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Spotify Playlist that are made for who you are.

Revolution time!

I'm about knowledge and wisdom.  If you get down African, it's time.  The original man's time is always.  Time to wake up and liberate the World again is coming soon. Listen to these songs of the time of awakening for us all.  The time of the human is now.  This means ways more than most people think, but it's going down.  Let's unify to work and grow together.

I hope these songs inspire people to get down with a real love of life.  It's very song content that will have you thinking about a very deep topic about the original man's life.  I love us all and this is for us.  The Human being is brown.  The only humans on the planet that are not brown are those without pigmentation at all.  There is no such thang as black, white, yellow, or red people.  The human being is brown for us all, except those...

It's time for the African with the love of Africa to put it down.  There is a lot of wise rappers kicking it on this list.  Plus, you know the hip hop music is out-cold.  This the dope you need to better yo life right here.  Come get this love, Peace.

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