The Sight of Sauce


It’s so much to do and show the World. Plus, the World is changing every day.  Now, we have cryptos, because of the blockchain.  It’s so new to the World that the average person has no clue what it is and they can barely tell you what a bitcoin is either.  It’s a lot to learn if you are new and want to know it all, but the basic thing to know is to buy low and sell high.  That’s when you know your asset, lol.

The sight of Sauce, which is I, is to get our people on the boat to space before they miss it.  I’m a messenger of Ra speeching through the ages.  I am the beginning and the end.  There is no life without us.  RBG, the light, and the darkness is the Sauce Sight and its existence.

Now the freedom of commerce through bitcoin has the potential to free the World of its iniquity and wickedness with a righteous cheese.  The Balance to Life is what it is about for everyone, but some only want the money and stuff, so they kill for it in all kinds of ways.  I want the bread, but not in sacrifice of the body, mind, and soul.  I want the complete balance and love too.

Check out my website to see it all from Sauce Sight.  Let’s grow together and in this day and age of crypto, we can really get it.  Cheese wise, ya know?  But, as my book say, it’s the mind, body, soul, and money. So, let’s get it.


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The Balance To Life

September 29, 2020