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Carpe Diem Live Radio station / app!

Carpe Diem Live Radio (CDLR) is an Internet radio station, tailored to promote all good music. Get this app for your phone because they live, breathe, and embrace music worldwide, [ … ]

Famous The Movie

Famous The Movie is not your typical Hood movie,  especially because of the comedy element. It has a lot of the elements of a good movie with its great storyline, [ … ]

King Sauce Brick

Right now, you can only find the dopeness of this song, King Sauce Brick, on Musicoin. With this Detroit Hip Hop song, we are down to make history by keeping [ … ]

KilSkillz Sauce is on the Lower Level!

Doing the Lower Level Live show with Cortez Epps and Jah Zara was a work of art.  They are such great host with in-depth insight on whatever topic they’re presented with to discuss. The quality [ … ]

What shows to watch if you want to learn crypto!

KilSkillz Sauce (Me) has put together a YouTube show that shines a light on the shows that specialize in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. A self-proclaimed Crypto Show Critic has started [ … ]

Changing the way We Think Of Value

I was studying more news about crypto when I began thinking of a conversation I had with High On Coins, on his YouTube live show.  I asked him about gold-backed cryptos.  I [ … ]