Free Knowledge and wisdom!

Youtube is one of the #1 places in the World to get free knowledge and wisdom on stuff.  This is because of the new day and age of the internet.  Now, we have the next level of the internet coming that will bring in the new World of things.  There are some places like YouTube that are the new library of things and beyond.  With so much to learn in the World, this is the place to come very often to learn whatever you want for free.

Well, you do have to pay with your time.  If you don't have a subscription because you'll have to watch commercials in between videos, but other than that there is a ton of free knowledge online.  If you have access to the internet there is nothing to hold you back from bettering yourself.  In terms of the Balance to Life, you want to gain knowledge, work out, be a good person and get money.  This is a complete balance to seek out to be a righteous person that other good people can respect and love.  Don't you want to be respected and loved by this best of people?

Another reason to bring this up is that this is a place to come to get dope knowledge, wisdom, and thinking.  I'm interested in Hip Hop, blockchain, Bitcoin, and creative writing.  I love what I do, I love me, and I really want you to love yourself too!  Let's grow, build, and get it.