that can either make your life easier or harder. A decision early in your life prevents a problem that you will never know about because you killed it before it began like a sickness, ignorance, a situation or a decision. The decision to not drink

alcohol, coffee, don't take drugs, don't eat junk food or don't smoke is a decision of willpower to not do something that may be enjoyable, but will hurt you in the long run. But, let's take a look at the levels of these decisions. I remember when I was a child, and I said I wouldn't do any of these things, now I'm an adult, and I have done most of these things. So, I can honestly tell you, it was a lot easier to make the decision not to do most of these things before I did them than it was to decide to quit any of these things after the fact. My advice is, no matter what you see and no matter the peer pressure, you are not missing anything if you don't do any of these things. For some people, that's going to take more willpower than others, because of things like the urge to fit in, wanting fun or a person's environment. The level of willpower for a person that does not know that they are hurting themselves or others is different from a person that does not care. If you don't know your words and your actions are hurting another community, it's easier to stop the harm you are doing then it is to change the heart of a person who wants to impose there will on another community.
It takes willpower to be different, especially in this World of conformity and assimilation. I personally wouldn't willingly allow somebody to be murdered in cold blood in front of me if there's something I can do, even in a crowd of people who are doing nothing, but they could. On the other hand, I've looked the other way over much smaller things for various reasons that aren't that justifiable. There are a lot of things that I didn't poke my nose into, look the other way or I have even been a part of that are questionable actions, but if you believe in what goes around comes around then I have, I am, and I will pay for the wrong I cause in my life. But, regarding willpower, there's a lot of a gray area when dealing with other people. If I see that a child is acting bad and stealing from the store, and I don't say anything, will this child be pointing a gun at my children or me trying to steal from us in the future? When I see that mother angry at her child and sock him in the face or tell them, "I hate you", and I don't say anything, will that anger one day caused this child to murder my child over a senseless, frivolous dispute over nothing?
Having a strong soul leads to the strength you need to have a strong willpower, especially when you're dealing with other people. Willpower causes your discipline to succeed. It's the reason your control over yourself will help you achieve. Use your willpower to teach yourself to repeat successful actions over and over again, like brushing your teeth. In fact, the care for your teeth is a good indicator of the levels of your willpower. Here's something small to be done every day, but when you're a child you may not notice the consequences of the care that you take, yet by the time you're 30 to 40 years old you can see how disciplined you have been. You can see how others have been with the willpower that it takes to care for your teeth everyday matter. From here, I don't need to say much. You know if your teeth are straight, full of holes or even

yours or not. Once you took a look at that, then look at your life and look at the life of other people that care for their teeth or don't care for their teeth. You'll see that their life is similar. Some are dirty and dingy, but you see what's coming at you. Others look decent, but they are rotten inside. But, at the end of the day, your willpower is at your core being. It's the key to your inner strength and essential to overcoming fear and sins.
One of my favorite parts of the balance to talk about is awareness, yet this section will be short because awareness is so open to debate. It's not a lot to know about awareness from the definition, but we may never know all there is to know about being aware. It's also a part of your core being, to be aware of your existence. To be aware means you are conscious of yourself, others and the existing life all around you. That seems like a simple statement, but if you think about how much more a scientist knows about their body than the average person, but at the same time it's not the same as a great athlete or fighter's great knowledge of the body. So, who is fully aware that they know all there is to know about everything? Still, we are the living example of awareness and the potential to know more. A fruit fly lives only about 24 hours to us, is it aware of it's existence? Is that 24 hours the equivalent of 100 years for us as human beings? Questions like these comes from the level of awareness that the human being has, but we are not sure any other animal or living things on this planet has the ability to consciously contemplate. This makes us self-aware, to question our existence and to understand that we do exist along with other life. But, this is also measured in levels, because the way we treat each other leaves one to question, are we aware of the pain, suffering and oppression we cause each other to live under?
Spiritual awareness as a matter of choosing to believe and have faith in something you can't prove or not to believe and how to carry out that faith. From an atheist point of view, they feel that they are aware that there's no God which makes most people like this feel like non-belief puts them on a higher level of awareness, just like a person who found belief in God usually thinks that this puts them on a higher level of awareness then the nonbelievers. Well, if you didn't know anything about any of this or you were on the fence about belief or not believing then any direction you choose puts you on a higher level of awareness as long as you are growing positive in learning. It's not the same as the direction of good and bad which is a choice of going in a forward positive direction or a negative backward one, it's more like coming to a fork in the road with both paths going forward. It's a matter of which path will you choose and make it a positive life of righteous and go forward.
When you have spiritual awareness, you see life through the eyes of a person that knows there's a consciousness that knows all, sees all and aware of all. The belief in a master of death and life that has mastery over both realms. The alpha and omega, but

there are other beliefs as well. There are so many beliefs and variations of the same faith that no two people believe exactly the same thing even under the same religious roof. So, look to your spiritual awareness as a personal journey. Know that your existence means something positive, your life has meaning and that there is a purpose for you to exists. If not for yourself, understand that the people in your life need you. You will leave a hole in the lives of your loved ones, friends, associates and colleagues if you are gone. As I write this, on April 14, 2014, I have just learned of the lost of a friend to a motorcycle accident. At 34 years of age, this was a person that I used to see all the time around the neighborhood, now I will not see Juanie around anymore, and it's sad that this is a connection with another person that I won't be able to make any more.
Physical awareness, again, is knowing of your existence, the existence of other life and all the things around you that you can use your five senses to learn about. It's knowing that you have life and life exists. Material awareness is knowing about the physical mass that we need to survive and enhance our life. When we take for granted all the things that we need to survive and live like the grasshopper in the parable of the Grasshopper and the Ant, then it's a life of not setting goals and planning to survive in the long run. As in this story, you don't want to live day to day with no preparation for future events, because there will be events that will destroy you if you don't prepare for them. In our system of living, this means acquiring wealth to handle future problems. This also means that you have to mentally be prepared with knowledge and wisdom. The more knowledge you are aware of, the better your chances of using that knowledge to make wise decisions. Yet, it's so much deeper than that, because we're also talking about powers like having an open mind. Knowledge and intellect doesn't mean you're going to have an open mind; it's a state of awareness that has to acknowledge your fears, ignorance, things you have lost, things that have damaged you in some type of way or things like someone breaking your heart. That can be hard to get over, but mentally, you don't know if the next person will hurt you as well. That's a person wanting to be aware of the future, but you can't. You have to learn to be aware of what you can have faith in, trust in, and what you will not have the confidence to trust.
Ultimately, you draw on your greatest strengths of willpower from deep within your soul. Whether you think it's the soul that gives you this power or your mind, you have to agree that this power comes deep from within side of you, and it's nothing to take lightly. Your ability to consciously take the information that you have and apply it to your purpose in life. It's the understanding that when someone else wants you to raise your level of awareness, a phrased is often used, "wake up", even though your body is not asleep. A person is considered to be in a sleep-like state, metaphorically, even though that person is consciously awoke they're in a state of ignorance so deep that the awareness of the way things really are escapes them. A person can know the same

thing or see the same information another person has seen, but one person may not be conscious of the developments or outcomes of that same information. For example, the child that's unaware the stove burns and despite being told several times that the stove is hot they still touches it, because they didn't comprehend what was being said. Now that they have touched the stove despite the warnings and they burn themselves, they become aware that the stove can get hot enough to hurt a person real bad, now they barely touch the stove weather it's on or off. That's awareness through pain, but in most cases with most things in life, it's better to educate through better means than pain; such as rewarding good behavior.

Faith is a very interesting substance because it's almost exactly like willpower. The characteristics of faith and willpower are so similar that you can say, willpower is the faith in yourself to go beyond your normal limitations and faith can be viewed as the confidence that you believe in a higher power of a conscious that connects us all. defines faith as confidence or trust in a person, one's self, thing, deity, in the doctrines, teachings of religion or view. So, it's safe to say that you can't have faith without believing in one's belief, and that leads to more faith. This means one of the biggest differences between faith and willpower is that willpower is something you use. It's something inside of you that you call upon when you need to use this power, and this is where you say to yourself, "I can do this." Now, we use faith in the same manner only most of the time you call on higher power to help, and you might say, "please give me strength." You don't have to believe in any higher powers to have faith in yourself, because in the same instance where you're saying to yourself, "I can do this", this is you having faith in your strong willpower. In farther thinking, you call on willpower for more of the strength that is deep within you to push yourself to get the most from yourself and faith is calling on that belief that there is something more powerful than us that we are in connection with, and we can call upon that strength to help us with problems that are bigger than us. Or, more importantly, help us stay on the path of good when there are problems, but still we need strength for daily temptation that may lead us down a path of negativity and despair.
That confidence and trust in a person, one's self, thing, deity, in the doctrines, teachings of a religion or view, including your willpower, is measured by your belief. It's not just a matter of believing and not believing, but on a scale of 1 to 10, how much faith is behind your belief? You think about anything that you put faith into, you have to ask yourself on what level of faith is my belief? That means, it's easy to say you believe, but how much faith do you have in that belief? It's like the trust test that psychologists have their patients do sometimes, it's when they want to get couples to believe they can trust

their partner. They do this by having one of them stand behind the other one, and the person in front has to free-fall backwards and trust that their partner is going to catch them because they can't see. And what is trust without faith in the person? In this trust test, you must also believe in yourself that you're going to catch someone when they fall, and they are putting their faith in you to catch them. A confident person will guarantee their partner that they would catch them. Before your partner falls back, they might even call on a higher power to give them strength or the coordination to catch the person. A person with little confidence has fear, too often because they don't have faith in themselves. They might call on a higher power too often to help them, just because they don't believe they can do for himself. Fortunately, this is one of the ways on how you can figure out you're in a place that is wrong for you. Someone might ask you if you believe in a person, doctrine or deity and when you respond yes and then they ask you to do something that you know is wrong to prove your faith. In this case you know right from wrong and all it takes is a decent amount of willpower to avoid doing something that you know is going to be wrong and then leave. If they try to use force to stop you then you know, it's wrong, and hopefully, you can escape.
When we talked about willpower, we talked about increasing your willpower by doing things like increasing the number of pushups you do, the distance you run, how long can you meditate, study or complete a martial art. Faith is slightly different in the fact that you increase your faith by way of testing it. And faith and willpower can go hand & hand together. When you look at it in this light, this means when you decide to increase your number of push-ups it's because you believe you can do it. When you pick up something to study you have faith in yourself that you can learn it. Think about it, the people that you personally know that do not study and you have a hard time getting them to learn things, it's because that person has fear and doubt in their ability or they believe people will think less of them if they have to acknowledge that there are things that they can't grasp. Testing your faith shouldn't mean you have to do something dangerous, outrageous, sinful or anything you know is wrong. But, there's always self-defense when you believe you are in danger. So, to have faith means you believe and you believe in what you have faith in. Your faith is important to your balance to life because it's a spiritual substance and not just an emotion. This goes along with one of my post to my Facebook page that said, "there's a difference between making your child obedient and giving them discipline. When they're just obedient they're that way until you turn your back, but you give them discipline, and they govern themselves effectively."
The power of faith gives a person great strength of character. You might not be able to do anything unrealistic, but with a phenomenal faith and willpower, you can accomplish the unbelievable. This is because your faith is a substance that feeds your soul. That's

very important to the balance of life's philosophy of being born with an innocent soul that's like a light that can lose its power over time by living in a corrupt life, or your soul's light can grow brighter as it advances towards the ways of good in life. Because, as you learn in this World, you must hold on to your nature of being good which makes you much stronger internally in life. Your faith is at the base of all of your decisions concerning any matters you face that's a question of being good or bad. If you steal, it's the reasoning behind your decision when a moral question has already been imposed in your head prior to the event and then you make the decision to execute your plan. You see, you make a decision, believe in your decision, and you have faith everything will work out, because of your justifications behind your decision. This tells us that situations like these and worse, are not spontaneous actions most of the time. That people have faith in their decision and justification for their believe which maybe a lack of control of one's balance of life, because of several key reasons that could be out of alignment. When you look at the time it takes to justify to yourself your decision and then execute your plan as well as live with the consequences afterwards, it shows that we consciously choose to think a certain way and justify it with our faith in our decisions. All of this means your faith gives you trust and confidence to be you, but your lack of faith can lead you down the path of a foolish, maybe uneventful or evil life.
To be a righteous person is what it's all about in life. It's the apex of the balance to life. The ultimate goal to be good is not easy, because once you achieve a high level of being good, that level of righteousness must be maintained. Some people call it, "backsliding," when you achieve a high level of being good and then start to revert to your old ways and go back or find new bad things to do. This is another reason why the balance to life is so important because you must find a high level of being righteous which avoids the major sins of life, so if you do a slightly bad thing, it's nothing that you can't repent for. If you maintain this high level, it's nothing that you can find out about yourself that you can't fix. And this goes for most people right now, there's very little that we can find out about ourselves that can't be turned around or eliminated as long as we're dealing with eliminating the root of the cause. To be righteous is the same as being all around good and the same is being totally virtuous. To guarantee that you have a righteous soul, a virtuous person is what you must be.
When it comes to being good, it sounds so easy. I believe most people consider themselves to be good, and I believe that is true, over all we're good people. The problem is when any one of us good people do something bad, it'll often make large groups of us look bad. On the other hand, there're very evil people in the World who follow the ways of iniquity. Unfortunately, most of these people are rotten to the core which means you can't change the evil nature of their heart, beliefs or what they mentally

desire. We really can't deal with all of them with this book, especially when the great books of the Bible and the Qur’an can't help them. But, I do believe anyone can change for the better and make the effort to be a good person because this existence is a good one by way of the law of nature. I believe anyone who wants to change can find the strength to do so.
Your state of "being" is the key. That's usually the hardest part of being good and being righteous. Shakespeare asked the famous question, "to be or not to be?" This question is very significant with many variations on the answer. For our purposes, "to be", is a matter of deciding and making a conscious decision. But, just because you decide, "to be," doesn't mean you will do. It also means just because you think you are, doesn't mean you are. For example, a person that's loved and respected in their community because of all the wonderful things they do for the people in their community turns out to be a slumlord that's hated in another community by people who are left in disrespectful poor conditions. So, it's a state of 'being' that's so important. It's consciously being aware at all times about your decisions, your actions and your interactions with people is where you are faced with the opportunity, "to be" good or "to be" bad, that is critical to your own personal character.
It's like the fact that most marijuana smokers are viewed as addicts and drug users, but most of them are also associated with being peaceful. Their addiction is a self-infliction that doesn't harm other people for the most part. So, you have to be insightful when you want to help people like this quit their addiction, because sometimes these kind of people can be the most righteous people you've ever met and if your approach to get them to stop their addiction is telling them how bad they are, then it's not going to work. You can talk to them about health, being clean or being pure, but the state of being good or being bad might get a microscope pointed right back at your life. I do this often with people who judge me so harshly, see what they're like when the tables are turned.
When you look at this question, "to be", it could also simply mean that you are not there yet, and there is a "want to be", "need to be", "have to be" and plenty of others statements that can be said about you, but it doesn't mean, "you are". This is why awareness is so important because all of these philosophical questions are a part of higher cognitive thinking and high conscious levels of knowing of your existence. It's the higher level of thinking of a person that shapes their own destiny, to visualize their future and to set a goal of what they "want to be" then accomplish it. Sometimes we can't control ourselves, or we lose control of some of the liberties that we have in life which means that we have to do what we have to do and be who we "have to be" to survive. All of us have some things we, "need to be" like educated if we want to take care of ourselves in this World, so we need to study how to survive whether we go to school or not. None of this means we're good people until we decide to be that way for ourselves.

Being righteous is a conscious decision you have to make to be for yourself. You can be forced, tricked and deceived into an iniquitous lifestyle or into bad decisions, situations or actions which mean that you are not consciously choosing to be bad. In these cases, you have to live and learn and hopefully grow into a better understanding of doing right and being good. The flip-side is when you're faced with that decision to do something good or do something bad, and you're conscience of the consequences of your actions, thoughts, and decisions, but you choose them anyway. Sometimes you choose, and you're ignoring the fact that it's bad, you turn a blind eye to the bad, and it's worse when you build up self-righteous justifications to do bad. The bottom line is when you're alone, and you're faced with the opportunity to be bad or to be good, what do you choose to be? Remember, the choice of, "what will you do," comes after that choice of what you decided to be, whether it was a long time ago or in that moment. That means that a shoplifter that steals from a store, because they decided a long time ago that this is how they're going to gain in life, is not the same as that person who might have decided just a few moments before the event to steal food, because they're starving with no source of income.
When you hold yourself to a higher standard, than other people expect these high standards from you all the time. When or if this happens to you, there are going to be a lot of people that will hypocritically judge you to maintain these high standards, especially if you announce your righteousness publicly. The same hypocritical people can be very unforgiving if you do some backsliding or mess up morally in anyway. This can make it difficult for any person to keep their faith when it's easier to go down a simple path or to conform where judgment is not so harsh because a person would have so much company. This means it takes bravery to be different, especially when that bravery is coming in the form of being righteous. Metaphorically speaking a person shines like light when they're being righteous and most people can see this when they meet a person of this nature. If it's you then your words have energy and vitality that nurtures other people. Your actions draw positive attention and people give you respect like it's the best gift they have to offer. But, you have to be brave with people who are going to judge you, because if you make a mistake, backslide a little or lose focus for a little while and need to be set back on track, people can be harsh, judgmental and hypocritical even in the face of judging a person for the same thing that they are afflicted with. That's the power of forgiveness and a major part of righteousness, and that's just being good? No one is perfect right? So remember, it takes a lot of bravery, fortitude and self-esteem to be righteous when you're around people who aren't as good as you are at the moment and may need guidance. Being the best person you can be takes more than bravery, it takes a conscious decision to be righteous and seeking out constant guidance to maintain your high levels of being good.

What does the spiritual realm of the soul mean to you? There are questions about this part of life that has been with us since the dawn of time and will probably be here until it all ends. From the largest to the smallest groups of believers, no two people completely agree about God or their faith no matter what that belief is in. Our individual thoughts on God are as unique as our thumbprints. With that in mind, I would be more interested in hearing what you think as opposed to how you're feeling. I don't need, want or have the desire to change what religion you believe in.
Your faith gives you incredible internal strength that makes you strong in character and prosperous, but a person has to be careful because it can also blind you or have you believing in things that are unrealistic. Believe it or not, good or evil are the drives behind every cause and effect of our decisions and actions. Therefore, we can't always control the backlash of good and evil decisions that other people make towards us. We create the cause and effect in other people's lives that may lead to a good chain of events or bad ones. For example, a person following a positive church that does a lot of good can have a positive effect on your life and the lives of other people, but belonging to a greedy church that doesn't help anyone and only wants your money, doesn't do anyone any good and harms the community. That's why faith has to be put in the right place in your heart with the balance of life which will bring you awareness while you practice and study your faith with any people, doctrine, and deity. You'll operate with an open mind and confident that whatever you're doing is only to make you a good person.
It's not my intentions to get you to believe in anything different concerning your religious beliefs and faith. I don't want you to disbelieve or lose faith in what you believe, nor do I want any religious following of my own. If I lead anyone, it will be by influence and not command. I get this thinking from the book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws to Leadership by John Maxwell. My hope is that the balance of life is information that will strengthen whatever you believe in by bringing out the good in you and inciting the good that your faith wants you to do for the good of all people.
There are three main negatives to overcome when it comes to the spiritual realm:
1. Disbelief; A person doesn't believe in any unseen forces. If you believe there's a logical explanation for everything, we just haven't found the answers yet. Well, what if the answer is the use of one of those unseen forces? Like, the major power of the force of good, love or hate.
2. Ignorance and not caring; A person becomes the walking dead. A person would let their will go or let their soul go to practice the ways of ignorance. This comes from not caring whether you're good or bad, self-righteousness, and a person wanting to remain ignorant of what it takes to be good. It also comes from a person being attracted to ignorance, being bad and having power over people which leads to living for one's low

desires. A person's soul is in a constant battle to keep that person from doing any sins and urges you to do good.
3. Natural iniquity; When it seems that you are just evil to the core. I believe over 90% of humanity are not evil, not even by nature. Evilness is something we learn, we're forced or manipulated into doing it by evil people. But, some evilness comes from deep within side of a person's desire to be that way. A person with no desire for any penance for the wrong that they do. You can be rich or poor and still be the kind of person that suffers from any of these three things. But, most of our good and bad traits are something that we learned from our family, peers, environment or situations.
Your soul should be the number one priority in life because it's your conscious that brings you into righteousness. Your soul is who you talk to and ask for help on decisions of right and wrong. Yes, a person's soul is where imagination wins and dreams of a lofty life can manifest. As you grow, you become rich with wisdom, health, income and peace. That's the perfect time to dream big and imagine yourself doing the impossible as long as it's realistic. Now is the time when you can do anything!
Be a loving person and watch that love come back to you. That will feed your soul and at the same time it also feeds the souls of others which are a person's loving contacts. When you have the time and the money for the compassion to help those in need you also generate a high-level power of love returned to you. You may not see the effects of this love coming back to you, but it does in ways you can't imagine. As a child, we think like this all the time, but then we lose our innocent ways as we get more of our selfish desires. In a society where it costs a lot to live, the average person finds it harder to care for another person when just living for yourself is so tight.
Right, self-esteem comes from a strong soul or a good sense of righteousness. All that you want to be can be in a free society as long as what you want is realistic, does not impede the living of others and it's in sequence with the balance of life. Self-esteem is super important to you and your soul, because it's your overall confidence in yourself and to consciously decide right over wrong every time. Again, self-esteem is how highly you think of yourself, and a good soul has reason to hold itself in high regards over evil. High self-esteem is needed to provide you with the armor you need to guard against emotional threats, psychological attacks and other challenges of the World that builds your strong spiritual side.

Life for the human being is mind, body, and soul, everything else is the mass that we

can see and feel, that isn't other life. Everything else in life is just the material that our souls can use to visualize and invent things using our minds for realistic mathematical equations. Telling our bodies to be the tools that will create what we imagine. The realm of material is everything that others sometimes say is a physical world, but for the sake of this information the physical world is our bodies and the material world is everything else that isn't us or other life.
We're the masters of this World, put here to be the great stewards of our planet. We were given dominion over the material realm to create the protection we need for us, others and the planet to survive. Our purpose in life is to make sure life goes on. Most material is designed for our protection first and then for our pleasure. What pleases us the most about ourselves is that it's our pleasure to protect ourselves and others for our soul's good nature.
Who needs material? Everyone, everywhere needs at least food, clothes, and shelter. All of these things are material that humans need to survive. What will you learn studying the material realm from this information? You will learn that people created economics to produce income for ourselves, and we created Representatives for us to govern ourselves and universal forms of compensation with trade value that represents wealth anywhere in the World. We called it money. People of the World created the system of income, and no government, rich people or secret society has full control of money to the point you can get it. The power of money is in the hands of the people. It's just that people have lost their understanding of how money really works.
Money wasn't always something that you could touch. We used to carry pieces of gold, jewels, and other precious stones or metals for their monetary worth. Money is more of a concept of value. It's appalling in today's World and barbaric, but in the days of slaves, we used people as currency which should be against the law everywhere today. We created a paper currency with coins, so you can physically account for every penny, but in today's World, we seem to be going back to some of those older concepts, because our currency is becoming more digital than physical.
Before we made paper money the norm, we the people had a system of barter and trade to negotiate the value of the items to be traded, and when the interested parties came to an agreement, then they made the trade. If you can't come to an agreement, then no deal will be stuck. It's like a fisherman that wants to trade fish with a farmer for fruits and vegetables, and the farmer can receive fish in the trade for his dinner plate. A hunter may come along, and he might want to barter for more than just meat with the farmer since the hunter kills large game. For instance, the hunter's wife sew clothes and covers with the animal far for personal use and trade. The farmer, even though he raises livestock, has only small animals, and his wife can't make clothes that are as durable as the hunter's wife. That's how people traded for tools and other things in a shared community. Robert Kiyosaki said, "money is what we agreed it is."

Making trades are still a way of life and will always be an intelligent part of our nature, but we the people, intelligently and wisely created a system of money that represents value, because it is a smart thing for us to do. It's our advancement over the system of trade. Let me tell you how and why it became a part of our advanced thinking. In that system of commerce, let's say the fisherman returns with barrels of fish, and he's trying to dump it all on the farmer, plus get more fruits and vegetables than the farmer can spare. In this unfortunate incident, the fisherman has more fish that he can eat and no one to trade with to get other things his family needs. In another instance, there could be a lot of farmers which means the value of fruits and vegetables may not be that high since the product is so bountiful. Or, even worse, there might not be enough farms which mean people are trying to give you more things than you need, and you don't have enough crops to go around to feed yourself and everyone else to. These are problems with supply and demand, like too much supply and not enough demand or demand for a supply that can't be produced fast enough.
Our solution to this problem, which is still being universally perfected by the people of the World, is the system of monetary compensation, and that's money. I believe with the clarity of this understanding of money's creation and beginnings with people, it can clear up a lot of myths and misconceptions which we use to create excuses for our decisions about money. Sometimes these excuses do not come until after we've failed, but it's worse when we allow these excuses to keep us from trying to get income in the first place or retrying after a failure. Or, if these excuses make you quit because you think failure or something else might happen again. Then people start to surround money with a lot of strange myths and misconceptions or surround themselves with myths and loss focus, or they're in denial about the necessity of income, a system of advancement that we created for ourselves.
Now, money is our way of buying things, so instead of a fisherman looking to trade his fish for things he needs like clothes, tools and entertainment he can sell his fish for money and get value with money that's universally accepted. Can you imagine if you try to walk into a bar right now and buy your drinks with fish? The smell alone will get you kicked out before you take three steps into the building. A farmer can sell their fruits and vegetables and get money to buy things from other farmers who did not need fruits and vegetables because that's what they have too. Can you imagine seeing someone who has something that they don't need, but you can use it, except you have nothing to trade when everything you have they got too. You would have to find something they needed and then hopefully have what that person needs to business before you can go back and deal again with the individual who has the primary thing you need. What if you trade for a thing that you don't need to get the thing that's needed, but when you get back, that person had died? You just acquired something not needed and maybe you're stuck with something that you don't need, and you still can't get the thing that you do need. Money

cuts out this middleman and saves time and wasted energy because it allows you to put a value on what you have to sell and receive a universal compensation that's accepted. Now we can purchase things we need from someone else that accepts that same value concerning compensation.
In small towns in the time of trade systems, a doctor would get more fish than he needs if most people there fished for a living. Then everyone would bring fish for medicines. That was a huge problem getting more fish than you need and you don't have time to trade it for other things that you do need because you're always taking care of the sick. Money allows us to be able to trade for value by representation and acquire what you need or want if you can afford it. The system isn't perfect because we have crime and poverty, but overall it's an intelligent way for us to share and trade with one another.
To live your life you need the necessary things to protect you, and again those things are food, clothes, and shelter. Every person needs to eat for our bodies need fuel and nourishment to grow. We have to eat every day or else we will perish. We have to have clean water or else we won't survive, plus vitamins and minerals to live. We don't have fur like animals and even if we did we would still create clothes as uniforms, armor or some other ceremonial wardrobe. Clothes not only protects us from the weather, sharp things and insects, but we love expressing ourselves with unique designs and styles. And, every person needs shelter from the weather, animals and worst of all, ourselves. We need a place where we feel safe enough to sleep peacefully, because everyone needs rest to revitalize the body, clear the mind and spiritually connect with life such as having a family or just having company over to break bread. A shelter also protects the things that you will accumulate in life.
The Black Panthers said it best when they said the most important thing in a human's life is food, clothes, and shelter which is our necessities. These things can go beyond just basic protection and they're very pleasurable and desirable when we can get the best of these things in abundance when we can afford to. That's the biggest drawback to money, the fact that not everyone can harness its awesome power. The fact that it's hard only to get the things that you need when money can buy a lot of things you want, so people fall a victim to temptation. People will get more of what they want then what they need sometimes, but some of us will do this way too much. It's not easy having the discipline to use income right. We will look at this in more depth in chapter 9, because of the effects of time. Time is a very powerful equation when it comes to the growth of accumulating mass positive and the negative decay of wealth.
Food has sustenance in it for our body, but it's still only mass. Fruits and vegetables come from plant LIFE, so it's mass and considered to be in the category of other life besides us. The plant life that we eat grows like us, but unlike us, plants don't walk, talk

and communicate like we do. But, animals also develop, and they do breath, run and have communications as we do, yet we eat them as well. When they become our meat, they become mass with the sustenance of vitamins and minerals in it that we use to live.
We consume other life like plants or animals that become the substance we need to live. That's the way it is, and it's the best way for us since we are made this way naturally. Once we transform this life into the food our body needs, then it's the essence of the food that becomes what we need that provides us with the nutrients we need to live and maintain our life. It's similar to a book because knowledge feeds the mind, but it's not the physical book that feeds the mind, it's the knowledge understood from the book. The book is only a thing, useless unless you don't understand what's in it. If you do, then you are receiving the energy that comes from your interpretation of the words. When we take the life of animals or plants the body becomes just another form of matter, but this type has the nutrients in it, like vitamins, proteins, and minerals, that provide us with the energy we need to live.
I mean the essence of your food is what's important because we've talked about the nature of the food and it's unseen energy and forces, but now you can see it could just be another form of lifeless matter that we eat that doesn't help us. Unfortunately, people eat a lot of things with tiny life left in them. Meaning that vitamins, minerals, enzymes and whatever else we need are lost in the way we process, prepackage, precook and prepare our food. That's even truer for the fast paced, hustle and bustle lifestyles of people in the major cities and surrounding suburbs. The closer you are to raising your livestock and growing your crops the healthier your food is or if you're conscious of all of this and buy as much organic food as you can possibly buy, the more essentials of life essence are in your food. Eating the freshest food possible provides you with more vitamins and minerals with the freshest nutrients, so you should think top-quality in your life when it comes to food and provide yourself with the best and freshest food possible.
They don't call it junk food for nothing, it's lifeless, empty and dead. Even worse than that is the junk food filled with things that can harm you and shorten your life. It's true, we can eventually eliminate hunger and starvation, but our attitude has to change about how we feed ourselves and the charity we give to others. Because, right now there are greedy people all around the World that only care about feeding themselves, overindulging and carelessly wasting sustenances that can feed the poor. But, let's start with ourselves and stop overindulging in junk food, it provides no real nutrients, and it's killing us. Things like chips, pop, candy/sweets, fast food, old food, and the lack of knowledge about food are the number one reasons for obesity and bad health. Especially, when you look at bad health problems that get passed from one generation to the next in a family. That's why I said, "the lack of knowledge about food," is essential, because inadequate knowledge about food can be passed from one generation to the next, making that overall family unhealthy and getting weaker throughout time.

The conditions of inheriting a poor diet or a good one throughout the generations are making your family stronger by passing down great eating habits, or they're hurting one generation after the next producing families of weak, obese or sickly people. It's not limited to the conditions of being poor or rich, it's a matter of knowledge, willpower and desire. It's true, poorer people eat more food of a lower quality than rich people, because the higher the quality, the more expensive it is, sometimes. It's still more of a conscious decision among people who can do for themselves, but they don't. Because I can understand the low-income person that has to buy as cheap as possible to stretch out the food as far as possible, that's different. I want to talk to that person that buys cheap food and junk food all the time because it's cheap too do so. That's an unconscious condition of habits, miseducation and lack of willpower. It's one thing to buy junk food and fast food every day because you don't know how it is harming you, but it's an entirely different story when you don't want to know, or you don't care. Not knowing is easier to fix than not caring, because if you don't care that's that. It's a psychological issue with your thinking which most of the time is a self-esteem issue. The bottom line is that food goes way beyond just some material we need to consume so that we may live when it's full of life and the top quality we need for life.
Don't cheap out on your food when you can help it and it's a proven fact that when you keep up the quality food over your lifetime versus junk, you actually will pay less in the long run for many reasons. One good reason is the fact that when you eat healthy food, you don't have as many health problems. I'm not talking long-term health concerns, and I'm talking about minor little things that most people don't equate to their food such as headaches, stomach aches, heartburn, drowsiness, laziness, anger, and sadness, just to name a few things that people take medicine to cure. Meaning that money saved by buying cheap food usually gets spent on over-the-counter medications anyhow. Most junk food does not satisfy your hunger properly. Therefore, people consume more junk than we think we do which would cost us the same, if not more money if we ate the good food and satisfied our hunger properly. Therefore, when satisfying your hunger appropriately, you get the nutrition you need and eat less than a body that's never properly filled with the nutrition needed. And when you give the body more, if it's more junk food, the body will never be satisfied, always asking for more and will be caught in a vicious cycle of destroying itself while trying to live.
The lack of knowledge on eating right can be very vast for some people because of the lack of proper educated, and they have no one around them that can help. The lack of knowledge goes beyond asking someone to stay away from pork, sweets and fast food. You can go to the grocery store every time food is needed and still every time you come out with a big smile on your face and a basket full of junk that you've chosen personally. Again, like Elijah Muhammad said, "don't live to eat, eat to live." That statement reflects the fact that most of us are sold by what we see on TV and by the time

we finished buying all that junk we don't get what actually matters to our body. Even the decision to buy a tremendous amount of meat and little to no vegetables comes from the attitudes of commercialized programming, because it makes more money and not because it's so needed. Think about it, all the times you walked past the fresh produce and walked out of the store with more boxes and cans of stuff that came out of factories then things that came from the Earth, you're in trouble. When was the last time everything on your child's plate was cooked fresh? Here's another popular way to help you make a better decision when buying your food when you look at the list of ingredients, if it's a simple short list that you can understand; Eggs, milk, cheese, sugar, flour, etc. it may not be that bad. But, if the ingredients read like a science project; Scythian, silicone, yellow #6, red # 40, peroxide hydrochloride, orthophosphate then these things are not the best for you.
As I just mentioned in this previous section about food, power comes from learning. When people want to communicate, we mostly use words or sign language that carries the energy and meaning we give and receive, but when we're not in front of each other, we have found many ways of transporting ideas and communications to other people. Before there was a spoken language we had to have communicated with each other with sign language, by way of expressions and gestures such as pointing with our finger, pushing and pulling on each other. Knowing that, a smile means you're happy, and a frown means something's wrong. This form of communication still holds power like locking eyes with the opposite sex, smiling at them to show interest or giving a funny look as you turn your head to show you are not interested. We call it body language, and it will always be a significant role of communication between human beings. But, it's our spoken and written languages that make us far more advanced than animals. Record keeping is one of the main reasons why we are considered to be conscious and self-aware beings.
The most magnificent part of a spoken and written language is not just communicating, but expressing oneself and through this expression, we can record, study and learn from each other the things we know. You cannot see a word. We associate a word with a familiar sound that we apply meaning to and that meaning can be communicated to other people. What we do is create a spelling that represents the sound, and when we write that representation down, it can be spoken to someone else to equate this written word to this sound. Meaning that the power of a sound will not be conveyed when the sound is not understood. Again, like body language, certain things can be understood even when you come across a person you've never met before, and you want to communicate with each other. Some things are just going to be universal to our understanding about one another such as a smile might not mean something good, if it's accompanied with a puzzled look, then that smile might not mean a person is happy.

If a person tries to communicate, you don't have to know their language to know that their raised voice may mean that person is angry or scared.
I digress, let's not look so much at the pass and look at the future when it comes to studying and learning. Communication is key, and we're very advanced in our inventions to carry our ideas from one place to another. Some devices even do this at the speed of light. Our forms of communication are so powerful that we can store information and express ideas to one another, sharpening each other like stone sharpens stone, we sharpen each other with that energy within the power of communicating with one another. We can take this power and put it in the book, computer, and chip. Oh sure, the paper itself has little to no power and the ink can be no greater than the bindings of the book, but when the markings and the symbols present the power of words coming together that manifests an understanding of ideas, thoughts, and aspirations it forms the power of communication. So, if you know how to interpret what you are reading, power is a two-way street, because if your writings are void of real thought, childish or foolish then the communication will be weak, empty, or unimportant. A word of caution, though power can be conveyed it can have as much of a powerful negative effect as it can have a positive effect. A book that promotes hate can be as compelling as a book that promotes peace. It wouldn't be the book that encourages hate; it's the ideas, philosophies and attitudes communicated through the books, radio programs, television shows, websites or any other means of communicating thoughts and ideas.
One word can represent one sound, and it may be interpreted wrong in many different ways, but one image can represent thousands of words and beyond. You can use words to describe a picture, but most people are going to see themselves in the interpretation of the image, and they're going to reflect on what they know. They're going to see the image with or without emotions for what they interpret. It's why you can see the photographs of a person being beaten and think it's sad while another individual either doesn't care or applauds the actions.
What this means for the material realm is that we can put power inside of an inanimate object and give them a form of life or at least a form of energy that can be studied and you can learn from it as if it transfers the energy to you. It's all about how you interpret this information if you can understand it in the 1st place. It's a matter of your understanding the images and symbols presented to you. The book, the television program, the video online and things of this nature are just the material used to carry, broadcast or transfer the energy that we put into the words and images that we want someone else to study or learn. When we communicate through these devices, we can absorb what others think, have experienced in the past, or they want to express to us ideas and emotions. Through these tools, we can study knowledge from shows we create to teach and learn about people from the past and what they may have thought.

We can visualize an image of what our future might be like and express those thoughts to other people through the material we have created to capture our thoughts and ideas. But, the power is not in the thing, it will come from our thoughts and ideas that we express through the thing like a book, computer or any other thing. Most importantly, this section on studying and learning what it means for the material realm is that we use our five senses to learn everything. And, we can use a material thing to record or express what we want to teach someone, even over vast distances of space and time, because of our ability to put what we want to communicate into material form.

The material World is just mass, just things and we learn from things. We learn from any and everything, but one of our greatest powers is the ability to think, imagine, and create things to study. We can put a piece of our soul into the things we create that'll communicate a message of meaning to interpret. The main thing we create for the betterment of all people is our tools, toys, weapons, and educational material. But, we learn and study anything that comes across our five senses. And, if you feel you have a 6th sense about things you learn from that too.
From a rock to a Robin, we study and contemplate everything. That's the main reason why we are different from the animals, because of our ability to remember in great detail, contemplate over more data at one time and put into action the creation of our contemplations. The more things you can study, possess, and give to others, the richer you are as a person. Everything is mass, and the mass of things is here for our protection and pleasure, but the more we have, the bigger advantage we gain over others. This is called wealth and what you do with wealth is based on your individual iniquities or righteousness.

We need things that go beyond food, clothes and shelter to live life in today's World. There will always be monks and people that think in a down to earth, holistic way. Some people only want to live a way of life that only meets their bare essential needs to live. This will certainly keep you a good person and humble in life. Most people have too many wants, and that leads us into thinking we need more in life which leads us on the journey of walking the fine line between living for all that life has to offer or selfishly overindulging and possibly hurting other people in the process of only living for one's self.
When contemplating your needs in life versus your wants, especially when talking about what you need for protection and what's required for pleasure versus what you want for protection and what you want for pleasure, careful consideration to your overall balance of life is essential. Because, things like your toys can protect your emotions, but they can also become bad habits. Tools are the things we need and used to build the

things we need to protect the ones we love, but they have also developed weapons for the wicked. But, we also use weapons to protect the ones we love! It's our decisions that lead us to be good or bad, and this determines whether you use your things for good, selfishness or evil. It's not evil to have anything to protect yourself as long as it's not hurting people by just being in existence.
That's why I believe that we should have fun with things on Earth, but being careful not to overdo it. Don't hurt other life over things or pleasure. Don't hold others back for your pleasure or your personal gain. Pleasure is your personal right, taste, and style as long as we're responsible and respectful to ourselves and other people. For example, you may think that being nude in public is okay because it's the beautiful human body, but it's not a matter of discouraging people that aren't so beautiful to follow your lead. For me, it's about the wisdom of a decent society and exposing my children to things that they shouldn't have to think about before they're of age and a level of maturity to handle those thoughts. You see, we all have our personal responsibility, but in a civilized society, we also have a responsibility to each other. With this in mind, we're the masters of things for our protection and pleasure.

Having things makes us rich which is respectable. Unfortunately, some seek to have power with their things to gain the illusion of respect, love or leadership. Power can make you rich and be rich can make you powerful, but you don't have to have one or the other to have either. Also, a person doesn't have to be or do evil to have either one, and you don't have to have either one to have respect. There are all types of ways to have power with little to no money and just because you have money doesn't mean that you have a lot of power. Ask anyone with a gun, a uniform or master manipulator, because these things have gotten a person's wealth, respect, and power, but they mostly get you into trouble when you choose the wrong paths.
It's also our responsibility to use power with good judgment. People have used power over people and will continue to do so which means that you must do what's right for your soul more than what you have to do for your survival. Suppressing your soul and your good nature is no way to live, especially just to gain selfish power or when people are oppressing you. At the same time, you cannot constantly blame others for your misfortunes, when your hands are not tied, you are not in a cage and your mind is free to explore. Life is only for a time, but I believe your soul is forever, so why not live as long as you can to make your soul as strong as it can be, and prepared for whatever comes next after this life?
Having things allow for the power of creation, expression and survival when you think positive. To our dismay, when you think negatively power leads to destruction, corruption, and death, just to name a few things. When you give serious contemplation

about power and the .material realm, please consider the fact that material has no life of its own and only we symbolically give power to things. The unsophisticated mind can be led to put too much power or follow the power of symbols, inanimate objects and idol worship of things. For example, a gun just sits there, and it can't do anything to you by itself. It's only when a person picks up a gun, aims it, and pulling the trigger is when action has been created based on a good decision or a bad decision that has now created power. Therefore, money has the power we give it, other than that it's just paper. A basketball is only some leather with air in it creating a ball to play with, but in America, it symbolizes a game that has crossed racial barriers and peacefully unites different people from all walks of life for the business and pleasure of the game of basketball. This means that you become the master of the material around you. If the material around you is not holding you back, because you give that material power, then you have the power over it. Also, other people can hold power over you because of material, so it's best to approach life with a civilized balance of righteous.

