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Free Knowledge and wisdom!

Youtube is one of the #1 places in the World to get free knowledge and wisdom on stuff.  This is because of the new day and age of the internet.  Now, we have the next level of the internet coming that will bring in the new World of things.  There are some places like YouTube that are the new library of things and beyond.  With so much to learn in the World, this is the place to come very often to learn whatever you want for free. Well, you do have to pay with your time.  If you don't have...
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The Balance of the Mind, Body, Soul, and Matter!

The A. C. T. Balance to Life An ultimate guide to governing yourself. Written By: Ken F. Riley Jr. Illustrations By: Ritzi Ray Riley Preface: Money doesn't make you as rich as being rich in mind, body, soul, and material. This means having an Absolute, Complete, and Total Balance of Life that will make you free and wealthy. The Balance of life is not a self-motivation, stress relief, breathe, and relax philosophy. Plus it goes beyond learning how to deal with your job, relationship or family theories. There's no quick fix and shortcuts to life's great test of survival, growth,...

Top Shows To Watch To Learn Crypto

The Best Shows To Watch To Learn Crypto! Crypto Blood is 1 of the top for sure.  Informative, insightful, fair unbiased analysis reports on the crypto space.  You want this type of intelligence from these crypto people so that you can make a decision based on information and markets instead of just gut feelings.  These feelings can lead people to get wrecked because you are gambling instead of investing wisely.  Crypto Blood is also playing my song with Cipher 7000 and PayStyle Records called King Sauce Brick. [embed][/embed]   This show has the funniest intros and clever outros in the...
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The Absolute Complete Total Balance to Life.

The Introduction to The Balance To Life. The money will make you rich in material, the workout will make you strong in the body, the study will make you smart in the mind, and the consciousness will have you strive to be righteous in your soul.  There is no quick fix or shortcuts to life's greatest test of survival, growth, human connection, and life's great achievements.

Detroit Detail Express Hand Car Wash!

Get A Detroit Detail Express Hand Car Wash! Get one of the best hand car washes you've ever had in your life when you go to the Detroit Detail Express hand car wash.  You can't miss the car wash that's at 18911 Livernois Ave.  Just south of 7 Mile across from the Pet store and CVS.  You can get the full detail inside and out of your car with this place, just ask what's the best day for it and get down.  On a daily, you can get a hand wax, tire shine, and your car vacuumed out for you. ...

Bitcoin! The New High Hit $58,000!

Can You Get Rich or Not on Bitcoin Now?! As of tonight, Bitcoin hit its new high again tonight and it's around $58,000 a coin! Wow!  Is that a good thang for you, because you are holding or planning to get it?  I personally have some that I bought at around 4 digits and as you can see, it's five digits now.  But, I was only just starting and I wasn't rich then and I'm still not there yet. At the same time, this game of investing has just got real deep.  As I type this, I'm half-way listening to...

My Uncle Porterfield Wilson

Portfield Wilson My uncle Porterfield Wilson built one of Michigan's first & largest Black-owned car dealerships in America.  When the General Motors dealership program became available for Blacks, Porterfield was one of the first to take advantage of the opportunity.  So, in 1970, he was recognized as the first Black-owned Pontiac dealership in the Midwest when he was awarded his 1st dealership.  He moved his Pontiac Dealership to Livernois in 1978 and then he added the Mazda and Honda dealership on the next block over in 1979. He also put a used car dealership across the street.  So, to understand...

Some of the best Crypto shows to watch to make yo money grow!

I watch these shows Daily! Straight up and down, these some of the best crypto shows to watch if you speak English.  I watch these shows on a daily basis for the best information on the entire space of blockchain, Bitcoin, and other altcoins.  Believe me, you are nowhere near late to the game, there are a lot of winners just getting started and a lot of investments that are still very solid investments to get into to secure your value for the future.  Plus, the thought of getting stupid paid right now in your life.        ...
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D’s New Underground Truth: Supa Sayin’s.!.

D's New Underground Truth: Supa Sayin's.!. New Underground Truth [audio mp3=""][/audio] Born Invincible [audio mp3=""][/audio] Will I [audio mp3=""][/audio] D-Killa City (UnCut) [audio mp3=""][/audio] Issue 13 Vote No [audio mp3=""][/audio] I'll Shit On Yall [audio mp3=""][/audio] Post Up Then Get Wasted [audio mp3=""][/audio] COOL [audio mp3=""][/audio] Dirty Discos [audio mp3=""][/audio] Cashless Society [audio mp3=""][/audio] Thor's and Connan's [audio mp3=""][/audio] Supa Sayin's [audio mp3=""][/audio] For My Children [audio mp3=""][/audio] [playlist ids="367,366,364,362,361,356,357,358,359,360,355,290,285,275,270,80"]