August 3, 2020 * Sauce Sight Blog
Hip Hop

D’s. N.U.T.S.S. on Musicoin!

Music on Musicoin! This is D's New Underground Truth: Supa Sayin's, the Hip Hop album by KilSkillz Sauce. Most of my streaming comes from Spotify, Xbox Music, and Muuve. Now there's blockchain streaming for music with for everyone. D's N.U.T.:S.S. is that boom bap Hip Hop with style and skills. Look at the nice music players for your music on musicoin. It's free for listeners to listen and once you are verified it's free for an artist to upload their music and start earning the crypto, musicoin. Yes, all of that is easy, where we want to succeed is in getting the listener so...

Cipher 7000’s album, Free Radicals Vol 1, is out here!

~ Re-Post of my post on my blog from PublishOx~   Detroit Hip Hop music comin' at ya with Cipher 7000 doing his thang! If you love that real boom bap Hip Hop music than you will love the music from this topnotch producer, Cipher 7000. He raps on the album, but it's mostly about him showcasing a lot of sweet rappers from Detroit over his bangin', dope beats. The album is called, Free Radicals Vol 1, with smooth to banging beats. It is about 18 songs for you to chill or get hype to in the ride, party, or crib. My brother, Smoki...