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Carpe Diem Live Radio brings two new interviews

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Carpe Diem Live urban music radio is a show geared in promoting everyone interviews, music, and marketing.

Sit chill out to these two interviews with Kamal Lukata, author of the book Legendary; Detroit Mentality and the other interview with Shiyon Perriyon, an independent music artist Ep2. Let's build with all of our connections on Carpe Diem Live.  This is the place for us to grow our business connections on this radio show.

The thing I like the most about this show is the indept insight on the artist themselves. You only get that from a professional interview. It's tight on all ends with the perfit touch of finaness. The Carpe Diem Radio station is a good asset to have if you like good music on a website or the app for your phone. It's a radio station ownwed by a real cool woman, LaNetria Gibson. So, as you can see, this mean this business is building the YouTube, Carpe Diem, to see this wonderful interviews.


Carpe Diem Live is a show that is geared in promoting everyone.