Assets are things that a person acquires in their life that generate money for them, or they have tremendous value. The best definition and explanation for assets that I ever heard comes from Robert Kiyosaki's, Cash Flow Quadrant. He explains the difference between having valuable things and things that generate an income versus things that we might think are assets, but since these things depreciate in value, they're not truly income assets to us. There's a difference between just owning things and owning assets that produce income. To determine whether a thing is an asset, you must think of its value regarding, does it decrease in value over time or does it increase?
In today's World, we have designed our society in such a way that you need money as the main material we use to get the material we need or want. Money is our advance system of trading and compensation. It doesn't take a lot of money to acquire valuable things, but the more money you have, the more valuable things you can acquire. When you own an asset you can pass it down to your children. Therefore, you must be careful about spending your entire life behind the job that you can't pass down to your children, like you can with your wealthy business or investments aka assets. Your assets can be just material, which is just another thing with mass, but if it symbolizes wealth and that symbolic power will hold as an accurate representation of that thing's value for generations to come, then it's a worthy asset to pass own. This means that we are talking about things that have power because we assign them symbols of wealth. In other words, these are things that we give the power of great value too.
The assets that are best for you to have can only be determined by you or somebody you know very well who can help you with the decision because you would need to own things like a business whether you worked there or just manage it. That can make you

rich because it could produce income on a high level, plus income is built passively. You can also make what people call, investments. They can do the same for you like big business, but they could involve less work, a lot less liability and more freedom with your time. Time is also a great asset because we are all working with limited time in a sense. Therefore, it's our most precious asset. You can also own things such as art, collectibles, jewels and antiques that have a high value, that will not decrease in value, but maintains its value or preferably increase in value. There are other investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds that help drive the American economy and bring opportunity for the common person to invest and get a return on investment.
Knowing how to build wealth and become rich is a different study than most people take up on a day-to-day basis. Once most people get past finding a job that puts them in a comfortable lifestyle, they become complacent with what little knowledge they have about financial gain. That's evident when we also buy expensive things that lose value as soon as we buy them, use them or their sentimental value only means something to the owner or a few people. Things like cars, clothes, electronics and toys. And just because you are an older person or should I say more mature person, doesn't mean that you don't have some expensive adult toys like golf clubs, a boat or a huge entertainment center in the middle of your living room. And, this is important because a proper balance of life depends on you being able to take care of your life. It's very difficult to balance your life when you work two jobs, especially if you have children and a spouse that doesn't have one job. It's equally difficult to maintain a balance of life if you have no way of taking care of yourself. I can only imagine that a homeless person may find it very difficult to completely follow the instructions in this book. You might have all the time in the World for spiritual contemplation or to read, even to the point of becoming a genius, but I would assume exercising without a place to clean up, eat properly and relax would be seriously difficult. Not to mention, mastery over things to take care of yourself is what the material realm is all about. Without a home, it's extremely difficult to have mastery over things because you have nowhere to shelter you and your things. Every person needs their assets, wealth and things to be there when they get back from living life and acquiring more assets, wealth, and things.
There are a lot of sayings like, "money isn't everything", "money doesn't buy you love" and, "money doesn't make you rich". While these statements have a lot of truth to them, to a degree, they're also psychological statements that most people use as an excuse, or if you are like me, you used these statements to formulate a wall of ignorance. I let excuses like these be the reason why I was lazy about becoming wealthy in my life. The fact that things change in this World is a constant truth, because as long as you have an open mind, and you can hear good advice, things can work out for the best. It's like when KRS-One said in his song Ahh Yeah, "Stay alive, all things change around," that

statement became more dear to my heart than a lot of things said to lift my spirits. You should be diligent about being wealthy because to be rich is to be secure which leads to being more wise, healthy and righteous. In the book, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, it talks about a person not being able to reach one's potential without wealth being the foundation.
The bottom line, seeking to be rich and being rich doesn't make you evil. Money is not the root of all evil, nor will it make you evil. That power comes from within your motives, so don't blame it on the money! Income is a system "we the people" created so that we may trade per cost, instead of an item for item. I'm not going to argue about capitalism, what capitalism is, or the systems versus capitalism, nor what it may or may not be doing to the World. My concern is about anyone who can earn money and collect gain of any amount and use that gain to increase the amount of money they earn as far as their imagination will allow in a free society. Most of us believe that other forces that we can't control hold us back from money like governments, a race of people, family conditions, economic conditions, education and it's the worst when excuses pile up on top of excuses and they're nothing but excuses that you feed yourself to hold yourself back or allow yourself to become stagnant at a comfortable level.
Money is not evil. It's a person's decisions and actions that create evilness. Income is a necessity because life causes the effect of needing to pay for things over and over, plus the need for gaining new things. If we didn't have money we would still have to pay with time and effort, so we created a system called currency to represent our time, effort and the products and services thereof. I believe in the human awareness and the positive steps we are taking towards progress, advancement and financial gain which are a natural part of living in my view.

Money vs. Income
Having a lump sum of money is not the same as having a steady income. Too many people believe in the idea of getting one lump sum of money only one time is better than the idea of working all the time for your income, something that is always recurring. There's a different line of thinking that people need to consider when you get $1 million and the minute you spend $1 you no longer have $1 million. You are a millionaire until you spend that $1 unless you have an income to keep adding to the million to sustain being a millionaire. This means if you don't have an income, or you don't stay within your budgets then you will spend that money up on food, clothes, and shelter. Not to mention the temptations of getting what you want and having fun in life when you have so much money.
With income, which is monetary payment received from a job, goods or services, you provide a means of steady cash flow. It could also be cash flow received from a trust fund, inheritance or anything else that gives you money on a steady basis such as

interest earned from assets or investments. With this in mind, it's better to chase a large income that automatically recurs for you as opposed to spending too much time and effort on trying to get one lump sum of money that will not happen often. For example, playing the lottery is fun, I think having the excitement of playing a game of chance that can change your life is exhilarating, but spending all your time, money, effort, dreams and hopes focusing on hitting the lottery one day might leave your life in shambles as this is obviously a gambling problem. Many people say, "I know this stuff already", but they replace the lottery with some other dream in their life such as professional sports, being an entertainer or anything that looks this exciting, attractive and you can hit for big money. The way most criminals think is hit it big and your money problems are over. Not true, as rapper Mace said, "more money more problems."
With income, you will want to build up more than what you need to live in life so that you can have an excess of what you need. With income, that you can count on reoccurring, you can budget what goes out versus what comes in, and this is how you build in excess. Meaning that if you have an income of $2000 a month, but your bills and monthly needs are only $1500 then you can save or enjoy $500 extra every month. If you decrease your bills and your needs to $1000 a month, then you can enjoy or save $1000 a month with a monthly income of $2000. What most people don't think of is how to increase that monthly income so a person can enjoy or save an extra thousand dollars, $2000 or even $3000. When you have an income, and you gain more than what you need for your basic needs of life, then you can start a business or invest so you can enjoy more down time and acquire more things to have fun with it in the World without suffering consequences of loss. That means you're at a constant loss when you spend more than you take in. The way our system is set up now, it's devastating if you cannot bring in more money that you need to spend out to take care yourself. The basic needs for people are food, clothes, and shelter which costs everyday. Creating the need to bring in money everyday, in theory, because you can receive your income weekly, biweekly, monthly or annually that covers your day-to-day costs, but if your income stops, you need a large enough lump sum of money to live off of until you can replace your income or loss the money until there's nothing left.
When you have more than what you need, then you can take care of others without taking yourself under as well. A person must take care of himself to take care of others, like starting a family. We cannot control all of the causes and effects of life. Life is all around us and out of our control on the effects of time, nature, and other life, but we can control ourselves and how we endure the effects of time, natural disaster and other life around us. Doing nothing gets nothing, but it doesn't mean nothing is going to happen. It's like the mathematical equation 0+0 = 0. Once you start building momentum in life, only you can truly stop it. There will always be things to get in the way, mislead and drag you down, but it's how you redirect yourself and stay on a course that determines your

strength. But, if a person does nothing because they fear risk, and they expect that nothing will happen to them then this person will get ran over by the actions of life because this life is all action all the time. To be able to gain, but do nothing is far from the truth when there's so much about life we can't control nor can we get food, clothes and shelter for ourselves if we don't move in life at all.

Three main negatives that affect the material realm:
1. In the material realm, our negative or evil ways affect us as much as it does our soul because our soul loves to experience the things of life. There's a thin line between how much power we give our soul and the things of life. It all revolves around temptation and how the pleasures of the body that material brings us causes bad decisions.

2. This major negative is in 2 parts, time and death. The material we gain we cannot take it with us and when our body goes, we're gone. Time is our friend when we have it, and our enemy when we don't have much of it left or we waste it because we don't have forever. On top of the fact, you don't know when you might go. Therefore, I believe that material is not worth our soul. I believe we only have a small amount of time here in life, but an infinite afterlife. You only have so much time to build and enjoy your things, because death will come eventually. I know that sounds harsh, but it's a pure statement.

3. Money and things motivate people to be corrupt to get them and bring people down in the worse way by way of corruption or corrupting them. When a person not only corrupts themselves they corrupt, hurt and destroy other lives, it affects us all. It's one thing to have corruption solely to your self-destruction, but it's another thing when your actions, philosophies and ways in life bring down other people. Corrupted people usually use their martial possessions to hold this corruption over other people.
On the most positive tip, grow and build. A person's most basic need in life from the material realm is food, clothes and shelter, so concentration on these things will make you comfortable in life. If you can get these three things well enough in life with ease or you have gained these things in enough excess that you can afford to enjoy more than your basic needs then don't feel bad. Do it to the best of your ability and be a good person that earns your way in life. If you think people have it easy and don't have to work, because they're rich, good-looking, smart, tall or anything else you need to get it out of your head, because the truth is everyone works. I want to say it again, everyone works! It's just some jobs are easier than others. Some jobs pay way more than others, some people make their jobs look easy, and some do things that most people think are not jobs, especially when they pay so much, but they're still just jobs. Some jobs aren't jobs at all, their professions, hobbies that pay good like self-owned businesses or investments, but work will always be involved in acquiring anything and maintaining it. The notion that one day you'll have all the money that you need to take care of yourself

and stop working, and you don't have to do anything else ever is more of a pipe dream. The people that you think do this more than likely don't do this, it just seems that way, because you don't understand the intricacies involved in the work that they have to do to maintain such a high standard of living.
That means that you shouldn't worry about the grass on the other side of the fence, every person must earn. Earning is the most important thing in the World when it comes to growing and building. First, you need to take good care of yourself to the point where you have enough to take care of a family of your own; then you can help others who can use your help and leadership. Do this as a family and help bring blessings to your whole community. That's why it's okay to become rich and to be rich does not make you evil, because helping those that want to help themselves is a great benefit to society. But, it's great blessings for the soul when you're always helping those in need when you can afford it. Still, we need more people to help those that want to help themselves!
Grow your wealth with protection in mind. The most basic forms of protection are all you need from the material realm for your protection. But, unless you are a monk, never buying things for your pleasure is not going to happen. I don't want to live like that, so I'm not suggesting that anyone has to. It's just having this basic understanding of the material world broken down to it's very last compound gives you clarity on what's important and unimportant. You need the protection of the material realm to protect your goals, responsibilities, attitude, leadership, income, image, and consistency in living life. This can be achieved through this knowledge of the A.C.T. balance to life.
At the same time, it's not enough that you want or need to be rich. Getting there and staying there is a matter of financial knowledge like the teaching that you find in Robert Kiyosaki's book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. He goes on to teach that knowing how to use your buying power to only buy, "income producing assets," is the key to being rich.
Then it's a matter of mathematical equation, formulas, and systems that people can study on getting rich like the knowledge in, The Science of Getting Rich. Things of chance, games of chance, savings, wishing and inconsistent lump sums of money are gambles of higher risks than building and growing your business or investments. It's also stated, the science of getting rich is, "an exact science and anyone who follows its equations will get rich with mathematical certainty."
In this new World that we live in today, everyone needs financial knowledge beyond working for someone else. Even the highest paying jobs can be lost, and most people can't bear the thought of lowering their standard of living once you get used to living on a high level. Everyone needs a business or investment in a cash cow. For example, a professional ballplayer gets a steady income until they're no longer useful for the team. Now this person finds themselves 30 years old, 3 or $4 million in their pocket and no more income coming in. To some people that's enough money to live off of for their entire life, but high spending habits, some of which are needed because they have

celebrity status, 2 or 3 million of those dollars can be gone by the time they reach 40 or 50 years of age and then they might be in trouble if they don't know what to do to produce income to match a lofty budget. This equation is often worse for entertainers who might get a lot of money for one are 2 hit records, shows, productions or movies, but when forces and reasons beyond their control pop up, and no one wants to see or hear them anymore, it can get ugly. At the same time, if any of these entertainers or sports figures receives huge royalties that come in every month for 10 to 20 years, and they're more than enough to cover a comfortable budget of living then that's a good income. If not, there's that need to find new income.

In the graph on page 3, it shows the symbolism of Earth, wind, fire, water and metal which represent the areas of the substances it would be. That's more metaphorical than philosophical, but accurate nonetheless. Obviously, metal would represent the material World. Metal is a hard-core fact of life and death. The body connects to the Earth as just another material thing, but with that spark of life in us, we are so much more. We're life inside these vessels connected to the Earth. Our mind is like fire which has life and burns with desire. It's just like an engine burning fuel we are always wanting and needing more, even as we burn ourselves out. Our soul is like the wind, unseen, yet powerful and adding fuel to our fire. Feed your soul and like the wind, it can generate great power of unseen forces that can blow all over the Earth. If you don't feed it, then your whole life can turn out like a light breeze, a tiny flicker of flame or stale air.
All of the substances flow like water affecting one another to create a perfect balance which we can use to align ourselves with the natural order and way of everything. This balance of life is a tool to be utilized as it sets you on a path to grow a perfect you. That's another reason why this, "A.C.T. balance to life," goes beyond self-motivation and positive thinking, because here in this chapter is the, "how to".
I'm aware that it'll seem like a reiteration of what I've already stated in this collection of works, but in this chapter is exactly how to accomplish your balance. Of course, you will have to work hard if you are far from your balance because it's more than just changing your thinking when you might have to change parts of your soul, psyche, physical health conditions or your needs or wants for material items. If this is a path that you've already

been on, and you've been trying to help others get on this road of success, it might be a while before you hear vindication and reassurance of being right. Mainly because some people are slow to change, fearful of the unknown, complacent and already trained in a system of thought.
The substances are the positive things you must do to grow and sustain your life by feeding the four keys to life that will bring you into a balanced life. That's how you advance your life mathematically and with faith, "to be" the best you that you can be. The substances feed the balance of life with unseen natural forces that may seem magical, but this is a practical manual as well. It's like love, which can be viewed as one of the most powerful concepts ever constructed, but it's not real. That's one opinion of love. Another opinion, it's the greatest force in the entire World and with love as your motivation you are a one-person Army that's unstoppable. In this case, both opinions are right, because it's motivation of how you believe in yourself. Simply put, if you believe and say out loud that you can't, it won't happen, but if one believes they can, you probably will. When our body tells us we're hungry, for most of us this is only an illusion, because most people have bad eating habits that cause a false hunger based more off of a want more than a need. Our body needs the unseen forces of nutrients from the food, but our love of food is what causes us to eat too much or even eat things for enjoyment that don't have the nutrients we need. It's like the fact that exercising increases our life, and you need to work or have some form of income to get food, clothes and shelter to protect yourself from the environment, but it's study and prayer that feeds our mind and our soul.
These substances are the life elixir that flows between the basic 4 (mind, body, soul and material) and feeds them nourishment. This basic 4 makes up all of life and it's the perfect balance and harmony of life. Let's now take a complete look at the substances in the collections of works in this chapter, but this is in no particular order because they all flow.
To be able to create means you have the talents to bring to life what you imagine and what you have conceived through your thoughts and your dreams. When you bring to life what you create, metaphorically you feed your brain. You can open up and form new pathways in your cerebellum that gives you your greatest ability to do what you imagine and bring to life everything that's your essence as you envision the expression of yourself in your creation.
This power is not limited to a good person. If you visualize the wrong things in life and go after them, you'll get what you put out. If you're creating for growth and life, you'll receive that love back. When a person creates a path of evil the chances of being consumed by darkness and creating an atmosphere that leads to the reason a person's life may get taken from them, they live in misery or live in vain.

In The Science Of Getting Rich, Walter Wattles also talked about not getting into competition with anyone, over anything. If the concept that competition creates conflict, unnecessary judgments and a person's level vs. someone else's level and need to win at all costs, even when that means throwing away your moral values. But, what if you're in a competition, or you're playing to win against someone or something designed to be a contest with the objective that there can only be one winner? Well, he is still right, because even in a so-called competition, what you must do is create the win as opposed to competing for it. That's like the concept of, fighting fire with fire, well that will only burn everything down and create unnecessary destruction when it's water that puts out the fire. If someone is angry and you become angry with them, it has more of a potential to escalate into an argument as opposed to keeping your cool and diffusing the fire of anger with the calm waters of reason. Therefore creating the win instead of competing for it. The thing is, don't buck heads with people trying to compete or outdo, but create the path and the opportunities to win at anything you do. Bruce Lee said, "there's no opponent," something taught to him by his master, Ip Man.
That means creation goes way beyond simple art projects. This means everyone has the ability to create, and some use that power more than others while others have no idea that this is the reason why they win. That's because many people are always competing. Therefore, they're always losing, and in competition there's always winners and losers, but mostly losers. Then it becomes a matter of how you handle losing. When you create instead of competing, you can replace the thoughts of winning with the thoughts of success. You see, everyone can succeed at something. Therefore, if you have to create a path to the win, but it doesn't happen, then you can study why and use that information in plans to succeed.
Bruce Lee was also speaking on the fact that your competition is with yourself and your limitations, therefore, don't limit yourself. You will find all types of ways to beat your opponent when you're not trying to beat your opponent, instead create being better from within. Many great fighters will tell you that you don't beat your opponent in the ring, you beat them in the gym or Dojo before you get to the ring. It's your road work and how many miles you run that determines how well you stay on your feet, move and breathe after 15 minutes of fighting with the so-called opponent. It's in this instance that you realize how much you are struggling against yourself and what you did or didn't do to prepare for this moment.
Now that we see that creation is more than just arts and crafts let's talk about arts and crafts. You strengthen your powers of creativity when you imagine something and use the material to bring it to life. Get off the couch, go make things and create the "win" in your life that you need. That especially holds true when you have children. Sharing this experience with them creates the neural pathways to success and the social constructs for creating relationships. Taking the time to create an elaborate piece of work goes a

long way to developing keys to success like patients, attention to detail or deep contemplation that leads to heightened awareness.
What you make doesn't have to be super creative like a landscape painting, a detailed sculpture of the human anatomy or the next hit song or movie. When you are out in the community, and you see that lady in that garden or flower bed, she is using her power of creativity to bring her landscape to life. That guy building or working on his car and things of this nature are using the creative powers. Creating things will bring you assets of a personal nature with a great sentimental value, but you also may create something that's a treasured asset to you or other people.
Creating things can make you rich if other people want or need that product or service that you have invented. When you're working, if you think of something that makes your job easier or better then write it down because other people may benefit from it too, and then you may sell it, facilitate it yourself or sell the idea. That's when you have created an invention which we talk more about on a blog page which is also a new invention that makes our life better.
If you feel like you're not creative in any way then paying attention to people that are and finding time to do what you see them do on a tiny scale at first. You don't have to build a house, but you can paint a room, a porch or you can decorate your car, clothing or anything else you can think of to express yourself. Expressing yourself is the number one key to creating something to show the World your positive self and the significance of your individual existence.

To be aware is to be conscious of yourself and your environment in such a calculating way that you can make decisions to cause an effect or react and respond to situations. Awareness is the state of perception and the ability to perceive. It's when you come into the consciousness of your existence and you know, "I am alive... I exist… I am."
Awareness, it's measured in levels like most things we're discussing. It's not like a pendulum, that lands on one side or the other, meaning you are either on one side of awareness or the other, but it's like a gauge that shows you where you are. Like on a scale of 1 to 10, where is a person's level of awareness? When a person's awareness is low, they are dull, uneventful and naive to what's happening in life. Mid-level awareness is what most people experience who go to work in life. We will usually make good decisions with some mistakes along the way, but that's how we learn. There's nothing wrong with that life unless you whittle away at life and look up one day and realize you didn't do much to experience life. High awareness just means you perceive very well; it doesn't mean success, money, power, respect or that you're better than anyone. It just means you realize things with a higher perception because of what you know and how you use that knowledge for wisdom. In that sense, awareness is the opposition to

ignorance. Ignorance simply means that you don't know something and awareness would mean that you are cognitive and contemplating the existence of something. For example, if you don't have proper financial knowledge it means you're unaware of the pitfalls of handling money, it doesn't mean you are not smart. Only a person who is ignorant of how credit works would get a credit card and max it out and then not care about making payments on time, but this person may still be a doctor, teacher or farmer.
Meaning that a person can have high levels of awareness in some things and low levels of awareness in others. This calculation goes into your overall awareness of self-evaluation. In the above example of the credit card situation, having the awareness that maxing out a credit card and not paying the bills on time would do damage to your credit, isn't enough, do you have enough willpower not to fall into the trap even when you know it's there. When I got my 1st credit card, I was ignorant of how interest works and late fees. Needless to say, I messed up the 1st time, but I also screwed up the 2nd time and the 3rd time I got a credit card. Why? It's because being aware of something doesn't mean you won't make a mistake and it's because awareness is measured in levels. At the time, mine was very low.
Awareness is at the core of your being, and it's not that easy to gain more or enlighten yourself to. One way you can increase awareness is through challenges in life that create fear. I don't mean for you to put yourself in harms way or any imminent life-threatening danger like being some vigilante, but if you have the ability to go rock climbing, skydiving or hang gliding these things can give you a new appreciation for life. Even if you tone it down some and do a roller coaster ride or a Halloween house it will be exhilarating enough for most people. Nothing makes you appreciate life more than being scared to death and then saying, "that was fun!"
Be a person that stops to smell the roses. This metaphor is always used to tell people to slow down in your busy, fast-paced World and take the time to enjoy some of the little, big things in the World like beautiful landscapes, millions of different animals, the mysteries of nature and our artifacts. Explore a cave or watch a sunset, because awareness is more fun to gain it through experience.
Awareness is crucial to the balance of life's basic four because experience brings more awareness and this is another path that leads to wisdom and righteousness; that's the apex of the mind and soul. To raise your awareness, gain knowledge of your environment firsthand, and to get hands-on experience deepens on your ability for contemplation on matters of the soul and your psyche.
Increasing awareness is spending time with your family, especially the babies. Studying how they find their way of life will bring you into the perception of your beginnings. Communicating with a person that can't talk yet, but they're aware on a small level about the things that they need as you watch them gain awareness, grow, and develop. From there, hopefully, you can imagine how your beginnings were and

then put yourself in their baby shoes to think of what it's like for them now and for you then. Not to mention a person's negative attitude reflects instantly like a mirror to another person, especially babies. Nothing raises your awareness in life like a new life. That's why all the money in the World can't replace lost time with loved ones.
Trust me, your children would rather dance in their old shoes then sit quietly in new ones and vice-versa, if it means sacrificing time with you. I know everyone has to work, no matter how different that work is, a lot of our time is spent providing for ourselves, especially when you have a family. Ironically, it's when you do have family that you need money the most, but you have to balance time to work with time for your family. If a person has two jobs, one might be able to buy everything they want for your children, but they might miss out on the very thing a person is working for which is their life. They want you to see their touchdown, spell that word at the spelling bee, and give that speech. They will become more confident in you and themselves when they know you support them and encourage them to cross the finish line whether they're first, in the middle or dead last. Your family needs to know that you got there back.
On top of children, some people are in a relationship where they have just stopped appreciating their partner. If you want to raise your awareness, and you're in a relationship, then stop right now and go do something extremely exhilarating with your spouse. I'm not a relationships counselor, but from what I've observed in life, people who surprise their partners or at least keep the relationship interesting with new ideas to act on, keep their relationship fresh, alive and long-lasting by doing so. I've also seen people sit around in a relationship doing nothing and being nothing until they both just got sick of looking at each other. Break your routine and spent time with any of your family, especially your elders and you'll create your ideas of raising your awareness. Your elders can always make you aware of how things were in the past that you can't get from reading books or watching TV. That's why all the money in the World can't replace lost time with loved ones.
Study what goes on in the real World with real people. Learning to understand diverse people and put yourself in other people's shoes increases awareness exponentially. Awareness is not going to come from many TV shows, radio programs, magazine or being book smart, so don't get stuck sitting down in life. The same goes for the Internet, if all you do is surf for nothing, play and kick it on social sites. You should also turn off the video game, but you can play games with physical and mental challenges played with real people. Such as a game of chess, basketball or even horseshoes will heighten your awareness.
Open up to other people about your feelings, plans and goals in life. When you share with people, people share with you and that leads to finding examples in other people's life that can teach us things about our life. Awareness is one of my favorite subjects because I feel like I have a high awareness, but that's only my opinion. It's like the game

of chess, and I'm only above average, but that means if you only know how the pieces move and you can't form strategies, then I'm a nightmare to you. If chess is your life and you often enter into tournaments, then you'll probably be a nightmare to me. If you win chess championships often then I won't survive, but I will not be a pushover, so don't get mad if you're obviously better than me and you still lose, or we stalemate. You can look at awareness as having levels like this. There're a lot of levels of not being good at all, beginner, novice, intermediate, above average, good, excellent, magnificent, spectacular and extraordinary. When you look at your overall awareness vs. other people, your chart of comparison will look like that. You can gain awareness, you can lose awareness, everything depends on your perception and appreciation of life through your wants, needs and how cognitive you are will come from your self-determination. In many cases, this is the 1st step to recovery when faced with a personal conflict or hurdle that you must overcome to make your life better, but it's the best preventive measure as well. Meaning, that high levels of awareness prevents mistakes and bad decision and increases a person's ability and chances of success.

If you want to know more, you must study more. I heard a person speaking on metaphysics who said, "no one can teach you anything. They can show you the material, give you direction and give you instruction, but it's only pointing you to what you need to know, and you teach yourself."
He went on to say that everything that we ever learned we taught ourselves which means everything that we will ever know we will teach ourselves. That's a fascinating line of thinking for me because I'm not going to buy a college textbook and teach myself how to do XML coding, but he's saying I can if I want to. He might have been saying that you don't need school, but I'm not saying that, because if I want to learn something, acquiring a teacher or some sort of instructor with experience in what I want to know is going to be the move. But true, it will not be all of the time. I might be able to teach myself and might have taught myself everything that I know, but if I know the things that I learned with the help of people with an awareness of what that thing is. Sped up the process, made the process easier and I was able to evaluate my progress better. Not to mention making me acutely aware of what level I'm on and give me an estimation of what level I can achieve.
Some people have a burning desire to know more, and this puts these people at an advantage when it comes to learning because knowledge is a very exalted power. Most people can learn whatever we want to learn, and we just need to study it, have access to the knowledge of it and become experienced in the application of that knowledge. Most of us do not learn new things often, because of the mental blocks we learn to put in place to keep ourselves from advancing. I know my father is an older gentleman who didn't

grow up in a time of computers, in fact, he probably was around 50 years old when he bought his 1st one. Over 15 years later, and I was just showing him how to access the web and the differences between a search bar and the address bar. Not because he's slow, not because he's lazy and probably contrary to popular belief, it's not because of being forgetful at his age. It's the fear that always causes a person to say self-defeating things about themselves before you even try. In this instance, there's no burning desire to learn, because fear and doubt far outweigh any desires or aspirations.
Where do we learn most of these self-defeating attitudes and statements? Statements like, "I can't… I'm afraid… It can't be done… If I try, it won't work… Can't someone else do it?" Any statements that you hear a person that openly speaks of self-doubt or complete fear tends to be a self-defeating attitude. Whereas if you say, "I can't," then you probably will not. That goes back to the teachings of having no opponent and not being in any competition with anyone else, except yourself. Unfortunately, we learn these self-defeating attitudes and statements from everywhere like school, our families, church, the streets, so-called friends, spouses and the workplace. I'm not saying these places are bad, but bad habits can be picked up from anywhere and anyone. You could tell your parents what you want to do with your life, just for them to say it's stupid, and you'll never make any money that way. Then years later, they will not even remember the conversation they had with you at all. It's your life and your turning point or crossroads in life, yet you held yourself back, because of someone else's fear and doubt! Plus, they don't even remember the big argument? Terrible, but life is not fair.
With this being said, truly, you don't need to have someone else give you paper, trophies or any other awards and accolades to tell you that you are smart, talented or whatever you believe of yourself. You can use those things to show your accomplishments in completing a degree of study or train of thought, but if you have full knowledge of something no one can take that away from you. Just because you graduated from a place and your paper says you have full knowledge of this thing, doesn't mean that there isn't someone out there in life that has ever gone to school, but still they know far more than you can ever know because they learned through experience. Schools are good for learning what you want to know. To study the thoughts of others that know what you want to know and they will help you gain more knowledge of what you want to know in great value. But, school isn't the only place you can learn when you can do a lot of studying and learning on your own. You can learn just about anything you want to know by seeking out the study of it yourself. And, right here is where most people will be talking about and saying to themselves how hard it would be, how scared they are and how they think they cannot because of low self-esteem causing them to doubt themselves. So, there's nothing wrong with finding a teacher, but what you learn is still all on you.
In our martial arts school, Knights Martial Arts Academy, everyone is welcome and I've

helped teach elderly people as well as toddlers and it's nothing like seeing a person try something over and over again and see which person tells themselves and everyone else that they can't while you watch another person messing up even more than them, never stop trying. They never say that they "can't" or tell themselves any other self-defeating thing. I bring this up because we had a student in the class who was only like seven years old and you could tell his mother put him in the class because he was having disciplinary problems. She also stayed and watched him in class more often than the other parents, so she had a good idea of how things operated until it came time to test for the belt rankings. Most people know when you do martial arts, there's a point when you advance to the next level and change the color of your belt. If you pass these test, you'll keep testing until you achieve a black belt, which is the highest rank. Well, this child had never tested before, and his mother didn't know what to expect, so when Master Bruce told everyone in the class to do 100 push-ups the child's mother got upset. She quickly exclaimed, "My child can't do no hundred push-ups"!
Now, because she blurted out what she had to say in the middle of class, so everyone can hear, Master Bruce couldn't just say that he never expected the child to do 100 push-ups because he's only 7, but it's about putting in the effort. He tried to explain to her without exposing himself and putting the idea in the other children's head, that they didn't have to do theirs if he didn't have to do his. That would disrupt a whole class, and no one would reach for their full potential if they didn't feel like someone was behind them to push them and encourage them to do their best. She just created a problem and pulled her child out of the school altogether which was very unfortunate for several reasons. For one, I wasn't there that day, so nobody explained to her, "you are worried about him doing 100 push-ups, but did you know he can do pushups on his fingertips? The 2nd thing, she robbed herself of being patient. When you're quick to fear and self-doubt, you put a tremendous amount of limitations on yourself, but when you have control over someone else's life that trusts you to know best and then it becomes a shame when your fear and doubts rob someone else of their chances for success. Another thing that's just as sad as when it's a child who is being doubted and babied as a person places their fears into the child's psychological profile at an early age which becomes doubt. In other words, he didn't know doing 100 pushups was beyond his reach, but he would have found out how far he could push himself. Now, like his mother, he may always tell himself that he can't do something before he even tries.
Believe me, it's difficult for any single parent to raise a child of the opposite sex, I go through the same thing with my daughters. My youngest is wonderful; straight A's, artists and in the martial arts class. Often, people say I help her out on a lot, and that's good. I probably did set the path for success, but I can do little to nothing to help her become a woman. I can't give her any advice on what's going on with her body internally or externally. Proper attitude, etiquette, and Lord knows I dodged a bullet because she

doesn't have the mind's state to dress provocatively. Because it's simply not her style, but mostly it's her thinking mixed with high self-esteem and respect for herself. Now, high self-esteem and respect, I got a lot to do with that, but there are somethings she is only going to have to get from the women in the family like Mamma, Grandma, and her older sister.
I say all of this, in this manner, from studying and learning, because what you learn and what you study goes far beyond the academics of school or learning a trade. People are foolish when they think, “Now that I'm done with school, I'm done with learning and study.” People stagnate themselves when they think, the only things to learn are on the job, once a person is done with school. People are very foolish to think that just because you get a paycheck, and you can take care of yourself, that this makes you smart, when in fact constantly working and getting away from studying more and more in your life, just makes you a paid fool when you don't study anything except for what you learn by spending money. To continue on that path in this day and age is a shame, because of the Internet and hundreds of thousands of ways to teach yourself by all the tutorials on YouTube and audiobooks. The time we live in it's officially the information age and anyone not advancing themselves will probably find themselves far behind. Don't rely on schools solely, you must advance yourself!
Don't get me wrong, I would rather have a doctor that studied eight years of medicine in school and had a PHD as opposed to a person who is self-taught off YouTube, but if my life is on the line whoever can save it has got the job. The point is that we need to have more confidence in ourselves to study and learn more. Stop thinking with a self-defeating attitude, because if you tell yourself you can't, you won't. If you don't believe in yourself, well then who? Most of us act like we can't pick up a textbook anymore because we are not in school anymore. Now we have the Internet and people are changing as they're exposed to more prevalent, inexpensive and timely information right at your fingertips. Even the libraries have Internet access for more advanced study, so everyone should study and learn what we want to know and increase our overall self-worth.
When people learn only what they want to learn and limit themselves from having an open mind they tend to be bullheaded. Hopefully, you'll take this knowledge and learn to want more knowledge in your life. For people in management or any other leadership position, you need to understand that it's tough to study people without listening and comprehending what they say. You must have an appropriate knowledge on a variety of things.
Even when we act with faith, over 90% of the time, it's because of what we know. We also react to everything, because of what we know. That's why study and learning are two different things. To reiterate, all that you learn in life doesn't come from research and all of what you study doesn't just come from books. We don't study to make mistakes,

they just happen. Hopefully, you learn from your mistakes, and you learn not to repeat them. You may also study a thing and be wrong about it, misunderstand it or never unlock its secrets. Therefore, the study of it may never bring you answers, but it will bring you the self-gratification, regardless.
The main thing we must learn is that if a bad situation comes up, then we must study the ways to make it better ourselves, even if we have to get help. Most people in a free World can learn by studying anything we want, but we waste time on pleasures and immediate self-gratification of our low desires. Most of us under evaluate study and the transformations that it makes in our life, because we spent too much time on work and play, but not a true self-advancement. So, it's not a matter of teaching ourselves that we must study, but it's what we study and how we study that makes our studies deeper.
It will be a great benefit to all people if we can study more and learn more to advance ourselves. We need to understand that we hold ourselves back with excuses, clichés and other mental blocks that are mostly put there by our fears. Now, some people aren't totally free, and it's very true that other people are keeping other people away from knowledge, coaxing them into not wanting knowledge and using the knowledge that they have to keep people away from it. My only advice for a person in this situation is that everything can be studied, and the knowledge of the smallest thing can have the greatest complexity. Therefore, study anything you need to know in great detail, the things around you that your oppressors take for granted. So, it's not a matter of saying, only a teacher can provide study and only a student may learn because the need and the desire to learn something for a purpose is far greater than someone that has no one to motivate them. Metaphysically speaking, no one can teach you anything, they can only show you and provide you with the materials, tools and examples that ultimately lead you to teach yourself. That's to say that a teacher can show you shortcuts and increase your ability to learn by giving you their experience, but it's you that must grasp the understanding and retain the knowledge, thereof, to increase your knowledge and your ability to learn, it's more about getting rid of the fear, especially self-doubt and lack of willpower.
The fear of self-doubt causes mental blocks to pile up in your mind. This mental wall causes a person to tell themselves and the World that they can't do something before they even try. I think it's something that we're all guilty of at one point or time. We also have the fact, that there's miseducation that encourages people not to be educated and glorifying being a foolish person with money that mocks the person with education and only money for responsibilities such as a family. But, this doubt inside of a person and the fear of being judged causes the mental blocks of saying self-defeating statements to yourself like, "I can't…That's impossible…etc"
The worst thing about a self-defeating attitude is that if you "can't" do for yourself, then nine times out of 10, no one will do it for you. So, anytime you put up these mental

blocks, you will lose before trying. Self-doubt causes hesitation and second-guessing yourself. You are going to have to recognize when you say self-defeating statements as well as making the mental gestures that represent these statements. For example, you don't have to say, "Ahh man," to think it when you throw your hands in the air, roll your eyes, let out a big sigh and drop your head down. And, the worst thing about these gestures is that they're very contagious, especially for toddlers soaking up everything you do. I saw a little boy that was only five years old doing all of his exercises or at least giving his best efforts without complaint until one of the older children threw up his hands and complained. The young one saw this and immediately mocked him to a T because the other child was more of his peer. Therefore, he thinks this is the way you should do in response when someone tells you that you have to do more. If we didn't correct that attitude, every time someone tells him that there's more to be done, he will complain as a habit instead of it being their line of thinking, because it has to be done.
Once you get over your mental blocks about actually learning to do things and read things for yourself, then you'll build the confidence needed to develop and maintain your balance because nothing is more important to your mind then reading. But, reading goes far beyond words on paper. When you learn how to drive you must read the traffic lights, and that's colors, not words. You must read when a person puts their turn signals on, the distance and speed of other vehicles so that you can say to yourself, "is this car going too fast to stop at the traffic light?" We must learn to read the body language of people, not only to know if they're going to step out in front of our car, but sometimes we need to figure out if a person is lying to us, scared of us or trying to flirt with us, among many other signals of body language. If you are having a picnic somewhere in an open field or deep in the woods and you, think it's nothing when the sky turns yellow and purple with the birds flying the opposite way of this phenomenon. Then by the time you realize that you've miss-read the signs of a dangerous storm coming, it might be too late. Meaning that reading is fundamental to your survival, and it goes way beyond the written word.

Suggestions on advancing your study and learning abilities:
books – nonfiction and technical manuals
tools and instruments
outer space
The effects of praying and meditating have similar results on the mind and body which

brings a person into harmony internally and externally to perform at peak efficiency. By calming your mind and silencing the effects of entertainment, conflicts, noise pollution, over self-evaluations both negative and positive. Anything else that causes stress, you will quiet your mind and begin to hear only your true self taking all of your problems, entertainments, and responsibilities and let them go for a while. Your mind will respond positively to prayer as well as meditating, and this will cause stress to go away. This blissful feeling will not stay this way forever, so you have to constantly rejuvenate yourself through prayer and meditation on the healing process for your soul. You can deal with any stress or problems when they arise again, plus there'll be little that can stop you and you'll recover from just about any tragedy. Prayer and Meditation are great stress relievers which can help you maintain a high level of positivity and create the path to being fully righteous.
Both prayer and meditation will help achieve higher levels of consciousness, but only one or the other is fine for the purpose of achieving balance in your life. Still, you must choose one or the other, at least. If you are atheists, or you don't see the need for prayer, then you must meditate. If you think meditation is stupid, a waste of your time, or you just can't sit still then you need to pray a lot or spend a long time in deep contemplation. Have long spiritual talks with God and ask real questions. It's the way to quiet the mind! Let go of things that don't matter and gain greater perspective to accomplish the things that do matter the most in life. It'll give you the power to identify, deal with and quit bad habits. Both of them will help you calm down, quiet your mind and practice patients, so you can think straight when faced with problems and things that happen spontaneously. You'll also gain greater capacity for planning well thought out or complicated plans and goals
Meditation also strengthens the body to the point of weight loss, inner core building, heightened senses and raised awareness. You'll develop the neurological pathways to higher learning and higher consciousness. In this instance, your mind is like a room where prayer and meditation act like tools that are used to expand the dimensions of the room for more capacity. Meaning you can remember more if you can train your brain to retain more. You'll also stay away from bad habits like being negative with people, things that eat away at your time, bring down your good nature and being careless with money. If you have a great overall stretching routine for the whole body, or you do yoga, this can count as your meditation if you are serious and consistent about it.
Prayer does almost the same as meditation, except body strengthening, but there's direct communication with the Creator. There are people in the World that prey in postures and positions which will build the body's inner core, but most people in America don't think of prayer in this manner. When it comes to prayer, most people say what they have to say and then it's over, but most of the time when a person seeks to meditate, you go into this event consciously planning to be in one spot for a long while.

Most of us don't pray with vigor and intensity which I'm not saying that a person should or shouldn't do, but the facts are people that pray are looking for blessings and forgiveness or things like mercy when they pray. With this in mind, a lot of people see their prayers as an opportunity to wish for things. With this I say, don't wish, go out and get! I don't treat Allah like a genie, and I'm not looking to get wishes granted. If anything, you should pray for the strength, wisdom, health and faith to get what you want or need to overcome your fears.

Knowledge is more of an overall mental thing, but the more you know about matters of the soul the better, in my opinion. I say this because the soul is strengthened by what you know by way of greater understanding. Even when that understanding leads you away from God, you are making a decision based on your knowledge of the soul and spiritual things as you have interpreted them for yourself. If it's meant to be, then what will lead you back will be more profound than what led you away and the other way around. In the meantime, you can use the powers of meditation to cover the balance you need on the spiritual side, and you can call it metaphysics or anything else scientifical that'll make a person feel at ease. That's why knowledge is power in the realm of spiritual matters.
Knowledge comes from what you study, learn and experience, so this means you learn from way more avenues than books and teachers. That's how I know that there's a God. There, did you visualize what I just wrote? There's knowledge behind the reasons most people know why they believe in what they believe. Even if the belief is unbelievable, most people back it up with what they think they know. What a person knows for themselves doesn't make it a fact for other people, until you prove your theories to be fact. Another person can apply the same knowledge that I got and still come up with a totally different answer. I'm not here to get all preachy about it because this is how I know this is an absolute, complete and total balance to life.
Your knowledge of what you study and learn about faith, experience, belief, work, relationships and whatever else you may hold dear to your heart, creates the person you are and will become. Unfortunately, we can know and believe the wrong things and be totally unaware of our flaws. We're all living life and trying to learn from our mistakes as we strive for a positive good life. Too often our beliefs stand in the way of what we know and what we know stands in the way of our beliefs, but it's what makes us more advanced thinkers.
That's why knowledge is a great power, so you must be careful of what you know as well what you believe. A person might grow up believing in one thing, then become exposed to knowledge that makes a person question their faith. Then we learn to be wiser and stronger in following a new better way or find out the old ways are better.

