Back Baby!


I’m not sorry. If you don’t know me, it’s very hard for me to be sorry about stuff, but I do apologize and I am asking your forgiveness for letting my website go down. I know you are used to the way it was but with the new day and age of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin it’s on. It’s going downing in so many ways. I know I messed up and all the old stuff is lost.
Well too bad, because it’s a new day and age where this sight is taking on the future of it all and leaving it to the children to build on. With true love and power. We are still about a lot of Hip Hop. At the same time, the future of crypto will be told here with more business information. It’s going down for all my peeps, so if you can see your way to donating a bit, I can bring you more and more often.
You can also buy from the few ads and products of ours like the KilSkillz Sauce music, it goes along way.
It’s going down in so many ways! This site is about laying down all of my art like using the word sight instead of the site because of creative artistic thinking. Not a typo.