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D’s. N.U.T.S.S. on Musicoin!

Music on Musicoin!

This is D’s New Underground Truth: Supa Sayin’s, the Hip Hop album by KilSkillz Sauce. Most of my streaming comes from Spotify, Xbox Music, and Muuve. Now there’s blockchain streaming for music with Musicoin.org for everyone. D’s N.U.T.:S.S. is that boom bap Hip Hop with style and skills.

Look at the nice music players for your music on musicoin. It’s free for listeners to listen and once you are verified it’s free for an artist to upload their music and start earning the crypto, musicoin. Yes, all of that is easy, where we want to succeed is in getting the listener so interested that they buy musicoin to tip the artist and songs they like. This really supports the artist while the artist works hard for your tips more than plays.

This is Soul Poetic’s Supa Sayin’s song. That’s Smoki Skills Ra and KilSkillz Sauce as a group.

KilSkillz Sauce, Smoki Skills Ra, Code Redd, and Shellmatic on this song D-Killa City.

Sunny Santino joins Sauce on this song called, Will I.

These are just 4 of the 13 songs that I have on Musicoin right now. I have a lot more to come.

Cipher 7000 worked with KilSkillz Sauce to create the track and then BK put some rhyme blessings on us with some Paystyle flows for KING SAUCE BRICK. This song is super boom bat lyrical slaps. The best thing about Musicoin is that you come here to hear everyone’s whole songs. They accomplish this by leveraging the blockchain to remove intermediaries an implementing a model called Universal Basic Income (UBI) that supports both listeners and musicians. You get to listen for free and the musician still gets paid. So, feel free to listen to KilSkillz Sauce and BK over this Chipher 7000 track right here or go to Musicoin to hear it all.

(If you have technical difficulties remember cryptos & blockchains are new, so sites like these are still in beta. The 2nd thing with this site is that it may work better with the Chrome browser. Other than that, please enjoy the music)



If for some reason you can’t get me here then contact us on our social media platforms for booking at KilSkillz on fb.


Come discover new music for free, but please buy musicoins to tip the artist and songs you really like. You want to talk about helping people be who they really are, well this will help support music makers. That way you’ll get to hear music that would have NEVER made it out of someone’s basement because of the industry monster. And, you won’t have to listen to the same 20 songs 20 times a day by listening to the old school radio.

Peace and Love KilSkillz Sauce.

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