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Harriet Tubman of the Hood

The Straight Back Movement.

Join Harriet Tubman of da Hood so we can raise the quality of our communities to save our youth from destruction with The StraightBack Movement.  The StraightBacks are taking over the city with righteousness.  To contact us, check out the facebook.com/straightbacks community.

We can still help people with expungement, skilled trades, music, and G.E.D. training.  We rep the God of da hood, so you will get Straightback instructions from the boss of us all and that’s God.  So, let’s work together to raise the quality of us all.  Come Advertise with the StraightBacks.  This will lead us into trips and other activities like our upcoming street shows.  

Don’t be a broke back, weak back, or a crooked back person.  Be a StraightBack which means to stand up straight for your people and community.  Be straight-up about being a righteous person.  God, Love, and Peace!

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