Meaning that I would be very cautious about any religious person or faith that goes out of their way to purposely separate your beliefs from true knowledge, facts, and evidence. You can have a lot of knowledge and then something extraordinary happens that test your faith, plus knowledge can't explain it. A person might grow up believing in one thing, but when they're more aware of what life has to offer, that person might find what they use too believe in before was childish, foolish or devilish. It's all a process of learning and growing with the opportunity to become stronger and wiser to follow a better way as you evolve.
You can never know too much, but try not to be a know it all. Just because you have a great ability to retain more memory than others, doesn't make you better than other people, especially when you put other people down. People shouldn't hold themselves better than others merely because they're stronger, richer or they have some spiritual divinity. That's another reason to have balance, because we'll understand why knowledge is one form of great power, but so is muscle and a high spiritual awareness. Muscle might knock a person out for being a smart mouth, or a person might be verbally put in their place by someone with spiritual light, but you can argue with them as they challenge you to be a kind and humble person, because the other person might come across as a person that thinks they know it all.
In my opinion, there's only one thing worse than smart people that use their wit to gain power over other people, and that's bullies whether they're physically or verbally using their power against other people. There are many ways to hold power over other people such as money, weapons, temptations, and beliefs. Therefore, the lack of education can make people fearful and naive enough to lash out in ignorance, especially when it comes to racism, bigotry, and hate. A hip-hop artist named, Boots, from the rap group, The Coup said, "They give us guns and try to keep us dumb."
That's a very deadly combination, so he speaks on the plight of poverty in our country and how proper knowledge can change our conditions. It's stronger than people who think they are advancing with criminal and gang lifestyles revolved around violence. I agree with the thought that if we concentrated more on true knowledge of economic growth as a community, we would have more strength and unity to get real work done which will end starvation, being homeless and wars. As it stands now, there's a false sense of materialism and violence that's respected more than truth, righteousness or the greater powers of knowledge and wisdom. It's like being in a community by the sea where there are more people trying to get a fish from one another then there are people actually out fishing in the sea that they live near.
To gain more knowledge you must read to learn, but the study of things beyond reading will put you on a higher level. When I say reading, I'm not just talking about novels, social media sites and fantasy. It has to be more than magazines, newspapers or only reading the directions to your new toys like cell phones, video games,

entertainment systems, etc. What I'm suggesting that you read are things like books with philosophies on improving yourself; like this book. No one said that you can't pick up a textbook and study just because you don't go to school anymore, so read to better yourself or help other people. You can better yourself because studying and learning is forever. That's the best way to do what's most important in your life, and that's to set a goal for your life, make the plan to accomplish that goal and then execute your plan to achieve your ultimate goal in life. That's the most important thing in your life which means the more knowledge you have about your goal, the better you can plan to achieve your goal and the more resources you'll find to help you execute your plan of achieving your goal.
Many great people say, "life is the best teacher" and you might have to study to know things that will help you function in life, but you can't learn what you need to know, for this life, from television, books, surfing the Internet or sitting on your basics. You'll gain your greatest knowledge by going out and being a part of life. Even if you're just going somewhere to watch other people, you'll watch and learn from real people as well as the hopeful interactions with people who are watching the same thing you are. When you read about something you can gain a lot of information about it, but we can learn so much more or at least something different when we experience a thing for ourselves.
With this in mind, you can't have a proper balance to life if you're not living your life! Now that you have food, clothes and shelter, go out into the World and see it. Gain more knowledge, inspiration and wisdom for yourself, family and to help others. At least, get up, get out and live your life. If you don't have money, then take long walks where there're lots of people. A walk you can share with someone, find opportunities for business or become inspired to do a community project. The point is there aren't many, if any, excuses not to go out and experience life. I know I have been that person to sit at home all day and let life pass me by, so I know all a person has to do is say to themselves, "No more! I will go out and be a part of life!"
Experience comes from hands-on knowledge. This means that a person can imagine driving a sports car at 200 mph all day, but they will never know what it feels like until they go out and do it. Most people might think it's fun, but in my experience, it's very scary. Getting hands-on experience also means that time is the main key to an experience. The time it takes to learn something might only be a moment, or it might take you a lifetime to master. The more time you spend doing a thing, the more familiar you get with the techniques or whatever's needed to know that thing. That's the main way most inventions get invented, and that's by getting to know the ends and outs of a thing and eventually seeing something about it that no one else sees. It could also be seeing a solution to a problem that has plagued people for decades, centuries or even a millennium. In this case, make that improvement then sell it or service it out.

What do you want to do with your life? Who do you want to be? If a person has the wherewithal to understand this knowledge, then this is the time to answer these questions for yourself and be that person that you want to be. It's best to start learning before you make a major decision or make that leap of faith, but if you feel you're ready, go for it. The purpose of the balance to life is to be a guide to a path of well-rounded success in every aspect of life. It doesn't mean that you'll do everything well, but it would help bring awareness and self-evaluation in times of failure, where most people are lost and confused. Focus on what's most important in planning a straight path to achieving your main goal in life. Who are you? You must experience life to answer this question, and the only way to gain more experience is to live life.
Let's not forget, time being the most important part of an experience, then you cannot waste time, nor can you get it back. You can't just imagine gaining experience nor can you fantasize it into reality. Think of this example, you give people a sophisticated camera and instructions, then you tell them to come back a month later for a professional camera shoot. They come back, and you have them shoot pictures, but one person's pictures are terrible, and the other person has good pictures. They both say that they read the instructions from page to page, so you test them on their knowledge, and they seem to know the same things. Then you find out while one person only read the instructions the other person not only read the instructions but utilized the camera as much as possible to get better at taking pictures. In this scenario, the people had time to not only gain knowledge but experience with their tool before they used it. One person took advantage of gaining experience by getting the hands-on feel of what it takes to get the best out of their tool while one person thought retaining the knowledge would be sufficient enough to do a good job. It's also like having a person read a bunch of cookbooks, but barely has made anything in the kitchen, but they think that they can out duel a master chef that has made hundreds of thousands of dishes, plus they got face-to-face advice from some of the top chefs in the World.

At the core of your being, there's a person's will. It's not called, "willpower" for nothing, it takes inner strength to build the power to persist on success and resist temptations. A strong-willed person does things that others aren't willing to do when it comes to hard work, determination and having overall focus. That will bring you things that others didn't build up the strength to get.
Anytime you push your mind, body, and soul beyond it's capabilities it's usually to achieve a goal that you're determined to accomplish, but seems improbable. It's your willpower that puts you in a position of money, power or respect by digging deep within yourself to do what others are unwilling to do, to be successful in that thing. It's when a person does what they fear or hate, but we have the determination to accomplish our

challenge and overcome it, especially when a person has great motivation to do so. It's also when you're forced to do something or being punished which pushes you to excel.
To build up your willpower, you can do things like meditation for a long time, take fast from food, bad habits, sex or drugs. Meditation requires the internal strength of the willpower to stay focused on silencing the mind. Another true test of your willpower is giving up your bad habits which take more mental concentration than physical. If you want to test your willpower give up the things that you don't need to succeed in life like drugs, alcohol, candy, smoking or anything else that's not conducive to your advancement of a balance in your life. I know that's easier said than done, but it's the effort that you put in that'll determine whether one day you'll be successful in being absolutely clean. It may or may not happen, but the effort that you put in may make you successful despite bad habits and shortcomings, like the average person is doing anyway.
To build your willpower, do things that advance your life. Especially when they're things that you don't have to do, but you'll feel great when you do them like exercise, work, build things from scratch, have a stretching routine, give food to the poor and eat nothing but healthy food yourself. When I 1st took my children to martial arts, a 60-year-old woman was just joining the class as well. The willpower to do more in life will only die when you let it. That's why willpower and belief go hand-in-hand because all you have to do is believe that a thing is probable, and your willpower can have you do what seems to be the impossible.
The mind and soul can push the body to do things that seem impossible at the time, and this power carries over to our children, both genetically and through their observation and experience with us. In this regard they come out better than what we were, I know that's my goal for them, to be far better than I ever was as an overall person. And I do mean destroying things like my laziness and having a quick temper. Awareness of these flaws in myself has resulted in my children being more diligent than me, patient and calmer than I am.
This willpower is also the reason why we say some people are stubborn, especially when you get older. Don't get me wrong, and there are very stubborn people of all ages because I have a young nephew that is strong-minded and seems to do what he wants to as well as worry about the consequences later, which reminds me a lot of myself at his age. But, I know more elderly people who will not let you treat them like their handicap or helpless. At the same time, no matter what age you are when a doctor tells you, "you'll never walk again," strong-willed people don't give up. We've all heard of the miracles of when doctors tell a person that they'll never do something again, but it doesn't stop us, and we end up fighting to doing it, because every step of the way we're thinking to ourselves, "I will!"

To build a solid core your body needs to build a foundation in which you can build your balance of life. Everything that comes from your core being is built in their for endurance and long-lasting strength in the mind, body and soul. This inner strength can consistently be strong for you until the very end and building your inner core is essential as you get older because this inner strength goes down to the fabric of your soul. It's your mind over matter in building up your inner forces that drive you as well as making your body like iron. Your core is the center of your being.
At your core, you have the physical fortitude and energy, along with the spiritual awareness and willpower, plus the mental power of creation and the experience you gain over time. That makes up the power of the inner core of your being. Now think of how many average people you know take these things for granted? Do you know of anyone that doesn't gain experience, because they don't do anything, or they do the same things over and over again? Do you know of anyone that has never created anything? What about people with a weak disposition or no energy, even though they don't do anything? Have you ever seen a person oblivious to the reality of life or they just didn't have any backbone? People like this are lacking key ingredients of a strong core being. Your core is the center of your being, and you can call on the power of your core to give you a boost of power that you didn't know or might not know you have!


Food is considered material that has the power of vitamins and minerals that's processed internally by our bodies on a chemical level. Then the nutrients are turned into the fuel that the human machine needs to operate. Our bodies need to feed on food and water to survive, but it's the abundance of vitamins and minerals that give us the nutrition that determines the level of our health. Knowledge of your diet is power, and when you consider the food that causes low health, you can survive on less food that's nutrition more than you can survive on a lot of food that has no nutritional value. For example: you can live off of 5 pounds of water, meat, fruit and vegetables every day, but not 5 pounds of pop, candy, chips and cake. Then it wouldn't take long for you to become obese with bad health, then you might die of malnutrition. A well-known experiment with a lab rat feed nothing but cornflakes didn't take long to die from malnutrition. So, this means that we have to scrutinize what we eat, to come up with a balanced diet, to live a long and healthy life.
Americans are becoming more health-conscious on the whole, but there's still a lot of work to be done which needs to take place in the mind state of the people. Through our commercialization, we have chosen the wrong foods from the lack of understanding, misinformation, and being tempted in this society where the hypnotizing advertisement

of evil temptations are everywhere, and it affects the way we build our community. Even when you have a good knowledge of nutrition, the temptations that are shot at your cravings every day is something that we have to control as well as learn to control the cravings. That's where willpower comes into play on a daily basis for those of us that try to have control or at least we try not to overindulge. Which leads to a philosophy which seems to have no answer and that question is, "why is everything fun and delicious so bad for us?"
To be a healthy a person, stop eating food that doesn't have enough vitamins and minerals because that will lead to health problems like obesity and continues with problems all the way to the opposite end of the body's spectrum of being too frail. We call it junk food, for the lack of its nutritional value, on the other hand, there's also food that we eat that people don't consider junk food, but it is. Most of these foods are considered a matter of opinion on its nutritional value and health problems, so my opinion is that chitlins and other scrap parts of meat are unhealthy. I wouldn't suggest eating the hoof of an animal or the fur. That may be a little extreme, but I personally don't eat pork or any scavengers from off the seafloor. To me, that food is junk, but people eat these things moderately and live long healthy lives. Yet, we all still have to be careful, because if you eat too much of just about anything it will not be good for you, but that especially goes for fatty meats, junk food, salt, and sweets. It's if the utmost importance to have a balanced diet and knowledge on how to have a balanced diet throughout your life as well. Too much of some foods will have you obese, and not enough of some foods can have you weak or a victim malnutrition.

Your physical blood needs clean unobscured flow. It's the lifeline in our body as our nervous system branches out all over our body bringing life to every part of us. Clean blood recycled through the heart promotes long healthy and energetic life. Our blood also performs the very important task that delivers necessary substances such as nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells.
That's why it's important to live a clean lifestyle concerning food, exercise and having very limited to no contact with drugs and alcohol. This way you can be at your physical best and healthy enough to take on the challenges that life throws at you on every aspect of the physical realm.
Your blood is represented by the symbol of the heart, and the color red represents both blood & heart which is all connected as a representation of passion and love. The connection between the blood and your heart as symbols of your inner strength is between our physical realm and spiritual realm because it's the real and mystical powers which allow you to perform beyond belief and conquer your fears. The blood that flows

through your heart is real, and physically everyone who has a heart pumps blood through it, but when a person is making the comparison while using the metaphor, "they have heart", this statement is showing the similarities of people that are less scared than other people. It doesn't matter if you're not as scared as others because you have the knowledge of what's going on or the power to deal with the situation, it's still a symbol of bravery. It's because your blood is very real, but it's mystical and spiritual when a person seems to use unseen forces to give them the ability to conquer fears and triumph in the face of adversity where others cannot. To do incredible things and go against the odds. Plus, being successful is a rare thing in some of the qualities we look for when we appoint qualified leaders.
Love and passion are powers that come from deep within and are represented by the heart symbol because love and passion run, "blood" deep. Meaning that people will give their life and take life, because of the passion and love that's in our lives. Love is a deep and equal combination of what we want and need. I believe that most people that call themselves, 'in love,' might need the person that they want, and I believe this successful relationship relies on being aware that you want this person that you need. Unfortunately, this means that there are very fine lines between love and other unimportant things that can be mistaken for love like lust or vanity. This means you have to be careful because your love or your passion can fuel your fire, but you might get burned if either of you is not following a righteous path. You have to be intelligent enough to be in control of your love without trying to control your love. No one wants to be betrayed which may not be your fault because you can do all the right things, but we cannot control other life, we can only look for the right qualities in the person and motivate people to do right.
Real deep Love and passion leads to connections with other life with high hopes that the other life returns our affection. The physical connection feeds the health of our mind, body and especially the spiritual balances of our lives. We tend to be better, more successful people that live longer lives when we have someone good for us by our side and on our team. Therefore, the love and passion we have for life and all that is a connection to that love and passion of ours is a reason that we will fight to our last breath for life itself and whatever we are passionate about and love. We want more life and the enjoyment of living, even when our lives aren't good. That goes the same for people who aren't good. Some people can't control their passion have a bad interpretation of what love is because these emotions and desires either causes or creates the environment of destructive things happening in a person's life. Things like no control over one's low desires which causes a person to cheat, overindulge or experiment with the unnatural. They cause a person to lose control, get violent, be manipulative to the point of getting themselves in trouble or causing irreversible damage to another person. These problems can be solved by finding the balance in your life to care for and respect

your life as much as you care for other life.
Love may be hard to find when you're looking for that connection with another person, but you can balance your life without such a partner. I suggest that you realize that you need to have your life in balance 1st and then you'll find a person that compliments that balance. It's like two lazy people getting together, but one has always had the desire to change while the other person doesn't. If one of them decides not to be lazy anymore, the relationship could suffer, because one has outgrown the other. If you feel your life is already in balance, and you don't need to change anything, because of your success spiritually, mentally and physically then you don't want anyone around you that's going to disrupt that. I believe that it would be wise if you found a person that will have this balance, even if they've never heard of these teachings. Become so close to them that achieving balance and doing it together will be a game changer for both of you or all of you.
You can find love in other ways and be passionate about other things in life that will fill that void and bring love back to you. Therefore, in a World where the law of what goes around comes around, the love you put out will come back to you tenfold. That goes for what type of love you put out as well as the amount of love you put out into the World. If you're selfish, you're only concerned with people that can do for you while you have no desire to do anything for anyone else and draw negative attention. That also means that people like this, nine times out of 10, don't realize that it's something they attracted that was frivolous about that person. That person might only be looking to get something out of the other that doesn't have anything to do with love, but most of the time it's things like sex or money.
It doesn't have to be another person, the things that you are most passionate about take on the same characteristics, plus they can be a part of the spiritual, mental or material realms. For example, many of us claim to love our things like cars, toys or our home. These are material things that we apply our passion of love to. Some of us love stories, education or video games which are all kinds of forms of mental stimuli. Some of us love our religious matters and a deity with all of our heart which is the love of faith since most people like this believe in an unknown and unseen presence.
With another person, you can build that mental connection as well as a physical connection which leads to a deep spiritual connection. When you build together, this leads to a balance of love which means that having a love connection with a person that's healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. You both feel a love connection should be a successful relationship that promotes a successful growth of a family. But, let's not forget the age-old saying, "no romance without the finance," will lead to a downfall of any family. One of you, if not both for you will have to make the income to enjoy one another fully and to start a family if that's in the picture. That's another reason to look completely at the balance to life and understand that you must have a balance completely to live a

full and healthy life with the best life has to offer. Your spiritual, mental, physical and material balance is the only way to build a family foundation that generates and duplicates success that can last forever as your family survives millenniums to come.
Family and friends add to this equation of love, and they often fill that void of loneliness when you don't have a mate. When it's hard to find someone you can have a connection with like other people, friends, and family they're substituting for that need. But, when you find that one person that can help bring your life into balance, it's incredible! Having pets can also fill some of those voids of loneliness. I would not personally accept pets as a long-term solution to love and connection, but they're some great solutions to solitude and security. They can be your best friend, but pets should not replace your interaction with another person.
All of these connections bring heart, passion, love, and blood full circle because they all deal with fear. All of these things will push you to take fear head on when you're faced with danger for yourself and others. They're all powers that you draw the most energy from. This type of love brings you the most power in life, but it also means that you have a lot to lose. That means that you have to be an extremely strong person to handle a genuine power of love. There's that fear of rejection when you want to connect with people. Then there's the fear of losing someone you love, and the fear of being alone after being with someone for so long. So, love is perhaps the strongest force in a human's existence no matter what or who you love.
If you want to increase your life for the purpose of living long, being youthful and fruitful with life, then exercise has to be done consistently. There are no ifs', ands' or buts' about it, you can't avoid staying fit if you want to perform at your peak or just be healthy. That's at the core of your healthy body. It'll make you feel better, you will perform better and bring forth the laws of attraction that come with looking and feeling good about yourself. It's not enough to just be alive when you have the potential to live more abundantly because you'll have the energy to do more. Being unhealthy holds you back from accomplishing physical challenges that the average person can do, like climbing a couple of flights of stairs or running away from danger. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your life.
Before we talk more about exercise, which is just as important as a stretching routine that you must do before you work out and especially before physical task such as sports. Its main purpose is to get the body loose, warmed up, and prepared to perform at peak efficiency. A daily stretching routine should be performed, preferably after your morning prayers and before your nightly prayers or bed. A good stretch session should be about 45 minutes to an hour. But, that's above average, so if you do the stretch routines that will be about 30-minute quickies twice a day then that should be enough for the average person. If you're serious about your health or athletics, then exspect a life of having a

quick 15 minute stretch in the morning when you wake up, coupled with stretching before your workout and after your workout that will give you the advantage you need for your body's performance and longevity without major injuries. Also, stretch before and after every major physical event, plus before you go to bed. It's not a lot when our body starts telling you that it's a good idea. Or, if you have a major injury, you can recover from it faster or deal with it more successfully if you're consistently utilizing the great value of stretching.
When it comes to injuries, stretching is a preventative measure as well as successful therapy for promoting faster and healthier healing of injuries. It also gives you more leeway as an injury is happening, if you stay well stretched as opposed to a person that doesn't stretch and they're stiff as an injury is occurring. You see, when you stretch it gives your body more elasticity to be more flexible. If you don't stretch then, you can be frigid, stiff or the area might be brittle when you need it to perform. Think about dried out lifeless sticks vs. bamboo limbs. The Bamboo is flexible, bending in all types of directions, durable and ready to adjust and go with the flow of whatever you throw at it while the regular sticks may have some strength, but with no flexibility and no give, it's much easier to break.
Even if you don't plan on working out that day, you should stretch to loosen up your body, so your system can flow. Just like taking the kinks out of a water hose, when you stretch, you take the same kind of kinks out of your body to give your system a more powerful flow of energy throughout your entire body. With your blood flowing properly, it increases your agility and prevents blockage in your body that keeps your all around levels high physically, mentally and spiritually.
Exercise builds a strong, fast and good-looking body. No matter who you are or what you look like in the face, a body that's in great shape will make you attractive on the outside. To be beautiful on the inside will always bring a tremendous amount of respect and positive energy your way. Increase this by having positive physical energy combined with the positive thinking, plus spiritual connections. Up lift other people to a degree where it spills over into your everyday life and fills it with a real energy that you wield from your inner peaceful core. Create your athletic body, scientifical mind with the righteous nature of a saint, plus a huge income to share and you'll be real good at being a good person. Or, you can be healthy, smart, good and with enough income to take care of yourself which will make you an equally good person. You can be just trying to get there with all of this stuff and be a good person. Physically, many people may not be attracted to you, but be that person that maintains balance to your life and being a righteous person will make you attractive in a good person's eyes and hearts.
Not only does exercise build your physical attributes, but creates pathways that allow the mind to be sharper. It allows for more coordination with the mind, hand and eye coordination and getting the body in sync with the overall balance of mind, body, and

soul working as one. That also matches up with more inner power for the soul to wield. You'll have a complete balance when exercising consistently and develop a reoccurring cycle of cleansing yourself over and over again so that you may grow and build.
Training is not limited to your body, studying is a form of exercise for the brain! Your mind increases its capacity to learn by creating pathways in our memory cells. That allows you to recall what you study and experienced. A person exercises their spirituality by praying and doing righteous things. When you practice anything, especially physically, you're increasing the intelligence of the connection between body, mind and the doing of that thing. That's why people with talent still can be beaten in things by people who work hard, especially when talent thinks they can make it on talent alone. You must practice on your own, but a class or training is where you perfect the skills of success before you used them. That will brings confidence, clear thought and more relaxation in tough situations. It's where a soldier that has practiced disarming people would take the chance of stopping a crime if someone was holding you at gunpoint and you can't blame a regular person for not trying anything because that can get people hurt. For that person without training, the safest thing might not be a confrontation with someone holding a deadly weapon.
With this being said, every human will enjoy life more with exercise, which leads to the great fun of sports and play, but more importantly just being healthy. These things relieve you of stress and keep you away from drugs, alcohol and a lot of other bad influences. Exercise alleviates stress, so the more exercise you do, the more you'll have an abundant life, with a limited tension of sickness, death and disparity that plague people who don't take care of themselves properly. So, practice something fun and get good at it. That will enhance your physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life that bring positive sportsmanship and unity. The exercise and connection with people who workout will bring a tremendous amount of positive energy your way. The positive physical energy compiled with the positive thinking and positive spiritual connection with your soul and other people, uplifts a person to a degree where it spills over into your everyday life and fills it with real and positive energy that you have willpower over, from your powerful inner core. Create your athletic body, scientifical mind, righteous nature and huge income to become very good at being the ultimate human being. Life is in constant motion, it never stops, so you must create momentum that out runs bad health, a weak mind, poverty and being a bad person.
When it comes to the physical realm, to be healthy is the ultimate goal. To be skinny, beautiful, full of muscles, ripped, dangerous, or something else of vanity, isn't the real purpose of what should be the goal of working out. Not many people fit the image of these categories of vanity, but they're more fit than they look. Don't get caught up in what you see on TV and in Hollywood, get out and meet people to see what the average

person looks like. You'll see people that are extremely healthy, but they don't fit the common imagery of fitness. And you'll see individuals who seem like they were very fit, but internally they are weak. There are people that concentrate on looking like they can perform well, and when it comes down to it, they don't. Then there are people that concentrate on their performance and skill level without worrying about their looks, so if some person judges this fit average looking person based on looks, then that will be the downfall of the person that pre-judged the other person based on looks. When you get out and meet the people of the World, you'll find out, people on this planet can use a lot of help being healthier.
Ask your doctor's advice, your health depends on being fit for who you are and what you are capable of achieving. Everyone is different and will have different challenges with their body, but it's to everyone's advantage to be prepared to perform at a high physical level at any given time because there will always be physical challenges to meet for everyone in life. And, being prepared is one of the great steps to success. In the physical realm, you can live up to and accomplish high levels in your life when you work out to your body's full potential. That means you have to choose mentally to do what it takes to be healthy. Stop denying your health for work, because many people sacrifice their physical activity to work a lot and make a lot of money, but you let your health suffer, therefore causing yourself more pain in the long run despite the money. Then that person will have to spend that money on healthcare in the long run if they get a chance. You must find your balance of life.
When it comes to being healthy, there's a mental side which is about choice. Mentally you should learn what you need to do to be healthy and once you have the proper knowledge of what it takes to be healthy then you must choose the right things that you need to execute this plan on a consistent basis. Meaning that you must choose good food, a clean lifestyle, exercise, more knowledge, and wisdom on being healthier, plus working to build a great life for yourself and family. All of this is done with thinking in the positive manner of the balance to life, and you will grow in any condition, as long as a person is not truly oppressed in any society.
Spiritually, healthy people tend to be good people. Even in their prejudice and ignorance, the intent to do no harm, learn and help people comes out of good people, if given a chance. That's how walls between people are brought down, and lines of positive communication can begin. Also, this part of being healthy has the common knowledge to be and do what's right for yourself regarding growing and building. The positive physical energy that you use brings the same type of positivity out of others to do and be right as well as by influencing them to have the same positive energy you have to be active.
Overall to be healthy, you need this balance; mind, soul, body, and income. Without a doubt taking care of these things means income! In the physical realm, to take care of

your health, you need to buy good food, proper equipment, entry into places for sports, play and a person needs the time to do these things. Your mental health depends on learning through things like books, the Internet, but more importantly is the mixture of the mental realm and income to travel and gain experience. You find out more in life the way you physically experience and learn through your five senses. You need to be able to buy medicines when you need it, doctors and dentists, but being healthy cuts down the necessity of these categories. Spiritually, your overall health alleviates the stress that eats away at most people's good nature. The balance of life is the all around health for anyone when you practice every aspect of this book.
Your overall health when it comes to the physical realm means choosing to eat right, be clean, exercise and taking care of yourself. The healthier you are, the more life you'll have and the more vitality you'll have to build on and enjoy. The more balanced you are as a person the more your life will be incredible on a personal level. It's great to be recognized for your accomplishments, but all of your accomplishments are still yours, even if no one ever recognizes you for them, it's your life for you to be great. No one may know you are this unbelievable person. There's nothing wrong with being this amazing person for the sake of being the best human you can be.
It's like the many martial artists that look so ordinary, but then this regular looking person is forced to be something incredible, because of what they practice. Now they have to use their skill to save their life or someone else's. In this regard, so many things can be told about what healthy is and what it means to you, but for our purposes healthy is levels of being. Like, being unhealthy has levels too. You would rather be on the side of the fence of healthy and trying to achieve higher levels of health as opposed to low levels of health no matter how you perform. Meaning that there are many people that have problems with obesity, drugs, alcohol and other bad habits that eat away at the health, but because a person maintains in life on this low level it's acceptable and common. Therefore, the average person is unmotivated to change. The more you let your levels decline and decay the more sickness, despair, ignorance, obesity, death and the lack of willpower to live sets in deep.
My problem living in the city has always been the fact that there's always a party store or gas station within a mile from where everyone lives, and that's just about everywhere in the city. It's so easy just to walk to the store, and when you get there, it's full of stuff that's not real food. It's the convenience of always having junk food available that makes the diets of people in the inner city so poor. On top of that fact, when the bike ride or walk to the store was the only exercise I got, it was another way I became obese when I was a child. It was when my knowledge of how to have a better diet took over and luckily my Mother was from down south, so she always cooked fresh food for dinner. From there, I stopped eating so much junk food and cut out snacks between meals, plus one day I got the idea to replace those junk foods with a piece of fruit or something else

healthy. This is not only how I lost weight, but I also became very athletic, and I got a scholarship to a Division I University to play basketball.
That's the positive side, and the negative side is that not many people motivate themselves to make this type of change. They'll only continue with the same problems or get worse. I would imagine if a person lived a long time in an unhealthy state, it wouldn't be fun. I have seen with my own eyes people with drugs and alcohol problems unmotivated, plus they lack the energy to do anything with their lives, let alone help their children do something positive with their lives. Unfortunately, in my young adult years, I knew a woman that was like family, but I watched her lose everything to drugs. The bad thing is, it happen so slowly as I watched her go through a situation of losing her children, get them back and then lose them again, because she could not stay off of the drugs. Eventually, on top of losing her health she lost control over all of her material possessions as she has nothing and depends on other people to provide for her.
Being healthy is one of the most recognizable parts of having a balanced life, still it takes self-motivation and awareness to want this thing that you must maintain daily. Please don't be intimidated by others that want to be perfect or have bodies like Adonis, it's about being healthy despite an image. It's all about what your body was designed to be good at. Some people have short legs and will never be fast, but they can give lessons on a low center of gravity. Some people are designed to be strong for pushing and pulling, but their thick bodies aren't made for the agility it takes to perform basketball, soccer or rock climbing. I hope this motivation to build your health and exercise will help you set a goal of healthy living. Just remember it takes a daily effort to maintain and to increase your health. Being active every day is essential to the health of your balance to life.
The power of believing is having faith. The higher your faith, the higher your level of soul power, based on your level of belief. For me, it's the power of believing in the unseen force that's far greater than ourselves and this force is more conscious and more aware than us. I have faith and belief that the forces of good will favor us in this system of natural laws where nature states that, "what goes around comes around."
The words from the Bible, "do unto others as you would have them do onto you", refers to the belief in the laws of nature and faith that what goes around comes around. Through the human experience and as we pass down through our cultures the knowledge that we have seen people do bad things and have bad things come back on then worst. We have also seen good things repeatedly happen to good people that do good, especially when they do good for others. But, it takes faith, because this is not always the case. Sometimes it takes one bad judgment call to tragically bring down a lifetime of good. Sometimes you have to question why certain bad people go on doing harm unpunished for a long time or never seem to get punished? In this case, it takes a

great deal of faith to know that there's a greater overall good and faith that these people never get away with anything because one day they will be judged.
As said before, these words can easily be used for the faith and belief in evil. Again, it's the matter of choice for each human. If we can all choose good, evil has no chance and it'll have no place in this World. Some people choose the belief and have a faith of evil, so for those people there maybe nothing you can do to help them, excepted keep them from harming other people. Also, too often there are people without balance led down the wrong path of darkness in life by people who twists words and manipulate people into doing wrong. They formulate systems of destruction that are like traps that naïve people fall into.
Faith and belief are key ingredients in the soul. That'll shine through in your everyday life and in everything you do. There are two sides to faith and belief; the forces higher than yourself and then your power. You believe in yourself to build a strong body that brings you faith in your abilities. You will believe that you can learn and then have faith in what you know to make the right decisions. You believe in what you'll do in life will make you happy and bring you the kind of life you've dreamed about the most. Then I believe it's vital to believe in, being a righteous person and having faith that righteousness will bring you a life full of goodness because of the spiritual forces and power all around us.
Your life consist of what you'll usually do when you're in nature and in a free society you'll generate what you get out of life based on your knowledge, faith and the work. A formula of success will emerge if you're confident and wise. If you believe in doom and gloom, it can keep your mind off of the building and growing what you need for proper life. These people often end up with little to nothing and blame others for their misfortune. This negative thinking also keeps you away from health, wealth and things that advance the mind. If you aim at the ground, you hit the ground, but if you aim for the sky, your targets are infinite. But, it's because of your thinking that you are getting what you aim for.
The main reason why it doesn't matter if you believe in God or a particular religion over any other one in this instance because belief and faith are powers, all on their own. People believe there's a God; people believe there isn't one. In this light, faith is what you make it, either/or. That's why, if you don't know you are aiming yourself at mystery with low faith and bad beliefs there's major confusion which leads to depression over why things have gone so wrong in one's life.
Understanding the belief and faith in oneself doesn't mean you're anti-God or better than God, it simply means that you understand God gave you the ability and life to go and do as well as you can do. Do you feel why it's nothing wrong with asking God for the strength to do and be? "God helps those that help themselves," which is another common philosophy from the Bible. That means so much to the balance of life because

this goes beyond positive thinking and wishing for what you want. This book of the balance to life is positive thinking and positive prayer with positive action put into this formula of success for being an overall good human being. You have to take physical action to complete your balance, but it must be done intelligently with wisdom and with faith to achieve success.

To be good is the apex of it all. That;s what everything is for when you have your life in absolute, complete and total balance. In this essence, time is, "good" more than time being "money", for to be rich and evil is no good, especially if you've sacrificed your time for money. But, to have a lot of time with the freedom, physical abilities, intelligence, and financial security to pursue happiest is the good thing that's at the top of your spiritual side and soul, just like being healthy is for the body and being wise is for the mind. You don't have to believe in God or having a soul to know that this life is about being good by nature's design. Be good, do good and life will be good. But, if you trade being good to pursue a life of greed or anything else then you'll be the one to miss out on the goodness of life and when it comes to finding out what life is really about.
Good is not necessarily a matter of choice as much as it's a matter of interpretation and the will to be discipline. It's the reason why Marvel was able to rival D.C. Comics because DC's characters were very straightforward, you were either good or bad. Marvel's characters knew life wasn't that black and white. Sometimes we see a person as bad, because we don't understand and agree with what they are doing, but that person is still doing what they think is right. For example, I say killing is wrong unless it's for justice. But, if a person is a vegetarian because they think all killing is wrong, to them I might be a good person until they see me kill an animal for my meal. That's how a person regarded as good can be interpreted as bad at a later thought. Especially when I'm not going to stop what I'm doing to make you happy, because I feel there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing. This example is pretty simple, but life is very complex.
I believe that God made it that way, so you don't have to believe in her if you don't want to, but she is there if you believe because this is the design of the natural order of life. Just because you see a justice go unpunished doesn't mean that it will stay that way. Mother nature may be building up for a much worse punishment later if that person's iniquities do not change. Maybe it's about giving a person a chance to repent before a time of judgment deems it too late.
Don't get me wrong, you can suffer money loss, spiritual breakups or loved ones snatched from you in a blink of an eye. Life is unfair, therefore, these things might happen to you. That's where huge debates about faith and belief come into play, especially about heaven and hell. That can lead to being bad or you can be a superb person because tragedies can happen that'll throw you off balance, but they'll either

break you down or make you strong. And, they can lead to emotional disorders based on fear, regret, guilt, jealousy, remorse and many other bad feelings that can do internal damage to your personal state of being, like bring out hate in one's heart.
Belief plays such a huge part of being good because so much can be left up to interpretation like abortion and the death penalty. What about homosexuality, drug use, not to mention the time or the person you should or shouldn't have sex with? There'll always be many people with opinions about your choice, but in the end most of your choices are your responsibility alone. There are billions of us on the planet that would need to come together on what's right and wrong, so this might not ever happen. I hope that it does, but you are not going to stop the people that don't care about wrong or right, they're going to keep doing what brings them pleasure. You can't take away a person's right to pleasure, but we can encourage everyone's thoughts about what's right.
If you are a good person, good usually comes to you and the more actions you put in your good deeds, usually means good forces are building up in your favor. But, you must always remember, life is unfair. A key to maintaining a positive attitude in the face of adversity is having faith. The best of us have faith that being good is to do good without wanting a return on that good deed, but having the satisfaction that good has been done. To be selfless in your giving and still build in life, so you can consistently show more kindness and generosity to those that need help. It's also about an age-old saying, "to forgive and forget".
Everything talked about in the substance is a great benefit, especially to its specific points, but being good is at the top of the tree of it all, with the roots deeply grounded in the ability to take care of yourself, like having income. The thoughts of doing good should be in everything you do, and everything you are is for the good of yourself, other people, the life you create and life itself. It seems like it would all be in vain to gain so much wealth and you aren't a good person. It's a matter of interpretation, of course, but if everyone sees you as bad, then you are probably a bad person. If you are doing harm, rather people know it or a not doesn't matter, it'll create ill will in your direction, and if you live by it, you will die by it as the old proverb says. What matters is life knows the forces of your actions and the laws of nature can bring a person's worse punishment more than any other person can.
Above all else, being good is the best thing you can do with your life. To have a light and let it shine to the point of illuminating others and inspiring others to shine their light. There's only one balance to life for good people, and this is it; mind, body, income, and soul on a path to righteousness. Being fair to everyone no matter who you are and they are. Being good and having love is not where the weak live, in fact, love is the strongest force in the World. Being good is the strongest energy in life.


In the previous chapters, I wrote about the need to be good and why you should be good which most people will agree. Let me reiterate, and you should be a good person. How do you be a good person? As we're different people being taught different things all around the world, there are billions of thoughts on that question, if you think about it.
I submit to you that everything I've written in this book before this point is fact, except of course my opinions on God, beliefs, and faith. In this chapter is my opinion on how to be a good person and other thoughts on how to balance your life. It's my opinion that all of us sin. The sins are the force within us that motivates and compels us to do bad. I said earlier that this is not a religious book trying to sway you one way or the other, so keep that in mind as I teach how to be a good person through this contemplation of righteousness.
I didn't get serious about writing this book until years of getting to know the balance of mental, physical, material and spiritual experiences and contemplation. As it became clear on the income being a vital part of that material that you need, it became more apparent, the importance of this direction of information. As I gathered my thoughts about this balance, it was important for me to find this information on how to accomplish this balance with physical action and a blueprint of the balance as opposed to relying on positive thinking alone. To me, positive thinking alone has already left too many dreamers in this World without the mind-state to put together goals and plans for realistic success.
Just before I wrote the 1st word of this book, the questions of "how to be good" became fun and interesting because I was listening to the audio version of "The Science of Getting Rich" which talked about money not being evil, people are. That got me to thinking about the, "Think and Grow Rich," book that spoke about not making a habit of studying poverty and thinking about negative things because the study of this stuff will only bring you down. I know a person that always wants to talk about people's faults or point out the negatives in something. This person was one of my business partners, but it's difficult planning a positive future when all your partner wants to do is talk about someone else doing their thing while talking about why we can't. They often say it's another person's race, religion, creed, gender, sexual preference or some other excuse as the reason why they don't try to advance or make a life for themselves, but it's just not true.
That was on my mind as I started to study the Seven Sins because most people think they know something about them because they've heard of them before, but when you take your time to explore them, you'll learn so much more in life. I took for granted this information because I thought I knew what the seven sins were, but realized I had not studied them. No one around me or anyone else that I knew wasn't teaching on the

subject. Therefore, as I studied the seven sins, I learned to be a good person isn't just following rules, but contemplating why motivation of this action or line of communication needs to be of a good nature. Not only did I start wondering what to do right, but I also contemplated on why it's right and what needs to be done to keep myself and other people in the right frame of mind. Then it hit me to ask the question, "well, what is the opposite of sins?" If you've never thought about it before, please take the time to think about it now. Ask others the question and say your answers out loud so others can hear, but don't get upset in your debate about the answers, respect everyone's opinion.
For the most part, almost everyone I encountered didn't know the answer to the majority of these questions: What are the seven sins? What is the opposite of the seven sins called? What's the opposition to each one of the sins?
I asked everyone I could, and when they said things like, let's look it up on the Internet, I refused, because I wanted as many answers as I could get from people's line of thinking before I looked it up. I found out that most people didn't know what the 7 sins were and didn't know what the opposite of sins were called. I had one person tell me the opposite of sins was God. I love her like a sister, so I wasn't going to argue that, because on that level I know the devil is the opposite of God, and she was just not going to contemplate any other answer. In this scenario, I want to know what is the opposite of our nature of doing wrong?
Well, if you haven't already, Googled or Binged it, then I'll tell you what the opposition of sins are, right after we list the seven sins and why it's so important to the balance of life. I use the seven sins instead of the 10 Commandments, because they are just that, commandment a.k.a. Laws and rules. Any rules are more about telling you what to do and what not to do. Instead, the seven sins and its opposition are more philosophies of contemplation on why you did or will do a right or wrong action. It's what makes a person make the decision to do something right or wrong. The motives behind your actions!
The 7 Sins
The study of the seven Sins (in no particular order) and how it relates to achieving The A.C.T. Balance of Life.
Greed has that desire and aspiration to gain more than you need for yourself and with little to no intentions of ever sharing your wealth. Most of the time this type of person wants valuables for selfish pleasure with no intentions of sharing with anyone. More commonly known is when people amass a lot of things of value with no regard for other life. Money & people power are used in a negative way, sometimes to the point of taking life, to gain more money, respect or more power.
That's greed on a large scale, but it's just as bad as taking things that don't belong to you, especially when you're taking from people that are in need and just so you can have more than others. But, this is also why stealing isn't on the list of sins. Think of this

example, some people have seen other people take food, but since these people looked like they had nothing in life, they didn't stop them or tell on them.
If you know or saw a person steal food to survive, would you stop them or tell on them? What if you knew the person that stole the food was stealing from a tyrant that was keeping people oppressed? What would Robin Hood do? Stealing isn't the sin the motivation behind it is. Some kids are at the mall shoplifting, do you stop them or tell on them? Their motivation is more than likely not survival, but selfish actions of greed.
It's the motivation behind an action, like stealing, that makes it wrong or right. When it's an act of wrong, it's often expressed in a form of ignoring the spiritual realm. That's like a kleptomaniac that just steals more and more things for nothing. It doesn't matter if it's money, they just want more of whatever they can get their hands on. In this regard, I've seen people that can afford things, still take things just because they can.
When it's all in a person's head, the desire for greed, it leads to they're number one reason for theft, rationalization. When you rationalize reasons to do wrong more than right, it's your thinking process that needs light, so you can see the keys to being aware of the problem. But, the rationalization is where you make the decision to steal, lie or something horrendous like kill.
Greed is not good for anyone at any time, and it'll eat away at your soul and your life by way of a simple law of nature. It'll bring a negative vibe your way, making an otherwise good person into somebody that other people look at with contempt. Also, when you don't help those that need it and you can, this creates a negative energy around you.
On this note, some confusion has to be cleared up about the thin line of amassing wealth without being greedy. It's not greedy to build a great wealth because you need it for great generosity. Greed is the motivation on why a person would hoard money for selfish purposes and barely help anyone. It's the motivation to harm people, steal, lie and cheat to gain more money, power, and respect. That goes for great things to very small things. Greed is greed. One time on a job, my paycheck was short, but the boss said it was right. I was in my early twenties and still I argued my case with little to no evidence, but his main defense was that he was already rich, so why would he want to steal my few little dollars? When I replied that beating people out of a few dollars here and a few dollars there, really adds up and might even be the reason why he was already rich. He laughed and then paid me what he owed me. So, don't let a bad rich person act like stealing candy from a baby is beneath them because it's not for a greedy person.
Greed is considered the root of all evil, for it's a main gateway to the other sins. When you're rich and put false pride in valuables it makes you think of all kinds of crazy things like thinking you're invincible, because of money. When you put your envy on display, it causes people that are suffering from it to have motivations of theft, lies and wrath to you which can lead to murder. When you are rich, the temptation to spend big money on your lust and gluttony can lead to being slothful as well. Therefore, it's easier to fall into a

sinful lifestyle when a person has money and idle time to do so.
Lust is the overindulgence of physical pleasures. It's when you can't control yourself around the temptations of the flesh, because of your low desires. These low desires then dictate your actions which lead to many entanglements of lust like perversion, disrespect of others and yourself like by way of degrading yourself. A person can lose all self-respect from degrading others as well as degrading themselves, but you can lose a lot more than respect when a lustful nature is out-of-control.
Most lustful people (like it is with greed) want sex in excess, meaning more than they need. In my opinion, sex doesn't have to be a special moment shared with someone special. It's a biological need for procreation, but it's also fun as it relieves stress and pressure build up naturally by our hormones. Therefore, it can be an act of purely satisfying the need for sex, but it's far better to share this physical need with someone you love. First of all, it gives both of you the natural energy generated by your connection. That's why a woman can develop a major problem after a long life of multiple partners because a piece of every man you ever had sex with stays with you forever. Especially, if your essence combines and creates a child. For a man, you lose a piece of yourself, and that's why you feel empty if you don't connect with a person after so long.
Lust is also one of the great time wasters. Since time is so valuable, you spent time like you spend money, that's why we say, "spend time," because time is a payment or investment in most cases. Greed will have you saying, "time is money", but it's not. Time is time and money is money. So, the greater thought behind that cliché is, time is life. Time is love when it's time to make love because we truly do make love.
When people confuse love with sex and they're not in love with someone they are having sex with, it's more like being in lust with someone, and this is where we develop the habits of building short-term connections. When you only want multiple partners for lustful reasons, the lack of long-lasting relationships can cause problems in our lives, when building one empty relationship after another one, one's capacity for love (heart) becomes no good. Studies show that couples live longer because your partner is there to care for you, and you have someone to care for. This connection generates energy from two souls to give you power as if you were one entity.
All of this relates to the sin of lust. When a person lacks the capability for building deeper connections of love with people, it's usually because that person is shallow and only cares about themselves or they might only care about the other person on the surface. But, it's also about accumulating a disrespect for yourself as you disrespect others and degrade people by seeking low desires and pleasures of the flesh more than long-term, loving relationships. That means that you can not truly degrade a person without devaluing yourself.

