The Balance To Life


The book talks about the Mind, Body, Soul, and Matter as the complete balance to this life we live in. For a lot of us, this means that we have been neglecting one or two parts of this puzzle at any giving time. Lord forbid, we neglect three or all four parts to the balance.  This can be a clear path to evil with any person.  A lot of people like myself live for the mind, body, and soul, but where miseducated on the material part of life being important.

On the spiritual side of things, it’s not about any religious organization, it’s about you as a person being able to walk the path of righteousness as appose to the path of iniquity. These two paths have principles and philosophies to practice in your life that goes beyond laws and rules to blindly follow.  You have to think about what you are doing at all times and you have to make the decisions in your life that will lead you down the righteous path. So, placing the blame on or giving the glory too, can be a bad habit when you don’t see yourself as the one deciding what’s what.

Your mental is pure unemotional calculated thinking.  Two plus two is four. If you say 2 + 2 = anything other than 4 then you are wrong and there is the simplest truth in life.  This also means it’s not beyond most of us to fill our brains with knowledge.  Still, there’s positive info like math, news, and reading for growth instead of filling one’s mind with gossip, foolishness, and other garbage.

The physical side of your life is about taking great care of your body and brain.  This is about taking care of yourself and helping others like your children take good care of the brain and body by working out and eating right.  Also, staying drug-free and keeping other chemicals and crap out of your body.  Can you imagine the wisdom you would exude after living three-quarters of a century in good health, in your right mind, walking the path of righteousness and paid?  Stay healthy and clean, I wish you a long life.

To complete the balance we must have the basics of this life’s existence in terms of food, clothes, and shelter.  Sound familiar?  We have our life in this material world.  We use this world to hunt & grow food, we design & create things for our protection & pleasure like clothes, and we build great things like our homes which also protect us.  After that, we take it to the next level to create & build even greater things for our pleasure, enjoyment, protection, and to help others.  Think of the cars, boats, planes, office buildings, mansions, and hospitals that we build for our advancement.  Soon we might have spaceships we can buy at a dealership.

At the end of the day, this is the balance that I’ve written about in my book:  The A. C. T. Balance To Life.

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September 23, 2020


September 30, 2020