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Karatbars is the business that came up with the new idea of CashGold.  It is slivers of gold under a security seal on paper bills and plastic that looks like credit cards. This solves most of the problems that you have with spending gold like having the exact weight and counterfeiting. It's a trusted way of having international money.

The problem is that this form of money is new. It's going to take a lot before it is well known and catches on. A business would still have to carry the right equipment to make sure the CashGold was authentic. I think it's a great idea, but it was also invented in the same era as Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies. Which I believe is a more ingenious idea. But, it's not a loss, because Karatbars decided to come out with their own gold-backed crypto, KBC.

Yes, KaratBars Crypto, back by gold and you can find them on major exchanges like Binance and Yobit. I think the CashGold makes a perfect gift to someone you love so much that you want to see them prosper. You know, the kind of gift that keeps growing in value. Or, it's a wonderful investment for you, associates, family, and friends.

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