The love of things is not real, but you can lose yourself in the lust of things. You can't beat the love and connection that you get from the connections of souls, but people sometimes find it hard to connect with other people and take an easy way out by self-satisfaction in things instead of in people. As I said before, the things that cause you to waste your time on falsehood, empty actions, and empty connections is spiritual lust. In other words, sex toys and whatever you use to please yourself, cannot replace the loving connection you get with people because it takes away your ability to grow from such connections.
Ultimately, lust is about controlling one's self as it is with all of the sins, but lust is more about controlling your low desires of sex and empty pleasures of the flesh. Wanting sex all the time and thinking about it all the time is a waste of your time, keeping your mind on the low levels of thinking and with empty connections, your life can become a waste. It doesn't matter if you're poor, just doing well or mega rich, lust is about controlling yourself and not giving into a sex life, especially on low levels of bestiality.
Sex can be very empty, I mean the experience of it, when it's meaningless, like having sex for money or some other low connection built on low desires. It's worse when you degrade yourself and do unnatural things like sex with lifeless things. Even masturbation leaves you empty because there's no natural connection. Being afflicted with the low desires of lust can be very deadly to one's personal soul and body, but the damage that you can do to someone else can be worse. Rape, for instance, is like killing a piece of another person and leads to wrath. Its an action that a person can never take back, and that's why so many of these cowards kill their victims when the control of lust is satisfied because they don't want to get caught for something that they can't give back. Hurting another person in this manner puts an evil mark on a person's soul and they'll never escape their conscious as that person kills a piece of the other person's soul.
To be slothful is almost equal to being lazy or inactive. Slothfulness comes in many forms of mental, spiritual, physical and material traps. Spiritually it leads to the low light of one's spirit. If your spirit were represented by a symbol, it would be a flame. Then you can see a person's spiritual slothfulness because it would flicker dimly like a little candlelight when a person should let their light shine bright and brilliant as the sun. That means that you can't be lazy about being good and the more work you put in, the greater your spiritual strength. That's why a person can be rich financially, but if your spiritual light is dismal, you can find yourself alone when the poorest of people attract love and the right companions by being good and positive people.
A slothful spirit also leads to apathy which leads to avoiding spiritual and physical work. That brings us to the more common view of when people think of slothfulness which is physical laziness. The obese person may not be greedy concerning eating too much, but too lazy to do enough exercise to maintain a good shape. At the same time, a slothful

person isn't always overweight. When a person is slothful, it creates a weak person that might be unhealthy, underweight or sickly as well as creating obesity in people on the other end. A person can be one of these things or a combination of these things because they are lazy or choose to be inactive. That's another reason to have confidence in yourself and don't judge a book by it's cover because a person can be visually in shape, but that person can still be sick, weak, uncoordinated, lacking in skill or mobility, because they're slothful. I've run across many people that look like they would be better than me in sports, because of their physical appearance, but skill wise they get outperformed because they were caring more about their physical appearance than the ability to perform at a high skill level.
When you put looks aside, understand that slothfulness comes in many forms of physical laziness. As you can see, there's a lot to think about when it comes to being lazy in your decisions to eat right and work out. It's hard for someone to call you lazy when you're physically active, so don't worry about getting the physical appearance you want when it's more important to get the physical results of being healthy. Again, there are far more of us that don't fit the Hollywood version of good-looking people but don't feel bad, because we're physically fit and healthy which makes us beautiful. We're all going to be different shapes and sizes, but being healthy is the key. Being slothful takes away from your ability to build and use those keys, of looking good. If you had the keys and all of a sudden began to be slothful you can regain them by motivating yourself or finding someone or something that will motivate you to get active again. At the end of the day, if you're suffering from obesity and other physical problems, your answer can very well be to stop being slothful.
That also shines the light on the importance of the mental aspects of making a decision, one of the human being's greatest assets. With all of the sins, the importance of choices is the key to everything. Your decision to be physically slothful is the same as if you're slothful about your studies, because if you are, you'll hold yourself back from intelligence. That's different from studying wrong, which can be corrected easier than someone that refuses to study, because of slothful ways. I've seen people change their lives, because of changing their thinking, and I've seen people degrade themselves into nothingness because they refused to study anything. And remember, when I'm speaking of research, I don't just mean books. Life is to be studied and all that's in it, such as spiritual ways, your physical talents, things we have invented and things we are going to invent that comes from the things that we do as well as what we know.
When you don't study it's like having a plate, but never having food. Metaphorically the plate represents the brain, and if a person never seeks to put anything on it, just like having a brain and never putting anything in it, that person will not get what they need to survive. The same goes, if a person fills the plate with junk, they'll only fill up with garbage and most of the time only trash will come out of this person's all around

characteristic and being. So, in essence, a person would be starving themselves of intelligence, and this goes for the dishwasher that's not trying to be more than a dishwasher or the owner of the business that's running that business into the ground because they're not studying what it takes to advance. This type of emptiness causes a person to make a lot of bad decisions or give power to someone that makes the decisions for them. Nevertheless, an empty mind is the devil's playground, like idle time, the devil finds mischief for idle hands and empty minds. Unfortunately, the biggest problem with that "empty plate" metaphor is that if you put an empty plate on a table, it's not likely someone would come along and just put things on your plate. Nor will food prepare itself, cook itself and serve itself, just because there's an empty plate on the table. But, that's not the case when it's an empty mind because we have a life we are going to experience, and our minds are going to soak in knowledge like a sponge from wherever it can learn. Someone will come along and try to fill your head with things that want be good for you unless you arm yourself with good knowledge first. That means that we will always be learning something on a daily basis of living life, but whether it's just a little or a lot, can depend on how slothful we approach learning.
With this in mind, it's like going to a Third World country and finding two teenagers that never had an opportunity to study before and giving them that opportunity, but while one teen takes that opportunity and studies hard, the other one doesn't see the benefit. It's not that the other one doesn't have the ability or the intelligence, it may simply be that their motivation in life is different. The other teenager may know hunting, farming, and the family trade which gives that person confidence about the outcome of their future that they might not be learning in school. Now, just because this person does not study a lot, regarding intellectual knowledge from universities, doesn't mean this person will not study the changing conditions of their culture, agriculture or business. They might not read as many books as they have more of ability to study people. That's not the same as a possible 3rd teenager that rejects the idea of knowledge completely because they're content with foolishness. That means it's when people don't study right and fill their heads with wrong thinking that creates a vain lifestyle or causes a person to do little to nothing with their life. That's the case for a lot of people that waste time doing nothing as opposed to people with limited choices and a lack of study. A lot of times this is why that person does wrong when things get tight.
Mental slothfulness can cause depression and a loss of interest in life, plus dejection from the true nature of life. That's truly deadly for people that compile all of the slothful natures into one. A person that's physically lazy whether they're obese, out of shape, anorexic or frail, it all comes down to your thinking to get motivated and have the energy to destroy the slothful nature in yourself. But, people that are lazy about gaining more intelligence will always find themselves at the mercy of other people's control because of being out thought. When a person is spiritually a sloth, they are apathy avoiding spiritual

work such as prayer, spending time with the people they care for and care for them. More importantly, helping other people and seeking enlightenment from this valuable asset of caring.
A person's spiritual slothfulness leads to laziness that makes a person not work hard. In life, if a person doesn’t work, there's no gain, and there's no greater work to be done, that's more important than our spiritual upliftment of being good people. When a lazy person doesn't build and grow as a person, they never really have anything. They don't own many things, and they rarely own up to anything, like the age-old parable about the ant and the grasshopper. The ant lived prepared for life's challenges, but the grasshopper wasn't interested in being prepared and had to deal with problems after the fact. We'll always have a problem to solve if we live this lethargic. I love this story when the ant builds while the grasshopper plays, but this story can play out in a lot of different ways like the grasshopper being at the mercy of the ant's protection and the ant exploiting power over the grasshopper. That's because people are exploited when they're not smart and lazy too. It doesn't have to be that way if people study and do more for themselves. The ant can help by being the one that finally teaches the grasshopper to care for himself.
The summary of slothfulness is that it attacks you in many ways, but it's always a reflection of a person's lack of action. When a person doesn't act on spiritual upliftment, mental gain, physical development and financial gain it'll reflect in a person's ways of being obese, out of shape, weakness, dim light or dark soul like a few examples. All of these things can reflect on your financial growth and your ability to take care of yourself. At one point and time, in my life, I was a physically fit person that advocated studies, seeking the highest points of being a spiritually enlightened good person, but I acted like money was an evil that would get in the way of all advancements and enlightenment. I acted like money would just come if I just believed and be a good person, often feeling like this was something God was going to give me. The main thought in that sentence being the word, "give." I was not trying to be slothful about working, I had a lack of understanding. I don't feel bad because through my experiences in life, and I've come to learn that most of my peers still have this lack of understanding while I work my butt off daily. Also, people that do work because fear is more the motivation than building for advancement will struggle often because they don't know any better. If that weren't the case, then more people would work for ownership and investments instead of retirement.
That leads to the understanding that you can be in denial about being slothful because you put in so much work in one aspect of your life but fail to realize your neglect of another aspect of your life. That's why you need balance so that you are not slothful in your need for exercising, plus taking care of yourself by way of studying and spiritual work as well. In other words, all of your life should be balanced with your ability to make a living, by setting aside time for your mind, body and soul.

Gluttony means to over-indulge or to have a lack of self-control. Lust is the specific matter of overindulging in the pleasures of the flesh while gluttony is the wanting for one's selfish desires more than the want to take care of their needs or responsibilities. In the case of gluttony, a person can be slothful and suffer from gluttony or the person can be a very hard worker, but still suffer from gluttony. A person can amass an enormous wealth only to use it for one's overindulgence. And, the more money, the more things can get out of hand. This type of person with all their wealth doesn't necessarily have to be selfish and greedy, in fact, you can be very generous, but still suffer from gluttony. That's another reason why people shouldn't just follow rules of what to do and what not to do, but study a root thinking and motivation that can change the reason why we do something or not. And, when you look at the fine lines between gluttony and other sins, you will find that it's too complex for any simple set of rules, commandments or laws.
When you break down gluttony and what it means spiritually, mentally, physically and with materialism we see that it can be the number one time waster in a person's life. Spiritually, this is why a person's thoughts would be in the clouds thinking of heaven so much that they neglect life here on Earth. There're too many people that take their religious beliefs too far, and while their financial lives may not suffer, their relationships with other people do. This thought is so extensive that my website; is the perfect place to learn more and join in on the discussion of the conversations on all of these subjects.
Another part of gluttony is the theory that you blemish your soul when you aren't sober, vigilant and when you have no self-control. That comes from the leading nature of this sin which is to overindulge in pleasures or to have the lack of self-control to take things in moderation. That's why most people who are obese get that way because they overindulge or there's no self-control around food. We call it greedy most of the time because we have gotten lazy with our true definition of things, but it's not necessarily true that greedy or gluttonous people become fat. Gluttonous people have other dangerous things to worry about like being drug addicts and alcoholics because they don't control themselves or overindulge in substance abuse. And, the same goes for people that can be very generous, inviting you in on their gluttonous misery.
Unfortunately, it punishes a person on the opposite end of seeing something negative in a person as well as when you see a person off-balance because a gluttonous person wants more than what's necessary, meaning that person wants too much of a good thing. For example, when you see a person off-balance because they have all muscle and no brains, then that person is a glutton for working out too much and not enough study. The flipside is a glutton for education and the total neglect of their body, soul or wealth. There are a lot of combinations of this neglect, but it all stems from gluttony.
In essence, it's consuming more than what's required to live or having too much of a

good thing or time. That's the main way people become obese, so I suggest to everyone, read the book, "How To Eat To Live," by Elijah Muhammad. He was the one who coined the phrase, "eat to live and not live to eat", which is a great rule of thumb to succeed in staying healthy and watching what you eat. The overview of what he states is you have to control yourself. A person must eat the proper amount of food according to your size and your sex, at the appropriate time, plus you're intelligent about what you're eating such as fresh foods from nature and the proper amount of water will make it easy for you to be healthy. So the suggestion is this, stay away from junk food, fast food, food made in factories and lifeless food, then our health is easy to maintain and increase. If you don't put garbage in, then you don't have the stress of having to work the junk out. Exercise will be easier and more pleasurable which will add to the increase of your life. That's the case with food or any other junk you put into your body like drugs.
That leads us to the discussion of a gluttony of the mind, which is loving the stimulation of the pleasure centers of the mind too much. That goes for drugs to things such as video games. Drugs tap into these pleasure centers of the mind that anyone can get into without drugs, but drugs are an easy path to get to the pleasure centers that makes a person feel what's called, drunk or "high", but it's cheating. And, being addicted to something like video games is an overindulgence of the same stimuli. That also goes for anything a person is addicted to. I also use to played video games for hours. I would get mad at the game and still call it fun. I would lose and become so angry that I broke things, took my anger out on family and turned that same game right back on the next day.
That means that being addicted to things are more of a result of gluttony and go way beyond illegal substances. That's why people associate food with gluttony in a lot of art because the most extravagant actions of wealth lead to a person's overconsumption and waste. You see, you don't have to be greedy to be a glutton and vice versa. It's a person's lack of willpower, ignoring your willpower or not having the knowledge that a willpower should be in place to combat an over-consumption or overindulgence of things that waste your time, darken your mind, destroy your powers of attention, and invite fury & wrath into your mind and heart.
The video games, television, radio and the Internet have to be mentioned in this day and age because it goes along with the ancient study of too much fantasy and what that does to your real life. If it's not a real thing, it'll waste your time, but there's value in simulating real-life through virtual reality for training and study. Also, this is not to say fun is bad because a little fun, imagination, and creativity leads to a lot of much-needed relaxation to alleviate the stress caused by one's efforts of building wealth, health, and wisdom. One of the things that everyone can use the study of is that it's far more hard work to be good than being bad. Most people will role-play being the villain at some point in their lives. Sometimes it's only for fun, or you have to be serious about it to get what you want,

but it's all to remind good people that it's a far better value in being good. It's the way the laws of nature designed this dimension's existence, and life flows in the ways of good.
How does this tie into the separation between gluttony and greed? Sometimes people that suffer from gluttony are very generous, and they invite you into being gluttonous as well. A greedy person is stingy, wanting to keep everything to themselves while a glutton invites people in, especially family, to the misery of their sin of gluttony. Let's take a look at some of these groups of people, most drinkers don't like drinking alone, most video gamers like playing with friends or against them, and most drug users want to use drugs with other people until they get so addicted that they only have enough for themselves. When they don't have enough for themselves and can't afford it, sometimes they can find a group of people that share their common affliction and they'll let you join in, because one day they might be in the same position and need the favor returned. People who overindulge in food are the same way and sometimes worse because the food is not illegal and it's one of our most needed necessities to live. A person’s mentality is the key because food can take on the characteristics of a deadly drug, if you don't care what you eat, a person's overindulging in food can afflict others, with their bad habits, such as innocent children. Forgive me for saying, but when you see that overweight family, sometimes it's a little sad to know that the parents may have had opportunities to make their choices, but the children are victims of the ignorance of parents or guardians.
As far as drugs go, most people will get high to waste their time as they stimulate the same pleasure centers of the mind that lead to getting lost in fantasy. Along with this are those that overindulge in their spiritual matters to the point where it's like a drug. That makes things in their spiritual matters of worship, such as saying they feel the touch, see, and hear things that others can't, but deep down in their hearts, they know they're making things up. Wanting to believe so hard or connect with others that say that they feel something, that you want to feel so badly, that you fake it instead of being real with yourself and others. Most of the time it's a person's longing to identify or to want to connect with people, so badly that untrue or unnatural lifestyles arise. I'm not here to rattle the cage for anyone who may or may not be able to do these things like talk to the dead, communicate with a deity or claim to have any special powers, but there are far more of us that ask questions than messengers from God. Be careful and be real with yourself and others, because people will deceive you in the name of God, just to get your material. That's so a person will not be a glutton, don't over consume, overindulge and please take all things in moderation.

Envy is one of those sins mostly viewed as if it was a sickness. It not only affects the person that's afflicted with this motive, but the envied one may never know. The flipside of this becomes a huge problem when the one afflicted with envy makes a victim of the

envied who seems to have done nothing. Again, what we're talking about is lying, stealing, cheating and even murder not being a sin, because they are actions, but a sin, like envy, is the motivation behind the actions which makes the actions wrong. I believe once you grasp this concept then most people will find that envy as an act of sin is the motive behind a lot of wrongful actions of hate more than any other sin.
That's the reason envy, is so deadly to a person's soul, because it's that person that believes that God or life has granted someone else more favor. Spiritually, you eat away at yourself when you care that someone may have more than you and then look on them with resentment. As a result, when you wish others ill will because you want someone to do worse than you, so it could be them that suffers way more than you. It's thinking like this that leads to the act of stealing and sometimes it's more about making someone have less than you, more than it's about having more than others.
When we talk about envy physically, we're talking about a person living through someone else's attributes, like when I was young I used to hear all the time, "If I had your height I would be in the NBA." In fact, I just told someone the other day after that statement, "No you wouldn't, you would be the same sorry sucker that you are now, just taller!"
Maybe a few people who said that to me would made it because their statement comes from the hard work that they do in their life and in their case they have the skill, but the height is the reason why they might not make it. But still, most people look at me like the grass is greener on the other side. It's envy which leads to jealousy, low self-esteem and anything else that takes the focus off of them and makes the excuses for the lack of accomplishing goals or never having the gumption to set goals in the 1st place. You see, places like the NBA are not places that you go just because God gave you height, the world would be entirely different if we had such easy categories to fit into, nice and tight. A tall person wouldn't need education if they were going to make millions of dollars just for being tall, Nubian, fat, skinny, Caucasian or any other category. The bottom line is, no one makes it to any thriving place and maintains that success without hard work and determination. Which brings me to the other side of that statement, which is the insult and the slap in my face that says to me that I didn't do the right things in my life to be a success, just because I'm not in the NBA. People don't realize that it's a very bigoted statement against tall people. If you want to be in the NBA than work hard because people that are short make it, and there are a lot of tall people that don't make it no matter how hard they work because the talent or desire is just not there. I don't run up on people to say,"Hey, you're real short, are you a jockey or a mini version of someone?" Your natural ability accounts for more than your physical attributes and hard work which mean that determination far outweighs undisciplined talent. I've seen beautiful women and handsome men with relationship problems that they may or maybe not seemingly solve while I watch ordinary people have loving relationships that last, seemly forever. So, I've

learned to tell people that say that remark to me about my height that I forgive you for feeling that you are inadequate with what you have, but if you have a goal then be determined to work hard at it and you'll see success. Now that I think about it, two of the three people that I played with that made to the NBA are shorter than me.
One of the worst things you can do to yourself is want to be someone else. There's nothing wrong with having people to look up to you as a good example of where you want to go or what you want to accomplish. It's not the same as a fantasy, like role-playing for fun or acting. I'm talking about when you're not satisfied with yourself whether you know it or not and you want, by choice, to be someone else other than yourself, this is not good. Often caused by wanting things others have like money, physical traits, talents, status, abilities or situations such as being born to a prosperous family.
Life can be basically about your wants and your needs and with envy in a person's heart the danger of "wanting" leads to the worse sinful actions such as stealing, lying, hate and especially murder. Probably half the theft in the world is because they wanted what the other person had based off of envy. Pure greed would be the other reason. Envy is a very nasty time waster, and it offers nothing but decay for the mind. It's one of the leading causes of one's unhappiness, because of a person's desire to want more than they need.
Envy causes a lot of the emotions that lead to other sins when created by desiring things, attributes that other people have or what they can do like physical abilities. There's also stuff like status, traits or situations which lead to the danger of wanting. Mentally, when you hold yourself accountable for taking care of yourself and focusing on your needs like food, clothes and shelter, then everything else is just what you want in life. That means that you can't be lazy to your needs because you're always chasing your wants. Of course, there are more needs in life like the balance, education, working out, income and prayer. The problem with envy is that it causes people to see it and think to themselves, that what they own isn't good enough to make them happy in life. They can't see how special they are because they're too busy thinking about what the next person has. So, envy is often the cause of wanting more which leads to greed or the cause of envy comes from greed in another case.
This type of thinking will rot away at the mind as it's a huge waste of your time, chasing pursuits of indulgence that add no value to your soul or life. That's the primary cause of unhappiness which especially heightened during holiday madness. The pressure and the stress that's caused by most holiday madness is a person's discontent, because of the desire to want what another person has, what another person does or what they receive.
Envy is covenanting another person's possessions, whether it's because you think you deserve what another person has more than them, or they don't deserve what they have more than you. Either way it goes, it's always thinking the grass is greener on the other

side of the fence, as the old saying goes. Again, it causes bad emotions which creates poor thinking such as being mad at others for having more than you or mad you don't have enough as others. Envy can cause the feelings of being worthless because you think that others are more valuable than you. Envy is probably the most well known of the sins besides greed. But, Envy probably is the most underrated power of destruction because it causes the thinking that others are better which leads to the motives to commit other sins which ultimately leads to the sin of wrath and the motivation behind most destruction, death and war towards other people.
When people are trying to recall the list of sins they often say, "jealousy or vanity" as a sin, when they're thinking of envy, but it's because jealousy is a major part of envy. Envy is the motive while jealousy is the emotion that's caused by the motive of envy. So, jealousy begins with being envious, but you can be envious without being jealous. It's like a thief that wants what you have, not because they're jealous, but because they're greedy. The thief doesn't feel jealousy because they've already decided to be the kind of person that takes from other people. Therefore, they don't make it personal, while the emotion of jealousy is very much a person's feeling.
As you see these motives are in levels and not as rules, so you can see that a tiny bit of envy is not unhealthy, if you are using it in a positive light. What I mean to say is when you see another person with an advantage that you don't have, it's natural to want to have that advantage for yourself such as seeing a person with electricity and you don't have it. Naturally, you'll want that advantage in life, but instead of the emotions of jealousy you sincerely ask your neighbor, "how can you get electricity too?" When you find out all you have to do is go to an energy company and have them turn it on for you, then you can simply do so. You'll find out that how to handle your envy is a true human test of character, and this is how you handle all of your sins. But, if you let your envy lead to jealousy, it'll cause the negative emotions and thoughts to dwell within your heart which leads to anger, insecurity, fear and anxiety typically caused by the fear of loss. That can lead to resentment, feelings of inadequacy and helplessness.
On the opposite end of jealousy is the arrogance that can cause jealousy and other emotions in people too, and that's arrogance. Arrogant people often are the same people who used to be jealous of other people, but as they get the expensive things that others have or more, they might become flashy and floss what they have in front of people who they know will be jealous like they once were. Too often these people want to cause the negative emotions of envy and jealousy in other people. So, arrogant people are envious at heart, because at one point and time they either had nothing or have always had more than other people. Some people who have always had more than other people become arrogant because seeing other people happy with less than them makes them envious of positive people. Therefore, they want to cause negative emotions of envy that lead to jealousy and In short terms, an arrogant person wants people to be jealous of

them. It's apparently seen in those people who had nothing then they become individuals that have more than others, and now they want everyone to know it. Most of the time these people crave being flashy and quick to point out what people don't have or any flaws that they might have. They're always more concerned about the things people have or have not which often makes this person shallow, egotistical and self-centered. Unfortunately, these people often fall the hardest if that imagery shatters.
Being a very arrogant person doesn't just fall under the category of the sin of envy because the root of a person's arrogance is based on envy and false pride. But, it agitates envy in other people to the point that arrogant people often cause the attacks that they receive because they spark the envy of other people. The main reason is that an arrogant person has the thoughts and actions of self-superiority. When you present yourself as better than other people, and you feel the need to display your superiority, people hold you to that, and most people know despite a person's race, status, creed or any other attributes, that no one man is that much more superior than another. It's said that God says, "all men are created equal in God's eyes," therefore your arrogance which leads to self-importance and self-righteousness is a huge waste of time. There're so many more important things to do in life than the pursuits of vanity.

When I wrote about the sin envy coming from having someone to envy and in a lot of cases, it's because the one being envied displays themselves in a manner to cause another person to envy them. So when you talk about a person that causes envy in another person whether directly or indirectly, most of the time it's because a person can cause somebody to envy them when that person puts false pride in themselves and others for the purpose of being on display in front of others. When a person considers themselves better than other people, or they, take so much pride in what they have that they flaunt it in front of other people, generally that person will stir up feelings of dislike from other people based on the envy they cause by projecting false pride. So, this means that it's wrong to envy another person as well as it is to cause envy in another person which usually happens through one's false pride. Example: there's nothing wrong with luxury, but when you cause others to feel bad by flaunting your things and putting people down because they can't afford things, you give the impression that you think that you are better than other people because of things or whatever makes a person believe they're superior. Then this sin of false pride breeds the sin of envy in others who aren't strong enough to understand their greatness or at least realize the cause-and-effect of the sins and can combat their temptations and traps.
Therefore, false pride is when a person thinks they're luckier, smarter, more attractive or whatever attributes you can apply to a person that thinks they're better than other people and holds themselves over other people, because of those reasons and more.

Spiritually, this sin causes a person to miss out on the positive connection and energy a person can gain from other people, especially true love. You can truly love a friend for who they are, but if you have no friends, it may be because you built associations with people on worldly things of pride and fronts. That could mean a person thinks they have friends until they lose their toys and after that friends, because they took pride in materialistic things and not the authentic spiritual, positive connection with other people, then they find it's lonely when you connect more with things then real people. For instance money, status, power or just about any superficial thing people take pride in, but truly it's not in a person's best interest to live this way.
Take for instance the person that can be generous, but through one's false pride, they want people to glorify them for that generosity. Let's say a man gets a group of individuals to follow him to create revenue for a charity, and this leader might become blind to the patronization of that group of people that may continually be telling him how wonderful he is for his leadership, but not for the leader's personality as a person. If that person isn't recognized for donations anymore because they lose their personal finances or can't give to the charity any more, than those followers usually find someone else to envy. Now this hurts the pride of the person who has false pride in their heart, not because they want to give again to help people again, but because they want the attention back of being recognized as a leader and famous donor. Then that person feels the emptiness and the sting of people who went so far as to tell him that they love him, but it was false because true supporters stay with you in the good times and the bad ones. When a person loses whatever they possess then, false supporters make another person the focal point of pride. That's right, and people can be around you taking false pride in what you have so that they can satisfy their thirst for something to take pride in and cause envy in other people as well.
Money is only one example because false pride may very well be the root of all evil. As one sin begets another and so on, the beginning of all sinful actions seems to start with one's false pride. You can make a strong argument that greed is the root, but I believe I see false pride creating greed more than I see greed creating false pride. I'm open to debate with anyone. For instance, there are more damaging and dangerous things than money which will affect a person's false pride like whatever a person is vain about or arrogant about, like art. That's another reason why the word, "fan" is short for fanatic because people will be your fans and say they love you for your work, but fans are fickle. They can fall out of love with your work as fast as they fell in love with it and give their love to someone else. That means you can put too much of yourself in your work by way of spending time, money or you can make other sacrifices, just to become devastated when things don't work out.
These reasons lead to the most deadly forms of false pride which are vanity and arrogance. Physically, the vanity part of the pride, a lot of people think is a sin all by

itself, but it comes from false pride and envy such as putting one's physical appearance or one's character on a pedestal above other people, especially when that person wants others to idolize them. Vanity can be at the very root of most sins, because of the overall self-indulgence that causes the exposure of the core elements within us that causes us to commit bad actions. To be arrogant is similar, whereas a person's ability may seem to be the best or unbeatable, but a good person still doesn't use that to put others down because there will always be better people. It's like when a person may be the biggest in the area, but if he uses that fact to make others feel small, then eventually someone will cut them down to size, and of course I mean this metaphorically.
One way that vanity is a seed of self-destruction that grows into something that takes over your entire being is when a person parades their attractiveness around as if it makes them better than others. I believe that people should show the world how beautiful they are, inside and out, which means having pride in a positive way to uplift one's self-esteem to the point of having a real nice image is cool. That's why this sin deals with pride in the falsehood state of being. So, this means that beauty is a social construct based on what the people in that society find especially attractive which means being beautiful is superficial because it's based on social constructs. In the standards of real living, by which I mean in ways of having what you need for survival, being attractive means little to nothing. It's only when you mentally dwell within the hierarchy of society's social constructs that physical appearances mean things. Meaning to say, if I were in the woods just trying to survive, who cares what I look like concerning grooming and image. In our civilization, if a person is trying to get a job in a Fortune 500 corporation they would never come into the interview dressed like they were just trying to survive in a forest. So, it's good to have pride in yourself, but when you're aware of the thin lines between false pride and pride, you'll realize that there's nothing simple about the understanding of this sin and what it can do to people. It's a matter of concentrating on your good nature.
When a person does parade their attractiveness as if they're better than others, this can branch off into many forms of evil motivations such as vanity or jealousy. Jealousy is a part of envy, and a person doesn't have to do anything wrong for someone to be jealous of them. That's one side of the coin, but a person can cause jealousy when that person holds money, appearances or other things like awards over other people who will suffer from jealousy because the other person may flaunt these things. It's like the difference between a person who receives rewards and appreciation from everyone while graciously accepting the awards and moving on. This type of person makes people feel like it was a team effort and no one is better than the other person or have the courage to let the best person win. On the other hand, when a person wins an award and doesn't display any gratitude to anyone, it might make that person feel like no one could have done this but them, as they flaunt their award to no end while causing negative feelings

in other people to boil. In this situation, people don't know if you're that inconsiderate or unaware or if you're that egotistically full of false pride.
It's one's false pride that causes oneself to be vain most of the time. That means vanity can come from one's performance as well as a person's things and appearance. A person may not be physically attractive and still suffer the sin based on things like physical prowess or being rich. Many pro athletes can attest to this, a person not only gloats and boast, because of their outstanding performances in sport but if a person takes a massive amount of money, that they get from that sport and irresponsibly spend their money on flashy things, it brings negative attention. Usually, that means spending money in ways that will cause people to take pride in them and causes envy because the average person can't get these things. Especially, when the rich athlete displays and to incite vanity, jealousy, and arrogance.
Still the worst part of vanity is the excessive belief in one's appearance or other attributes, and this creates the greatest false pride in people. And still, mentally the excessive belief in one's abilities interferes with the individual's recognition of the grace of God. When you hear, "I this… I'm that… Me… Me… Me…”, from this person all the time, it might be an indication that this person is vain with their false pride.
It's this type of self-indulgence that makes a person say to another person, "you can only beat me by luck," as opposed to admitting to themselves that someone else is better than you. Now, you may consistently be the winner most of the time, but when someone is better than you, at that moment, will you be the bigger person and admit defeat with no excuses or will you cry about all of the excuses people come up with when they lose? Sometimes, someone else is going to be better than you or you make mistakes, and beat yourself. Either way a person's pride, in this case, can cause vanity that leads to lashing out at others.
Meaning that you don't have to have money to suffer false pride or any sub-sins like vanity or arrogance, but when a person's false pride comes from an abundance of money, it makes a person that much harder to deal with most of the time. To think of your worth and image as if it were gold isn't wrong unless you consider everyone else to be trash. That's the fine line between false pride and just being proud of yourself when it comes to your money and things in life, to be grateful of God's blessings and the creation of everything. But, it can lead to that great downfall, only if a person puts too much emphasize on the pride of self and having valuable things. If that person loses their worldly possessions, the pride that they had in material things can lead to the devastation of one's lifestyles. That means that almost all of us suffer from the fact that we put too much pride in having valuable things, image and living a certain lifestyle. If we lose it all, the people full of false pride will consider it to be the end of the World. The true stories of individuals that committed suicide because they were rich, but then lost it all, is tragic. That false pride can hurt when a man loses his job and can't feed his family.

It's nothing wrong with asking for help when you need to because some people let their pride get in the way of asking for help. A form of thinking that I'm still a victim of.
Christmas time is the worse concerning false pride. Suicide is always up this time of year because the false pride people take in their riches. But, it's more stress this time of year because of the fear of loss, false pride, greed and sense of urgency to get things by a deadline that makes people with heightened expectations unhappy. Especially, because children are the people you don't want to disappoint. People that can't afford a lot of things all too often just punish themselves when they can't deliver. We teach children that all their dreams magically come true this time of year, putting unbelievable pressure on people to deliver things and produce happiness. To me it's crazy how children learn early in life how to envy others for the things they get, have so much pride in things you get, be arrogant with things and a lot of other bad emotions and intentions. They also become jealous over things that others got as well as brag about what they got that other people couldn't. When people boast of having more feel as if they are God's gift to creation, it's harder to cure without harsh life lessons of loss and indifference. That will be explained in greater detail when we look at the flip-side of sins.

