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Dogmatic K Stone

Living legend in the Hip Hop game, Dogmatic K Stone, exclusive interview and knowledge of the future projects. A few weeks ago dogmatic appeared on the finest radio show and [ … ]

King Sauce Brick

Right now, you can only find the dopeness of this song, King Sauce Brick, on Musicoin. With this Detroit Hip Hop song, we are down to make history by keeping [ … ]

KilSkillz Sauce is on the Lower Level!

Doing the Lower Level Live show with Cortez Epps and Jah Zara was a work of art.  They are such great host with in-depth insight on whatever topic they’re presented with to discuss. The quality [ … ]

I Love Musicoin!

My full disclosure is that I am an MC with music out on Spotify, but now there’s Musicoin and on own this cryptocurrency from both buying and earning it. This article [ … ]

Kilskillz Sauce Hip Hop Life

[icopyright_horizontal_toolbar] I’m KilSkillz Sauce the author of this universe of writings and I really love Hip Hop with all my heart.  Everything about it as defined by KRS-One that’s what I’m [ … ]