Last, but far from least, is the familiar sin of wrath. Again, these subjects are terms that we're acquainted with, but since the study of these subjects aren't mandatory as they should be, wrath may be one of those words that you only think you know. With so much violence in the world, wrath seems like a subject most people know already, but when you break it down, wrath is the result of a combination of sins. In other words, If false pride or greed is the root of all evil then wrath is the tip of the iceberg where things have already gone too far. That means that it's a thousand to one that pure wrath, out of nowhere, is your motivation behind your actions, like getting into a fight. Meaning that it's very rare that one human being attacks another person with violence, calling them dirty names, and taking their stuff for nothing, without a reason of motivation or provocation at all. With this in mind, wrath is a sin that usually has another sin to bring it out of a person. As Dr. Martin Luther King said, "violence begets violence," this is still a statement that says the sin of wrath causes wrath within others, but what's the root of that wrath? So, if pure wrath is a person's focal point, leading to the majority of that person's actions, then that person may be a psychopath or the result of a traumatic upbringing where they knew no love or bred for violence. But, evening a person breed for violence usually has to hold on to some motivation for their cause or to carry out some mission.
I'm also saying that victims bring their assaults on themselves, but it's not the case most of the time when a person is a victim. However, there's going to be at least one other sin behind the motive of wrath the majority of the time when wrath happens. The violence that occurs at a robbery comes from greed. The robber might feel that they're in no

position to take "no" for an answer, so out of fear of not getting what they want they harm or kill another person. So, in most cases, it's very rare that someone kills in cold blood, it only seems that way, because we're oblivious to the knowledge of the killer's root motivation. It's why we live in such a great country because our justice system wants to hear the motivation behind all criminal action before we pass judgment. As an enlightened people, we know everything isn't so black and white or cut and dry. Therefore, there are levels to the degree of how severe punishment may be.
Spiritually, since it takes at least one of the other sins to insight wrath, there's a sense of hitting rock-bottom before you allow yourself to reach anger and fury. Easily seen as a weakness in a person and consistently shows in our negative attitude, but the worst part is that it's an easy place to become stagnant within one's life. Again, that sense of hitting the bottom when you dwell in negativity and when you are known as a grumpy person means that negativity is eating away at you. Being lost in this state of mind will eat away at your time, life, and soul like a deep rooted disease. So, wrath in the form of things like cursing, anger, evil plots, screaming and arguing on a daily basis will kill a person early in life as it internally eats away at a person like a sickness.
Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there, as much as a person's negativity eats away at their soul, wrath is as deadly to the life of people around us as it is to us because we can suck the life out of everyone around us with our negativity. It's one thing if you're the furious boss that everyone avoids because nothing good accompanies your visit, but when your children run and hide from you in fear, there's a problem that is within. A person's false pride can cause severe punishments or violence if that person's way or order is not kept up. When you affect others in this manner, it's calculated on your soul, especially if your actions cause someone else to be sinful. Think about this, and the other person may have committed the sin, but you would take a calculation on your soul for being the instigator behind that person's sin. Let's say you stress someone out to the point that they do harm to someone else, then, in the end, you will share that responsibility, especially if you believe in the day of judgment.
When a person's sin motivates them to physically hurt another person, then they need to be healed from the deep rooted issues of sins. Things like racism, bullying, gang violence are just excuses to commit or unleash the wrath that eats away at that person's being. The worst action that happens as a result of wrath is killing another human because you can apologize for harsh words and most other measures, but death is final. You can't take it back, bring someone back or replace them with anyone else. The effects can be devastating to more people than just the two or more people that were initially involved. In a murder, a person kills another person, but so many more lives can be affected. Not just an individual who committed the crime, because they can be murdered from retaliation, have their conscious haunt them for the rest of their life, get locked up for the rest of their life, or put to death by the justice system. It must be horrible

to live the rest of your life with the guilt of a non redeemable act.
On both sides of the fence, what about the family? The family of a person that took a life may lose their love one to the prison system, but they can still visit while the families of victims suffered an irreplaceable loss. The victim could have left behind a spouse, children, siblings, parents and a lot of other people that may have depended on that person, loved that person or at least miss that person greatly. Taking one life may ruin many lives on both ends, but unjustly taking a life whether that life will be missed or not, is one life too many.
Wrath is not limited to physical violence because verbal wrath can have more deadly long-lasting effects. On that thought, when you look at revenge and being a vigilante, you'll find that violence is only a part of these acts of wrath. There's a thin line between the two, but an act of wrath usually sets people on these paths of revenge or being a vigilante.
When someone does something that hurts you or hurts someone you care about, the tendency is to retaliate. Giving birth to the thoughts of retribution, but it's a question of the retaliation. Is it a justified reason or is it an act of revenge? If the act isn't an act of revenge, you have to ask yourself, is it an act of being a vigilante? It's wrath that calls for, "an eye for an eye", but in this case, a person intends to use wrath to bring about justice. So, is it a right thing to do?
Acts of justice don't have to be accompanied by violence to contain the sin of wrath, but sometimes authority needs enforcement with a firm hand. Sometimes anger and fury are displayed in more forms than violence, like when the emotion of hate is built up. For example, Someone does something bad to you, and you retaliate with more and greater force then what happened to you, committing damaging acts that go far beyond physical confrontation. Another example is; a person thinks their spouse has cheated on them, so in return they have an affair. Most people would confront their spouse or at least gather up undeniable evidence to prove their case, but if a person acts on impulse with no facts then this impetuous person's actions may be based on the fact that this person wanted to believe anything as an excuse to do something they already wanted to do, which in this case would be to cheat on their partner. Therefore, it's a person's lust, greed, false pride or the other sins that cause a person's feelings of wrath to lead them to actions like cheating, fury, lying, stealing and killing.
I have seen a lot from the many different neighborhoods I've lived in, and that's from a range of rich to poor, good people and bad on both ends. I've seen the wrath and the fury of inner-city women raising the multitude of children basically by themselves with no man in the house. With a lack of education and being too young themselves, anger and violence are passed down to children that can't defend themselves, but they learn to transfer that brutality down to weaker and smaller people than them, because this is what's happening to them. I've seen a upper-middle-class family where the mother and

father are present, but due to the stress of constantly chasing money for the purpose of having what everyone else has and trying to be something of higher expectations, that pressure is put on the children. Children that may not know any better, stressed-out trying to be captain of the football team or the leading scorer on the basketball team and many other things of false pride and vanity. These children may deny themselves total balance in life as they chase after what their parents may think is the most important stuff like taking away their choice of education or sports involvement. Many children are pushed into dancing, sports, musical instruments and many other hobbies against their will. All of these subjects have a thin line because they're critical things to do, but without balance, the right goals and the proper purpose, many people crack under the pressure of what these things bring without precise balance.
On an entirely different note, wrath affects people mentally in very self-damaging ways like anger, self-hate or just being mean all the time. A person that's angry all of the time is someone very few people like. These people are only tolerated usually by family, but not by many people outside of a tiny circle. The main reason is people who are always negative kill the positive attitudes of personages around them when they bring their negative attitude around. It's a classic case of, "misery loves company" because a negative person brings down people who are attracted or entrapped by the negativity, but it's also a play on the old saying that, "it's lonely at the top". When a person has enough self-discipline to stay away from negative people, unclean living and the majority of the transgressions in the World, that person may find it lonely at the top, because they're not doing what comes most easy. It's very easy to go out to party and drink, and it's not very easy to stay away from a social life to get your business together first in life.
Most people try to stay away from negative people, but it's not always an easy thing to do because negativity is like a mud pit. Once you fall in, it's hard to get out of the slippery walls, because it's comfortable. It's easy to live in the comfortable pitfalls of all the sins because they're our vulgar desires that make us feel good, and they're often very fun which motivates us to fall a victim of our actions. Leading us to regret having too much fun and the consequences of always wanting what feels good as opposed to what you need in life. Nevertheless, it's a trap of one's inner being to be pulled down into the pits of hate as well as self-hate.
A person faces so many personal snares when it comes to wrath. Therefore, this is a subject unlike any other and the reason why I want to build an open discussion of our self-improvement by establishing the blog we can always go to and we can always use to improve ourselves with open dialogue at,
People suffer such personal falsehoods like being blinded with negativity to the point they'll argue to win an argument, but not to be correct or gain understanding. If they're not correct, these people will not admit to themselves their faults and continue to argue just

to come out on top of the argument, right or wrong. It's like saying the sky is pink because someone else said it was blue. Then that person sticks to the argument that the sky is pink, not because it's pink, but because this person wants to win the argument at all costs or at least be considered right just for the sake of winning the argument. This person thinks they're a winner of debates, but they just out talked or become louder then the other person to the point people want to leave them alone to waddle in their ignorant bliss.
Holding grudges are a form of wrath which can be considered the root to revenge and sometimes to be a vigilante. What's worse is becoming a vindictive person that'll never let anything slide. That means that a person that retaliates for every little thing done to them with petite forgiveness in their heart is not a good person to be around at all. When forgiveness is scarce this person will often lash out at anything and just about anyone. It's like going to war because someone stepped on your shoe or never seeing anything constructive in someone's criticism, especially when directed at you. A person like this will usually let, "an eye for an eye", go too far. If someone bumps into you and apologizes, but you still push them back anyhow, yelling in anger and ready for a violent confrontation, then you're in the wrong. A child takes some of your candy without permission, so you show up at their birthday party to take a huge part of their cake because you think it's fair. Someone doesn't invite you to their party, so you throw one just not to invite them. All of these things of petty acts of revenge are a waste of your time that will eat away at your soul. If you don't believe in having a soul you can still see how malice eats away at your future, the most precious thing in life. Especially, if you consider the fact that you don't believe life goes on when we pass away. That's all the more reason to spend your time in the ideal life because it's too short to live or end a life all over something petty.
Rage will get you put in a cage. People that are negative about things all of the time and people that are angry all the time are the ones that find themselves in wrathful situations too often. It's wrath when anger always gets the better of a person and causes a person to lose control while acting on that anger. Doing things out of rage is different than doing things out of hate, but with the root elements in place for both, they often go hand-in-hand. Whereas hate can be something that builds up over a period and dwell in a person's heart which can lead to plots and schemes implemented on that hate. Rage it's more of a spontaneous emotion sparked by any annoyances or whatever pulls the trigger on a person's temper. Not to say that rage can't build up over time, because it does, but hate is usually aimed at a target like a person, whereas anger will dwell in a person waiting for any unfortunate target. That's what I mean when I say a person's rage sparked by the bigotry they feel towards other people is a dangerous ignorance. These things create negativity in a person, and sometimes you can't tell where it's coming from because sometimes it's just negativity from somewhere other than rage or hate, but it's

something that's deep in their thinking.
At the same time, rage is more than when a person lets something get to them too easy. It's especially damaging to children because they often have to bite their tongue, turn the other cheek and take a lot of hardships in the World at the hands of a parent's rage. All too often when these people come home to their family who become easy targets to take a person's rage and frustrations out on because they're vulnerable. In a sense, it's very hard being bullied by people you love and who are supposed to love you, but these people are often too small to fight back and suffer the "low man on the totem pole," syndrome. And, because love and forgiveness often come into play, it makes it very hard to say the word, "bullying," when you're referring to love one's. At the same time, in these situations, wrath does exist, and it's something we can eliminate or at least kept under control.
For the average person, most of the wrath that we find ourselves in is like a sickness that needs the cure of love and understanding. We need positive things and thinking surrounded by positive people with thriving healthy attitudes. That brings joy in life, but to continually add fuel to the fire by doing little negative things out of spite, puts a person closer to the walking dead mentalities of people, because the fact that a person suffers the other sins in life so much before it even comes to that point of wrath. Because of this, a person is also at the point of self-destruction and a hair away from doing or being something that a person may not be able to make up for at all. For instance, many arguments that end up with one person dead was not the intent of those two people when the quarrel started. Too many people have been locked up for life, because of the manslaughter that they may have purposely or accidentally caused to their spouse, child, parents or someone else that thought this person would protect them and never harm them. But, when anger flares and wrath causes tempers to rise, bad things happen in the heat of the moment which makes wrath a very dangerous thing to a person and others. The last thing anybody should want to do is commit an action that you'll not be able to make amends for, like murder.
The wrath we bring on ourselves when it comes to money and the material realm is our biggest problem. The biggest problem in the entire World is war. We need a perfect peaceful utopia on this planet where war does not exist. Seeking war and power over people with physical force has been the root of poverty in the entire World. To study this, you must study people like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi and other people who bring elements of arguments for and against world war. Here you'll find the pros and the cons of war, but what stands out to me is the fact that we create things for the purpose of destruction more than creating the avenues of education and the upliftment of the human race which is the only race that matters. We train more for using force with each other then we train to love one another.
On another summarizing note of wrath, is the fact that Wrath is the only sin not

necessarily based on self-interest or selfishness. Although the other sins are the self-involved kind the causes of wrath such as greed, envy, or gluttony are the reasons a person wants to lie, steal or kill. But, most importantly, wrath can be anger, fury and rage pointed at one's self. That's very dangerous because people usually don't envy themselves, but if you're slothful, greedy, gluttonous, or full of false pride then you're in a state of being within yourself that motivates you to do harm to yourself or in other words, hate yourself. That may be one of the most elusive concepts to grasp because it deals with the way we harm ourselves, but the main exceptions, opinions, and misunderstandings we may have to ourselves. For instance, a person's lust may cause excessive masturbation which may do harm to that person physically, mentally, and spiritually feeling self-hate over an urge that can become addictive. Numerous things may cause wrath to be turned in on one's self and lead to utter self-destruction. Thus, suicide is the result of internal wrath caused by depression, self-hate, feelings of worthlessness and many other things that can bring a person's self-esteem down.
When you look at this concept closely, patterns of self-destruction can be found when you examine people's inner motivations and discover what drives a person. You must find the positivity in a person to help them destroy their own negativity. It's like a person who suffers from slothfulness and gluttony which in turn has made this person obese. The psychological damage caused when this person realizes that they need to make a change may be too much to handle in that person's mind, especially if they're being bullied, disrespected or belittled. Therefore, if this causes that person to hate themselves so much that they take the opposite approach of getting in shape by becoming more slothful and gluttonous, then this is that person's wrath turned inward on themselves. False pride can lead a person to believe that they're not attractive. It doesn't matter if nasty people said that person was unattractive, it's false pride and maybe the envy of others, that allows these things to hurt whether they're true or not, especially to the point of taking your life. Beauty isn't everything, no more than money is everything or power for that matter. I heard it said that suicide is the final rejection of God's great gift of life.
That's why people who seem to have it all still fall a victim to suicide (like Kurt Cobain and Robin Williams) and people who have nothing as if they don't see another way out. Some people want to get it all over with, because they found life too hard and other people kill themselves slowly with junk food, drugs, alcohol or something else. Some say it's selfless because it would be better for other people if they were gone. Some people just lost interest in taking care of themselves. Therefore, they do dangerous stunts and dare devilish stuff that shows that they don't care for themselves. Then they're people that live dangerous because they love the thrill of life maybe a little too much. But, the main problem with this is that it comes in so many forms, at this point, most people are thinking about any of the X games, skiing down a treacherous mountain or rock-climbing and how they're dangerous, but fun. Well, that could be true for some of

these people, but the people that I'm talking about mostly deal in things like prostitution, gang members or drug dealing. A lot of times these people find that they have wrath towards themselves which led them down these paths of self-destruction. Wrath is not the bottom line to these choices, but it's one of the reasons people wind up suffering by these choices.
On that note, thank you to the people who made the movie, "Seven", because that's where I first learned about the existence of the seven sins. It's the reason a foundation on this subject was formulated in my mind because I've been to churches when I was little, I even went to a Catholic school, but the study of the seven sins never came up. If it did once or twice, it still wasn't presented or taught in a way that would be a memorable application for self-advancement and self-government.
On The Flip-Side
That was the seven sins, something that's not a set of rules or commandments to break or blindly follow, but it's a breakdown of our basic human flaws and motivations that cause our unhappiness, unruliness, and other things which lead to our untimely demise. As I studied the seven sins, it became apparent to me that it still seemed like I was only studying the wrong and concentrating on what not to do which felt like scrutinizing rules anyhow. That wasn't enough for me, so I began to wonder, what was the opposite of sins?
I had a few ideas, but I commenced asking people to find out the answer, so I can see if it was common knowledge and I was the only person in the dark about it. I surveyed a large variety of people, especially from a range of sex and age, but I also asked people that I knew wouldn't have the answer and then people that I believed would have the answer. Only to find out that most people I knew didn't even know what the seven sins were, let alone have any clue to the opposite of sins. From the people that I surveyed no one even knew what to call them. At first, it was very fun debating with people, teaching and being educated on the subject until it became very explicit that this may be one of our major problems in the entire World.
Since I didn't find the answers I was looking for among my parents, friends, co-workers, business partners, associates, religious people and complete strangers, I took it to the Bible, Qur'an and Internet. I found out that the study of the opposite of sins is nothing new, and it's as ancient as the study of sin itself. What I found out was that the opposition of sins is called virtues.
Virtues are the other side of sins, but as you will find out, they're not complete opposites of the sin, they're the opposition to the sin. It's like the tool you would use to combat a sin, and it's not just an opposite of the sin. That will become clearer as we go on because there's a complete opposition to each of the sins which are also as unique and complex of a study in human philosophy as the study of sins. Before I dig deep into the seven virtues, I want to go over the key points about the seven sins once more.

1. The seven sins have many branches to them because they're the root of the evil in our human nature. Anything associated with negativity like arrogance, pettiness, jealousy, bullying and things like hate can be broken down to its very last compound, and there you'll find at least one sin as the motive behind any negativity or unjust actions.
2. That means lying, stealing, cheating, fighting, sex, business, and murder are only actions and it's the motivation of either a sin or virtue that determines whether these acts are good or bad. It's not just interpretation of the law, orders or rules.
3. A thing like money is not the root of all evil, for it is just an inanimate material thing. It's a value that only has the power we give it which means it has no bias of good or bad, we do. It's the motivation of people that's behind a person's actions of acquiring wealth and how they use and spend it which is the actual root of the seemingly evil of money and that's us.
When there's something more valuable than money that an evil person wants then they'll apply that same evil they used to obtain money to obtain any item that they see the value. Sometimes we don't see that it's perhaps more than just greed that people suffer from when it comes to money, but conceivably lust, gluttony, false pride, envy, or slothfulness as the reason a person does anything that they can to get money or anything else. Money is just the most recognizable thing that attracts sin, but it only brings out of us what's already there and would be brought out by something other than money. Something like dranking.
With that being said, when I write about the seven virtues, please keep the virtue of "temperance" in mind, because it will not be the most important one to everyone, but it's key to us all. If this is new thinking for you, it may be very hard not applying your emotions to lifeless objects or actions that most people thought were motives. Especially when it comes to money, because if you don't know the human system of living, then you need to know that our society is designed in a manner where you need a lot of financial stability to take care of yourself. Your income is important to your family in the long run and to do great good with, but here lies the fact that a sizable income, temptation and increases the ability to do evil increases. It's a matter of choice for a good person to use the powers of income to do good. At the same time, money is only a thing/concept, and you can't take it with you when you pass away. By design of our society, income is a "need" for every civilized person because it allows us to take care of ourselves and family. In our society, every person needs an income to have an absolute, complete and total balanced life.

The seven virtues are (in no particular order):
1. Chastity
2. Temperance
3. Charity
4. Diligence

5. Kindness
6. Humility
7. Patience
That has been one of the funniest studies I've ever done. Right away, I notice I was familiar with some words and others are completely foreign to me, but in my defense, everyone I surveyed was pretty much in the same boat. That's what I love about words and becoming wiser because you think you know a word until you look up the definition. Then you become wiser as you find out a deeper meaning applied to that word. That's another reason why the study of the virtues are just as important, if not more important than the sins because sins are what you want to eliminate, but the virtues are what you want to practice. You see, with rules and commandments you only have regulation of what not to do which is really straightforward, but the sins and virtues are more than just our common, "do's and don't's". The practice of the virtues is like saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."
That makes it possible for you to practice being good as you keep away bad habits and temptations. You should always want to keep up study on ways to avoid sin because knowledge is power and the wisdom of sins and virtues is the power of self-government. That means that the practice of the ways of virtues leads to the path where sin will not be a part of your habits nor motivations in carrying out your normal actions of living a good life for yourself, family and eventually others as well. That's where a person would say, "it's not in my nature", but you choose to apply that to the positive or negative thinking. It's a matter of choosing not to be in the nature of sin and be in the nature of virtues. Unfortunately, what people are saying is that the lifestyle and habits of uncontested sins feel so ordinary and comfortable that fighting against them to be a better person will cut into too many things that we find pleasurable. That will make virtue a person's greatest fight and that's about yourself control, so much to the point that a lot of people will back down from that fight because it's more comfortable to live with the sin. So, how do you feel about yourself? But remember, you must measure this in levels, not absolutes because we all have the sins within us, but we all have virtues as well. The only thing is, are you the type of person that will suppress your good side with sins or do you suppress your bad side with virtues? Which side does your scale tilt more too? That's a most interesting study on human desires of good and bad, so let's begin examining the virtues by saying each virtue and stating which sin is its opposition.


If you're familiar with the word chastity, then you pretty much guessed right if you guessed that it's the opposition to lust. But, if you've never looked up the definition of the word then you might only have a stereotypical version of its meaning. Chastity is sexual

behavior that's acceptable to the moral standards and guidelines of one's culture, civilized nation or such as religion. Woo! That means two big things for us in my opinion. First, the norms of a person's society formulate and dictates what's acceptable and what's not, but there'll always be people and groups of people within groups, where the study and practice of what is acceptable will either be strict, average or pushed to its limits. On the other hand, the 2nd major thing is, if your society is corrupt or deviant then this might leave you on a sinking ship to hell with plenty of company if you willingly follow a lustful way when you know it's wrong. Even though, it's the norm and acceptable. That's more of an opinion, like if you were raised to express yourself sexually in a bad way then it's not your fault when you come in contact with a large group or society that tells you your practices are deemed not normal, unhealthy or of a unrighteous nature. Now, it's on you to see the light for your own good or suffer the consequences. Here's a clear case where creating simple rules don't apply, because a person doesn't have a choice on how much they want to change themselves if they want to change themselves at all. In this case, the minority might feel that the majority is wrong, or the minority might want to change everything to fit in with the majority.
Meaning that sex before marriage is normal in this country. Therefore, it's not viewed as a sin like it may have once been a long time ago in this country. Especially for a lady, if you had sex out of wedlock, most people considered it to be a sinful act of a person's weak lustful character, but in today's world, it's more people that consider it not normal if you don't have sex before you get married. Meaning that chastity will always be a living philosophy, changing and growing as a debatable subject for what's acceptable sexual behavior and practices. That also means that sex is not a sin, but how you have sex and lust for sex can lead to the health problems of practicing sex in a dirty lustful way. That brings up the scenario of people who are only sex partners with loyalty to each other or their group by only having sex with each other and do the kinkiest sexual acts, but committed to living a long, happy and clean life. Whereas, a person can be very strict about not being kinky and even though they're very simple regarding how they have sex, still can be the person that falls a victim to the pitfalls of unclean sex and bad practices. This person still can catch a sexually transmitted disease, hurt themselves in other physical manners or be subjected to psychological problems, viewpoints, and judgments of society's view on sex. Again, a scenario of a couple being very kinky with each other, doing things that most consider nasty, but staying true to each other. While another person can like having sex in a very plain manner, but still choose to cheat with multiple partners, putting everyone they come in contact with in danger.
Chastity also means to abstain, so a person can keep the specialness of yourself to share with a person you care about, because to truly make love you'll share in a spiritual energy that's unmatched by anything in the World. But, Chastity doesn't mean abstinence, nor is it equivalent to its meaning. That also doesn't mean that sex only has

to be with one person in a lifetime, but it does mean you have to have self-control over your low desires. But, chastity doesn't have to mean any of this, if your family, society or civilization views sex differently. At the same time, just because a person finds a like-minded group of lustful sinners, doesn't make one's perversions right, normal or acceptable.
Spiritually, this means that one's chastity is an inward journey of personal strength and self-control. To have self-control is key to the most meaningful part of chastity, so as not to lose one's self and life to meaningless relationships that leave a person empty in the long run or full of false pride leading to other sins. If the relationship is empty, then both people may be wasting time in the realm of spiritual connections and pursuing worthlessness. Or, one person may be wasting the other person's time and emotional investment, which is truly wrong, if done intentionally. The hollow actions of pleasing the flesh is what lust is all about, but chastity leads to more loving relationships. It's when you see pass the flesh we build deeper connections with other people, whether you're in a sexually active relationship or not which is the norm for this society, but with equal value in a society where abstinence is the norm. At the same time, both those points will always be a debatable subject as long as the freedom of choice is available and we keep a variety of societies.
I believe that when you practice chastity to find that spiritual connection called love, shared with someone that should love the balance in you as you love them for the balance within them more than their physical appearance, it'll be what's known as true love. You can find a love and spiritual connection in a very practical relationship as well as one with a lot of fire and passion. That means some people have a relationship that's express openly in a very caring and loving manner for the world to see. These people are often very affectionate towards each other whether they're in public or private. Just because a couple isn't affectionate doesn't mean there's no love. It may work mentally, building that relationship based on the clarity of the other person's true feelings about the commitment they have towards one another and with no games in a very practical relationship. As long as loyalty, commitment, trust, and honesty exist, most relationships can thrive. Even when it's not about a long-term relationship, it's about respect. Be secure in your high standards and try not to look back with regret on your turn downs, rejections and losses. The value will always be in what you learn and grow wiser from inquiring.
Physical attraction causes our hormones to react which makes our bodies want physical contact which often distracts or impairs our ability to think clearly, because of our more primal needs and instincts to satisfy our urges for physical pleasure. Especially the men, we seem to have this chemical reaction with our hormones that can take over our higher levels of thinking and consciousness and this causes us to lose focus as we make bad decisions on behalf of our lower desires. It's a person's mental toughness, resolve, and

willpower that gives a person the ability to stay a virgin (Virgin = A person that has not had sex.) until they are married, because of their ability to control the lower desires for a much higher purpose. According to the definition of the word, chastity, there's nothing wrong with not having sex or having sex! That means if you have been a lustful person with excessive meaningless sex and now you decide to clean up your lust and abstain from sex until it's with someone special then you went from being a bad person to being good, in this regard of lust and chastity. On the other hand, just because a person has been having sex outside of the tradition of wedlock, doesn't necessarily make that person a wicked person.
Now, I don't know if you can be a born-again virgin, but people can change for the better. That change has to come from that person's willpower to want to be more, plus have more respect for themselves, and expect more out of themselves because they want to make a change for the better within themselves. For this sin, people that change for the better, do it because of something deep within themselves to mentally resist one of the World's number one pleasures; lust. There's nothing wrong with desiring the opposite sex, but lust is desire gone too far. That also means what you feed your mind on a daily basis has to be controlled, or you run the risk of tainting your mind. If you keep your thoughts pure, your actions will be. In our society, "sex sells" and that means half naked women are everywhere from the streets to our televisions. But, sexual seduction doesn't stop with them, and not even our children are safe from sexual suggestions in toys, cartoons, and I would suggest keeping close tabs on your child's activity on the Internet. If you take too much time out of your life to chase lust, then you are mentally weak for those moments. If you don't control, yourself you might always have to seek help or your soul may fall a victim to low desires of the body.
When your body feels the need to take care of that urge for sexual desire, controlling one's lust is a lot more difficult when you feed your mind lustful garbage. A person's choice to feed themselves lustful thoughts of low sexual desires creates a multitude of problems that will not only cause a person to hurt themselves but other people as well. So, a person should think of chastity as controlling one's low desires for lust. It's paramount, because sexual behavior is a purity in the balance, so if you're not practicing controlling your lust as a part of achieving balance in your life, the balance will be very very difficult. A person can end up tarnishing their soul, degrading their mind as well as disrespecting, ruining, or exploiting their body. A person who wants to seek perfection or at least, be the best person they can be, will explore purity of the body, mind, and soul which will allow them to gather wealth without wasting time being sinful concerning lust.
Chastity is the personal control over one's sexual desires and holding the power of inner strength over lust. It does a person no good to save themselves for a time, but with plans to be a sexual deviant when they finally have some freedom. The same goes for the parents or guardians that are more likely to carry out this scenario in the manner of being

very strict on a child, but not very informative, so when that child finally gets the freedom, they fall a victim to their sexual desires. This personal choice is not just some religious thing, and it's your power of self-control for the good of your physical and sexual health. Yes, it's good for the soul, but physically, mentally and wealth wise lust can be very dangerous. How we have sex with and with whom we have sex with can damage us for life or it can bring an end to our life abruptly with a sexually transmitted disease (S.T.D.). There're S.T.D.'s that can stay with a person for life, slowly killing a person or it can kill a person fairly quick if they have no way of getting any help. That means that you're not only careful about how clean you are before you have sex. Also, you need to make sure that your partner is clean as well.
It's also a part of lust to make sure the sanity of our mind is there to control lust because our desires can cause mental afflictions and dangerous ideas, stereotypes, self-philosophy, delusion, miseducation and worst of all abuse of power. I can imagine that it would be very hard to control any one of these if you have been placed in a fixed or arranged marriage because you have no control over how your partner is going to be. Unfortunately, in the freedom of choosing your partner, there's been a great difficulty as well. In our society where most of us have the freedom to choose our partner in a relationship, there're so many pitfalls to watch out for, and some partners come with more traps after getting married than before or during the relationship. Many problems like spouse abuse, rape or moral debates about homosexuality are books all of its own. Also, remember chastity is society's law of average of what's sexually right which will always seem to change with time, culture and way of life. And, a huge part of the peace that our soul enjoys comes when we have been good to our bodies in the long run which chastity plays a major role.
Just like pride, when it sometimes causes the sin of envy in other people, it's equally important for the sake of your chastity to not cause the sin of lust in other people! For instance, your appearance can either enhance your image or take away from it in many way and forms such as finding the balance between what's sexy or slutty. That goes for guys and girls because causing temptation is part of lust and it's just as bad for a man's soul as it is for woman's soul to cause lust in other people. And, it's just as bad for the one with lust as well as the person(s) that causes the lust in others. Ironically, by way of the nature of attraction, it's the women who have to deal with being the cause of someone's lust more often than a man will, it still doesn't negate the fact that it's equally bad for both sexes.
As women want to be viewed as sexy, the images that women put out have brought light to respecting the human body as the beautiful art form that it is. Unfortunately, in a society where women are wearing less and less with the right to wear something provocative and revealing, it can cause the lust that may encourage a physical, mental, or spiritual attack. People have enough problems of their own, trying to control their lust

without someone making it hard on them to do so. The Orthodox Muslim women cover themselves from head to toe so as not to cause lust with their beauty and I'm not saying any woman should go to such extremes, but I understand. So, practice chastity because the idea behind such actions should make a lady aware of what she must do to command respect. So as to control the destructive power of lust. I know this treads the thin line on many things, like what a person can and cannot wear. That's interpreted as saying that you may bring your sexual crimes against you, because of what you wear. Some people can't help what God gave them, so if other people lust after you because of that, then it's something that you can't control all the time. But, if you're one of those people that flaunt and use what God gave you to cause the lust in other people than you're in the wrong, and hopefully you'll think about changing your ways because something awful might happen to you or someone else.
This part of lust, when a person causes lust in other people, isn't always about being naked or distasteful garments that are too revealing, but it always comes down to attitude. How you carry yourself shows your level of chastity. If you carry yourself in an easy, vulnerable or unintelligent manner, lustful people will always test how far they can go with you in a distasteful manner. If you're nasty and disgusting the quality of people that will approach you will always be weak as well as their respect for you. When a person's attitude and distasteful image causes the lust in other people, it will more than likely, cause other sins like envy, jealousy, gluttony and the greed of others to manifest in ways uncalculated. A person that causes the lust of other people, especially when that person's attractiveness causes it, tends to cause false pride, arrogance, and vanity. All of these things leads to wrath like fighting over another person's choice on who they want to be with or deciding to kill someone because they chose someone else over you. People have to ask themselves, is it love or lust when fighting or killing over it, because of the fear of loss over what was once considered yours. It's on every individual to ask themselves is it truly worth it. In retrospect, for most of these people, it's not worth it, because when it's over, there's no satisfaction, but a void of regret, guilt, and emptiness. So, through a person's lustful appearance and attitude one can inadvertently cause the reason others want to bring their envy, lust and other sins like wrath against you.
The bottom line is that you should be happy with yourself, and now this information should make you content with yourself and increase your levels of chastity. Now, of course, we want to take pride in ourselves without having false pride in our high levels of chastity, because it's something to be very proud of for life. It's important to say this here because there are still misconceptions about chastity that have yet to be cleared up, but it will make it easier to understand all of this information once you go over it again and clear these misconceptions up. Remember, chastity is also measured in levels, not absolutes. It's not something that ends once you're married or if you're no longer a virgin. For instance, a person could've been on low levels of chastity such as having sex all the

time with multiple partners and then come to the realization of how wrong those actions have been, so they turn their life around and increase their levels of chastity for the betterment of their life. Unfortunately, some may judge you by your past, but what will always be important is your personal future. As long as you have life, it's never too late to clean up and turn your life around, especially with lust because you can always increase your levels of chastity.
Chastity is not just about being a virgin or when you lose your virginity because you don't lose your chastity because you've lost your virginity. You can't say, "I'm not a virgin anymore, so chastity doesn't apply to me". Chastity will simply take on a new role for you as it will in a multitude of circumstances as it will always be changing its role in your life like in marriage, having children, possible divorce or other circumstances in a relationship like getting old. Now, what you have to ask yourself is what's your level of chastity? But, before you can fully answer that question for yourself, there's more to the main part to chastity to talk about that clears up a great deal about chastity and with this clarity, you may want to read this chapter over again before moving on.
If you didn't know anything about chastity before you read this information, then it's likely that you might have confused chastity with abstinence. Chastity is not just about being abstinence because abstinence means that you go without sex. While a huge part of chastity is the practice of abstinence, chastity is not abstinence! Abstinence is good for children until they become of age, but what then? Are they free now to be sexual deviance or is it even healthy in today's society to be abstinence until you're married? I only ask this because of people who chose career first or find themselves going on 30yrs old with no prospects to marry. This is why chastity is something different and it doesn't mean just to go without, like abstinence means to go without, but chastity means having control over your lower desires whether you chose to go without or not. You see, some people's control over their chastity means abstinence, but marriage chastity means not cheating on your love, respecting your spouse's desires and still having the respect for yourself to stay clean. It also means staying away from things that you may pick up that can harm your partner. It's the part of you that has self-control over your lust and raises your levels of respect and health.
Now keep an open mind on this one, because I'm not saying I'm in a relationship like this or will ever be. I'm also not saying that I would be totally opposed to being in a relationship where both partners have decided to be together as life-partners, but in addition to having sex with each other, they've decided that it's okay to have sex with other people outside of the relationship. Then that becomes your personal rules of chastity, even if it's not considered a proper way of chastity by your society. That's also another reason why it's more than a rule because the levels of what's acceptable and what's not acceptable are always challenged according to the definition of chastity. It's normal to challenge the levels of what is acceptable without the guilt of feeling like you

have broken a law. As we, grow and learn our acceptable levels of chastity, it'll not stop changing, because it's gauged in levels of negotiable acceptance.
In conclusion about chastity, people must know that it's our ability to control ourselves in terms of lust and low desire that's the power of chastity. It's about making intelligent, wise and respectful decisions about the future of your sexual behavior. I would hope that you wouldn't judge another person too harshly about their sexual preferences or choices without knowing that person better as you don't want people to judge you too harshly just because they don't agree with your choices and preferences. As I found out as an entertainer, you can easily be in a crowd that's behind you as easily as you can find yourself in a crowd that's against you. Plus, the idea of not having sex until you're married may be an obsolete part of chastity depending on what crowd, family or society you belong. Things like peer pressure come into play not just for children, but for anyone who's a minority about anything, especially when that majority likes to push, pry and influence decisions. Chastity is not a metaphor for going without sex. That's in the minds of too many people, but with this clarity, I hope people will clearly understand that they need to be aware of chastity consistently in their life and this is the control of the lust that could hold you back, control or ruin your life. So, keep the virtue of chastity consistent in your life to fight off the sin of lust.

Please, don't feel bad about not knowing this word, because most people find this a new study. I didn't know it when I first saw it. That's also part of the problem of our society which is the fact that we're not teaching our children this ancient wisdom of virtues. For the most part, most people are familiar with the existence of sins, but the study of virtues which are the combatants of sin is virtually nonexistent, and absolutely no connection is drawn to the two. So, temperance is the opposition to gluttony, and it means to have the willpower of taking things in moderation. It means to have self-control and the power to resist overindulgence.
Just as false pride is the root sin of all sins, temperance is the key virtue to being virtuous and righteous. Even the knowledge in, The Science of Getting Rich, states that a person, "shouldn't even try to get rich unless you have control of yourself first". The lack of self-discipline is the reason so many lottery winners go broke soon after they win millions of dollars. Temperance is the core value that you see within great people throughout all time, and it'll always be at the core of great people as long as people exist. This virtue is the core value that can be seen consistently across time and culture in all good people.
Temperance is self-control that shows in your healthy body, mind, soul and material. But, first of all let's talk about how spirituality builds character. When it comes down to it, temperance is the core virtue that will keep all sins in check because everyone needs to control themselves to succeed in any endeavor. To have control over one's excess, plus continue to grow rich is a very tough discipline. To have abstinence so that you may find

true love, that's not based on a sexual relationship. And there are many more examples of why temperance will be the blueprint to your modesty, humility, prudence, self-regulation, and self-control over governing yourself. Most importantly, it'll be a huge part of the reason you'll find forgiveness and mercy for yourself.
Especially when it comes to forgiving yourself. When you can forgive your mistakes and your faults, you can see your goodness shine as you learn lessons about yourself and grow from them. We all have faults and make mistakes, but can you temper how harsh you are on yourself. This is the cause of self-loathing and the reason people lose control over these self-disciplines which create problems such as overeating. This very reason is the excuse that many people use when they suffer from gluttony.
I need to reiterate that temperance is a necessity because it's the ability of self-control and moderation for yourself, hence, the reason why it's the opposition of gluttony. To lower your levels of gluttony, which is the same as overindulgence, you need the self-control of temperance. Now, think about what you just read about chastity. To increase or maintain high levels of chastity you must temper your low desires of lust. You don't want to suppress all of your passion and have a robotic love life, because it's healthy to have a great sex life, especially in marriage. Now as you learn more about the seven sins and how to make yourself more righteous through the use of virtues, always keep temperance in mind, because it involves resisting impulses like overeating, sexual desires, vanity or anger, just to name a few.
Gluttony being about over eating is a stereotype, but it's more about overindulgence of anything like drugs and alcohol. Everyone is different, and we all might have something that we overindulge in that's not considered a sin or against the law, but the main person that we're hurting is ourselves. So this means that a person must put themselves in control of their willpower to do things like telling the body to resist and abstain from things like overeating, sex, drugs and alcohol. Make no mistake, controlling gluttony and temperance is going to solve the drug and alcohol problem in society. For most drugs, using it one time is one time too many and it may be your last just that quick. So, temperance can be about never using a drug like crack ever in your life. For the less potent alcoholic beverage, it doesn't mean never, but it could. And, it only means consuming in moderation so as not to overindulge to the point of harming yourself is a good practice or never use at all. In fact, there are many things that might be used by people to bring pleasures, but they need to take in moderation because we don't need them. They are habits that we have formed and pleasures that we want, but these things are never things that we truly need for survival. Most of the time they're the low desires of our wants. The bottom line is, if it's killing you, whether fast or slow, then it needs your attention of temperance.
Remember, gluttony is to overindulge, so never think you can handle any drug because they all end up controlling you in the long run. All addicts start out with the assumption

that they can control their drug. Most of them say they're only going to try it for a little while, but we all say, "I could quit when I want to… I'm in control."
The truth is when it comes to drugs and alcohol most people will either never do them or try it and stop quickly before it gets out of hand. Some may temper their habit into a slow death, but it will wind up ruining their lives or killing them in a short amount of time. It's best to be a person that never tries drugs or alcohol. If one or both of these are something that you're afflicted with then the way to put your life back on track is to either quit cold turkey or temper your habit until it's almost gone or nonexistent altogether. In this case tempering your habit may not be the best thing to do, because you may never quit and only use that as an excuse to keep your habit alive instead of one day quitting altogether. On the other hand, it's something that you may need professional advice on based on your individual case because a person can go cold turkey and do more damage than good if they lose their strength and go back to their habit worse than before they quit.
Mentally, the number one thing that comes from knowledge and wisdom combined is awareness. To be aware of where you're from, where you are and where you plan to go in life. Leading to the best ability to love one's self. The best way this love of self is displayed is in the results of temperance applied in one's life to grow and develop into an overall control of self. At the same time, you're supposed to have fun with part of your life or else life isn't fun. I don't believe you have to be totally clean to be a good person, but you do need temperance to be good, especially to yourself, which is being good to the way of nature and God.
Animals have this natural instinct of temperance. Some animals will overindulge if you put it in front of them, but for the most part, they have a natural instinct only to take what they need and never put foreign substances into their system on purpose. They have this state of being exactly what they are and following the natural laws of their nature. At the base of their state of being is temperance and we can take a lesson from that and should be more disciplined in our temperance as well.
Material wise, temperance will show in your life as you will build more and retain more than people that have bad habits that consistently cost them. And, sometimes consistently pay for the same things that most people don't need. Luxury items, things of waste that a person doesn't need, but mostly overindulge in pleasure. The money you spend on overindulgence can go to the basic needs of life or you can take care of those needs to the point that you never need them again. That makes you rich to the point where you go beyond taking care of yourself and family, so now you can begin taking care of others. To understand what temperance can mean to you regarding money, see chapter 9 on the money. A little goes a long way they say, so using temperance you'll understand that most everything has to be taken in moderation.
Remember to temper the virtues. For instance, we just talked about how virtuous it is to

use your chastity, but you must temper your chastity or else you can go too far with it. For example; a person can get so hung up on religion or family values that it separates them from society's views and values which can leave people ostracized, outcasts are cloaked in a veil of falsehoods or irregular deception about sex. Then things happen to a person like having a sexual identity crisis. So temper your chastity and don't get it confused with abstinence, plus trust your decisions when you know you are a good person.
Charity is probably the most recognizable virtue, maybe because most religious organizations would have you believe that this is the root of all good, but that's because places like this want to control that root. So, money may not be the root of all evil, but finding ways to get it certainly is the motive behind most corruption in any organization. In this regard, charity is the most famous virtue that people want to deal with, but few people know it as a virtue. Charity is obviously the opposition to greed, but both of these are very powerful forces. If a company is corrupt, in most cases, it's because greed is the root of its downfall. On the other hand, charity is the main reason why money is not evil, people are. To me, it's the same as when people say, guns don't kill people, people do. Most people think they know what charity is because most of us know that there's power in giving and sharing with others, but please don't skim through this study of charity. I'm positive you will learn something that you didn't know about charity or at least look at charitable motives in a different light. Thomas Aquinas felt that "charity is the friendship of man for God," which he went on to say, "it unites us to God", and "it's the most excellent of virtues."
To me, this means the best way to show your love for God is by showing your love for people, animals, plants and all respectable life. At the same time, charity is not philanthropy and vice versa, because philanthropist are all about the love of humanity, and they're about more than giving to relieve a problem. They're about solving problems at their core. Still, you can show great love through the power of charity. In a lovely and generous society, it can outweigh greed and corruption of any company, organization, and corporation. It can even change a nation! It's a power that can come from any community whether rich or poor, with emphasis on a more significant power when it's a poor community that's very charitable. When a poor community is charitable, it means the people do for themselves and can stand on their own 2 feet despite economic conditions. Charity is the most trustworthy way to show that you're sincere about helping people.
Caution: charity is important for your soul, but you must remember temperance.
The main law of nature is, what goes around comes around, so if you give from your heart, then that love will come back to you. That's why charity is magnificent for your soul. That's also why many people are rich because they give freely of themselves, and

that love comes back. When you give and then you expect it back, especially when you look for an immediate return on your charity, you miss the point and may very well miss that blessing as well. It's like giving a homeless person $10 and expected some random act or person to bring you $10 out of the blue within the next couple of weeks and to get mad when nothing happens, and no one gives you anything. A person might give a lot in the month of December just to give up on charity because Christmas brings little to nothing. Then stating, "this is the last time I give anybody anything, this charity stuff doesn't work".
Beware of people that preach charity when they just want your money despite the promises of all the good that they say they're going to do with your money. Sometimes people just want your money despite having a legitimate organization and doing things to pacify people while they keep up the scam as long as they can. If these people wanted to do something good they would be more involved with asking for your time then your money. They would be better at organizing people to be motivated into volunteering direct help and not suckling off the pockets of people and donors.
Some people like these organizations because all they have to do is give money or pay tides to feel good about themselves, but that's not making sure that the aspects of charity are being fulfilled in their life. It's like giving to an organization that gives jackets to children when you know a child that needs a coat. These same people know their time is a lot more valuable than the money that they gave. It would be better if you can experience firsthand what it feels like to look into the eyes of a person you have helped. One action like this can change someone's life as well as yours. One action like this can save someone's life as well as yours.
You won't be able to save everyone, and you might not be able to change anyone's life, but you'll help people who need help which is vital work. To give from your soul and your body is to give your time to help others and to give your time is more valuable than anything in life and to give your time to family and friends is not charity more than it is handling your responsibilities and obligations. Charity is a virtue because it's something that you don't need to do, yet if you do, it brings greater advancement and blessings on your soul. When you give your time to those in need, and you're not responsible for their needs, it's a great virtue. Giving your time to people when you're responsible for their poor conditions isn't charity, it's making reparations to a people that you have wronged.
When it comes to charity let's look at the similarly, but the difference between a teacher, a coach and an instructor who have similar characteristics, but different titles for good reason. A true teacher gives you knowledge from the heart because they want you to learn and take part in the joy of your advancement. A true coach loves the game and wants to share that love with people that want to make the game better. They have a passion for teaching you how to be better, so you can improve on the game. An instructor gets paid to teach. They don't have to care about you, even though, it doesn't mean that

they don't, but that person might give time in other ways. At the same time, you might not be able to count on that instructor to care for you and your needs, especially if the instructor's subject is one that only a person that was paying, wants to learn.
With all levels of people sometimes it's easier to give a dollar, $10, $100 or $1 million, where it's not so easy to give time for joining forces, unifying, and making alliances to understand why problems exist and work towards creating a solution that takes thinking and imagination. That leads to the point of charity as a positive motivation for a person's positive mind state. It's not always about money when it comes to charity, it's giving knowledge when this knowledge is your advantage or power that you hold over people. Again, it's charitable to teach, train or instruct others that you don't have to be responsible for, and they may never be able to repay you regarding a monetary compensation. We can only imagine all the people that risked their lives hundreds of years ago when there were slaves, and it was illegal to teach a slave how to read or write. That's back when slave owners would do the most inhumane, violent and barbaric things to people over something so simple as teaching people how to read and write.
The last point of charity is that it's the reason to be rich! So that you may give and share as well as take care of yourself and family. The logical order of your life is to create enough income to take care of yourself, your family and then others. It may get a little out of order, but if you're not taking care of yourself 1st, how can you consistently give to others? I understand you must help when you can! That's also why temperance is at the core of the virtues because a person can give too much and, in turn, hurt their lives and possibly the lives of the people they care for and the people that care for them when they give too much of themselves. It's good to give, but not more than you can afford, that's the balance.
That leads to a few more warnings about charitable people, you need to show temperance by taking the time to grow and build your wealth in life. I made the mistake of being too generous to soon and I gave too much of myself before I was established. When you give it all to others, you hurt yourself at that point, because at your next opportunity for personal advancement, if you don't have your necessities to take advantage of your opportunities, it would have been yourself that burned yourself, by giving too much of yourself too early. Soon, if that pattern continues you'll have nothing to grow, therefore, having nothing to give as everything you get will go towards taking care of yourself. You can't share if you don't have. The best thing for a person to do is to grow what they have. And, taking care of yourself first, if you don't have a family, you can help others, but that's only when you have over and above what you need. When you start to grow a family, don't be ashamed of cutting off or minimizing your charity, until you get established again. If you grow your money properly and take your charity in moderation, you can consistently be generous more in the long run as opposed to just a few times.

The very last warning about charity is that there are no selfless acts of giving. Yes, I saw that episode of the TV show, FRIENDS, where they joked about all acts of charity comes from somewhere selfish inside of that person. Well, giving and sharing is going to make you feel good. Charity can physically improve the health of the receiver as well as the giver. Most people will always find joy when they help make a positive difference in someone's life, like when you help someone, and you don't want to, that's the obligation. True charity should make you feel happy to help other people, and if you don't feel that way as well as rarely being charitable, you may be suffering from the sin greed. True charity shouldn't come from obligation, nor should it come when you can't afford it.
Charity comes when you want to help, give and share with other life that needs your help, but remembers that philanthropist are considered to be a step beyond or, at least, a more complex person that gives to charitable causes, but they would look to help humanity in more ways than just giving charity. The difference between the two can be considered the same difference in the parable of giving a man fish versus teaching that man to fish for himself. Charity would be giving a poor person a fish all the time, whereas a philanthropist would give them a fish today, but give out fishing poles and teach them how to fish for themselves tomorrow. Now the person doesn't have to be poor because they can feed themselves without having to depend on another's charity.
Diligence is the opposition of slothfulness for what else would be the opposite of laziness accept being steadfast in your application, being assiduousness and industrious. In more basic terms a diligent person consistently works hard, plus self-motivated and constantly on the chase. A friend of mine, Dogmatic, a Detroit MC that had built a rap career for himself independently and had done well for himself by having an incredible work ethic like another MC named Big Proof, before he passed away.
Work is good in itself, and it defines the ancient knowledge of the fact that there's always something that needs to be done for the taking care of the continuous growth of ourselves, the planet and others. Most people hear the word work and think of working for someone else when it needs to be related to the fact that everybody has the responsibility to do the necessary things to take care of themselves and family. In my opinion, this is the most peaceful virtue, especially when you can be like the MC Dogmatic and build a career that you can eat excellent off of from work that you love doing. If your work does good for others, like most works should do, then all the more peace and love to you, no matter how big or small that help is, as long as its help. At this point, I want to take this time to thank you, no matter who you are.
Diligence is a very spiritual thing as it keeps your heart and mind on building something for your positive growth. It's said that the last words of the great Buddha were, "strive on with diligence.”
No matter what has, will or might happen to you, it takes work to build. Some people use

excuses to sike themselves out of work. Along with these excuses are myths such as believing that work belongs to the white man, the government, Illuminati, corporations or anyone else a person can find to hate. True, there are enemies that will hate us and try to keep us away from diligence, the right to diligence or it's true rewards.
Don't get me wrong, we can be controlled in a bad way, and I feel that it's that way today, but diligence is an application of self, and not many people have someone that has such control over them that they can hinder how you apply taking care of yourself. Remember that your work ethic belongs to you and you have free will in a free society to work for your advancement. You're the one that brings value to whomever you decide to work for if you don't work for yourself completely. Which brings us to the point, that working for yourself requires more diligence than working for someone else as many people think the boss is lazy, but it's more like people don't see how much the boss works more than most employees.
Diligence goes far beyond punching the clock at work or running your own business, for diligence is applied to your mind, body, soul and material. Not only do you need your body for work, but you must also work out. And, to be diligent in physical active means a healthy body which is capable of working long hours if need be. Clearly, you need to work hard on studying to advance the mind and on these virtues to advance your soul. But remember temperance? A person is healthy because of the good sense to eat right, but a person can become incredible or a specialist through working out diligently. That's the same for the mind, body, and soul. Also, you must remember temperance because you don't want to overdo it when it comes to working at a job or working out. You need temperance to find a balance because too much diligence can turn you into a workaholic, but not enough and you can become lazy which is very harmful.
At the end of the day, you are responsible for the work you put in on yourself, to yourself and what you need to sustain your life. So, find your motivators and your motivation to take care of your bodily needs, increase your intelligence, as well as your awareness and your financial situation for growing and building. Diligence pays for itself, something that you can obviously see when it comes to developing your body. When you work on developing a strong body it's more available and prepared to do more when challenges, work or danger arrives. It's not all about working out to the max or to extremely because God made us all different people. If everyone were the super elite there would still be someone that's the weakest of the super elite and someone that will be the strongest, so why not consider us all super elite now, because it's all about being the best that you can be, for yourself. Now, don't use this as an excuse to be slothful, but as a realization that you're not in competition with anyone, except for how far you can push yourself in getting better every day. So, grow strong to last long.
Be diligent about building an intelligent mind by studying to do anything in life properly, there will always be a degree of study. We all have to learn how to walk, talk and tie our

shoes because nothing in life comes easy and that's just the facts and the law of nature. It's necessary for us to build an intelligent mind that can solve more problems than just surviving. We need to grow rich in what we want to be in life, that doesn't necessarily mean rich with wealth, but it does mean rich with life which is something done intelligently. To be diligent in life creates the growing and building of things around you and your internal assets like a strong mind. In fact, it's a path to wisdom as your experiences in life teaches you lessons. So the more diligent you are in becoming more intelligent and experienced in life determines your level of awareness and the degree of your understanding determines how much you learn from those experiences. So, it's a great virtue to be active in one's life, because the more experiences you go through in life, the more awareness and wisdom you gain.
A strong mind is a very great asset because it takes willpower to fight off slothfulness. To be slothful is a battle that's the fault in one's mind state. It's inner strength to find the self-motivation to be diligent. Here's where the power of your spiritual side comes into play when you have a higher power to draw strength from within because your willpower will listen to both sides of your excuses on whether to be slothful or to be diligent before you decide which way to go. You have to figure out, for yourself, what strong motivations are creating the strongest excuses or reasons on why you're slothful or diligent. Only you can build your willpower by consistent reinforcements of the mind. The diligence of your resistance to temptations and the practices of self-motivation, positivity and consistently repeating the good deeds you do for others and yourself. That means that diligence helps to grow willpower through what you prevent yourself from doing as well as what you make yourself do. Now that we know this, don't be slothful and do nothing, be diligent and do something productive and constructive in your life.
The diligent mind pushes the body to grow beyond just simple survival. It pushes the mind into strong willpower and broadens the realms of wisdom. When you are diligent in your spiritual matters, it pushes the spirit into vast dimensions of awareness which lead people to care for you a great deal and sometimes it'll lead a person to be amazing. Even if a person's greatness is not famous, greatness is for everyone, and it's as individual as our fingerprints. Your greatness is for you, family and who the vibe of life brings you into contact with by chance. The thing that makes you great may not bring friends, fame or notoriety. You might live a meager life, but you might be the one that will raise a child or give a child the words of wisdom, encouragement or something that inspires that person to a level of greatness that benefits us all. Or, you could be the one to tell a person that they can't do something because you don't think it's possible? Would you have been the one to tell Barack Hussein Obama that being president was impossible for him or would you have been the one to tell him that he could do it? What if he believed you and didn't try? You might be a simple person with basic needs and responsibilities to be careless and frivolous with your financial situation. That may leave

you in a position where you can't afford many luxuries in life, but what if through your hard work and diligence you raise and take care of the person that will grow up to be a good person too?
That brings us to diligence and the growth of your material. To build a diligent mind state in a young person that plays sports, we teach them, "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard". It's a lesson that the talented and the untalented must learn because when talent comes easy to some people, they get slothful with practice thinking their talent will always be their advantage that's enough to win. What happens most of the time to these people is that they're passed up in life by people that worked harder than them because of the lack of talent. So in essence, talent can be a crutch, if you underestimate people, especially if you have a false sense of confidence. Through diligence and discipline, a person develops more attributes of success than the talented person that lacks the drive, determination, willpower, strength, intelligence, wisdom, experience or luck that comes with a person that works extremely hard and gives it all they have to reach success. Now, if you add talent on top of that, you could achieve the highest levels of performance like a Lebron James, Anderson Silva, Tom Brady or a Michael Phelps.
Tie this thinking into your everyday life and understand that nobody's talent or luck is beating you because work is required for all success. Take the lessons of all the child stars that were discovered or developed into a star and then within ten years of being rich and famous, find themselves in a position of being ordinary people, no better than anyone else as they have to work a normal job for a living. To be diligent in your life doesn't mean that it's necessary to have a talent because more people gain wealth as they build and grow the necessities of life through working smart more than anything else. A person might be naturally talented, but if that person doesn't practice or work on getting phenomenal, acquiring the right gear than that person will have more problems than the less talented person that works hard, practice and has the diligence to balance these things with the ambition to succeed. In this regard, diligence means working on yourself as much as it means working for yourself.
Since work is necessary for survival, we're not just talking about having a job, where you work for someone else. We're talking about brushing your teeth, taking out the garbage, practicing sports, practicing your arts and everything that it takes to develop a person and everything necessary for that person to take care of themselves. People who understand this early in life build a consistent level of success and without luck, chance, a miracle, a gift, inheritance or someone taking care of that person and through diligence they can meet success early in life. But, even without early success, a life of the rewards gained through diligence brings more satisfaction, enlightenment, and wisdom than a life that will be playful and easy with no worries. Can you imagine, the young couple that can get married and start a family by diligently growing beyond just meeting their needs

for survival and now have enough to take care of new life? The unification of family is the way it should be when growing a healthy and prosperous society.
I hope that I've made a good point, thus far, on why diligence is the opposition to sloth, but I want to be clear, it's good to grow to the point of being rich, and there's nothing wrong with you being wealthy because you can do great good for the World. The more money you have, the more great things you can do with it. Therefore, you should diligently grow and build whatever you can to save and invest in growing more. You should want to achieve the growth of a good life and lazy people don't do this unless it's at the expense of others. This is how being slothful can harm other people when the slothful puts the stress and the responsibility of their care onto other individuals without the proper compensation that usually accompanies taking care of someone else. The younger you realize this, the better, because from this point on in your life like I've learned to do later in my life, you should work on building whatever you want to achieve. Figure out your personal goal in life and work a plan to make it happen everyday. Diligence means that you have to work at learning it, consistently pray to get it, physically work on building it and working on doing it every chance you can.
To achieve your main objective in life, you must make whatever that is, a goal. Setting goals are the number one key to success and if we diligently taught our children to set goals and achieve them, they would, and we would build a better society. Your goal must 1st come with a definite date you'll achieve it by and a well thought-out plan that will bring success step-by-step until you achieve your ultimate goal. That means that you can't just let a date that you chose to accomplish your goal creep up on you, set short-term goals, mid-term and long-term goals to acquire your result. This discipline is the number one reason for the majority of millionaires and billionaires around the World whether they're talented people or not. As far as luck goes, one or two big hits don't hold a candle to the consistent growth of success through the repetition of small accomplishments.
Diligence is the opposition to sloth, but often slothful people are greedy. It's not always the case, but being greedy will not make you rich, so if you thought that being rich means that you don't have to work anymore, you're more than likely going to think wrong. Also, being greedy might make you rich with money, but being diligent will make you rich with life. Being diligent may not make you rich regarding being wealthy with money, but being diligent will make you rich with things that they say are worth more than money in life; like love. That brings us to the awareness that diligence is a state of being. There's some middle ground, because as a person doesn't want to be slothful, a person doesn't always want to be diligent. Some people are always borderline, and their scale can tip one way or the other, but most people don't want to be slothful when they realize that it takes diligence to succeed. William Shakespeare asked one of the most famous questions of all time, "to be or not to be?”

That's something you should start off asking yourself. You can ask yourself if you want to continue on the path of your childhood dreams or has something else attracted you, now that you are becoming an adult? What do you want to be, is something that you should be asking yourself, but then comes the time in some people's lives where you must be something that you don't want to be. Or, you're called on to be what other people want you to be, maybe because you lost control of who you were. Something like, being a person that has to go to prison. With this in mind, understand that you can diligently be what you want everyday, but if you are slothful, then you leave it open for someone to make you a something nevertheless. Most of the time that something is something you don't want to be, but if you were nothing you might not have the power to stop someone from making you be something that you don't want to be; like a prisoner. When someone else forces your hand, you might not like what you're becoming, and you might be settling for being what you're not. Or you might be living your life as a result of something someone else made you be, but if you want to change your condition, then you must diligently start with consistently maintaining a successful work ethic.
There are major attributes that become a part of one's character when we built on the strength of diligence like discipline, willpower, having the foundation, fortitude, and many other things like having a positive attitude, but there are some cautions to consider. It's great that you want to work every day and diligently build your ultimate goals, but it's not slothful when you need your rest and a vacation to relax, unwind and have fun. These things are needed to build a long-lasting health and more importantly, memories. If you don't know why healthy memories are important, I will tell you about it extensively in the next chapter. So, be careful, you don't want to become a workaholic and overwork yourself. You know what this means? I'll tell you in a moment if you don't.
It's best to work where you can, whatever you can, when you can, especially if you are young or have nothing. Of course, I don't mean crime or jobs that will hurt you or other people. When the average person is just starting out, the object is to grow into jobs where you work smarter, not harder, but there's nothing wrong with working hard because it's a virtuous trait. It's more than half of the meaning of diligence. Compensation is the main objective for diligently working, so there's nothing wrong with work that pays very well, even if you don't have to work hard very hard. Just because a job doesn't require great physical work doesn't mean that it doesn't require a great mental or spiritual work that needs to be done which sometimes brings a high amount of compensation for outstanding achievements and accomplishments as a result of that mental or spiritual work. A large compensation maybe a blessing, but it doesn't mean that people didn't do hard work to accomplish their goals. In fact, this is what college is for, to give people the type of jobs that are usually granted to people who have done more mental work than the average person, to get to that point of being above average and taking on a job that requires the above average person's thinking on that subject.

Someone like a doctor, lawyer or scientists that go through a lot of studies to be qualified to have the title in the 1st place. That means that if you didn't put in long hours of study when you were a child, please do not quit your lawn care business to become a doctor now. I hope you don't feel insulted because I also don't want to see my doctor knocking on my door trying to get extra money by cutting lawns. I think it would be crazy to see the person driving the ice cream truck hand me a business card and then say, "I'm the best lawyer in town!"
That means temperance, which was the answer to the question I just asked a paragraph ago when I asked if you understood what it meant when you want to be diligent, but not a workaholic. As much as it takes hard work and diligence to get where you need to go in life, you don't want to overwork yourself. There must be a balance of work and rest for a more steady and consistent longevity. You don't want greed to be your driving motivation because that sin will have you destroying yourself. You don't want to tear your body up or put yourself in unnecessary risk, just to make a dollar. You don't want a dull unintelligent mind that comes from working all the time and never studying anything. Yes, a person is getting money, but with little intelligence it makes it easy to fall a victim to your low desires. Especially when you think you're smart just because of your job's title, recognition or high compensation. Do you know, a person that stop studying a long time ago, because they've been comfortable with pay from their job, especially when it involves high compensation? Even worse is a person like a sports player or entertainer that trains and puts in a lot of work on the practice which brings them a high compensation, but they have not developed their brains past their sport or art. That's very significant, because that sport or that art may bring a high compensation for a moment, but especially in sports, it's a career that you cannot count on to retire doing. A person usually ends up with little to no money in the end, because smarter people take advantage of them if they don't take the time to diligently built their mind as well as the sport or art that they love.
The worst thing that can happen to a workaholic is the many levels of poor spirit that can happen to a person. The anger, being stubborn, the animosity, depression or arrogance to name a few things that can build up in a person's character flaws. No one is perfect, and 1 or 2 of these things might be the thing that you need to work on, just like I do, but it's much harder to correct when it's a result of being overworked. That is, of course, unless you take the time out for rest, especially if you have a family. A person's work is never done when you have a family because most people work a job and then have to go home to work on having their family life together. How you relax and take of your rest becomes a colossal deal to the diligent because a workaholic can grind themselves into an early grave, but the proper balance mix with temperance will bring the diligent above average success nine times out of 10.
I know I can be hard on people, and there are too many people that don't have a choice

because of the conditions that they live under don't allow them to find work with compensation enough to take the time off for proper balance, relaxation, and rest. Some jobs barely give a person enough to survive, and some can't give a person enough to survive on. Maybe due to the person's lack of education, physical limitations or mental limitations. In many cases, it's a person being oppressed in a way that's out of that person's control, but at the same time in America, many of us don't have these excuses. Most of our people work hard to make a living and become a valuable contribution to our society, yet there will always be people on the opposite end that will not pull their weight. That isn't the main concern right now, and my concern is that there are way too many people taking on more work as a solution to their problems when confronted with the need for more money. People always want more income, but far too many people see their only choice as finding more employment as opposed to learning the things that they can do that can change their financial conditions that lead to more success like being a farmer, starting a business or making investments. The people that get rich the fastest are diligent workers that have creative financial intelligence, plus they have the heart to take the risk to become successful.
The final warning about diligence has nothing to do with temperance because it doesn't matter if you slow down or increase your work when you are working wrong. It's the difference between working and being busy. When you're working, you're building towards the goal of compensation and a plan to see results, whether it's in the short-term or long-term. But, when you're just busy, you can be busy doing nothing, diligently. It's almost the same as working too hard for too little of return, but you also don't want to be busy doing something that brings no gain. Like playing a video game like it's your job. I know grown people who play the video game like this is how they're going to make money one day. That's the different from working affiliate programs where you make 100% commission, but you barely sell anything after putting in too much time and then finding out that it's not going to work. That's a failure, and that isn't a bad thing if you learn from it and use it to build something else that will work. That's not the same as being diligently busy with something that has little to no chance of building up or bringing you a real calculated chance of success.
I was in such a delusional state when I was young. I thought that the music I was writing would one day make me rich, but without proper balance, I spent more time on my music than having a basic income. A common mistake with people who have lofty dreams. If I had put more time into a basic income, I would have been able to invest more into my music. The bottom line is, like most people, I miss the power of knowing that I needed to be investing fully in myself as much as believing in myself without a shadow of a doubt. The less I invested in myself the more doubt crept in. Then, when income starts to come in, if there's doubt, the more you spend your money on yourself and the less you invest in yourself. It's when you don't know the difference between spending your money and

investing your money, that will cause you to have a personal downfall in becoming yourself. If I want to work more on myself, I should invest more into myself, win or lose, I would still have accomplished projects and a tangible investment with possibilities of residual income. Well, this is what growing wiser is all about, using childhood failures as stepping stones to the lessons to success as long as you have the ability to learn from your mistakes and repeat the things that make you successful. Almost all investments take the time to grow as well as some things need more time to grow more than they will ever need money. Others will need more money than time, but there's also the fact that diligence and love bring success which is hard to show people when you're busy doing nothing.
When you work right in your life you'll become more prepared, or you would, at least, have the basis of what's necessary to be prepared in any given situation. The most famous parable about diligence is the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper. To me, the 2nd story is the Tortoise and Hare.
When it comes to the example of the grasshopper as the one that wants to play and have fun all day, without seeing the value of work until it's too late, many people appear to have this problem. Of course, these problems can be a lot more complex when we apply different philosophies on our lackluster attitudes and performances. For instance, if a person is oppressed in a society, they will not be enthusiastic about building for that society's advancement. So, it would be common to get an, "I don't care", thinking, attitude and work ethic from that oppressed person. On the other hand, the grasshopper in this story is an example of a person that doesn't see the need to plan ahead. The lack of understanding about how important work is to gain compensation that can be reinvested in one's survival. That will eventually bring excess that spills over into your pocket to provide the ability to be more constructive with your life and eventually gain the wealth that's necessary to take care of your family and eventually be charitable to others. No, the grasshopper is more interested in his wants more than the necessities of his needs which leads to more time devoted to pleasure than being devoted to being diligent about the harsh reality of survival.
I had to learn the hard way like the ant in the story people need to work toward gaining the things needed to be prepared to continue to live no matter who you are or where you live. Being diligent in your life is far more than just compensation for a job you work for someone else, it's the efforts that you put in towards your advancement and growth like brushing your teeth is consistent work you must do everyday, and the compensation is a healthy mouth when you get older. Plus, you don't have to pay for as many surgeries and dental care as your peers may have to when people get old. Work to have the necessities you need to become more prepared, for instance, you have to become prepared to be rich. That's why most lottery winners make a lot of wrong moves with their money and lose that money just as quickly as it came. But, the ant in our story is a

diligent worker that sees the value in being so prepared for the things that he knows that he will need and also be prepared for the unknown in most cases. Such as the playful and slothful grasshopper showing up on his doorstep unprepared to survive a harsh winter and now in need of charity from the diligent ant. You can call the ant a snob, dull, and boring, but being a responsible person always seems that way until they have enough to afford the fun that slothful people can't.
In the case of the tortoise and the hare, most people want to view themselves as the tortoise, slow and steady wins the race, but it might not be the best philosophy in the World. That's a positive motivation in one way, but this is another reason why I don't live by clichés because there's a flipside to everything. To all my hare like people out there in the World, there's a greater lesson to be learned for you in this story. Don't fall asleep on the job which is your life. Don't get beat by some slow sap, because you have beaten yourself with arrogance and bad balance. Yes, you are talented, so wake up, be great from the start to finish and you can be almost unstoppable with the sky as your limit when you don't cut corners, practice, never give up, and work hard from start to finish. The World is yours when you are diligent, talented, focused on your virtues and the endgame to your goals. The tortoise beat the hare in this story because of the tortoise's diligence, which means many talented people, like me, have played the role of the hare and lost that big race to the tortoise. Except, life is not a big game, and it's not a race to the finish. So, as long as you learn your lessons about diligence before it's too late, it doesn't matter if you are like the tortoise or the hare, you could always succeed in the big picture of life by being diligent.
Just like charity, I don't believe anyone should skip this study because of being familiar with the word. There's a tremendous amount of value in the study of kindness. For instance, this is a word that's like peace or love that when some people hear the word, it will spark up emotions that kindness represents something weak. I mean, most good people know these forces of peace, love and kindness are unyielding, even though they might inspire gentleness in people. The fact remains that kindness is just like love when it comes to being one of the most powerful forces on the planet.
Kindness is the opposition of envy and like some of the virtues, this might not be that exact opposite of envy, but it is the way to avoid and eliminate any envy in you and others. Kindness is a state of being friendly, peaceful and acting with love, which makes it virtually impossible to be envious when you're in this state of mind. It's also extremely hard to be envious of other people when kindness is best known through one's actions, like being charitable. That means, kind people are too busy being kind to be much of anything else, but especially too busy for envy. That's crucial because even bad people are kind. It's a matter of sophisticated decisions, usually in light of overstanding the significances of seeing equality in people as a person steps over the thin-line of right

and wrong to make choices that will lead to a business gain, without the concern of the immediate justification or ramifications of their actions. I don't condone this type of behavior, but it's like the people that pray on other people, making them a victim of crime, because their excuse is that they need to feed their family. The reality is that life is what it is sometimes regarding the cold hard truth of life.
Most of the time, kindness and charity are virtues that go hand-in-hand, because most kind people are often recognized as being naturally charitable as well. If you want to work on being kinder, then be more charitable face-to-face with people and it should be difficult to be generous without being kind. It's true; you don't have to be kind to be charitable, and you don't have to be charitable to be kind, but together they're double trouble for the sins.
When we look at the spiritual side of kindness, you get a clear picture of why it's the opposition to envy, because being nice is a huge part of kindness that makes it hard to think bad about anyone else. Envy is like any other sickness, because of the similarly of the fact that it needs a nesting ground to fester and spread. When you have a pleasing disposition, and you are genuinely concerned with the well-being of others, you'll find the value in yourself that kills the breeding ground which produces envy and jealousy.
It's hard to have envy in your heart and compliment someone at the same time unless you're good at lying to everyone including yourself. When you see the grass is greener on the other side, don't envy, give them a compliment and they might become your friend. This friend might have advice on making your grass as green or they might alert you to the fact that your grass is as green, you just haven't been seeing it that way.
Spiritually, when you're kind to people, animals, plants and yourself you're not only doing your fellow human being a great service but yourself as the giver of kindness, receives benefits as a result of kindness. Scientifically, a chemical reaction is released of neurotransmitters which are responsible for feelings of contentment and relaxation happen when acts of kindness, love and peace are committed. It's like the love bug starts with the act of kindness, then becomes contagious as it develops into the key ingredient in a relationship. Now keep it alive with a lot of small acts of kindness that we take for granted.
A good example is how you feel when you take care of your pets. It feels great to take care of something or someone that will return that love so we can receive the instant gratification you get from something that's so excited to see you. With the tail wagging and licking of a puppy, the purring of a kitten or any other signs of love that you get from any unique pet. They always display that feeling of gratefulness for your kindness. When you feed them and love them, they might lick your face, curl up in your lap and stay by your side when you most need their company and companionship. But, what about a pet fish? In a truly kind state of mind, you'll find the satisfaction of love coming from your end because you know you will not see a return on that love. To a kind person,

it doesn't matter, because a truly kind person would do good deeds to make themselves feel good by bringing happiness to others. Now the funny thing is, this also leads us to the conclusion, that there's no selfless act of charity and kindness. So, it's not wrong to feel good when you are kind, charitable and when you love so deeply.
To truly share from the heart means you tried to give as unselfishly as possible, and that's done through kindness and love. In this spiritual matter of kindness, my studies led me to believe that one way of looking at love is; wanting to be so kind to another person that you give as much of yourself to them as you give to yourself, freely, with no obligation to return that love. When the other person feels the same way and treats you the same way, it's nothing but a kind and loving relationship. You would be too kind to do anything to hurt their feelings because it would bring you great pain to see them so hurt. Especially, if you were the cause of that pain to a person that you've been so kind to. It's when you're not concerned with being kind to the other person anymore, that almost all hope is lost for the love in that relationship.
Healthy relationships need that love to be kind to share between them as they spread that love into creating their family. Think about it, if a person is extremely kind to you, they're at the beginning stages of wanting to be in love with you and finding out if you will be kind enough to love them back. Now, either you do want to return the kindness, or it'll show in your unkind actions that you're not interested. It's best to tell a person that you're not interested if you're aware of this fact. Because it would be wrong to take advantage of another person's kindness by being greedy, lustful, full of false pride or hurting that person by being wrathful and taking advantage of another person's kindness by pretending to be kind yourself.
Physically, not only do the neurotransmitters make you feel good, but it reflects the beauty in a person's external as well as internal looks. Being kind is one of the main reasons why a person would consider you to be beautiful on the inside. Many people that may not be attractive on the outside and I might be one of those people as well, but I don't care, because I'm kind, which in turn makes me beautiful on the inside. Being kind is why the person that truly loves you for you will find you desirable. Your kindness is one of the biggest reasons people and other life would truly love you, so it's probably not a bad idea to seek out this kindness in people and share a life of being truly kind to each other. That's if you truly want to see a return on your love investment. LOL, but true!
When you feel phenomenal kindness internally and share it with the World, it can be seen externally as an attractive characteristic. Smiling affects the muscles in your face in a positive way. It takes more effort to frown than it does to smile and this is the same for all negative and positive forces inside of your body. That means that you're the cause of the conditions of your unattractiveness from within despite your physical appearance on the outside as well as the cause of the look of unattractiveness when other people see you. That means your image can out-weigh your physical attractiveness. On top of the

fact, that one's image is a physical, mental and spiritual thing. For instance, an unhygienic person can look bad until they're cleaned up fully and expose an attractive person under a lot of hair, blemishes and dirt. A clean and attractive person can be very unattractive if they have an ugly attitude or personality. No matter how good a person looks, there are a lot of things that most people aren't going to put up with all the time.
That means, if you put yourself down and make yourself feel like you're ugly, then you feed yourself the depression or anger that'll manifest itself into the unattractiveness people are seeing in you, whether you look good or not. Some people that look good aren't attractive because they are not kind to themselves as well as other people or despite other people. It may be something as simple as brushing your teeth, personal hygiene or something more serious such as a poor diet or unwilling to exercise. Anyone can be considered ugly under the conditions of not being kind to themselves. So, misery does love company, but it also carries with it a self-destructive mentality that can eat away at you, slowly, like a disease. If you're miserable, because of being unkind to yourself, it'll bring about low self-esteem, disregard for one's self or a self-hate that can cause a cascade of bad decisions. Most of the time this will cause long-term damage that's not easily undone because it's based on how a person consistently feels about themselves. So, by the time you start being kind to yourself and you want to feel good about yourself, you may have a tremendous amount of work ahead of yourself to heal the damage that you've done to yourself. But, as long as you have an awareness that you need to be kind to yourself that the road to recovery is never impossible. It'll come down to the self-esteem of feeling good about yourself.
Anyone can be considered attractive when they're kind to themselves and other people. I've looked beyond physical attraction to be with some wonderful women, and I've had some stunning women feel the same about me. Being kind does wonders for a person's self-esteem, starting with forgiving yourself and start being kind to yourself. It's a choice to develop the habits of discipline to be consistently well groomed, clean and have a pleasing disposition, but compile all of this with having a loving attitude and it'll make even the most unattractive person worth being with. Hence the story of Beauty and the Beast. In the story, people viewed this beast to be a monster, but once a beautiful person got to know the kindness and love as the main characteristics of the beast, then despite physical appearance, this beautiful person found it to be impossible to view the beast as a monster anymore.
Be kind to your health by exercising, eating right, being drug-free, study and play. I know we get into bad habits, I'm not innocent and I'm far from perfect, but the plan is to be kind to yourself as you heal from these bad habits and forgive yourself for not knowing something and for not being perfect. Everyone can be attractive with a fantastic body. Learn to love yourself and take care of yourself and you won't have time to envy anyone else. You may not control how others feel about the way they see attractiveness in your

face, but almost anyone can control how their body turns out, within reason.
It's mentally challenging when you know you have envy in your heart, but when you let the power of being nice and kind into your heart, forgiveness can take place to forgive yourself as well as others. Sometimes people have such a negative effect on you that you find it tough to find forgiveness in your heart for them, it's because deep down you feel like they don't deserve your kindness. If you have petty reasons to hold grudges against people, then you'll ultimately be the cause of your unhappiness, not them. I believe that it's a very powerful thing when you realize that forgiveness comes from your kindness, and it will keep the ugly monsters of envy, jealousy, anger and hate out of your heart. You'll feel better about life as you let kindness cause the love to flow within you, alleviating the feelings of envy, jealousy, insecurity and any other feelings that cause hate. And remember, suicide is wrath towards one's self, so you must forgive yourself and be kind to yourself to combat that feeling of suicide as an option to any problem in life.
When you are generous, it'll come back to you, and that's not just applied to money, it's just about any energy that you put out, it will come back tenfold especially kindnesses. You can't take your money with when you go, so being kind and generous causes the good vibes of life to come back and reward you for good deeds. That strength you take with your soul on its next journey to a new existence.
When you put it all together, your kindness helps you protect others as well as yourself. When a person reads about their favorite comic book superheroes, it's the kindness that usually makes the best superhero. No matter how strong they are or how many powers they have, the shining characteristic of kindness is a part of some of the most lovable heroes. The great acts of kindness will often make some of the best endings to a great story. So, your kindness is what makes you an everyday hero.
Taking care of your family is your responsibility, and that's what you're supposed to do, but being kind to each other is where your levels of love are measured. That's why you can see a rich family, that has based their relationship with each other over things, take each other for granted. Sometimes, they'll have an empty, soulless connection with each other because they let luxuries be a distraction from the true love that a family needs to share. That especially holds true when you come across a family that had nothing in the beginning and through struggle built themselves up. When you're connected to people that you want to share with you for the sake of survival, instead of seeing what they can get in return or see how your generosity benefits them, it builds a loving connection. In the struggle for everyday life, a more common bond of love is formed when you feel the need that urges you to want to be kind to each other to survive.
When bad people want to reinforce their evil clan they want their members to do the most unkind acts as the proof for their loyalty to evil. If they catch a person doing something kind they are ridiculed and badgered. What's the main reason? If misery

loves company than it hates kindness, because kindness is just as contagious as misery. If you feel miserable because you're in physical pain, that doesn't have to stop you from being kind to other people, because of the awareness that others are not the cause of your affliction. But, when you are miserable due to the affliction of your psychological conditions than that misery speaks from a place of lashing out at people and bring people down to make yourself feel better. A place where a person wouldn't be happy until they see another person more unhappy than them, and it brings that person even greater pleasure when they know that they're the ones that made you miserable or caused you pain. That means one of the best ways to destroy misery is to kill it with kindness.
You don't only use kindness to combat sin within, you also affect other people with these powers of good. That's the 2nd key to winning over our personal wrath. It's hard to be angry with people that are continuously kind and nice to you, despite how angry you are with them. Some people take kindness for weakness and they will walk all over you if you let them. You must show temperance because you can't be too kind to people who'll never stop or change their evil ways, but you can't let them bring you down with them. That also means that sympathy is a result of kindness. When a person is unkind, but you want their kindness, one of the best ways is to make that person sympathetic to your cause, need or want. When someone has cracked your shell, and you give your sympathy to a person that was seeking it, it's usually because that person was kind and people typically don't want to hurt kind people. If a person hurts a sympathetic, kind or a peaceful person, especially if that person is smaller, than the person that's doing the harm is considered a bully.
That brings us back to temperance and kindness. The matter of how kind do you think you are supposed to be? The phrase, "don't take my kindness for weakness", should always apply to you. Again, no one should be so kind as to let someone else walk all over them. That's nothing new. Many religious people that take, "turning the other cheek", which is a piece of advice from the Bible, too far. A phrase that states that if someone strikes you, then you immediately forgive them. But, I don't think it means that you should let someone physically beat you down without defending yourself. You can't be so kind to let somebody take your life without a fight. I respect the choices pacifists make, even when that person is non-violent to the bloody end as another person kills them without a fight, but I most certainly don't believe all of us should do such a thing. I believe in defending life even if I am forced to kill to protect it.
The bottom line is that no one has to be so kind that they believe they shouldn't or can't defend themselves. But, it would be worse to allow your kindness to prevent you from protecting those that can't defend themselves. You might even have to come to the aid of those that can defend themselves, but they still need help fighting on the side of good. It's wrong to be so kind that you consciously let people take advantage of you and

others. I have my children in martial arts, and they are such kind and loving people, but they know how to defend themselves viciously, especially if you threaten our unity of love.
Kindness is one of the greatest things in the world and being kind to all life is next to Godliness. If you are hated for being kind, I can only imagine that it's coming from people that are full of sin. Therefore, kindness causes them pain. That pain can also come from the fact that the unkind person is being faced with the reality that they need to change what's within side of themselves that causes the hating on someone else's kindness. It might not be so obvious, but when something like this happens, it may be because a person is envious of another person's kindness. And, they might not understand that they're stopping another person from being kind, only because they don't know how to be as kind as the next person themselves.
If someone does something kind to or for you, like saying, "thank you", but you're in line to show that same kindness back, and you don't then it's you that has chosen not to be courteous or unkind. It's you that may have a sin within you that you need to check. So remember, being kind is often the 1st step in the stages of love. Remember temperance, because even when you're showing love, you can't allow yourself to be so kind that you allow someone to take advantage of you. Love can be on a very fine line, and it's not easy to constantly consider how much to hold back or when it's time to jump in with both feet.
Humility is the opposition of pride and for the old school, vanity. When you learn humility, you learn the level of being humble. It's equal to being modest and respectful. When you learn humility, it gives you a quality by which a person would consider their defects as a comparison to other people's consideration and disposition. In other words, ability to put yourself in other people's shoes and treat people as you would treat yourself with the same sympathy, care, and awareness.
Spiritually, that means learning your lessons of humility is to have a true virtue of enlightenment. For instance, charity takes action, and it makes you feel good. Chastity is more about power over a primal human drive that if we didn't control, we would instinctively destroy ourselves, but humility is a top level of awareness which is a foundation for all inner peace with infectious powers to influence peace in others as well. No matter what your belief, have an open mind on this one, please. Not for the sake of tolerating another person's presence, but for the true contemplation of being good, the advancement of all of us, and for the common respect of the rights of our individual existence and expression. That's right, being humble is not enough. It's not enough to just respect another person's right and space to live, but you must also respect another person's right to express themselves. Of course, there's going to be a time and place for different and specific expression, because some expression is not suitable for all. Such

as nudity in front of children, but as long as your expression doesn't violate another human being's rights like taking another human's life, you should be able to express yourself in the proper venue.
In the respects of your personal belief, no matter what religion it may be, humility means to give all the glory to the creator or at least the acknowledgment that life is way bigger than just yourself. The religion you believe in, if you believe in any at all, doesn't matter for this topic because humility is that respectful tolerance, open-mindedness, and patience for the sake of understanding. I do understand that this may be the hardest virtue to master. I look at my notes and realize that I wasn't very humble when I wrote this and in trying to be more objective, I left a lot on the editing room floor. I realize that in studying this and writing this, I have a lot that I need to work on if I want to be a virtuous person that's considered to be very righteous because it's all about us as individuals holding our higher thoughts of good over one's urges of the lower desires. For many people, the pressure of impulses that compel a person to take action on an urge or desire isn't easy to control, and it can be overwhelming. So, how do you control these urges and get to a peaceful state of being?
When you want peace for yourself and others, it's like having the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others. That's a metaphor that means, if you want to understand or try to comprehend what other people are thinking, living or experiencing, then you must be humble enough to have an open mind, be honest with yourself and others to seek patients for the sake of understanding. From my example, this is why a person would have to be very humble when raising a girl to be a woman and you're a single father. I try to give her all the love in the World, but there are things I have no experience in, so I constantly seek out help, because I'm humble enough to know that I will never know everything and in this case, there's a lot that I will never know. So, I get help!
Being humble physically means to take real good care of yourself without doing the things that cause the feelings or actions of sin in others. For instance, dressing a certain way can cause lust, envy, false pride and wrath in others. Doing things like wearing skintight clothes that are too revealing or wearing things that are too expensive around criminals will cause sin to manifest themselves in other people. If your clothes are provocative as you are dancing with flirtatious actions because you want to stir up lust in other people just to get vain attention, this can lead to another person being hurt emotionally, maybe even physically depending on whatever scenario unfolds. That same energy may even come back in a way that leaves you emotionally and possibly physically hurt as well. For example, a person dressed like an exotic dancer at a nightclub might cause such overwhelming lust in one of their admirers that that person may try to follow the sexy dressed person home with the intentions of acting out their lust. Which will ultimately lead to wrath in a scenario like this, which normally doesn't end in the consent of actions for both people?

The luxurious things that a person wears may cause that person to have false pride and others to take false pride in that person as they think that that person is something that they aren't, like a gangster. A person's garments may cause envy to the point of a wrathful jealousy. There's nothing wrong with looking your best, but when you have the intention of causing these sins in others based off of your appearance, you don't only cause psychological damage to yourself, but you can stir up the emotions in others that may cause them to want to hurt you just to take what you have. When a person gets robbed, it's often because that person was too flashy with what they had around the wrong have nots.
That's another scenario on what's meant when it's said that a person brings wrath upon themselves. It may be wrong for people to react this way, but until our human nature is more virtuous, you can help yourself by being smart about your image. For example, it's okay to show up at your opposing team's gym wearing your team colors to show support and spirit. Most people will act civilized, but if you show up with profanities on your clothes, cursing the other team and showing no respect for the other team, then don't be surprised if that decision brings wrath your way. If you walk around the streets with dark sunglasses on, a hood over your head all the time, with your pants sagging down below your butt and in a crowd of youngsters that do the same, then don't be surprised when the police pull you over and want to know your identity, purpose and destination of your travels. That means that being humble with your image has a peaceful or, at least, a respectful effect on people.
If you are a woman that dresses too sexy or half naked, cutting through dark alleys or traveling long dark roads by yourself, then you are putting yourself in danger. True, most females shouldn't do this despite how you're dressed, but to be dressed in a provocative way and do this is like walking past a lion's den wearing a meat sweater. Which means you're asking for trouble and don't tempt the predators, especially with what they want most of all. Whether a person knows it and not, when they have a negative image, it is most likely because of the arrogance that one possesses that clouds the judgment of being humble. But, being humble is something you can achieve when you advance yourself without glorifying yourself. That means you can be the best and never let anyone defeat you and still be respectful to everyone.
Also, a woman that says, "a man better not touch me," is speaking the truth to a degree. But again, this is where a humble lady rarely puts herself in a predicament of violence whereas women that aren't humble often finds themselves writing checks with their mouth that their butt can't cash. So, it's true that a man shouldn't physically attack a woman, but if a woman is disrespectful around out of control men, she will more than likely get hurt. Too often, dangerous people socialize with people that don't respect what others think, but they may protect you. The same goes for any fighter that thinks no one is better than them in fighting. While it might be true with one person to fight, but what

about 2, 10 or 20 men attacking you and jumping you all at once? You might be the best fighter in the World, but what if your opponent has a weapon and you don't? What if you're attacked by more than one person with weapons? A humble martial artist recognizes that they are still only one person, and no matter what you do to be strong, no one is invincible.
Mentally, to have humility determine a person's way of being mean, especially when humility and kindness are in sync with each other. Being mean to people is the opposite of kindness, but it's very hard to be mean to a person in a humble state of mind. Humility is also a state of mind with the understanding of your faults and placing yourself in other people's shoes which allow you to think more clearly in situations of confrontation. It's when you have a clear state of mind of being humble, that anger doesn't find a home in your heart which also means all forms of hate, including self-hate.
Humility is very personable, especially when it comes to self-afflictions like self-hate, low self-esteem, and suicidal tendencies, because with humility you would not judge yourself to be so much better than other people as well as not seeing other people as so much better than yourself, that you give up control of yourself to someone else. Such as worshiping another person like they were a deity. When it comes to being humble and judgmental, it's easier not to judge people when you clearly have a grasp on the reflection of humility within yourself.
Being humble is that part of you that can see people more for who they are because you are clear, aware, and kind to yourself about your faults. This humbleness allows for a person to be kinder, because of the encouragement, to be honest, especially with yourself about yourself. Think about the people you know in your life. People are more likely, to be honest, based on the fact that they are humble people. The desire to be fair and on the side of justice comes from being humble because it has its roots in being honest with one's self.
A reason a person may be a pathological liar is because of false pride more than anything else. A lie can do a significant amount of damage to all parties involved in the lie, from whoever fabricated the lie to the victim of the lie to the victim that believes the fabrication. When a person is humble, they can think more clearly without false notions about themselves and others that they might admire. That alleviates the urge to lie unnecessarily.
With humility comes the courage and willpower to say the truth at all cost and accepting the responsibility of all consequences for that truth. On a side note, you'll learn that little white lies will hurt the worst in the long run. With the power of humility by your side, you will not put people on a pedestal while slinging mud at others. There's nothing wrong with having real live heroes, people you admire or a least influential people whose perspective you greatly respect, but it's wrong to hold people over others to such a degree that you make gods over slaves when it comes to these people or

yourself. But, gods over slaves may be too extreme to a point because just holding one person or group of people in such high regards while taking another person or group of people and degrading them, is that same cesspool of thinking that causes such an atmosphere to exist. No one should be viewed as God over other people, because no one is perfect with the belief that only God is perfect, and no one should be viewed as a slave to other people, so to idolize another person, that's wrong. What's the fine line between having a hero and worshiping a person as a false idol?
First of all, admiring someone like a hero and worshiping someone like idol is a fragile line indeed, so a person can find themselves too far on the deep end of worshiping a person, at any given time. It's hard to find a complete answer to this question of admiring and worshiping, but if a person finds themselves believing in another person as if they were a deity or in league with divinity then they need to tone it down to realize we are all human. On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with having someone or people that are inspirational, clear examples of good people and a guide to the path you want to go, or having someone that inspires you to be the positive person you are trying to achieve.
Therefore, it's a person's lack of humility and abundance of false pride that makes a person want to be a master over others to the degree that they want to be worshiped as an idol or God. Now this is different from being a master, such as in martial arts or any other profession of this manner. You would call this person a master, because they have mastered their craft, not because they hold ownership over you. That means the word "master" becomes a title like "Dr.” or a person with "Al Hajj" as a title before their name. That's different from a person that considers themselves a master over other people because they want to hold power over people to stifle their advancement and to oppress them for personal gain. Which brings us to a severe point, it's a great need to study the sins, because some good people are doing bad things that they don't think they are bad, but they're not terrible people. And, some terrible people have to do good, because this is the law of our existence. That has to be said because there are people that are viewed as being good that still oppress or harm people inadvertently or unwittingly. It's just as wrong to oppress people physically as it is to do it mentally, spiritually or financially.
For the most part, a person that practices the ways of humility wouldn't be materialistic to the point of holding value in things over the precious respect of life. A person wouldn't put so much love into things and sin to get them. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with concentrating or working hard to amass great wealth. What it means is that people can become rich without putting more value in things over the respect of life. It's why one person would never kill another person for money or valuable things while another person can hold such pride for the greed of something that they may steal or kill to obtain something that isn't theirs for the sake of self-glorification.
Again, this is where the false pride of obtaining valuable things leads to the wrath of

hurting other people or taking a life for financial gain. A psychological condition that we have put ourselves in over and over. Mentally putting so much stock into something that it becomes more valuable than another person's life. If you put $1 billion in front of me, personally, I would be so excited that I would be willing to do just about anything to make it mine, but if one of those things was to take a person's life for absolutely no reason than I don't care if it's $100 billion, it's not something that I will want to do. When you recognize this humility in yourself, you'll focus on building wealth in a creative way without being in competition with other people because no one can stop you from truly being yourself in a free society where you have been prepared to take care of yourself.
Now, when it comes to tempering your humbleness, it's a matter of recognizing when you're too modest. You can't let people degrade you with verbal abuse no more than you can let physical abuse happen. You don't want to be so humble that you're naive and let people take advantage of you. I believe in this instance, that it's God's proclamation that we are to see everyone as equals in the respects that all life has the right to live peacefully. That all the glory belongs to God and the spectacular life of nature which is far greater than our individual existence. That would also be a reason why people would say, "we are one."
At the same time, we must remember, gratefulness comes as a result of your understanding of humility and humble respect for yourself and others. It's over-standing there'll always be something you can't do all by yourself. Life, in general, is something that you can't do all by yourself. Our parents are taking care of us as infants to teachers teaching us what we need in life, to when things come full circle in our lives, and we need to be taking care of when we're too elderly to do it for ourselves. When we become elderly most of us would need help and the more a person makes sure the other person understands how much they appreciate the help, kindness or generosity to make our senior citizen life comfortable and dignified, the more both parties will be blessed with the power of sharing and gratitude. Regardless of the situation, sharing, gratitude, and appreciation are the treasurers that you find through humility and kindness. That's a natural cycle of virtues crossing paths to formulate a greater power. Like gluttony and sloth going hand-in-hand or greed and lust as destructive forces. What about false pride, envy, and wrath being a person's main characteristics? Well, charity, humility, and kindness are one of the biggest triple threats to evil there is. At the same time, let's not forget temperance because if you're too humble people will walk all over you. Last but not least, it's time to go over the ultimate virtue.
As you may have guessed by now, patience is the opposition of wrath. I was shocked when I found out. I was like, “are you serious?” I had surveyed a lot of people before I found the answer and before then I thought it was mercy or love. Thus, this is a reason to say that virtues are oppositions, but not necessarily the exact opposites. For example,

charity is the opposite of greed, but being kind isn't exactly the opposite to envy, the opposite of envy is not to care about other people's things; content with one's self while the opposite of kindness is to be mean. Therefore, the reason that a virtue like patience is the opposition to a sin like a wrath is that patience is the best way to combat the root elements that create wrath in a person.
When I learned that to be patient leads to mercy, because to show mercy you have to have patient, I was enlightened, to say the least. I knew that I was a furious person, in fact, I'm still quick to anger, but now I've learned to be more patience. I see firsthand how patience wins out over anger, especially as I raise my children. When you're feeling angry, or you feel like you might get upset, then patience is the key. A 10-second count might seem like a gimmick or hokey to you, but do anything to slow down and think for a moment. The key is allowing yourself time to think while being calm, instead of making decisions while you're angry. When you're patient, you want rush which will allow you to look before you leap as the old saying goes.
It's about the same as forbearing which is a state of endurance in the face of adversity. Preserving your mental and spiritual calmness under difficult circumstances such as any provocation, annoyance, anger, or any negative force is a great quality to have. So, spiritually the path of a patient person will lead you closer to God, and you'll grow the foundation for true peace. Allowing you to build a power within yourself that comes from the practice of being patient which leads to the calm state of mind that blocks anger. Therefore, I believe the path to heaven is the practice of patients in everyday life. For me, I have a long road ahead of me on that path.
The fires that forge great people comes from the personal suffering that a person endures and still finds the strength to walk the path of righteous virtues instead of retaliating at life with sins. When something makes you mad, you must suffer that angry internally to achieve the ability to think clearly in most situations. To be impatient in that sense leads to your emotions of wrath. Thus, having patience is the trust in a higher force and a belief in the way of good. The foundation of being a righteous person is also how to keep other emotions in check like fear. The motion of fear can lead to wrath, quickly and in many different ways. Many deaths have occurred because people feared losing something or someone. There's also the fear of being caught or being discovered for the many lies that they had spun. That's why you can use patience as a spiritual shield to guard your soul because being patient leads a person into a life where you don't have to make decisions that put you into bad positions, especially because the decisions were made out of anger or too quickly.
The power of patience comes from strength, not weakness and it doesn't mean that you don't defend yourself and others when being attacked by people, animals or evil. Everyone has the right to defend themselves and train to defend themselves, but having the understanding of the virtue of patience would be the reason a person would be wise

enough to use violence as a last resort and only for the good of defending life. Sometimes we use violence as a means of gaining respect, but it's an emotional response to that situation that we can do without.
What this means to us physically is that self-restraint of violence comes from being patient enough not to react off of the emotions of wrath giving you a chance to think clearly. It's one thing to have patience when you hear the cries of a baby, but it's another thing to be provoked by your peers. The average normal person has the wherewithal not to do physical harm to someone so defenseless, unaware and in need of so much help to survive like a baby or the elderly. When someone on your level is in a confrontation with you or is being an annoyance, it's a lot easier to lose patience with someone who can defend themselves. Spiritually, if you're with a child thats acting up, be patient, you'll find the strength to kindly and calmly say, "don't do that… Please stop… Put that down, please."
It's totally another situation when your peers are talking to you in a disrespectful manner and far worse when their actions are disrespectfully. A baby or a child doesn't know any better, but it's because a person on the equal ground should know better then to disrespect another person when it becomes a matter of the decision to be patient or not. The thing to remember is it's a mark on your soul if you'll allow wrath to cause you to do something bad, but you have all rights to protect yourself from wrath spiritually, mentally and physically. That means keeping your hands to yourself as well as mental and spiritual forms of intimidation and control over other people. A patient person is not quick to judge, act and react when it's time to make a proper assessment of any given situation. Therefore, keeping a person from most situations that put a person in harm's way, negativity and usually keeps a person from being the type person that harms other people.
The virtue of patience is about turning the other cheek, but remember temperance, because you don't need to let anyone walk all over you. You can be that type of person to turn the other cheek, but you don't let anyone just keep abusing you because a lot of people will. Self-defense and justice should be about when the good runs out of patience with evil. So, it's also wrong for you to take advantage of anyone's patience. In fact, it's wrong to take advantage of anyone's charity, chastity, diligence, temperance, kindness, and humility. That's why mentally, patience is about self-restraint of the psychological forms of power people hold over other people. Mind games can do just as much and even more damage than physical abuse such as verbal abuse. Psychological and spiritual scars can run a lot deeper than the scars left behind by physical abuse.
Parents that are too controlling seem to have no patience, usually behind the trust issues of their family. When people put other people down and they're quick to judge people, it's a sign of having tiny, to no patience. Truly, being inpatient leads to so much of the World's wrath. A person's words, thoughts, and ideas can affect people positively

or negatively to the point of those things being a matter of control over other people. It can be as bad as mentally affecting other people to the point of physical, mental, spiritual and material control over other people. And, when we say material control, we mean to the point of making other people poor, oppressed and the worse thing would be slavery. But, controlling another person's mind through verbal abuse brings that person down as well as the person afflicting the abuse. As the abuser uses their power over others, they in turn, poison their mind to the point it eats away at that person's intellect, spirituality and sometimes physical attributes as well.
Not to mention, it's another time eater when you dwell in the dark places of the mind that's hate, revenge and spite. It's when a person isn't being impatient with God or the laws of nature, by thinking we know best and taking matters into our hands, is when we make the choice to commit to acting on feelings of hate, revenge and spite. I believe in having patience with God's work because it's a harsh work which we don't understand, but we could one day if the lesson is for us. You can also forgive people and yourself by letting go of anger which is a great way to live for your soul. Bad things happen, and it can get easy to blame God which might also be the truth, but our understanding is limited in the eyes of the omnipotent, all-knowing Creator. When things happen that are out of your control, or you lost control which leads to negativity in your life, patience will allow you to forgive others, forgive yourself, let go and live your life instead of blaming others, wasting time, dwelling in the past or facing impossible odds on your own.
Being patient increases your time in peace from within. If you're always in the mind-frame of patients, and this is coupled with all of the other virtues, then you live within heaven on Earth, and this is something no one can take away from you without force or deceit. You cannot lock a person up and take these things from that person because they are internal. You would have to destroy a person's whole being like it was done in the African slave trade. You would have to take a person's complete virtues away from them. You can take a person away from life, but you cannot take these virtues from a person. Virtues are the powers that we build up in our lives to take with us when we pass on. I believe the fight for good and evil in life is a fight for which side your soul will be on when you pass on. That's why evil will want to strip you of your virtues while you live.
When it comes to our material realm of life, wrath affects our things more than anything, and it's the reason why we built things that cause destruction. Patience is why we create out of love. Take myself as an example; I, like many people, let my wants outweigh my needs which lead me down a path of sins. In my youthful impatience, I started to want things, and I had to have them now. I felt that I needed the things I wanted, and I had to have them, right then, to be happy. Plus, I needed what I wanted to be big, because of whatever frivolous reasons I came up, but it led me down a path of bad decisions. It was to the point that I missed out on a lot of things I would have

wanted, because I wasn't patient enough to set goals and accomplish what I needed to get done, in due time. That's why they call it, paying your dues because the best way to get what you want is to eliminate fear, laziness or any other excuse for skipping the work it takes to achieve your success. Working to achieve a result may take time and those that learn to be patient enough to set goals, have a plan to follow through and see those goals out to the end usually are the ones that meet the greatest success. Far too many people, out of haste, will all too often jump into things too quickly without completing something that we overlooked or took for granted which would have given us a more concrete foundation to stand on in the 1st place. We need to take our time to build and grow what we want in life, but have the understanding that we need to have a concentrate foundation under what we need more than what we want. Patience does a better job of keeping us focused and determined to get what we want in life when we meet our needs.
Being patient keeps us in harmony with humility which is why a person would not be materialistic. Patience takes us past the materialistic ways of life and connects us to the spiritual realms of higher consciousness. That creates the healthy environment of growing, gaining and building which takes time that a person often needs to achieve these things. Therefore, patience is a serious virtue, because it creates time in your life. When I thought about this a lot, it made me feel like the cliche, "life is short," is just a matter of one view point. It brought me to the conclusion that this is a very damaging and self-defeating cliche always to say if you plan on living a long life. I understand that it's a cliche about not wasting the precious time that you do have here on earth, but in my neighborhood, it has become an excuse to be impatient and commit acts of sin, because a person thinks that they have little time to live and enjoy themselves while they're here. The absolute truth is that life is not short at all when you are patiently and diligently growing your success while focused on your long life ahead of you, especially when you have a family.
In Conclusion
In conclusion to the 7 sins and the 7 virtues, I would like to say that this isn't a work of art that I want my name all over like this came from me,this is God's design and the study of our human nature. That's a "study and work" that will exist with or without me. I don't proclaim to be better than anyone and I'm neither a master of the virtues or a person without sin. I'm a person that would suffer any one of these sins at any given time, just like all of us, but I do believe in this important thing that I've discovered about myself in life. That should be the most important thing for each person as something that you must do for yourself and not try to force on others because this is that yin and yang struggle for good and evil within each one of us. I believe that gathering in groups so that we may help each other is a good thing, but trying to enforce this philosophy on everyone will probably fall to hypocritical individuals and organizations. It's best to know this for

yourself and lead by influence if anything.
When a person is afflicted with a sin that's not yours, it doesn't make you better than them, because you may be unaware that you suffer from a sin that's yours and not theirs. It's easy to call somebody on their greed when you have your lust well hidden. It's easy to call someone out on their slothfulness when you surround yourself with people that see your false pride as normal. That's another reason being rich will not make you evil, being sinful and evil will make you a bad rich person, but you can be that same evil person without money or while you're trying to get it. While you can be a good and generous person when you have money, without it or as you're getting it. You can be a generous person when you have it to give and people who control their sins usually have more to give. It becomes a cliche for some people to think of the rich as evil when it's their envy and false pride talking. They can't see that side of themselves as they put plots and plans together to take from the rich and consider giving to the poor, which most criminals say to themselves all the time. That's the only poor person that they're thinking of helping, even when they have a lot. The reality is that most people who suffer from the combinations of sins want to rob the rich and give to themselves by saying, "I'm poor." This criminal doesn't do any background check on their rich target, most of the time, they strike just because the person has more and the criminal has less. Plus, some criminals feed off people that barely have anything. They may have no idea that the person that they are robbing and may do grave harm to may be the most generous and kind rich person that exists. That makes harming rich people, just because a person believes that rich people are evil, is an excuse for that person to justify their sin and criminal activity. Knowing that you are a glutton, and it's easy to condemn somebody for their obvious lust while secretly keeping envy in your heart.
These are just random examples, but on a personal note about myself, I'm aware of some of my sins that are going to take the time to correct, if I can ever accomplishing being totally virtuous before I pass away. I suffer from lust, gluttony, and false pride the most. With that in mind, there's a touch of greed & sloth sometimes, and all of these have led me to wrath at one point and time, but fortunately I'm not much of the person that's envious. Oh, I've tasted envy, I just don't have much of a taste for it. And, now that I know this about myself, I must practice the ways of virtues. This balance to life with an understanding of sins and virtues is the blueprint to making myself a better person and us better people. Also, just because I know that nobody's perfect doesn't mean that I'm going to use this as an excuse not to seek perfection. This balance to life laced with being righteous is a straight path to the ways of being good.
In my opinion, temperance and diligence may be the ultimate one-two punch to success. This jab and hook equals self-control with the will to work to get what you need and want in life. When you have self-control, and you're willing to work for what you need in life this will lead to building for yourself, the proper growth, health, and wealth

which makes you an unstoppable force of self-determination. Through diligence, you may become rich and have gained way more than you need, so it's temperance that will allow you to control that extra income without overindulgence. In the ideal perfect world of capitalism, this would lead to a person that can be a leader of fixing the problems in our communities and through charity spread the wealth; these people would build a utopia for all humans. If our leadership and wealthy people used more of the kindness and wisdom of righteous people, we could have a better system of peaceful growth and advancement. And, through temperance, a diligent rich person will not have to give up their earnings down to the bare essentials, especially for slothful people. In the ideal capitalistic World, there would be a job for everyone and respect for everyone's position, from the custodian to the president and those that would make it easier for those that do not have as much, because those positions can change for just about anyone at any given time.
I believe that the main point of being wealthy for any individual is that God needs you to have more than you need. Not so much that you can have everything that you want, but so that you can care for those that can't do for themselves, need guidance or any other general help to encourage another person's individual self-motivation and stability. That creates a balance between gaining and sharing when you get to take care of your needs and help others when you have more than enough. I know it's easier said than done. Because, all of the sins and virtues cross paths with each other and work in combinations.
At this time, I would like to bring your attention to some of the things that you may have been told by people who want you on their philosophy, organization or religion. Because many lofty stories, fantasies, and dreams are spread around to get you down on someone's team when there are many of these organizations and people who'll fabricate whatever they need to gain your loyalty. You need to be very careful of those silver tongue Devils that may have said things like, “if you are a good person you will not suffer from anything bad.”
The truth is a dreadful thing with the potential to happen to anyone at any given time, especially when it comes to death. Whether you believe that God is testing a person with bad things that happen or not, the fact remains, no matter how virtuous you are and how righteous you are to people, the worst of things can still happen to you. It's how you handle those things and your ability to stay virtuous in the face of adversity which determines the outcome of your individual fate. Which also means that it can be very easy to be virtuous on an easy path, but it's how you keep your virtue in the face of adversity, tyranny and disaster that determines how strong of a righteous person you can make yourself.
If you are diligent, charitable and kind, it still doesn't mean that you don't suffer from another sin, like lust. People are good by nature for the most part. To be a good person

is considered to be the way and you normally think of our society as a community of good people. Because of the virtues that we're recognized for in our image of being good, yet the fact remains everyone must keep their sins in check and anyone can fall a victim of sin. That links us to the human condition, but we are as individual as our fingerprints. A person may have a good image of chastity, temperance and humility, but still suffers terribly from slothfulness. That's usually the combinations of good people with bad afflictions of a sin or two. You may have heard of the individual that's recognized in the community for diligently doing work that helps people. This person may be recognized for their kindness and charity which brings the love and respect of many people who would be disappointed to find out that in a secret life at night they can't stop themselves from soliciting for sex or having another form of the affair which is cheating on their spouse. You may know of another kind and loving individual, recognized for their spiritual goodness and holy image, but you know of some sin that they suffer from that most people don't know. You may never think of this person as a person that can ever suffer from a sin because their high levels of chastity, kindness, love, and charity. But, if you don't make the study of sins something that you're fully aware of you may never see that this person still suffers from gluttony atrociously, because it's an affliction that does the most damage to a person that's suffering from it, like a disease that's not contagious. You can be the most loving generous person in the World and still be obese because you suffer from gluttony or sloth.
Now here's the real interesting part, everything isn't so black and white, good and bad, there's a lot of a gray area and things for careful contemplation. People who are considered more on the dark side and people with more combinations of sins than virtues still live in a World where the law of nature favors the way of good. A person can fool you with kindness, but in reality, they're greedy, lustful, and full of false pride. What about a person that suffers from envy which makes them wrathful towards their target, yet they're very diligent. A person that may be a glutton and slothful, but rich enough to be very charitable. There are thousands upon thousands of combinations of the sins and virtues which make up the reasons why a gangster that is known as a killer goes to church every Sunday and would never harm a child while a different type of killer would seem to have no moral standards or discrimination, therefore having no problem killing a child.
When the sins outweigh the virtues, anyone can be on the side of evil. Even though evil is too harsh of a word sometimes, because these afflictions can be suppressed or cured at any time, plus new ones can arise at any time just like the powers of virtues. So, a person may not be evil, but they may not be that good or just doing something bad at the time. A person may be a good person overall, but in a time of temptation, do something bad or suffer from a sin for a time which can happen to any of us. A person may not be a greedy person then all of a sudden one day temptation presents itself and

in a moment of weakness, an otherwise good person succumbs to greed for a moment. It doesn't make you evil, nor does it make you a bad person, but you may have done something bad for a moment. Such as most people's battle with food or money and this example of greed easily fits the same thing that happens with the temptation of lust. Whether these temptations are something that comes up often in your life or not, still they will give you the opportunity to live and learn to be strong enough to conquer your sins or succumb to them. You can also have a greater chance to stop what you're doing, change your ways, repent and make amends to be forgiven.
One of the most important things to remember is that sins and virtues are not simply combinations, they have a starting point cascading into catalysts that lead to many different branches of combinations. In other words, an order with one sin always at the root of the combination. With this being said, you must keep in mind the example that a wrathful person is usually that way because of other sins that lead to that wrath. With wrath being the last on the totem pole, nine times out of 10, wrath doesn't stand alone. That means that most people will not kill for the sake of just killing or being violent for the sake of just being violent. A person's greed, lust or false pride is usually behind the motive when a person becomes filled with wrath. On the other hand, it takes tiny to cause false pride in any of us. The littlest things for the smallest person is such a big thing in the eyes of pride. We're supposed to take pride in ourselves and accomplish what we need, but is that pride in what we want? Plus, others aspects that make pride a thin line between something good or bad. How would one be proud without falling a victim to false pride?
Therefore, it doesn't matter who you are because this root sin is very sneaky in how it applies to you, individually. It can creep up on you in small and innocent ways like any virus, but the next thing you know, you have a sickness. It might happen over a long period of time, or it may manifest itself in a matter of moments of the temptation or interaction that'll cause you to have false pride. But, make no mistake, it's that gateway sin that's usually at the beginning of any other sin.
False pride isn't just confined to yourself or things; you can have false pride in people like your children, spouse or leaders who turn out to be people who might do something bad or disappointing which takes them off your pedestal and makes them human. Heroes and people of high influence are often exposed for having secrets that make them look bad or at lease may shatter your expectations. And pride for these people, but most of the time that damaging thing that you may have found out about them still may pale in comparison to the good that the person you have pride in, may have done.
When you think of the virtues, I believe the key starting point for the catalyst of being righteous is temperance with patience being the end all to be all. In other words, the ability to have self-control goes hand-in-hand with your knowledge of self and creates that atmosphere to make all other virtues possible as well as more obtainable for

yourself. Temperance is that ability to have the self-control which will help keep all sins off of you and give you the strength to have the power internally to put into practice the virtues that will make you a righteous person. Because being self-motivated enough to push yourself into practicing the virtues isn't an easy thing to do and for some people, it'll be so difficult that it may seem impossible, especially if you have done appalling things that you may not be able to make repay. On the other hand, it takes a proficient knowledge and practice of all of the virtues to become a perfect patient person. Patience is probably the apex to where you want to be in your life. The bottom line is you want to be so proficient in your practice of the virtues that it would be extremely challenging for someone to break your patience. If you're strong in the categories of all the virtues, and you're almost sin free, then you'll be just about perfect.
We all have the potential to have a sin affect us, but no one notices or cares because we live more by rules than philosophies and the study of our nature. We need to find out what motivates us to do good and stay on that level as opposed to just obeying laws which may not cover what's going on beneath the surface. Laws and rules are the people's attempts to have a peaceful civilization or have a way out of a bad situation before the situation happens, or an event occurs or looking at the law as an attempt to prepare to handle a situation ahead of time with justice. Virtues are a person's individual moral stand which allows a person to interpret a situation or event as it happens and make the right choice to do the right things with the right judgment, spontaneously and in direct response to what's going on at that very moment.
Some of us just need to concentrate on being good parents, because that's the best thing in life and some of the best of the righteous work that will ever need to be done on this planet. If you can imagine teaching your children all about sins and how to avoid sins, at the same time teach them all the key attributes to being virtuous, you'll give your child the individual power that they need to protect themselves and family. It's like giving them a sword and shield of righteousness to go into life uninhibited, brave and wise enough to take care of themselves. Lead by example and eliminate the sins of your life as much as possible and put into practice the virtues of life, so that you may share in the strength of growing and building on a righteous path. If you don't do anything else right in life, be a good parent. Just making an effort alone will do wonders for your child, yourself, family and community.
The reason that children are so important is because they are born pure, but may become corrupted because of the upbringing, environment or other temptations and influences. When you study children for yourself, you'll learn that they're an empty sponge that soaks up all the negative and the positive energies around them. If they're filled with positivity then negativity is virtually nonexistent. A baby doesn't cry and scream out of negativity or sinand it's our same cries as adults for survival. We just grow old enough to cry and scream differently. You may not notice or believe this part, but

unfortunately no matter how good you may seem or the highest esteem that you hold for yourself, you still may be that negative influence to children.
Remember, just because you're considered to be a good person and you do a lot of good things like being severe all the time about being diligent, paying bills, being clean, being on time, etc., doesn't make you totally virtuous or the perfect parent. Just being able to pay the bills, supply your children with all their needs, put presents under the tree every year and have a good image is only part of being a righteous person. And, it doesn't give you the right to judge yourself better than other people or judge other people to point you're pointing out other people's afflictions as if you have none. While it's good to be stern with your children, you still don't have to take life so serious that your kindness can fall a victim and damage your chances of having a close personal relationship with your children or anybody else for that matter. That also leaves the door open for false pride to creep in and children don't respond well when you put yourself on a high horse like no one can touch you because children are usually the first ones to find out all about your hypocritical nature and sometimes your weaknesses and fears as well. As much as you know all about your children, sometimes they get to know you better than you know yourself. This type of false pride also can lead to your family losing the heart of giving gifts out of the kindness or a practical sense of seeing what someone else needs, but out of false pride of expecting a return or receiving praise far beyond normal acknowledgment for gift giving. It can lead to a person caring more about appeasing someone of influence more than actually helping someone who needs it or being kind for the sake of having love in your heart.
I would much rather my child give me a gift out of the blue because they love me as opposed to receiving a gift on Christmas just because they feel obligated to give me something. I was at a family function one holiday where I witnessed parents making their young child, around 4 or 5 yrs old, eat everything he put on his plate. What bothered me was they were doing it with threats, stern looks, and using fear as their main source of motivation for him. Later, I was with all of the children including the youngster who has now finished his plate after a tough time with his parents. I was one of the only adults with the children as I preferred hanging with them as oppose to the adults, because of their imagination and playing video games. We were in front of the family television and the latest PlayStation when the young man, who didn't want to finish his food, began using his forceful nature to bully a turn on the game, even though my nephew told him that his father wouldn't approve of him playing such a violent video game. (Lol, see the irony.) Well, this young man wouldn't take no for an answer, so politely I told him, "if your father doesn't want you playing a game of violence then don't risk getting your butt beat over a game like this."
This young man looked at me with such a crazy-eyed stare, like he had so much animosity for the audacity that I had for getting involved. In response to his leering at me

I responded with, "what's the matter child, do you have a heart attack? Yo face is all twisted up like you on the potty and yo eye is twitching like you had too much sugar."
After hearing that, my daughter started laughing at him, and I was smiling not laughing, but I could tell he was frustrated because he wanted the power to threaten people with a look like his father does with him. He wants that power to leave you speechless when he snaps on you like his mom does, but the frustration sets in because he's a small child that can't strike fear in anyone, yet. So he pulls out his last resort which is probably not the last resort in his household and now wants to respond with violence. It's a good thing his grandmother stepped in because my children and nephews are very calm people that have a lot of fight in them. They just let him play at his risk, knowing that he would be getting himself into trouble, if his Dad finds out.
The parents of the young man are very diligent, charitable and tempered people who take care of business, but it's that kindness and humbleness that's missing from their balance, because of the lack of patience. You see, the combinations of sins and virtues come in all kinds of ways. I'm not saying that this young man will grow up with any more problems than anyone else, but it's a good example to refer to if one wants to examine why this young man would turn out to be ill-tempered or take on an opposite effect and become submissive to any authority. It may have just been the holiday madness getting to all of them. I have been impatient with my children and made big mistakes in my actions, because of it. How many of us are humble enough to apologize to our children when we make mistakes? A person's pride is the main thing that gets in the way of a person's humility. It's the reason why the saying goes, "you must swallow your pride… Eat a piece of humble pie", because in my experience it's like swallowing that sinking feeling in your stomach when your pride gets hurt very deeply, and you have to admit to being wrong. When a person apologizes with humility, they often intend to find a way to make up for whatever it is that they're apologizing for honestly.
That brings us to the critical conclusion that your sins and virtues are a personal thing and despite outside influences, ultimately it's our choices and decisions which will determine our path in life. Sins are the way of understanding the motivations to act on our lower desires, so that we may learn to control them and if at all possible, eliminate them from our life. Your virtues are the motivations to the ways of increasing your goodness to the point of becoming totally righteous. I believe that the ways of false pride is the number one root to all combinations of sins, but a person's root in sin can be greed, lust, sloth, gluttony or envy. But, it's usually a person's false pride that leads to these other sins. Wrath is the end result to any one of these combinations of sin. Only someone like a psychopath has violence at the root of their low desires and motivation of action.
Now that you know what not to do, we must learn and put into practice what to do. It's time to have the personal desire to want to be righteous like all good people do. The

root of being good is temperance which is controlling yourself on an individual basis to desire righteousness and peace. Even tempering your temperance, because you don't want to cause yourself to fear the experiences of life. You might not take it all in moderation and avoid things, situations, and people that are bad for you. There's a saying that's catching on, "all things in moderation", which is the definition of temperance. So remember, have temperance at the base of your combinations of virtues and the ultimate form of patience will be the key to you being a totally righteous person.
We would all probably agree that wrath is the worst of all sins, and it affects people in the most negative ways, but what's the ultimate stand-alone virtue? It's the opposition to wrath which is patience because to be truly patient is to live in peace. In your opinion and the way the combinations play out in your life of sins and virtues, should another virtue be the root or apex like charity? Should it be kindness because of sharing the love that you have inside of you comes from kindness? One of the other virtues is properly the best candidates for your personal lifestyle based on what you know, experience or how you feel. Or, maybe they're the things that we do that affect others in a positive way due to our love. The virtues are more personal practices that we direct towards ourselves and we used to structure ourselves into good people. Also, I would like to point out that a person maintains humility as well as diligence, but a person practices and commits to charity, chastity and temperance. There're more breakdowns to our influences like promises that we make to ourselves to be good, but virtues are the blueprints to the way of formulating the structure on how to carry out that plan to be good.
How do you become the most righteous person you can be? It's not by setting up laws, commandments and rules for yourself that are one-sided and only tell you what you can't do. Meanwhile, you're at a loss for what to do. Being righteous is about conquering your sins and controlling them into nonexistent, meanwhile practicing your virtues to the point that you're causing positivity through unconscious habits of being good. Even being so righteous has a thin-line of going too far and stepping right back in the path of false pride, because a person can become so self-righteous that they appeal to their false pride whenever they make a public spectacle or go out of their way to show people that they have done well. If you can eliminate sin and consistently commit to virtues, like they are habitual habits, then you are the most righteous person on the planet. As a group and as individuals you would have no interest in war, no matter what your differences are such as race, nationality or religion. No matter what happens, both sides would want justice, equality, and peace, even if justice isn't immediately satisfied. Each person now should individually take it all upon themselves to have the basic formula of, don't sin and be virtuous. Don't be sinful, be virtuous to become righteous with peace at heart. Add this to the ways of keeping your balance to life and it'll be the blueprint to being good and having a prosperous life.
Remember, your love can be considered to be your wanting to have so much kindness

for a person to the point that you want to share everything with that person, and you can't see yourself being unkind to that person or people. If it's a soul-mate, you might not see yourself being that kind in that same way with anyone else. Not that you're unkind to other people, but a kind of kindness that's almost untempered which creates a special bond with someone in which you want to share your life. This love connection is not charity, but equality in the kindness of sharing with each other. To accept a person being kinder to you than anyone has ever been, so you repay, return and nourish that kindness that you're receiving, because you understand that this person is not this kind to anyone else but you. A form of being kind enough to share your chastity with someone special. To find someone to share your humility with and know that they're kind enough to respect, encourage and forgive you as you have that same kindness for their humility. When you diligently work on the kindness in a relationship, there should be too much light for the darkness of fear, ignorance and hate to manifest in a destructive way in your relationship. Be kind enough to let patience be the guiding light to your understanding of your family because communication is essential in any relationship, but especially a loving relationship. How can you stay mad at a person that is kind and you only see good virtues in them? How can a person stay loving you, if you're unkind, plus suffering from other sins? Let your kindness be the key to being patient enough to intelligently communicate.

Plus, I said I know the meaning of life as I believe this to be the truth. Well this is it, the answer is that we are meant to develop positive memories while we live because this will be the most powerful part of our soul that will determine our heaven in the next existence as well as this one. That means the longer you live and the more you put into your life to develop positive memories, the more full, rich and powerful your soul. If our memories are our heaven or hell in that brief moment, we have before we die then how you lived your life and whatever is on your mind or your conscious maybe your final heaven or hell. Your worse enemy is the one that's out to kill your time. Also, whatever takes away, suppress or controls your memories is a great enemy to us all. People that want to dumb you down, control what you believe, think and desire by shaping your memories into what they want you to know are evil. If you have people like this in your life, leave them alone.

CHAPTER 8. Good people take action!

In the World today, the social ramifications of the problems that we face as a One World global village are privacy, moral values to see all people with equality, liberty and justice for all. It's also hard to maintain focus on one's individual plight when there's action to be taken against those that do evil and cause suffering. Many problems happen as we want things to change for the betterment of humanity but faced with the facts that good people aren't standing up and fighting for righteousness. Too many people are caught up in their self-gratification as we are lulled to sleep by sports and entertainment. On the other hand, it's fear mostly, even though greed, indifference and ignorance play a major part in this lack of conviction that people have to act in a righteous manner. That's the type of thing that keeps good people in poverty because civilization doesn't have room for people that can't contribute to the society.
Too many people look the other way or stand by and watch as bullies, criminals, tyranny and unjust people try to do what they want to do in this World. The A.C.T. part of this book title is there to put into your mind that there are major things that need to done and it calls for action. We need genuine actions from more good people, because being kind, loving and peaceful needs protection. The "A" stands for absolute, and the "C" stands for complete, and the "T" stands for total, because when you put them together to describe this work, they give the impression of being an undeniable and irrefutable truth as the end all to be all. And that's exactly what I believe the balance is when you couple this with being virtuous, it's the absolute, complete, and total understanding of life for human perfection and it takes action to make it happen.
Yes, I'm saying that this information is an absolute, complete and total balance of life and there's nothing that should be added, and there's nothing that should be taken away. With this in mind, it's a personal thing to make the change for yourself. You have to act on your balance to life, but I'm also asking people to take action. Not only to be good, but there's a lot of good to be done.
Meaning that this balance to life is a philosophy that must start with changing your innermost being and thinking. That's if you need to be modified, you might already be perfect. But, a person's true balance will be the part of you that's motivated to do good deeds. Here's the best part of this thinking to me, that you don't have to be perfect to help because no one is perfect and we all need to help one another. We need to be kind enough not to discriminate, which is hiding the humility of our faults behind trying to put others down. It seems like a lot of people are afraid to do good. Could it be the little bad things that we do or the sins that we're afflicted with regularly? We don't want anybody to know that we're not perfect. Therefore, we don't help when sometimes we should. The thought that you have to be sanctified or as righteous as a saint to bring about positive change is not true. It's true that some people will judge you and try to hold you to higher

standards than they live or else they'll question you, "who are you to give advice?"
Well, my answer today for myself personally is that I'm no one, and I don't care if anyone remembers my name pass my family and love ones. I'm not perfect, and I don't claim to be, and I'll tell you off rip, I probably never will be. I have sins that'll probably only go away when I'm too old to do them anymore, and there'll always be people that will never like me. That doesn't mean I consider myself on the scale of virtues with it tipped on the side of righteousness, and my pendulum is nowhere close to the side of evil. Therefore, you can call me on my imperfections, and I will try my best to be a better person, but I will not let these flaws stop me from being a person that wants to help other people. And, even with my shortcomings, I do this in a public eye. Nor will I let my pride make me so vain that I pretend to be unique enough to be the true founder and originator of this information when it's Allah, and all glory belongs to God.
Here is the most important thing about this information:
Actions that are bad or good.
Now, this knowledge needs reiteration because some behaviors are often considered to be sins, but they are not. Those bad and evil actions that are a result of our sins, but they're also actions we have to commit because of our virtuous reasons such as justice. Again, the effects of taking something from someone, lying and killing someone are activities that we associate with being sins. But on the flip side, these action might get justified for a righteous reason. That knowledge is dangerous without wisdom because many self-righteous people deemed these actions to be justified and can get other people to agree with them under the guise of something righteous, justice, patriotism or any other misguided form of loyalty.
A government may take a life for the many lives that a person took. Parents argue that the Santa Claus story is a little white lie that doesn't harm anyone. Many teenagers and young adults are confused and feel lost when it comes to the matters of the moral impact of having sex. Does having sex before marriage make you a bad person? Is it at all wrong to have sex when you want to and how you want to? Does your sexual fetishes make you feel guilty like you're a bad person or is your fetish abnormal? Is it wrong to have sex with a person of your same gender, another so-called race of people, with multiple partners at once or by yourself? I believe when it comes to sex there are thousands of questions.
What if you're already married? Do you think chastity still applies? The answer is, yes, chastity still applies, because it's still about acceptable standards of having sex. It means that (for us in America at this time) that you should only have sex with your partner in marriage or you are breaking your wedding vows of chastity. That's right, by definition of the philosophy of chastity, this means monogamy with the one person that you're married to is the way. What's acceptable in this society is that when you're married, you can't have another sex partner unless your spouse says you can. And if so, is it morally wrong

or a sin to agree that your spouse can have sex with someone else? Or, if they say you can? What about together?
Having sex is still just the action, and usually, both parties care for each other, even if it's not love, there's usually a morsel of respect for your sex partner. Not all the time, because two adults can agree to have sex for money and it means nothing to either of them. It's hard to judge people on this private matter because people could like rough sex that looks wrong, but it's still consensual role playing. Making love is considered to be having sex with a deeper care, kindness and passion for each other's 'wants,' 'needs,' and 'desires' that you want to learn and share everything you like sexually with that person. That's reason enough to think of those motivations as being good, but I don't have any examples where cheating on your loved one behind their back is acceptable.
If your spouse cheats on you, it's not a good idea to cheat back. It'll only result in making you a cheater too. As the old saying goes, "2 wrongs don't make a right". If you were forced into having sex with someone like being raped or by some other deceit or manipulation, then it's not cheating because someone invaded your right to chastity which includes your free will of choice. You see, I cannot think of a scenario where cheating is okay. I'm sure there might be at least one reason, but this action isn't like the actions of lying, stealing or killing in self-defense. Maybe it's because sex is an action of sharing and not taking. Clearly, love is a good reason to be monogamous with your spouse, and that's truly justified.
Hate is bad or is it? Yes, it's appalling. It eats away at who you are like a disease and brings rot and a manifestation of wrath. What if you hate the person or people because they killed someone you love, is it understandable then? Hating that person or people will only make you sick over time. You should seek justice at every turn, and there's nothing wrong with never giving up on the fight for justice, but don't you dwell in the emotion of hate because it will impair your judgment. You can use all the attributes of being diligent, bravery, self-control and patience to seek justice for your lost. So be aware of people who would use hate to motivate good people to hate bad people, because hate is too powerful. The main problem is that hate leads to fear, blind ignorance, false pride and the lust for actions like revenge and killing.
Many people love the movie Star Wars because of the philosophies they used to describe the way of good, which they call "the force" and they use "the dark side" to describe the ways of evil. It's very true that hate and fear are connected and lead to each other which is very volatile when you combined them into one person. Fear can cause great regret which can cause self-hate for being too frightened to take action or creating missed opportunities because of fear. When you have great fear, that you'll lose something (which can come in many forms) such as the loss of a loved one, material things or especially things of philosophies we give great value. Fear because someone can take a loved one from you can cause a person to do just about anything, especially

attack. Fear of losing your expensive things can lead to the loss of self-control. One of the scariest things in the World is when someone or group of people fear to lose the power of their doctrine, traditions, laws and beliefs to the point of murder. Hate as a starting point can cause small fears to creep in such as fearing the loss of pride. If you lose a confrontation, and you don't take revenge when you have been considered wronged this can hurt a person's pride. One of the worst things about having hate as a starting point is the fear of letting go of that hate, especially when revenge is unobtainable, there's no way to recover what you have lost, or your opposition wants to give you reparations and make peace. That could mean that fear and hate are pride's most common deadliest downfall.


This information is about a person's desire to look inwards for answers and the ability to change. Like Michael Jackson said, "it starts with the person in the mirror," to make that change for everyone in the World. Achieving a balanced life and being righteous are personal choices of achievement and growth. Leading to growing into maturity and wisdom which has less to do with book smarts and more to do with your virtues as you learn life experiences. Meaning that we'll not be able to get everyone to agree with this knowledge, nor will we get everyone to practice it. At best, all we can hope for is that enough people will see the way of good and the strength it possesses to stop corruption, end famine, dismantle all wars, crush the motivation for any future war. We also need to create harmony among all people, create an atmosphere where greed cannot fester and bring about a utopia of peace in the overall development of our planet Earth and within the hearts of all humans. That's the main reason and motive behind my personal efforts to put this information together.
If you feel like you have a grasp on the balance of life, being virtuous and want to get other people on your same page then you should do it by positive influence. Influence is the 2nd law of leadership according to John C. Maxwell from his book, the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. Leadership is imperative in everyone's life. The 1st thing a person must learn is how to be an intelligent follower. Like, when learning what you need to know from your parents to survive. And then when having children of your own you become the leader in your household, so don't separate being a parent from being a leader. Everyone follows and just about everyone will have a chance to lead. So, if you don't have any other reasons or motivations in your life to learn what it means to be an intelligent follower as well as a wise leader then understand this, if you plan to have children or if you have children you need to learn both sides of that coin. For the employee and employer, it's beneficial to master both sides of that coin, because the boss must understand how things work to direct and instruct a person on what they must know and do to complete that job and the employee might become the chief one day

based on knowledge and experience. There are many opportunities, and examples, where learning to follow intelligently and lead wisely, can be applied to the situations of most of our everyday lives.
Life is best when we don't point fingers or judge people to harshly because we're all people with our faults, so we'll all find achieving righteousness through virtues is a difficult thing to do consistently. It's very significant to understand that consistency is the key to getting as close to perfection as you can. You may eliminate all your sins and become totally virtuous, but it's the temptations, crossroads, and tragedies that a human must constantly face which determine how consistent you can personally be virtuous in the face of adversity. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said it best when he said, "that the true test of a person is not where you stand in comfort and security, but how you stand in the face of adversity and tyranny." To master being virtuous consistently through all adversities will make you totally good and righteous.
If you can look at yourself and others without placing blame and judgment, then you'll start seeing the reasons and motivations at the root of a person's actions. It's essential to do this with yourself and look within yourself to bring about positive change or influence. When a person wants to change into having a virtuous life of balance, a person will need the reasons why reinforced daily and motivations to put into practice "being good" as a desired personal choice. Your reasoning will be your daily ability to make sense of life and consciously apply logic, intuition, beliefs and your physical tools of understanding the reason to have virtues and balance based on new or existing information. Your reason to do anything in life is based on what motivates you and a person's motives usually come with a reason. That's why we can be in the same organization and work for the same common goal, but for different reasons, because our motivations are different. One person may want to be in the company because they want to help people while another person wants the glory of being seen doing whatever glorifies the organization.
Most people do things because they feel good. Therefore, the motives of these people are to do what brings them pleasure. I know I'm in this boat, but let's talk about food as an example; the reason we have to eat is to survive. The reason we want to eat something like candy is because it taste good, but candy does nothing to help you survive, and it's bad for you in huge amounts. Candy can be considered food, but you don't need any of it to survive, and you cannot survive on a diet of candy and sweets. It will make you obese, sick and that unhealthy diet will kill a person quickly. So we have a reason to eat good, but an even greater motivation to eat more healthy. In my community, I often see people that lack the motivation to eat healthy until their lack of health motivates them to change their diet. This same reasoning and motivation can be applied to exercise and many other things in life.
Even with this knowledge many people still are a glutton for candy and sweets, so what motivates them to ignore warnings and still overindulge? That's why finding the root to a

person's problem is the key to fixing most problems people face and the ability to put most people on the right path that's most beneficial to the human advancement. It's because that root motive leads to the reason a person develops when they want to, or they feel like they need to do whatever it is that they do. For example; a bully may act out on the false pride instilled in them by family members, but because that false pride comes out of poverty, mixed with greed and envy, then this person becomes a bully because they cannot control their wrath towards other people that they feel superior over. That's why I feel that the majority of bullies are hurt the most when you chop them down at their pride or show them that they lack humility.
Meaning that the motives behind the sin for yourself or someone else needs to be examined if you want true answers about your humanity. If any group of people wants to bring a person to justice and punish them for their crime without hearing that person's side of the story or understanding the motives, then that group of people only want revenge or worse.
When you travel the inward journey of mastering the good nature of your soul, beware of the motives that cause your reasoning to justify a sin. For instance, money is a very powerful motivator in our lives and a great source of power and respect. Money is behind most people's justification to lose their virtues and let the power of sin take over then blame it on the money. It's also because we need money that we are blinded when our sins tempt us to let our wants outweigh our needs. That's why most people are good up to the point of temptation then we might turn a blind eye to our virtues for a large sum of money and then blame the money instead of blaming ourselves for the loss of values, morals and our virtue. But, as the Jamie Foxx song says, you can "Blame it on Alcohol," because people lose their virtue over many things and blame it on all kinds of things. It's just that, money is the most common reason why people lose their virtue, and it's the most accepted excuse.
The sins are the motives and reasons for the actions that people take like lying, stealing, nudity, murder, etc. In other words, a person doesn't steal for nothing, even when they truly don't know why they did it, the fact remains, a motive like greed or gluttony is the main motive and reason a person commits many sinful actions. The virtues are the motives that are behind the actions people take to do good, but controversially lying, stealing, nudity, killing, and so on, are actions that are used to help the way of good as well. In our essence, we're all subject to our moments of weakness, but these questionable actions are our strength when extreme action must be transformed into what we know are the acts of virtue. It's also about how you handle yourself after you realize your words or your actions. Sometimes knowing this knowledge is all about realizing that you have sinned and catching yourself right away, if this means you have to rectify a wrong immediately, then you'll have the realization, humility, and wisdom to do so. You may have to calm down, apologize and set things straight. Sometimes the

actions may seem wrong because they're controversial, but the questionable acts are done out of the righteous decisions of virtue.
Now, if you've done a great job of eliminating your sins and practicing your virtues then act on your positive motives to bring about positive change in your life and it'll affect all of life. If your actions are good, then carry them out with enthusiasm, but if you examine yourself, and you realize that most of your actions are caused by your sins, then you must eliminate them by action. Force yourself to be kind and do kind things for people. Be more generous, but then help someone you don't know without judging them. Just a few things a person can do to raise their awareness of being vitreous. When you realize your motives are sinful in nature, and they're the reasons you are messing up in life, you live such a negative lifestyle, or you've lost control of your life, then put into practice your virtues. If you have any life left to save, begin eliminating your sins, practicing your virtues and putting your life into balance, it may be the only thing to save you, God willing.
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A temptation is an opportunity opening up to do something that is motivating or a desire to experience something that you want more than what you need. A temptation doesn't necessarily have to be something wrong, but most of the time we're only tempted to do something or experience something that may not be considered a good thing. People usually don't purposely avoid doing or being good, so having temptation is often desire to do or be bad. Or, sometimes the temptations are just exciting or controversial. If, for some reason, you had to stay away from something good as if it was bad for you, it maybe because of its damaging effects on you. Then the temptation to do that good is bad for you.
When temptations arise, it's the habit of many people to blame others for that temptation as they fall a victim to that temptation. When it doesn't matter if someone persuades you to do a sin or you just take an offer that sounds good at the time, but it's just an invitation to the temptation. The bottom line, it's our choice no matter how much we regret our actions and no matter how much we were persuaded, ultimately it's our choice. To be totally deceived and unaware of the deception is different, because being tricked into doing a sin, in many cases, is the calculation of another person's sins being placed on their soul and not yours. But, still the foundation of our virtues at our core allows us to see through most deception and traps, so we can't consciously do bad things and then claim we were deceived when deep down we know deception plays no part in what we're doing. For example; a married man may have a woman tempt him with sex whether she knows he is married or not, but it's his choice at this time to succumb to lust or maintain his chastity. If he turns down her initial offer, it doesn't make it less wrong if she eventually persuasive him into it unless she knows he is with someone that would

have a problem with there rendezvoused. Also, in this instance if she thinks the man is single because he leads her to think so, then it's the man in this situation that's committing 100% of the sin against both of the female's chastity that they hold for this man.
Now, in the highly unlikely scenario that a person is tricked into cheating on his wife, then he is a victim of a deception against his chastity. If he was drugged, made to believe the other woman was his wife or forced by threat, then that's a sin that's not owned by the victim, even though, the victim seemingly committed a sin. The person being forced into the act of sex can't be held accountable for that act because the lust to do it isn't there. And, a person that committed the crime of making another person commit a sin will have ownership of their sins, the sin they made someone else do and any other victims harmed by those sins.
However, when a person just places the temptation in front of another person, it's therefore, the decision of the person that's being tempted that's being tested. Here in the face of temptation do you have some moral, virtuous plan to stay on track and resist whatever temptation may come up? The temptation is not to blame which normally only happens when things go wrong, but even when a person's gamble pays out, it's the decision that a person makes at the crossroads of temptation that makes a difference. Especially, when the decision is a fork in the road as a division between a good path and a bad one.
Temptations are meant to test us or eat away at our willpower. It's one thing to have normal temptations that'll always pop up in our lives, but it's different to have people pushing bad things at you trying to get you to do wrong. It's everyday things such as having decisions on whether to eat a fattening snack, giving a person back the money they dropped, get mad at someone, especially your children and thousands of other temptations on a daily basis. It's entirely a different thing if corporations subliminally implant messages like, "eat junk food". What if someone takes advantage of your love or kindness to manipulate your judgment, being blackmailed which forces you into doing something evil or someone just flat-out ask you if you're down to do some dirt, and you simply think about it and say yes? Temptation can come in many deceitful and manipulative forms, but it can also come straight at us, and if we don't have a foundation in our virtues, then we can be led astray. And, the less we know about our sins and virtues the easier it is for us to fall a victim to temptation.
I want to touch on some of the outside influences that we're faced with everyday and re-iterate the fact that there'll always be people or a person that would never have your best interest at heart, especially when there's a profit to be made off of your life. At the same time, I'm in business for myself as well. So, how do I recognize that thin line between innocently enticing someone to buy my product or use my service and crossing the line of tempting someone to the point they'll sin over my product or service? I think it's

another thing to have ads with naked women invoking lust, overindulgence of liquor, cigarettes, drugs and the use of guns for senseless violence all over the place in an ad. Because I've had all of these things in my ads for my business and promoting my brands. But, did I take it too far? I'm different since my earlier work, and I would like to think that I have matured, but the reality of the World is what it is. So, how far is too far when life has a lot of gray areas, and everyone has an opinion? For instance, if a person's music is full of sin that persuades another person to do these things, then the person that's a fan of the music may fall a victim of committing the sins that are being glorified through the music. Even though, the artist that created the music may not commit these sins themselves in real life. The artist that created the music may fall to the judgment of their sins as well as the sins that they convinced others to do. Unless the point of your music is to educate or to inform people of the existence of these sins and temptations so that people can decide to avoid them or not. That's common because the majority of the artist will illustrate the big picture, telling a story which is often objective and neutral, so the audience can decide what they want for themselves.
Think of this scenario, a person you work with may think it's right to steal from your employer for whatever reason and they decide to tempt you to do the same. Obviously, if you begin to steal for the sake of greed, you're in the wrong. But, what if you do not steal, but you don't tell either, and they continue to take and constantly tempt you? If you maintain your integrity, then you hold the fortified willpower to be a good person in this instance where you never steal. But, if you eventually break down and begin to steal as well, it's because temptation got to you and somehow you lost the willpower to resist the temptation. It doesn't matter how long you stayed strong or how tiny and insignificant the item was that was stolen, the sin of greed or perhaps gluttony was acted upon through the action of stealing. A motive broke your willpower, and you found a reason to give into and justify falling to temptation. It only takes one time and then it's an injustice that you may have to apologize for, repent for, payback, replace or do something to make up for the sin. If there's anything that can be done, because some actions cause so much damage or loss that can't be undone, and there's no replacement or compensation for what has been done like the loss of life.
In respects to the fact that anyone can fall a victim to outside influence, it's prudent to develop a moral and virtuous foundation to stand upon, because the actions of stealing aren't permanent like the action of killing someone. The action of taking something that doesn't belong to you can just as easily be forgiven if or when the items are returned and forgotten as fast as the action took place, but if you take a person's life, that life is gone forever. We cannot replace a life. If you take a woman's son, you may give her someone else's child, but the child she created from her womb is gone forever. You could offer yourself as service, or you may have the ability to give that woman several children at one time, but the experiences that person lived by way of creating memories is gone.

That's something that provides us with the characteristics of forming attachments so deep that when any life passes there's a void that's non-replaceable in its exact entirety. Life is so precious, and we only get one, so it's hard to see someone play with their life in a dangerous manner, especially if they're a victim of their sins, or they're weak from temptations, and we love them.
Our Self-Motivation and Conscious Mind
There are many things in the World to be self-motivated about, but there are far more distractions that we devote our motives to which only waste our time because they aren't the main focus on our ultimate goals. Anything that takes you away from your primary goal can wind up being detrimental to your life. Sometimes, you need to devote some of your motives and reasoning to survival more than a lofty goal of success which is understandable since living a long, wealthy, and healthy life is the exact purpose of every life. Some people may lose their motive or belief that a long life is possible for them. Therefore, they may seem destructive by nature, but the reality is somewhere down the line, maybe even very early in their life, they made it rational to themselves that long life was not possible. The same goes for people who believe a good life is not possible for them. It's not easy to stay focused on what we may believe is our purpose in life, but the best things in life are not easy, so narrowing down your motives is no different.
A motive is a reason, and each person needs a reason to motivate themselves for billions of reasons. When someone speaks of self-motivation, they are talking about getting to the root of the reason a person is stimulated into action. These words are easy enough to understand individually and an easy concept to understand when they're put together, but it's a different thing to consistently act on things that you need and to have a need to motivate yourself to find a reason to do anything. I feel like self-motivation is the opposition to depression, because for one to be depressed, they have to hold themselves back by way of oppressing themselves. And, since depression is a mental thing, far more than a physical thing, then the mental attributes and power of self-motivation are a better cure than any drug. But, I'm not a doctor, so this is just my opinion.
When it comes to self-motivation, you must first look at the word, "self", and realize that everything falls on your shoulders when it comes to self-motivation. You have to look within yourself to find your reason. Even when yourself tells you to find people or things to inspire you, it's still on you to find a way for self-motivation. Your favorite motivational speaker, minister or teacher comes to town, and it's still your willpower that finds the self-motivation to come up with the ability to attend. You'll decide to watch a sunrise or a sunset on a consistent basis because you find inspiration in the beauty and magnificence of life. It'll be you that would take information like this, highlight what you need, constantly re-examine and refer to this type of information to help guide you into making yourself better. That's not to say that you have to be selfish, but even when you

are taking care of someone else, like your children, you have to make yourself a high priority, because your longevity and survival may coincide and parallel to the longevity and survival to anyone who depends on you. And, having someone to rely on you for survival is indeed an adamant self-motivator for a noble life.
Your motives are what drive you, and we have built such a fantastic structure of society that we can choose various things that will bring about success in various forms. We have created things to be and do, that go far beyond just simple survival or basic work. With so many complex things we can do with our lives, some people find it difficult to narrow down a path to what they want to become, but some people are obsessed, and only 1 or 2 things drive them to a main goal or purpose in life. But, how do you find out what should self-motivate your life? Again, you have to look within yourself and ask yourself questions about yourself to find out your needs but to safely and intelligently examine your wants in life. You have to ask yourself intelligent questions like, is there a cause that you are deeply concerned about or have a particular bias? What makes sense based on your abilities and physical attributes? Is there an objective that you would love to accomplish, especially if it helps others? You need to ask yourself, "Has someone lured me into a way of life that I'm trapped in and if so, is there an incentive or just the excitement that may induce me to stay on this path? What really stimulates my love to the point that I can do it for the rest of my life? What sparks my inspiration to the point that I can't help being who I am?"
When you take all of these things into consideration, a person has to raise the awareness of their own conscious mind to self-govern themselves to be disciplined enough to consistently seek out self-motivation to put oneself on the path to success as well as longevity and peace in life. To achieve the balance of life and a foundation in virtues most people are going to have to seek out the self-motivation to stay focused enough to do so. For example; the self-motivation for a student, employee, employer, hobo or an investor to get up in the morning will probably be a totally different experience for each one of these people. Young students in grade school go through the various stages of being enthusiastic when it comes to getting up and going to school, but for the most part, most older students aren't excited about getting up and going to school every day. The same with most employees, some love getting up early every morning to make a living for themselves, but when you think of a job, most people have a job that they don't like. That's the way it is for the common person, in an ordinary job, not a lot of motivation to do the same thing every day for pay that will barely ever raise.
On the other hand, even in the times of struggle, most employers think differently. An employer is usually the boss and most of the time the owner of the business. The business owner tends to get up in the morning enthusiastic about the day ahead, self-motivated to make a success out of themselves, the business and family, plus inspire other people to do the same. A lot of times an employee doesn't think their boss works

as hard as they do because they never see the boss sweat. At the same time, when the employee gets off of work and goes home to do things that doesn't relate to building business for themselves, most never come to realize that their boss may still be working or at least involved in the activity that will increase or enhance the business. Which improves the place that gets the employee the paycheck. They have more interest vested in the company with more potential for financial gain and that's more cause for the boss to be self-motivated to see the business successful 24/7. Meaning that they work while most people are playing or relaxing.
A hobo, on the other hand, may have no enthusiasm, self-motivation or care when they wake up for the day. I can't say for sure, and I've never really been in their shoes for long, or extensively interviewed with hobos, homeless or vagrants, but I would imagine life is more purely about survival at this point. On one hand a person is motivated to try living while making things better, or it's all about surviving whatever gray area exists between survival and giving up on life completely.
An investor may have the most indifferent outlook on all of these examples. A successful investor that generates enough income and is considered to be rich might live everyday like it's the weekend. There may be no need to rise at the crack of dawn motivated for business, although, this type of person may be the kind of person that rises at dawn driven for the balance of life. They might not have to work or at least work hard anymore, but at the same time, they still have the same attributes and work ethic that brought them into riches in the 1st place. Maybe they have the same qualities that caused them to want more personal success for themselves, like achieving a high level of righteousness, plus balance to life. To see the successful evolution and positive growth of the human race may be the reason this person, although wealthy, wants to use their power to influence positive change. There're rich people, especially the children of the actual rich person that built the wealth in the 1st place, that are slothful, gluttonous and selfish people that do little to help themselves, let alone other people. Plus, they have a problem increasing or maintaining the wealth that they inherited, which often leads to unscrupulous people that will do anything for money. But, some wealthy people are charitable as well as extremely hard-working when it comes to being self-motivated into making life better. The philanthropist is the person that often wakes up with that same enthusiasm as a child that loves going to school, the person that loves their job and the business owner that's ecstatic about building their legacy.
Your conscious mind is the inner you. It's your voice of balance between right and wrong. The demon and the angel on your opposite shoulders that's persuading you one way or the other, that's a good visual reference to explain how we debate with ourselves over right and wrong all the time. Think about when you're justifying your actions and the way you are to yourself, and you'll find a splendid reason why self-motivation is important to you. When becoming more acutely aware that you're responsible for the

majority of your actions and decisions, then you'll realize it's not just important to have self-motivation, but it's also motivating. When thinking of self-motivation, I can't help but think of my old sales team, because it's where I got to know self-motivation in life very well. It's where I heard the most knowledge on that subject and where I fell in love with this character attribute.
There's also two things about self-motivated people that make it easy to disrespect them and that's enthusiasm and persistence. I'll use salespeople as an example because most adults are used to dealing with salespeople and can relate to being approached by salespeople. The first thought goes to the inferior greedy, deceitful and selfish salesperson that's unscrupulous for the sake of making themselves rich. These people would do anything for a dollar and can be more dangerous to you than any person that tries to rob you directly. For one, if this salesperson deceived you once, you might never find out about that deception then you can fall a victim to it again, over and over again. They can overcharge you, add-on, and charge you for things you don't need or leave things out that should have been included in your purchase or disclosed. You can invest in a service that's absolutely terrible, or the service could be wonderful if it would have been performed correctly or in its entirety. Many products and services that have suffered because of greedy and deceitful salespeople who have taken advantage of customers for their own personal gain. That also goes a long way to making an otherwise good business or brand look bad because of the bad middleman or the salesperson. A salesperson or team can be a key to the success or the downfall of any business.
Fortunately for most people, people are good and that includes the majority of all sales people. The fact is, sales are the backbone of most businesses, and it's essential for most customers to deal with the salesperson that's going to get the product and service you deserve. For instance, a good salesperson would not stay with the company with a bad product or service. Most of them have enough integrity to find another sales opportunity than to waste their skills trying to get you to buy something that they don't believe in either. I've been in the sales department of a lot of companies that I believe in, and I stuck around through hard times trying to make it happen because the product or service was good enough to self-motivate me to want the opportunity. Plus, I have fun, I love helping people with something that all parties believe in, which means I love the win-win-win situations between customer, sales people, and company. I was also asked to sell disability insurance to people who didn't have disabilities. Even though that money would've been three times more and come twice as easy, I got out of there the first day and never looked back. I could have made a six-figure income before I saw that company on the news getting busted, but I've never regretted it because I don't want that type of negativity on my soul.
Back to the two things about self-motivated people that people often find annoying. Most

people aren't motivated pass their wants or achieving the thing that motivates them the most, so positive, happy, exciting attitudes often rub people the wrong way, because they'll relate to misery quicker. As a salesperson, it doesn't mean they'll respond to it better and buy. In fact, the opposite happens the most. People might not like it, but the fact is that enthusiastic people are trying to get you to their elevated levels of excitement so you'll be happy about your decisions whether you buy or not. In that line of thinking, the right salesperson cares about you more than you think.
The second thing is that self-motivated people don't give up easy, if they did, they wouldn't be good at being self-motivated. Of course, there are different levels, but indecisive people will usually get annoyed with people that will not stop asking because they haven't said no yet. If a person gives up easy, they usually don't hang around people that never give up, because eventually the one that never gives up meets success and that means leaving behind the ones that can't keep up. It doesn't matter how cool you were as friends or how close of a family member, if it's time to fly, don't be scared of your wings or you'll get left on the ground wishing you were with the stars.
Good people take action now!
Regular people need to take more action to make this World a better place to live for everyone. It'll take more than one good person to heal the entire World, and it's going to take the vast majority of the people to decide to act on their moral nature and be righteous people of action. It's going to take the human conscious to decide to live a virtuous life to the point that the conscious level of most people will be so righteous that people will elect to do what's right all the time. People will lay down their weapons and not blindly take orders to fight. People would decide not to do crime to the point that a criminal sticks out like a sore thumb in society. Leaders will understand the responsibility that they have and will never make a corrupt deal that they know the people will not agree with willingly. People that run billion-dollar corporations will be charitable and generous with their money to raise the quality of life for all the communities in society. Racism, sexism and other forms of bigotry will no longer exist on a scale where it can damage the entire community or specific groups of people. We want hurt ourselves with drug abuse and other gluttonous things. We need to make the individual conscious decision to change ourselves for the better so that we may build virtuous families that produce many righteous people. Not just obedient people who blindly follow and never practice the ways of good and more importantly cause the positive actions that bring goodness into existence.
Maybe you feel that the World is totally good, or maybe you feel it's becoming this way, that's great. The World is an exquisite place with many people living a positive lifestyle, but I feel that the wars, famine, and poverty in the World speaks for itself. One person can make a difference and one day one person may hold the key to peace for us all, but it's more likely that the mentality of people will change for the better. People will just do

good for the sake of being good because the reason to do sin will be considered to be ignorant, counterproductive and juvenile. Eliminating sins and practicing virtues will be an overall common sense to be mastered before you're even a teenager and hopefully to the point where something like bullying would only seem like television fantasy.
That means we must start with ourselves and change who we are, individually. That's, if you need to change, because you may be a virtuous person already, but no one seems to be perfect. Even if you're an entirely righteous person and you know all about sins and virtues, plus nothing I said about the balance of life is uncommon in your life then perfect. Now, teach these skills and philosophies to people who need this positive change in their life. Master your virtues and do the most important positive thing you can do for other people and that's lead by influence. I would suggest mastering yourself 1st, and when you have a family, all they'll know is the righteous way from your influence, examples, and positive words. Set the example of goodness everywhere you go and be strong in the face of negative opposition. Keep your cool, you don't have to be a hero, but don't bite your tongue when something can be done to stop evil. Don't let the shame of giving into your temptations deviate you from being good on a consistent basis. What I mean is, some people may only have one little weakness, let's say lust, that'll be a detour for them when speaking out against something that may be more detrimental, like the wrath of killing people over greed. Being scared that someone will find out about the lust prevents good people from speaking up or committing the actions that'll bring about positive change.
Some of us have been made to believe that if we ain't perfect then don't bother speaking up for the righteous because our dirt will come out and we may be prosecuted in the public eye by hypocrites who'll make the public believe that we're hell-bound. I don't like this line of thinking because no one is perfect. The media, social media, and your peers can play judge, jury and executioner to your character in the public eye when you go against the norm of society, which can make a person terrified to let the people know about their indiscretions and imperfections. You also have to watch teenagers and people who think of suicide, because they need more humility, kindness and patience with themselves to experience forgiveness, repentance and growth for their cognitive processing to develop. We can't always stop something bad from happening to the ones we love or us, but we can prevent others from being a victim of the same crime through our experiences.
Fear, greed, hate and lust will keep good people from acting on being good and from within ourselves we need to stop it. Get over ourselves and that negativity that stops us from being good people. The stress of recurring necessities for everyday survival such as food, clothes, and shelter that we fear losing will make a person think twice about jeopardizing things, especially when you add a family's survival into the mix. Here a person can fall a victim of self-righteousness when a person would try to use loop-holes,

deception, and double-talk in the guise of a greater good. Be careful that your love of wanting to do good and be good doesn't blind you into thinking that doing something bad will be justified in the end results of doing something good. That also means that doing good with dirty money doesn't always mean that you'll be forgiven, or you want get what's coming to you on the come around, and it does help your soul to help others, no matter who you are. Just because you're getting away with your crime and doing a little good doesn't mean that it'll stay that way, nor does it justify your reasoning for your actions.
A dope dealer is a good example; when it's a young person who is caught up in a bad environment (rich or poor), they may have to do whatever it takes to survive. But, once the money exceeds the point of survival, and it becomes a luxurious way of life for that person, that's when survival turns into greed, gluttony, slothfulness, false pride, lust and wrath over the love of luxury. Believe it or not, the rich can suffer from envy more than a person that is poor. A lot of people in regular lifestyles are happy being themselves because money can't buy true happiest. Numerous rich people are unhappy, because no matter how rich they become, there's always someone richer, and if all you care about is competition, then you might be misled to believe that you have to have as much as your peers, neighbors or anyone else of great power or wealth. Be careful when you become rich from hard work and someone more wealthy comes along that didn't work for it at all. Their ignorance, arrogance, and sometimes stupidity can spark up feelings of envy in you but focus on yourself because there'll always be these types of people as long as big money can fall out of the sky for any fool.
That's why good people need to support good people. If we don't help each other out from a place of wise thinking, it's easy to go from just surviving to sinful acts of personal gain. In the animal kingdom and poverty, survival and sin have faint lines depending on the situation. Situations that can be so complicated that I wouldn't want to be the judge of what's right and wrong in these cases. One day you have to fight for survival, and then a week later there's a fight for pure pride. One day a person is telling a lie to keep someone from stealing from them, but a month later that person is telling a lie to take advantage of people and steal.
Hopefully, I was able to bring some light to the topic of our choices, reactions, and actions that determine how good we are. We need to act, right now, on how to be good people and continuously practice being good. Be a good person, but don't just be good without acting on being good. Try to be good for more than yourself and family. Take control and bring about goodness to the World. Take over all forms of broadcasting to tell the World that good people are here to stop wars, poverty and the devilish plans to take away our virtues and morals. Hold yourself accountable first, but you don't have to be perfect to lead on moral and virtuous issues as long as you're honest. After all, we're all humans. If you're almost perfect, then hold others accountable, but be forgiving, humble

and understanding that everyone gets weak at some point, for some reason or another. At the same time, seek true justice, repentance, and rehabilitation to reform sinful concepts into thoughts of virtue.
Good people act now! I don't mean for you to be charitable without physical acts of kindness and good deeds that carry the weight of your personal touch. To be generous with your time and love is more valuable than your money. Being rich is one of the best ways to give from your heart, because once you have enough for your physical protection, then you can be generous in helping protect others. To make a true difference in someone's life, you must help them make a change, grow, heal and get better. Take control of anything you can, to let people know how good you are, so that the World may take note and unite in peaceful production. Don't just be good for yourself and by yourself, act by being good, because it's the way we will bring peace all over the World. Good people unite to act good, be good and find a reason to do good. More importantly support other good people! Especially in their efforts to do good. Life could turn out short or go by too fast for anyone of us to be too grave and uptight about business all the time, so laugh and have fun by enjoying life with love behind your main motives. Please understand that there are good people in the World that don't need your hand out despite being poor, but they do need your support, love or kindness. We'll all benefit from the "pay it forward" concept. That's when you give to a person, and the only thing you want in return is for that person to help someone else like you helped them. Then you must tell that person that they can't ask for anything in return for the help, just tell the next person that they have to do the same pay it forward deal with others and so on and so on. In theory, the pay it forward challenge would mean millions of people doing positive good deeds for other people and the number of people doing good will always increase because the person that receives help now has to help someone else later. The vision is that everyone becomes active in goods deeds, kindness and love everywhere.
Chapter 9. An Extra Note On Money
I would love to believe that I covered every reason why most people should want to become rich other than the desire for things and greed. Most people already have the desire to be rich, it's the "know how", morals and the drive to be rich for positive reasons, that's lacking. I hope that I've encouraged people to have the desire to be wealthy in the balance to life which includes physically, mentally, spiritually and being wealthy as well. With this in mind, to be wealthy can simply mean generating the income you need to take care of yourself and family with a certain amount of ease, plus having an excessive amount of money for charity and saving. That's the main philosophy that we want to have in this, "extra note on the money", chapter. Personally regarding money, I'm not even close to being rich, and I'm not perfect, I will not conquer all of my sins anytime soon or hold total virtue 24/7, but this doesn't stop me from seeking wealth and being rich will not make me more sinful or a bad person.

Money is not the root of all evil, but when a person sins to get it and maintain control of money, it makes it appear that way. Again, when most people get the real big money, it gives them the ability to chose to sin more. So, people sin, a lot when it comes to money. That makes it appear that money is the evil, nope, it's your desire to sin that is making the money look bad, that's the problem. Also, when a sinful person is rich their out of the norm actions, are more noticeable than the virtues person that does the normal things in life. I don't believe we have to go out of our way to change this because this is naturally who we are. When good is the way of life, it should be shocking when something evil happens. Unfortunately for us, we see too many awful things happening that are shocking, attention-grabbing, but occurring too often in life as well.
I hope that I can be a part of the solution to get us on the right path to becoming righteous people. I know I have my personal problems to fix if it ever happens, but I can't stop trying to be the best me possible. I hope that every person does the same, to find the good within yourself to heal all negativity and let the light of your good nature shine. When you can match the great power of good in your heart with the very real power of wealth, then we can have the awesome power of making a positive change in the World. With that being said, let's now look at the basic structure of money, business and becoming rich.
Economics is the study of how people do business and how nations take care of the financial structure of their nation's life. It's how a society or we deal with scarcity or how we use our limited or abundant resources.
We produce goods which are any product(s) we can think of to sale. We also produce services which are any task we can perform that usually include a skill, knowledge, ability or talent which can be traded for money or other compensation. Then there's labor we do for others for money or other rewards.
Needs are things that everyone must have or do to survive such as food, clothes, shelter and creating a source of income to trade for good and services. Wants are what we desire, but we don't necessarily need. We want things like video games, jewelry, junk food, sex and whatever else that's more for our pleasure and entertainment value than our survival.
Entrepreneurs are people with ideas for creating new goods and services, plus they're willing to take on the risk of starting, owning, growing or investing in a new business or buying existing businesses and running multiple businesses.
A healthy economy means businesses that produce goods and services also create jobs, so people can work to earn money to use for needs and wants. That should create an environment where people can grow and have security for the family structure. Jobs mean people have the ability to buy goods and services, plus pay bills and taxes. That creates a cycle of business, jobs, goods and services.
It's called a "demand" when people want in large amounts, the goods or services that

consumers are willing and able to buy at different prices.
Supply is now much is going to be available despite demand. If there is too much supply it might mean a waste of unsold product or if it's not enough supply then that usually means people aren't getting what they need or want.
The flow of income: The flow of payments for good and services between households, streets, and businesses.
Corporation: A business that is owned by stockholders. I legally incorporated.
Franchise: A business chain by which a group or a person can buy an outlet of that business chain or brand to form a new link in the chain and operate as independent contractors/owners using the business chain's name and guidelines to sell the goods or services.
Sole Proprietorship: business(es) owned by one person.
Partnership: business(es) owned by two or more people.
Interest: A specified amount of money a borrower must pay a lender for the use of borrowed funds.
Invest: To use the money to claim an interest or equity in business in hopes of earning a profit.
Equity: Ownership interest in property, business or corporation in the form of title, contract, common stock or preferred stock.
Investment: Something bought or invested in, in hopes to earn interest, income, stock, profit or any other form of payoff, such as satisfaction.
Securities: Stocks and Bonds.
Wages: The price that businesses and people pay workers in exchange for labor.
Collateral: Is property, cash or something of value that's offered by a borrower as a guarantee that a loan will be repaid, or they will forfeit the property, cash or valuable to the borrower as repayment of a loan.
Credit: The promise to pay later for the purchase of goods or services without the actual transfer of money.
Loan: Money borrowed with interest attached to the principle that needs to be paid back by a certain time. That interest can grow at alarming rates and can be very costly when a loan is dragged out for a long time, plus late fees when payments are not paid on time.
Taxes: Money collected from the citizens of their government.
For more information on starting your business visit:
In my opinion, if you want to gain the complete wisdom of the path to getting rich financially then you should read:
The science of getting rich by Wallace D. Wattles
Think & grow rich by Napolean Hill
Think & grow rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Why we want you Rich by Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki
As stated in the Science Of Getting Rich, once you read this information you want have to study too much more on the "how" to get rich. You'll be able to formulate all you need to structure a blueprint to becoming wealthy and with help from this information, you'll know your reasoning, purpose, and motivation to be rich. You'll be able to set the right goals and design a system, plus mind-frame to being wealthy in your overall balance of life. I believe if you do exactly as it tells you in the Science Of Getting Rich you will understand what financial goals you need to set to succeed. The books, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Why We Want You Rich will give you insight on the rich person that's inside of you. It'll help you with the inspiration, motivation and desire to be rich and wealthy. Both of the Think And Grow Rich books consist of interviews and insight from real people who have become rich. Here you can find answers to ways real people became rich and insight on the paths they took to get where they are.
In these books, they talk about structure, blueprint, system, formula and the path to getting wealthy, but there are other books, people, and formulas for consideration if that's what you want. I feel that the majority of people know and agree with the statements in these books. With that being said, I was taught another system that I use in connection with the above-mentioned books. I've been taught the Dan Filex ( ) J.U.I.C.E. (Join Us In Creating Expansion) leadership system. Mr. Filex was an inner-city youth that found himself wanting to be rich instead of just mottling through life with a job or two, so he decided to become rich by understanding hard work, but also the keys to having other people work for you. In his journey to building his marketing company, which landed a huge contract with AT&T, he built systems of self-government, self-motivation and business operations of ownership.
As I learned his systems, I knew that within his organization came formulas that I fully believe in, and know work. I spent many years watching it work for others and applying the formulas to my personal life as well as the businesses that I've started since learning the systems. To reveal all of his secrets and explain them in depth would take another book much larger than this one, but I will give you enough to give you a foundation of success to stand on.
The 8 steps to success
1. Attitude: A positive attitude is a key to attracting success to you and your business.
2. Prepared: Being prepared is the best thing you can do for your survival.
3. Be early: Early is where you meet important people and find opportunities that the, "just on time" and late people never see.
4. Work a full day: Diligence! Don't short yourself by cheating yourself. Make good use out of every piece of time you have and get the most out of your time.

5. Work right: It's not the time you put in, but what you put in the time. Anyone can show up, put in the time, but never get much accomplished.
6. Maintaining a positive attitude: It's not enough to start off positive. At times, you will have to remain or regain your positive attitude because your state of mind is the power.
7. The vision: Know where you are and where you are going. What's your ultimate goal and the plan to get there or make it happen?
8. Control: Take control! Meaning everything in your life that you can control, do it. There will always be things and people that will not be controlled, but the most important thing is your ability to stay in the driver's seat of your life with positivity, confidence, and wisdom.
Now there is a hidden rule to these steps. The unwritten rule is that you must have FUN or find what you do ENJOY. If it's no longer or was never a huge degree of FUN in what you do then either make it FUN or find something that is FUN or, at least, ENJOYABLE to do. Any person that follows these steps on a daily bases will be a success in whatever they do. These steps are great, but to take a step in life implies action must be taking, so a person must take action step-by-step to apply these steps to success. Take action for yourself to find success because you have to be in motion of progress for these steps to work, but a conversation is more mental action then physical. I have to say this because hand and hand with your actions that you must take to succeed are the abilities to communicate and stay in control while communicating. You don't have to dominate a conversation to be in control of a conversation. Here is where you must realize that communication is key to everyone's interactions with each other and those that can communicate more efficiently create more success for themselves than someone with poor communication skills. A bad attitude usually means a lack of control or poor people skills will kill a conversation. So, here's the Dan Filex ( ) steps to a successful conversation which anyone who has to sell anything will need to have.
5 Steps to Successful Conversation
1. Introduction: It's nice to have a clever way of breaking the ice, mainly by relating to people. Then you must have the S.E.E. factor which is Smile, Eye to eye contact and Excitement. Use these keys with a quick explanation of who you are and where (who you represent is where you are from) you're from.
2. Qualify: The next thing you should do is make sure you talk to the right people who can make decisions. When you're talking to the decision maker, then you must use fact finding questions to find the hots spots of what they need or want. That means a short, to the point, session of asking the right questions to find out what the person's likes, interest, and impulses are, so you can hit those points in your presentation.
3. Presentation: Once you have the hot spots then present and paint the big picture based on those hot spots. Sometimes it takes a short story, but not all the time,

depending on why we're having the conversation. The reason for the presentation isn't for your chance to finally have your turn to talk away. You don't want to take more time than you need. Simply touch on what you already know and just found out about the person, but also listen and watch for objections so you can rebuttal them effectively promptly. More importantly, watch for signs to close the deal right away.
4. Close: Take control and assume the sale. Even if you're not selling anything, it's about getting what you're asking for, at a more successful rate. Always keep closing on your mind. If, at anytime, you feel like you can close (get what you're asking for) then test it out. But, don't give up until you have gone through all the stages or they don't qualify, because you don't want to waste your time talking to dead ends. When you leave your presentation and go for the close, move quickly with confidence, because confidence maintains control.
5. R.E.H.A.S.H.: This stands for, Remember Everyone Has A Stash Hidden. It's a clever way of remembering to preserve the relationship that you just built. It's to remind yourself to ask for more (business, referrals, money, up-sale, etc.) after you have closed on your original thing that you are asking. Get what you originally asked for 1st and then ask for more with even more professionalism is key to working smarter and not harder. In some cases, it's an up-sale that you may want, or you might want referrals which are more contacts that can use what you have.
I couldn't help relating this information to sales because that's where this comes from, but anyone can use these techniques for just about anything they're asking. In fact, since I learned these techniques, I've seen where people in all walks of life use them to close a sale, whether they were selling something or not. A lot of children naturally use these steps all the time to get what they want. With that being said, try using the five steps the next time you are interested in meeting a new person to pursue a new relationship with, a person you like, or you need to meet. I use to be real nervous, and I still get nervous talking to a woman I'm interested in, but with the 5 step techniques the nerves go away a lot quicker. Now, it's easier and more clear on how the conversation is going because I know what to look for and how to read body language better.
In conclusion to this extra note on money, you're the only motivation you need to create a means of survival in this World, but many of us don't have to go at it alone. We have family and friends that we can count on, and they count on us. When you add the love of a spouse or children, then you have an extra reason to create an income to take care of yourself and family. I hope that this information destroys the negative myths and ignorance behind money and encourages the fact that we live in a system where the necessity of income was intelligently designed by the people of the World as a brilliant way of trade for goods and services we need and want from each other.
Again, I say income, because money implies there is one set amount that you can get, and then you can be done with getting money. Whereas to say, "income," has more of a

ring to it that implies the reoccurring event that it is. Something we're going to need over and over again, plus more of it in the future, even after we retire and especially when we retire, because we can no longer physically work. Money is the system of trade we have created for ourselves to acquire goods and services from each other and all may prosper. So, get your income. It's not evil, and a person might be, but that paper or plastic we call money is merely an object. Even though it may represent great power, you're in control. Control yourself by eliminating sins and practicing virtues, so that income will be in it's proper place in your balance to life.

Join us and connect with other people to make this a living information. That's a blog where anyone can leave a comment, read more and start a conversation about this information.
I look forward to discussing any of this information with anyone.